Using the Get Damage button
The "Get Damage" button indicates the severity of the damage done. To determine if damage is done you must first find out some other way. This can be done either with the "Get Answer" buttons or by whatever system you are using.

By default the button will let you know the injury level for a living creature. However, just below the "Get Damage" button is a check box named "Mechanical Damage" that, when selected, will tell you the severity done to an object.

To the right of the "Get Damage" button is a text box where you can enter a modifier to the results. So if you are an elven archer and you feel that you should get a bonus for your skill level, you can put a number there that gets added to the results. So you might put a 1 or a 2.

However, if you are a space engineer who has never fired a weapon and you must shoot the laser riffle, you might put a -3.

The results are determined with a roll of [1d20]. Injury levels are as follows:

6 or less = Negligible injury or damage.
7-11 = Minor injury or damage.
12-15 = Moderate injury or damage.
16-18 = Severe injury or damage.
19-20 = Critical injury or damage.
21 or greater = Killed or destroyed.

Note: The only way to possibly get a result of killed or destroyed is by adding a modifier of 1 or greater.

You determine what these results mean in your game. For example:

"I make it up to the roof with my sniper riffle and see the spy's car down the street. I shoot at the engine to try and disable the vehicle. Do I damage their car?"

I would normally put +3 for my sniper skills, but the vehicle is farther away than I am used to so I only give myself a +1 in the modifier field.

I select the Mechanical Damage check box and then click Get Damage. I get the results of, "Severe Damage"! I then interpret the results using logic and my imagination:

"Steam is now pouring out from around the hood. If they do try to dive away they won't get far. I turn to get off the roof and chase after them."

You can make up your own rules as to what equates to death. Perhaps a roll of a 20 with modifiers. Or two rolls of 18 or greater. What ever works best for your system.

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