Using the Get Quest button
In the great computer-based role-playing game Skyrim, you could go to an inn-keeper and get random quests so you would never run out of things to do. RPG Solo provides this too with the Get Quest button. For example:

"I walk up to the inn-keeper and discretely slide a silver coin towards him and ask if he has heard of anything that might be of interest to an adventurer such as myself. The inn-keeper replies..."

"Duel the miniature castle."

Using my logic and imagination I interpret the results and write...

"I saw the small castle about a day's journey west of here but paid it no attention. The inn-keeper tells me that his daughter is constantly being harassed by the man who lives there. I am asked to make that man stop -- anyway I see fit."

Here is another example:

"I am at the mercy of the alien tribe leader. His planet is unfamiliar to me and I need some help to roll my ship back upright. I ask him what I can do for him in exchange for some help. The alien tribe leader replies..."

"Negotiate the deadly vehicle."

"A rival tribe has a flying machine that has shifted the power between the two tribes. I am asked to either destroy or capture the vehicle."

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