Using the Roll Dice button
Sometimes you need a number. The "Roll Dice" button can roll virtually any combination and number of dice that you need.

The way it works is by typing in the number of dice, the letter d, the number of sides on the dice, and then any modifiers.

For example, if you want to roll two, six sided dice then you would type:


Then you can hit the enter key or click the "Roll" button.

Let's say, for example, that you get a +3 bonus to your roll due to a skill or the circumstance. Modifiers (both positive and negative) are simply added to the end of your text. For example:


That will add 3 to your results.

You can even add another dice roll as a modifier. Here we are going to subtract another dice roll of one, eight-sided dice:


What are some uses for dice rolls? Here are some examples:

-- "After I slay the orc I search his body. How much gold does he have?"

-- "I ask the man how much it will cost to take take me and my companions to Alderaan. How much does he say it will cost?"

-- "Even though I don't know how many zombies are in the room, I chamber a round in my shotgun and kick the door open. How many do I see?"

Use whatever amount and combinations seem logical for the situation. If, in the above zombie example, you are entering a small room, maybe 1d4+2 would be appropriate. This would result in a minimum of 3 zombies with a maximum of 6.

If you were busting into a football stadium then maybe 1d50+25 would be more appropriate. But that wouldn't make sense if you were busting into a bedroom.

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