Why do you solo RPG?
(09-09-2020, 01:50 AM)Jingo Wrote: Why do we solo rpg? 

Is it because you're an introvert like me?
Is it that you can't find a traditional game or don't have time for one but still love the hobby?
Is it that we can't get enough tabletop or virtual RPGing and want to fill the gaps?
Is it that you have many games and ideas that you want to explore on your own?
Is it that you want to share your stories with others?
Or something else?

Anyway, what moves you to solo rpg?

I think the reason I choose is that I have many ideas that I want to explore.  It's that I can tell whatever story I want, for however long I want, using whatever system I want, without asking anybody else's permission or getting buy-in from them.
I wanted to explore different things. I do play TTRPG's--Solo gaming is an addition, not a full replacement. It basically let's me try different games and different genres that I wouldn't normally be able to do.

For example, my general groups like "mid-crunch" games--D&D, mainly. I can Solo and get really into a "spreadsheet" game, or I can with a super rules lite game and see what's all about.

I can do games that no one else would want to do--it can really focus on the "personal horror" element of Vampire or a "slice of life" medieval villager, or the nuances of playing an interstellar merchant.

There's also the time factor. Due to my work flow, I often have an hour or two during the day when things are at a lull. Even time for a quick "session" of a solo game, but it's not regular enough or consistent enough to budget in time for a PBP/PBEM game. Solo gaming keeps me off random YouTube watches during this time, and engaging my creativity and interests.

So, flexible time and the ability to explore other types of gaming that I otherwise wouldn't be able to.
(03-17-2022, 12:39 PM)Talmor Wrote: There's also the time factor. Due to my work flow, I often have an hour or two during the day when things are at a lull. Even time for a quick "session" of a solo game

I'm right with you on that point. Probably 80%-90% of my solo play/writing is done during my lunch break at work.  That being said, 80%-90% of the mental thought process that goes into my solo play/writing occurs all the other time.  Big Grin
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