Zombie Apocalypse Barry has to die (first Risus, turned Fate Accelerated)
Hello to all! I am new to this site and this was the first time I used the rpg tool. I used the Mark's adventure questions to get the board up so to speak and went from there. This is a slightly edited version. If there are no infuriated objections I will probably post more at a later time.

Who am I?
Eager female loner.

What skills do I have?

What items do I have?
Steak knife.
Small mirror.

Where am I?
Rodent infested police station.

What is the goal?
Murder the lawyer at the barricaded elementary school.

What is the purpose of the goal?
Vengeance / Nature.

What is the opposition?
Unusually cunning zombie.

What is the first thing I need to take care of?

So we have a female loner, capable in medicine and camouflage, who wants to murder a lawyer at the barricaded elementary school. She has a steak knife and a mirror and is stranded in a rodent infested police station. The lawyer needs to be murdered, because he betrayed her. Lets open this up a bit. The PC is Tanya Karinova, a nurse and a doctor. The trouble started when she helped the laweyer, named Barry Barnslow. The group they were in was bossed around by a very large and cruel man called simply "the Boss". He was a tyrant and his decisions had made the survivor groups size to drop from 58 to 22, causing some to perish in the hands of zombies, some he killed himself and some left the group to fend themselves. When the Bosses right hand woman was killed by zombies, Barry and Tanya deviced a plan, which lead to the death of the Boss. Tanya killed him with an overdose of morphin. Then suddenly Barry told this to everyone else and rallied the group and Tanya was cast out of the group.

Let us peruse a bit the mechanical side, shall we? I will use Risus: the anything RPG as the system.

Tanya Karinova
A sharp and straight-to-the-point medical professional (4)
Prefers stealth and camouflage over feats of physical might (3)
An athletic woman who has learned to defend herself with any object at hand (2)
Quest dice (kill Barry): [][][][][]

The opposition
An unusually cunning zombie (4)
The barricaded elementary school (4)
The survivors guarding the school (3)
Barry the lawyer (5)

The story starts:

Tanya has been staying at the police station for a while now, plotting the murder she wants to commit. Has she found anything useful while searching the place? TN 9 roll, Tanya uses his sharp senses.

16 = 1[d6]+6[d6]+4[d6]+5[d6]

Is it a weapon?

(Somewhat Likely | 5[d10]) Yes, but...

Tanya finds a pistol, but alas, there are only 3 bullets in the magazine and she can not find more.

What would you like to do?

Tanya ponders if she could find more survivors and maybe someone who could help her to get her revenge. Does she know where to search for those people who left the original group before Boss died?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

Tanya does indeed know, but those people would not help her to kill someone. They might return to the group if they knew Boss was dead though.

What course of action do you decide on next?

Tanya takes her meager possessions (a steak knife, a mirror, pistol, backpack with a bit of food) with her and prepares to leave. She will need more equipment to survive and especially if she wants to revenge.

Is the unusually cunning zombie at the police station?

(Somewhat Likely | 9[d10]) Yes.

Does it attack now?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes.

There is a slight noise on the other side of open office, where Tanya has been staying. The woman quickly has her knife and pistol at hand, pointing to the direction. The attack comes from behind as a zombie jumps on her! The combat of life and death will be using Deadly combat rules with best of set variation.

Tanya uses his best cliche again for the sharp senses and the zombie rolls its only cliché:

Tanya rolls

16 = 2[d6]+6[d6]+5[d6]+3[d6]

zombie rolls

7 = 1[d6]+3[d6]+1[d6]+2[d6]

Tanya is too sharp for the zombie, even if it is cunning enough to use distraction. Tanya quickly steps to the side when he hears the monster and slashes it with her steak knife to the neck. Usually the hit would have been deadly, but the zombie is just momentarily distracted.

Zombie's cliché drops to 3.

The zombie rushes towards Tanya again, swiping a pile of papers from the surrounding desks to block Tanya's vision. Tanya waits calmly the right moment, as it is again more of a question about her senses and timing than actual combat. Same clichés used again.

Tanya rolls

16 = 6[d6]+2[d6]+3[d6]+5[d6]

Zombie rolls

8 = 1[d6]+6[d6]+1[d6]

In my variation the sixes cancel each other and Tanya wins with a five over one.

Tanya again sidesteps the zombie, putting her leg in at the right moment and sends the zombie flying and smashing against a desk. The desk turns over sending yet more papers and things flying as the monster disappears behind it. There is enough noise to call anything dead or alive to the scene and Tanya can only hope that she has not called a mob on herself.

Zombie's cliché drops to 2.

Still the attacker is the first priority. Tanya wants this to be over quickly, not wanting to risk her revenge because of a single monster. She runs after the zombie jumping over the desk wanting to land on the thing with knees and knife first.

Tanya uses "An athletic woman who has learned to defend herself with any object at hand (2)" and uses one Quest dice to make sure the thing is not slowing her down at the crucial moment. Zombie uses its only cliché.

Tanya rolls

12 = 6[d6]+5[d6]+1[d6]

Zombie rolls

7 = 3[d6]+4[d6]

Zombie's cliché drops to 1.

Tanya lands on the back of the thing and plunges the steak knife deep in the skull of the thing. Tanya gets a bit of malicious satisfaction from the situation, as the roles are now reversed. She is on the back of the zombie and feels quite certain of herself. The zombie uses brute force to turn around. Tanya puts the pistol against its forehead and pulls the trigger.

Tanya rolls "An athletic woman who has learned to defend herself with any object at hand (2)" without any bonuses, zombie uses its only cliché.

Tanya rolls

11 = 6[d6]+5[d6]

Zombie rolls:

2 = 2[d6]

With a loud bang the situation is over. The zombie lies on the floor with a decent hole in its forehead as Tanya is astride on top of it. With a slight grunt Tanya stands up, waiting for her breath to catch up. After a moment Tanya leaves the office, cursing slightly under her breath. Her clothes are filthy and there are only 2 bullets left!
Hey, that was a fun read. Thanks for sharing.

Also, I think you are the first person to post using the Game Master Prompt button. Good job.
(12-30-2014, 05:40 PM)Mark Wrote: Hey, that was a fun read.  Thanks for sharing.  

Also, I think you are the first person to post using the Game Master Prompt button.  Good job.

The test has been very pleasing so far. I got something random to work with, something I could not have created by myself. A doctor who wants to commit a murder? Awesome challenge, instantly a complicated character and rich inspiration. I looking forward to continuing the story.
This is an entertaining read. I'm looking forward to you posting more of it.
1.2. On the way

Tanya stands outside of the policestation, hidden between a dumpster and some bushes. Are there any zombies to be seen?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No.

And now how do you proceed?

Tanya casts a few glances around to be certain that there is nothing vicious coming her way. To have a chance to get her revenge, Tanya needs supplies. She is low on everything and before she returns to the barricaded elementary school, Tanya needs food, clothes and medical equipment. The first might be easier. Tanya knows quite well what places have been searched already and decides to find a superstore of some kind.

Is there such a place nearby?

(Somewhat Likely | 5[d10]) Yes, but...

There is a suitable place on a walking distance, called Quick Market. However, bigger shops and places are like traps, because there are often zombies nearby. In addition the big parking areas provide less cover. Tanya decides to head to the Quick Market anyway, not wanting to waste time.

Is the trip uneventful?

(Somewhat Unlikely | 6[d10]) No, but...

NPC Action.



On the route Tanya notices a man, who rushes to cover when he notices Tanya. Her hand is already on the handle of the pistol, even though the reaction to run to cover in a positive one, definitively something a zombie would not do. Tanya silently jogs closer and takes cover behind a 4ft tall stone fence. The man Tanya saw, hid inside a small house and Tanya shouts from her position: "Who goes there? Are you alone?"

Does the man answer?

(Somewhat Likely | 4[d10]) No, but...

Tanya can clearly see the man peeking out from the corner of one broken window. Nothing would suit Tanya better than to acquire some help, even speaking to a friendly figure would be a relief, so she does not want to give up. "My name is Tanya, I am here alone! I am seeking food and equipment. May I come in?"

Does the man answer to these further inquiries?

(Likely | 9[d10]) Yes. +Event: Debase / Pain

"You better come in quickly and make sure you are not seen!", the mysterious man shouts from inside. Tanya wastes no time, knowing full well the dangers lurking around. She quickly enters the house and takes stares to the second floor where the man was hiding. The man is still peeking out of the window when Tanya gets there, but takes a step away from it and turns his gaze to Tanya. The man seems to be in his 40s, with graying hair and matching thick mustache. He is armed with a sturdy baseball bat. Tanya also instantly notices that the left side of the mans neck is covered with blood and the shirt on him is stained as well.

"You are hurt! Let me take a look." Tanya instinctively says. "It is nothing", the man replies, but it is clear that he is in pain "I got a scratch when I ran through a junkyard an hour ago, trying to shake off those damn deaders. Some of them are &%¤@@ fast."

"Don't be a fool. You will not escape the next time in this shape, let me check it." Tanya says in a quite cold voice. Voice of a doctor. Sometimes it is hard to remember those times even if it was just some 8 months ago. Still Tanya sits the man on a chair, helps him to take the shirt off and checks the wound. "What is your name?", she asks while tending the wound. "I am Otto."

Taking care of the wound is a single roll with TN of 10. Tanya uses her medical professional cliché.

19 = 3[d6]+6[d6]+5[d6]+5[d6]

Tanya succesfully clears the wound with a bit of antiseptic found in the house and binds it with strips taken from bedsheets. "That should do it. It will take multiple days to close, but if you change clean bandages daily, it should suffice." For a moment Tanya gets to be just a doctor treating an ordinary patient. "Thank you", Otto simply replies.

Tanya uses a short moment to consider her options, but in the end she decides to ask the man to join her. Tanya explains just that she is searching for equipment and food and later perhaps some medicine, pills, bandages and other first aid things. Will Otto join her?

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Otto seems to be thrilled to help her. The man says he knows good shortcuts and safe routes around this part of town. They should be safe. "As far as we do not go to the junkyard" Tanya comments wryly. Without further delay the duo gathers their possessions and head out.

How would you like to proceed?

Otto shows a quick route to the Quick Market and they hide a bit further away where they can check the parking area. Are there any zombies around?

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes.

Unfortunately a few wandering corpses can be seen. Tanya and Otto discuss briefly and decide to wait and see how the zombies act. If there are no fast ones among them, the duo should find it easy to run past them, but it is hard to tell before it is too late.

At this point we have to take a bit closer look at Otto and what makes him tick. Lets throw some stats to him, that we can use later if (WHEN) need be. I have no idea about Otto's occupation, so I will roll twice for the skill and see what it gives me.



Interesting. Combining those two things, I'd say that he was in the film/theater industry , probably building the stages, handling the electronics and the disguise might state that he was dabbling with the costumes as well... or even better, he was an amateur actor himself. So I put something like this:

Otto Friedman
Tough-as-nails survivor who prefers blunt weapons (4)
Sensible and friendly electrician (3)
Amateur actor (2)
Enjoys driving...fast (1)

Obviously a good man to have your back when things get ugly, but would not want to drive with the fellow.

Tanya and Otto wait for what feels like an hour and spy on the zombies. Is there a moment when there would be no zombies around?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes.

When the opportunity presents itself Otto and Tanya burst out of their cover and take a healthy sprint to the door of the market. They quickly slip in and head deeper into he store. The stench is almost palpable, as everything that can spoils or rot has done so. The place is a mess and there are even some decayed bodies lying around. They are far beyond being undead, perhaps they have been zombies once and either starved or killed by other survivors.

What action do you want take?

Tanya decides to head to get some clothes and camping equipment, Otto heads towards the grocery department. Everything fresh is spoiled, but there should be all kinds of canned foods to keep them fed for a while. Splitting up is risky, but it will reduce the time they need. Does anything happen while they gather things?

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.

The next 30 minutes are surprisingly serene. The duo manages to get a huge amount of canned food, as well as clothes, camping equipment (including a tent) and first aid supplies. But are there guns in the camping/hunting department?

(Unlikely | 2[d10]) No.

As can be guessed, the firearms are long gone, taken by previous visitors. Tanya abandons her steak knife for a much more sturdy one taken from camping/hunting however and even opts for a decent hatchet that can be carried on the belt. Just before exiting, Tanya takes a pair of binoculars, wanting to see threats before they jump at her.

NOTE: This seemed to be quite a slow part, lets see if the next one would have more action....when I get there =D
1.3 The quest for cure

NOTE: I accidentally used normal combat rules in this chapter, instead of the Best of Set rule. I noticed this in the middle of action and did not want to bother myself at that point.

What do you do?

Tanya and Otto seek shelter in yet another abandoned house quite close to the market. They are both hungry could use a bit of rest. They also talk a bit more while eating. Tanya finds out that Otto was an electrician before, a skill which is somewhat useless now that there is no electricity around. Tanya also asks if Otto is here alone, or is he just gathering for a bigger group.

Do Otto have a group?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

Otto tells that he does not belong anywhere. He tried in the beginning, but did not really fit in. The people he could find were not worth his help, there were just too many problems. The man does not really want a group either, easier to fend for himself. Tanya does not really know what to say. She does not want to tell about her plan to murder someone, because this short while has helped to relax, if even just a small bit and Tanya fears to end it.

Still, they have the second part of the plan still ahead. Tanya asks Otto if he is still willing to join her on a trip to a hospital, to find stronger pills and quality equipment. Otto is still in, even though he does not have all that much use for more complicated things, especially if traveling alone.

And now what is your next move?

Tanya and Otto choose St. Clarice Hospital as their next destination and plan the route there. The area is more familiar to Tanya than to Otto, but both have driven there at some point. The plan is made and the duo head out of the door.

Is the hospital far away?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

It seems that the luck is on their side. Tanya and Otto make haste and arrive 15 minutes later to the hospital, there has not been a single zombie to be seen during the whole time and for some reason it makes Tanya rather nervous. Is Tanya familiar with the hospital and able to find her way around?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

Tanya has worked in the hospital at some point. However there is another problem ahead. A few zombies can be seen wandering near the main entrance. Do the zombies spot the duo?

(Unlikely | 5[d10]) No, but...

Tanya and Otto are safe so far, but it seems to walking dead are not as much walking as they are loitering around. There is no way of getting in those doors, without getting spotted. Does Tanya know any other way in?

(Somewhat Likely | 5[d10]) Yes, but...

Tanya considers other possible entrances. There are 1 or 2 other doors, but they required a key card to get in, so they would probably be locked. Could they be broken with their equipment?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

The side entrances were glass doors, but the glass and a metal wiring inside, so breaking in would take a little while and cause a lot of noise. Does Otto want to jump straight into the action here?

(Somewhat Unlikely | 3[d10]) No.

The duo backs a bit away and circle the building, trying to find another way in. Are there zombies blocking their way?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes.

Uh oh... There is no way around without fighting, which means there is no way in without fighting. Tanya is determined to get in, whatever it takes. The urge to revenge is too strong. Is Otto willing to fight to get in?

(Somewhat Unlikely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Surprisingly enough Otto says that they should take the front door, fight their way in and do what they came here to do. Tanya thinks it is a bit odd, considering that he has quite little to gain and eagerness to fight does not predict a long lifespan in a zombie infested town. Only Boss could make it work... for a while. Still the decision is made. They head back to the main entrance. Otto gives a few practice swings to the trusted baseball bat and Tanya draws forth both the hatchet and the sturdy camping knife. There are three zombies present. What kind of zombies are they?

Child zombie.

Eyeless zombie.

Freakishly tall zombie.

The group moaning around is a very mixed bunch. One of them is a child, it was maybe 8 or 9 years old when infected. Second one seems to be missing both of its eyes and the last one is....TALL. The monstrosity looks like it was a basketball player, it is clearly over 7ft tall. The first two have ragged remains of patient garments hanging on their corpses, the last one wears something that has been once a mundane set of clothes.

Still, now is time to fight. Tanya and Otto pick the most favourable angle to attack, trying to get one down before the other two can react. Do they succeed?

(Somewhat Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and... +Event: Starting / Portals

The plan works perfectly, Tanya and Otto manage to completely surprise the tall freak before it notices them.

For the first roll, even if the duo loses, they do not lose stats. Tanya and Otto form a team, where Otto is the leader, because he is better fighter. Tanya assists, so only the sixes she rolls count to Otto's total. Otto uses the Tough-as-nails survivor...(4) and Tanya uses the Athletic woman who... (2) against the "Freakishly tall zombie (4)".

Otto runs in first, smacking the monster into the left leg, trying to make it fall. Tanya rushes in just after, swinging her hatchet at least as much with rage as with skill.

Otto rolls

15 = 6[d6]+2[d6]+3[d6]+4[d6]

Tanya rolls

4 = 1[d6]+3[d6]

The zombie rolls

14 = 2[d6]+4[d6]+3[d6]+5[d6]

Otto swings heavily and smashes the knee of the zombie. Tanya is of little assistance, unable to get close enough to hit safely.

The zombies cliche drops to 3, the other two dead notice what is going on. The duo have one more turn before the others join the fun.

Otto rolls

10 = 3[d6]+3[d6]+3[d6]+1[d6]

Tanya rolls

5 = 1[d6]+4[d6]

Zombie rolls

11 = 4[d6]+4[d6]+3[d6]

This time the duo is in trouble! The tall zombie has a huge reach and is far from defeated. It tries to grab Otto, but Tanya pushes him aside. The zombie gets a painful grip from Tanya's calf and she can not prevent a yell of pain. Tanya falls to the ground and her calf is bleeding. The weapons drop from her hands as she just tries to stop the bleeding, completely defenseless.

(The mechanics of a team make it possible for one to make sacrifice to save others, this makes the volunteer to lose 2 die instead of 1, but the leader of the team gets double dice to revenge on the next turn. It is not a really good strategy at this point as Tanya is out of the fight, but it fits thematically, so why not?)

Tanya can hear the rage-filled roar of Otto as the man realizes what has happened. Now there are three zombies in the scuffle and Tanya is lost without Otto!

(I form a group of the other two zombies. There are now two enemies, Tall Freak (3) and Disability duo (4). Each roll against Otto separately).

Otto rolls against the Tall Freak, doubled dice for revenge!

31 = 6[d6]+5[d6]+2[d6]+2[d6]+5[d6]+6[d6]+1[d6]+4[d6]

Tall Freak rolls

9 = 3[d6]+4[d6]+2[d6]

Otto rolls against the Disability Duo

17 = 5[d6]+3[d6]+3[d6]+6[d6]

The Disability Duo rolls

14 = 5[d6]+4[d6]+3[d6]+2[d6]

With an unbelievable frenzy Otto setts upon the surrounding dead! First he smashes half of the Tall Freak's head in, then two more swings send the Disability Duo tumbling as the eyeless zombie falls on the miniature one. This might be just the thing Tanya and Otto need to survive!

(Tall Freak's cliché drops to 2, Disability Duo drops to 3)

Otto rolls against the Tall Freak

18 = 6[d6]+3[d6]+3[d6]+6[d6]

Tall Freak rolls

9 = 6[d6]+3[d6]

Otto rolls against the Disability Duo

16 = 5[d6]+5[d6]+4[d6]+2[d6]

The Disability Duo rolls

14 = 6[d6]+5[d6]+3[d6]

Otto's luck does not abandon him, nor does his courage fail! A second hit to the head of the tall freak makes even more of its head to give in, but the blasted thing is still moving! With an ascending swing Otto hits the child-dead straight into the jaw, sending it flying and hitting ground two meters further away. The eyeless corpse is not much of a threat and Otto breaks its knee, sending it down to join the tall one.

(Both enemies lose 1 dice from Cliché, Tall Freak has (1), Disability Duo has (2))

Otto rolls against Tall Freak

13 = 1[d6]+4[d6]+6[d6]+2[d6]

Tall Freak rolls

2 = 2[d6]

Otto rolls against Disability Duo

12 = 3[d6]+1[d6]+3[d6]+5[d6]

Disability Duo rolls

8 = 5[d6]+3[d6]

With one last swing Otto smashes what remains of the tall zombie's head and finally the monstrosity stops moving. A second, more calculated swing gives the same fate to the eyeless bastard lying close. With burning eyes Otto closes in on the last zombie, the child. The thing looks even more deformed now with its out of place and shattered to at least three pieces, but still it tries to get up to sink its remaining teeth in Otto.

Otto rolls against the last member of Disability Duo

18 = 5[d6]+1[d6]+6[d6]+6[d6]

The Disability Duo rolls

6 = 6[d6]

Despite the great effort and hissing of the long-deceased child, it shares the fate of its comrades as the last swing breaks its little neck.

Otto rushes to Tanya. The woman is clearly in need of first aid, and she is herself the best one to do it. But it can not be done here! They have to hole up in the hospital, find a quiet corner and rest. Otto makes a quick scan to find a room nearby, carries their backpacks there and finally drags Tanya in from the hospital doors...

Okay,  now I have managed to proceed this story a bit so here is what I have so far. I apologize for all possible mistakes and hiccups regarding spelling and well, everything, as this has been done with a tablet while travelling.

Inside of the hospital, at least what could be glanced during the frantic moments of entering, was quiet. Random things tossed around, some long since dried blood decorated the floor and some of the walls. Rattling papers shifted restlessly as Otto supported Tanya and took her into through the doorway labeled: "Gastroenterology". They took shelter in the first office they came across and locked the door behind them. They took care to choose a room that would not have windows outside.

Does it have windows next to the door?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

There was a single window and surprisingly it was still intact. It would mean they could at least whisper to each other and possibly remain unheard by anything lurking outside. Otto closed the window blinders and turned to look at Tanya. Tanya was in great pain, but the will to live started to win. Something needed to be done. There would be better equipment deeper in the hospital, but their first aid packages from the store would have to do for now. With the aid of Otto, Tanya opens the package containing desinfection wipes, a few rolls of bandages among other things.

Tanya takes the basic and somewhat lacking tools of her trade and takes a look at her calf. There are three holes where the grip of the zombie pierced the skin and tore into the flesh. The swelling has already started and there are going to be some hefty bruises in a day or two. A quick cleaning and bandaging is all Tanya can do, but it should suffice, until they can find the equipment for the stitching.

(Tanya uses her medical professional cliche (4) against the wound (2). The amount of the dice the wound has is the amount lost by Tanya. This is a single opposed test.)

Tanya rolls

21 = 6[d6]+3[d6]+6[d6]+6[d6]

The Wound rolls

3 = 1[d6]+2[d6]

Despite the pain and the difficult place of the wound, Tanya manages the patching in mere moments. The pain diminishes marginally, but the bleeding stops and after a quick test Tanya simply states: "It seems that I can walk at least". A clear sigh of relief comes from Otto. "Looked bad at first lass. Unability to move would have been...", the man's voice falls and he does not say more. Tanya does not comment anything, just packs everything. "We'd better get moving." Without further delay, Otto peaks out of the window and they sneaked out.

Does something more happen until the duo can reach the wards?

(Unlikely | 2[d10]) No.

Otto insists on walking first, in case some random zombie is still wandering these corridors. Tanya does not want to waste energy arguing, she simply tells Otto where they are headingand what turns to take. A few minutes later they are in the ground floor of one of the patient towers, which accomodates most of the medicinal wards. It it a good place to search for all kinds of medicine, but then again it might already be looted. Tanya trusts that there are enough wards that at least some of them will have someting left. The duo takes the stairs up as Tanya decides that they should start from the top and proceed downward. Every step means pain, but she does not say anything. Finally they get on the top floor.

Do they find enough of all kinds of drugs etc. from the first ward?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes.

Tanya's plan to start from the top pays off big time as they enter the wards pharmaceutical office (with the help of an empty oxygen container) and find the shelves stacked. Some things are way past their best-before dates, but it is a great treasure for any survivor and yet worth twice more for Tanya, who knows how to use most of the stuff. To get more with them, Tanya needs to pack the stuff and it will take time. She asks Otto to keep watch while she does her part.

Does anything interrupt them?

(Unlikely | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

(Something happens, but it seems that the duo can stay hidden should they want to. It might be zombies or something else, I can really decide so I hit some buttons and see what comes out of the engine.)

NPC negative.



(Seems to me that there is someone else around and things are getting violent. Is it a fight between other survivors?)

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

(What a result. I decide that there is someone Tanya knows involved.)

Is it a bigger group than 2 people?

(Somewhat Unlikely | 4[d10]) No.

Is it someone who belongs to Barry Barnslow's group in the elementary school?

(Unlikely | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

(The other party seems to be some outsider, just like Tanya and Otto. I'll hit a few more buttons to get more insight.)

Confident female tour guide.


And the other person is?

Defensive historian.


While Tanya does her best to get all the pills in smaller plastic pouches and records what goes to each, something is happening two floors below. Otto hears the noise and informs Tanya. The woman curses silently because of the interruption. Otto wants to check it out. "You can stay here and bag the pills, while I go", the man says to Tanya. She however does not feel safe in this place they have not had time and resources to check. If it has to be checked, Tanya decides to join him. Otto just shrugs, eager to go. The pair hurries downstairs, trying to balance speed and silence. "Ward 35" read the black engraved letters on a sign on the door. The door itself has been ripped of its hinges, though it must have happened earlier; such a noise would have echoed trough half an hospital and they would have known. "And stayed the hell away form here", Tanya mutter to herself as the thought crosses her mind. Pain medicine has numbed the pain in her calf, but each step still creates uncomfortable pressure in the wounded area.

The duo listens. The noises are coming from a patient room half way towards the back. There are noises of struggling and they move faster, using the ruckus to cover their footsteps. When Tanya peeks into the room the sight surprises her. There are no zombies, just a man and a woman, but they are beating each other furiously. To her surprise Tanya recognizes the woman. It is Sarah Thornton, one of the survivors from the elementary school, a guide or some such from her previous occupation. The man she is fighting with is a stranger. He is a tall man, though quite thin, with dirty long hair lining his face.

(Fighting is never safe and without consequenses, lets see how injured they are and go from there.)

Sarah's injuries

(13 = 14[d20]+-1) Moderate Injury: Hampers action significantly; will require first aid/medical attention.

Stranger's injuries.

(3 = 4[d20]+-1) Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.

The room is a mess. Chairs lie on their sides, IV-holder has broken the window and TV has been cast against the wall so that pieces of plastic, glass and electronics saturate half of the room. One of the curtains separating the two beds in the room has been torn down. If the room is a mess, so is Sarah. The woman has a cutting wound on her left cheek, and almost half of her defiant expression is painted over with blood. A bit bigger gash can be seen on her right forearm and the hand is likewise drenched in red. Still Sarah holds her hands in a defensive posture. Unlike Sarah, the strange tall man is armed with a sturdy knife, a bit similar Tanya chose for herself. The man does not seem to be injured apart from a bruise on the left side of his face.

Without thinking twice, Tanya draws her pistol, aims to the man and shouts:"Stop, both of you!" The effect is literal and instantenous and the pair freeze like they would be a grotesque picture, the man having drawn his hand sligtly back to swing the knife and Sarah desperately holding her bleeding hand up.

After maybe two seconds of silence, Sarah starts to speak, loud and fast. "That beast tried to rape me and when I did not play it nice he cut me! He tries to kill me and would probably used my corpse afterwards! Help me, shoot him!" These accusations seemed to bring a bit more life to the man as well. "That is not true! I would rather cut my throat with this knife than touch that witch with my dick. Her wickedness is the reason my wife is dead! She deserves what is coming to her!" The man's gaze is fixed to Sarah even with a gun pointed at him, though he does not make any move towards her and even lowers the knife a little.

(My imagination has given me a challenge this time. I do not know myself, which one of these stories is true. To delay the answer a bit let us see if the noise has brought any more trouble upon the ragged group.)

Does the fight attract...ah, undead interest?

(Somewhat Likely | 4[d10]) No, but...

Surprisingly there are still no undead to be seen. It is not a guarantee that the place is empty, they might just be a bit slow to get here. Otto is the first one to think about that. "We can not stay here, there might be trouble coming this way, with all that noise", Otto says with a strained voice. Tanya feels shivers run through her spine, even the strangers face show slight signs of fear and he glances around. Tanya thinks quickly and makes a decision. "We head upstairs, that ward should be safe enough and zombies can not surprise us at least. But first, Otto, take the knife away from him." For a moment it seems that the man is going to resist, but then the knife is on Otto's belt.The group heads out of the ward, with the stranger on the lead, followed by Tanya who does not lower her pistol. Otto and Sarah come last, with the man more worried about her injuries than guarding her.
Apparently the stranger's nerves fail him as they step out from the ward. Without any warning he bursts into running, heading towards the descending stairs, most likely seeking to leave the building. There is a moment where Tanya can shoot.

What do you decide to do?

Tanya would not mind shooting a man to the back, especially if he is a rapist. Still, she has only two bullets left and the man is of no importance to her quest and not a big threat either. The moment passes and the man disappears into te stairs. Otto takes two steps to follow him, but Tanya speaks quickly: "Too risky Otto, rushing after him!" After a second of silence, Tanya can not stop herself from adding selfishly: "We are wounded and I need you here". Otto breaths heavily, but seems to to regain his composure. Fuming to himself Otto leads te ladies back into the top floor.

What is your next course of action?

Tanya would like to continue her work with the loot, but decides it is the best to treat Sarah first and why not check and maybe stitch her own calf as well. While Tanya takes forth yet more bandages and desinfective tissues, Sarah starts to thank her repeatedly. Tanya does not mind, blocking most of it out while working, but it feels good to get gratitude and compliments every once in a while. Sarah's gratitude can also be a weapon in Tanya's arsenal, so the good doctor lets the flow of words continue, hoping it enforces the indebted feeling in the other woman's mind.

(Tanya rolls her cliche as a medical professional (4) against the Sarah's gash (2) as a simple roll.)

Tanya rolls

17 = 5[d6]+5[d6]+5[d6]+2[d6]

The Gash rolls

8 = 6[d6]+2[d6]

Tanya easily takes care Sarah's wounds, though it takes time, some stitches and several painkillers. The woman once again thanks Tanya and testsnthe hand a bit. It is a lot better, though fine manouvers might be difficult for a while and Tanya has to offer her a small reserve of the painkillers. Then Tanya starts to treat herself. The bandages are bloody and the recent action was not the brightest idea, but the wounds are in acceptable condition. With some difficulties caused by the pain and difficult position, Tanya puts a few stitches to her own wounds as well.

(Mechanically Sarah had used some three-dice cliche during the fight, which had fallen to when the saviours arrived. The medical aid puts her to 2 dice and if Tanya manages to pass her own -very easy- roll, then she will get te second die back and the wound is merely decorational from now on.)

Tanya rolls against her own wound

10 = 4[d6]+1[d6]+2[d6]+3[d6]

The wound rolls

6 = 6[d6]

After half an hour the new round of medical prodedures is finished. Tanya even managed to tend her own wounds despite the challenge.

What do you want to do?

(Now we need more information about the puzzle piece named Sarah. I'm going to toss multiple questions out there and see if I can catch anything interesting [read: something that helps me getting Barry].)

Does Sarah still live in the elementary school?

(Very Likely | 7[d10]) Yes.

Are there any significant problems they are currently facing?

(Somewhat Likely | 1[d10]) No, and...

(This seems interesting. The group has managed well, no clear trouble. The group has clearly grown after Boss was taken care of. Sarah tells the count is in lower 40s now. Is Barry the new leader, being a good orator and all?

(Somewhat Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

While Tanya packs the rest of the medicines and some equipment, she simultaneously pumps Sarah for information. Whatever small detail that could prove useful. Apparently the commune is doing very well and surprisingly Barry is leading them... in a decent manner even.

Tanya does not like what she is hearing. Not that she resents the whole group, but it makes Barry harder to reach. A small timid voice in Tanya's head proposes pleading and begging to once more join what seams to be the best opportunity to stay alive in the city. The idea is shot down quickly. Barry is a piece of waste who needs to die. If the commune at the elementary school is doing so well, it is because the others are competent and do Barry's part as well.

Is Sarah satisfied in Barry and his decisions?

(Likely | 5[d10]) No, but...

(Apparently there is something that displeases at least Sarah, though from the result I take it that she is alone with her opinions or at least clearly in the minority.)

What is the reason of the divided opinions?



Luckily, or more likely because of the reasonably strong painkillers, Sarah is in talkative mood. Tanya learns that Barry does not really reward deeds justly. Those who risk themselves and their lives more than te others are just quickly patted on the back and do not get nearly enough recognition, it is just what is expected of them. This, from Sarah's point of view, is the outcome of Barry's policy of equal value. Sarah believes that Barry is afraid of a coup by the more physically able members. Barry repeats to people that to rule because of physical capability is to succumb to the same vicious way of life the Boss represented.


Hello again. It has been a while after the last update. Mostly that is due to the fact that this forum has made me find the Fate and Fate Accelerated rpgs and I have been dying to work with those. I did not want to start a new one and did not have inspiration to use Risus at the moment. Now I have decided to travel the only path I can see: converting this game to Fate Accelerated and continuing the story.

I decided to convert the characters, both Tanya and Otto into Fate Accelerated to flex my brain. Here are the old write-ups followed by the new (they will likely be unfinished at this point, especially considering the stunts):

Tanya Karinova
A sharp and straight-to-the-point medical professional (4)
Prefers stealth and camouflage over feats of physical might (3)
An athletic woman who has learned to defend herself with any object at hand (2)
Quest dice (kill Barry): [][][][][]

Otto Friedman
Tough-as-nails survivor who prefers blunt weapons (4)
Sensible and friendly electrician (3)
Amateur actor (2)
Enjoys driving...fast (1)

Fate Accelerated:

Tanya Karinova
High Consept: A sharp and straight-to-the-point medical professional
Trouble: I killed someone and was cast out of the group
Prefers stealth and camouflage over feats of physical might
An athletic woman who has learned to defend herself with any object at hand
I will kill Barry for his betrayal

Forceful: +2
Sneaky: +2
Careful: +1
Quick: +1
Flashy: +0

1. Silent as a statue: I get +2 to Overcome with Sneaky when staying completely still.
2. Too fast for death: I get +2 to Overcome with Quick when dealing with the undead.
3. Elementary: I get +2 to Create Advantage with Clever in the grounds of the elementary school
4. Weapons everywhere: Once in a scene I can declare I find an improvised weapon (Weapon:1/Weapon: 2 with FP)
Refresh 2
Stress: [] [] [] Consequences: Mild:___________ Moderate:____________ Severe:______________

Otto Friedman
High Consept: Tough-as-nails survivor who prefers blunt weapons
Trouble: Only way to drive is too fast
Sensible and friendly electrician
Amateur actor
Loner by habit

Forceful: +3
Careful: +2
Flashy: +2
Sneaky: +1
Quick: +1

Almost like baseball: Get +2 to forcefully attack when using a two-handed blunt weapon
Seen all, done most: Get +2 to Forcefully defend against mental attacks
Refresh: 4
Stress: [] [] [] Consequences: Mild:_____________ Moderate:______________ Severe:_____________

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