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Hey guys, first post.
I started using this tool a few days ago to run a 1-on-1 game for a friend of mine.
I read some stories in the forum and it looked like fun to post one.
So here's my first solo game. All generated by the RPG Solo tool, and using the Zombie Apocalypse setting.
It's a rough, and it's not done, but here's something!

Who am I?

Evasive pilot.

What am I good at?

Metal pole.

Canned food.

What do I have in my possession?


Broken blanket.

What is my goal?

Scavenge parts at the run-down clinic.

What is the purpose of my goal?

Failure / Opposition.

What is the first thing that I need to do or take care of?


Am I alone?

(50/50) Yes.

It's been months since the fall of humanity happened. The dead walking the earth, like we're in some kind of apocalypse.
Back when it mattered I was an ace pilot for the US Air Force. These days I'm nobody.
It's cold and lonely. All I have to keep myself warm is an old blanket and a photo of my (presumably) dead wife.

Where am I?

Reinforced campground.

I look around my makeshift fortress, a small island out on the middle of a lake. It's been very safe. With not much more than a tent and some canned beans, it's a miracle I found this place to begin with.

It's been a few says since I took my canoe inland. My supplies are starting to run out. I've used nearly all my antibiotics and painkillers as well.
I remember there being a free clinic in town nearby. Hopefully it hasn't been totally ransacked already...

A few hours later I arrive at the outskirts of town.

Is it deserted?

(50/50) Yes.

Are there zombies outside?

(Very Likely) Yes.

Are there a lot?

(50/50) No, but... +Event: Antagonise / The intellectual

How many?

3 = 3[d4]

I approach the edge of Main St, quietly as not to draw attention. In the distance I can see 3 undead. Not many, but I don't have anything to defend myself with. I gotta do my best to avoid them.

Suddenly I hear car alarms. A man in a white lab coat is running straight at me!

Does the man draw the attention of all 3 zombies?

(Likely) Yes.

The man in the coat, in an instant, has ruined my day. Fleeing like a bat from hell he heads my way bringing a train of 3 hungry zombies.

Is the clinic close to where we are?

(50/50) Yes.

Are these zombies fast zombies?

(50/50) No, but...

There are more of them coming.

The man screams at me to run, "They're coming!", he yells.
Pouring in from everywhere, hordes of the damned followed us.

How many are there?

26 = 9[d10]+1[d10]+9[d10]+5[d10]+2[d10]

A pack of no less than 29 zombies now hungered for our flesh.

Are there parked cars on the street?

(Very Likely) No.

Can we make it into the nearest building?

(Likely) Yes, and...

Barricade the only entrance.

Me and my new friend run, terrified, into the nearest building.

Burned-out orphanage.

The orphanage must've burned down sometime after the fall... Not exactly somewhere I'd like to be right now. But it's that or nothing.

Me and the lab coat race inside the orphanage and use a table and some other furniture to barricade the entry.

Is the door the only way in?

(Unlikely) Yes.

What a dreary place, no kid should grow up in a place with no windows. But, lucky for us, the monsters outside can only get in through the front door.

Is there a staircase in-tact?

(50/50) No, and... +Event: Proceedings / Opulance


Is more of the building damaged by fire?

(Likely) Yes, but...

It's all superficial

What kind of person is lab coat?

Battle-scarred expert.

Exhausted from barring the way, me and lab coat sit down in front of the doorway and take a break. We can hear the unsettling moans of the creatures outside.
Looks like there used to be an upstairs, but it's all been torched, the stairs are even charred.
I look around for anything interesting or useful. I spy a beautiful, ornate, picture frame. It's gold and gorgeous.
There's a picture of...

Cheap gold coins.

A pirate treasure.

Do I find anything else?

(50/50) No, but... +Event: Move / Emotions

My new friend has started to sob quietly.
Until now I had sort of forgotten about him.
I ask him how he is, and introduce myself.
His name is Mike, he's an Iraq War veteran. Nothing he saw over there, he said, could have possibly prepared him for the hell that we now existed in.
I tell him to cheer up, at least we were together, and safe. At least, for now.

Does Mike have any friends that are still alive?

(50/50) No, and...

Mike is bitten.

I ask if Mike is alone, he is.
He and his party were attacked the previous night. There were no survivors but him.
During the struggle Mike was bitten.

Does Mike look ill?

(Somewhat Likely) No.

Mike may have been bitten, but he didn't look it. I'll have to keep a watch on him, but for now it's nice to have an ally.

There is no food in the orphanage, or even anything else useful to our cause. And there is a veritable horde of undead outside the door.

I tell Mike about my plan to raid the clinic. He agrees that it's a good idea and agrees to come with me. He doesn't have anything to lose anyway. He's an honorable man, Mike.

Are the stairs safe to ascend?

(Very Unlikely) No. +Event: Triumph / Disruption

Hmm, the stairs aren't safe. Looks like either one of us would fall straight through the burnt wood.
"Maybe if you can lift me up, and I can climb up to the next floor?"

(Likely) No, but...

We can reach if Mike stands on the furniture and I stand on Mike's shoulders.

"Mike. Let's grab one of those tables from the barricade. You can stand on it and lift me up!"

Will moving the table weaken the barricade enough to let the zombies in?

(Very Likely) Yes.

"But if we do that it won't be long before those assholes outside can break in here. But we have to do it, it's our only option. We're kind of on a timer already anyway."

Mike and I go for a coffee table nearest to us.

Do the zombies break in yet?

(50/50) Yes.

Dislodging the table was evidently the worst thing we could have done. As immediately as we touched it, the door came splintering in on us.

How Many zombies are able to get in the front door right away?

1 = 1[d4]

The entry is unbarred now, but still cluttered. Only one monster is able to sneak in right away.
We should ignore it and hurry up!

Are we able to set up the table before the first zombie gets us?

(Likely) Yes, and...

the other furniture collapses on top of the first intruder

With adrenaline pumping through our bodies we're able to grab the table and get it moved with lightning quickness. Meanwhile our other furniture falls atop the gnashing zombie, pinning it underneath the pile.
Mike jumped up on the table and I hurriedly accepted his help in getting up to the next floor.

Does the zombie horde break in now?

(Likely) Yes, and...

Communicate / Exterior factors.

even MORE show up.

The restless army finally breaks through our makeshift wall. But it appears that more have showed up. All the attention they mob was giving us had drawn in more from afar.

How many more arrive?

30 = 4[d10]+8[d10]+6[d10]+2[d10]+10[d10]

The number of undead had doubled. We were really in trouble.

I arrive safely on the next level of the old building. It's too far for Mike, I have to hoist him up.

Do the zombies reach Mike before I can lift him?

(50/50) No.

I pull my comrade up with me to safety. The orphanage below is full to the brim of hungry corpses, but they can't get to us now.

Is the fire damage severe?

(Likely) Yes, and...

the whole second floor is ruined.

We take a moment to breathe before realizing that the entire top level has been totally razed. There's nothing up here, not a roof or 4 walls, no food.
Totally useless.

Can we see in all 4 directions from up here?

At least from up high me and my friend can see everything around us.
Next door to us are the...

Poorly hidden stadium.

Run-down junkyard.

Out-of-the-way library.

(50/50) Yes. +Event: Trust / Danger

Hey there,

Good job using the tool--well done. I'm curious, how did it go using the tool 1 on 1 with your friend?


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