Zombie Apocalypse I tried this out and failed!
Lead an attack on the burned-out high school.

I know my sister is still there somewhere. I have to know if she is still alive.

Looted gas station

I need to check this place for gear. I'm running low on supplies.

Canned food

Wow this is huge. I can't believe the looters missed this.

Worn-out ammo (.38 cal)

Some ammo good.

I still need a weapon though.

Wedding ring

Could be useful for bartering later...If anyone else is alive out here that is.


I can use these to start a fire...LOL


I'll pocket them.

Is there anything else.

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No

Disease-ridden sewers

Recently abandoned clinic

Old abandoned orphanage

I'll try the clinic. Do I encounter any zombies?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes

Moaning zombie

I'll punch him.

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No

He tries to bite my arm.

(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

He tears a hole in my jacket. Dang it.

I'll try to kick him.

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

(6 = 6[d20]) Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.

(19 = 19[d20]) Critical Injury: Requires immediate attention; clearly life-threatening if not immediately deadly.

I initially just nick him but his rib cage is so rotten my boot crushes on through. He's down. Have I alerted anymore?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

There is a car that may contain some gear here.

Does the door open?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No

Ill try to kick out the window.

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes

Is there anything useful inside.

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but... +Event: Antagonise / Disruption

Blood-soaked zombie

Attacks from behind. I try to kick it in the face.

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No

He bites at my legs.

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

He tears a little of the seat cushion with his teeth. I will try to crush his head in the door.

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

I hit my own leg with the door.

(17 = 17[d20]) Severe Injury: Incapacitating and may become Critical if untreated.

My foot is broken. The zombie attacks.

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

(8 = 8[d20]) Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.

He bites into my ankle. Barely penetrating my boot.

I will punch him.

(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

Small mirror

The car's mirror is broken I can use the glass. He bites at me again.

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes

(17 = 17[d20]) Severe Injury: Incapacitating and may become Critical if untreated.

He has bitten through my broken foot. I have to kill this thing.

I will stab him with the broken glass.

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes

(2 = 2[d20]) Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.

Dang it I barely nicked his face. He attacks.

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No

He misses, I'm loosing a lot of blood... Do I pass out?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes +Event: Vengeance / Ambush

I'm still alive where am I?!

Dilapidated elementary school

Hedonistic female local celebrity

Hello. You get bit?

She points a shotgun in your face.

I lie, "No I had an accident."

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

How did you lose that foot? It looks like it was bitten off. When we found you there was a zombie trying to eat you. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't feed you a lead sandwich.

My sister, she's at the high school. I was going there to see if she was still alive.

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No

I don't believe you. You'd say anything to keep me from finishing you off.

Look, just let me go. I'll head off to the high school. If I die alone out there you won't have to be worried about me dying in here.

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Your gonna need some supplies.

Bolt-action rifle (.308 cal)

Ok thanks.

Don't thank me yet you only got five bullets in that rifle. I intend on picking it up from your corpse after you turn.

Is the high school close?

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No

Not for you anyway. But you gotta get out... Now.

I wrap my bloody nub in a pillow sham. Then I cram it in a pair of old boots I find that fit and I limp out the door.

Smoke-filled morgue

Run-down cargo ship

Reinforced water treatment plant

I'll try the morgue, maybe I can find some more supplies there. Plus I won't get far if I don't rest from time to time. Am I turning?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

You feel relatively comfortable walking on your stump foot.

I don't have a fever or anything. Maybe I won't turn. I gotta live for Susie.

Do I make it to the morgue?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes

Is the door open?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No

Is there anything I can use to break in?

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No

What about a window?

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes

I'll try to smash it with the rifle butt.

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

The sound is louder than I thought. Did I attract any attention?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

Legless zombie

Is moving very slowly. I might be able to get inside. Can I see anything in the building?

(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

The smoke has all cleared out and it is my best chance for survival. I'll climb in.

Is there anything I can use in this room?

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No

Is there a door out of this room?

(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

There is an opening into the main hallway. I'll proceed into the hallway. Are there any zombies in the hallway?

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes

Slime-covered zombie

Oh my God! it must have been one of the embalmed bodies. Is there anywhere I can hide?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

The door is locked...

I will try to shoot the zombie.

(Likely | 7[d10]) Yes

(4 = 4[d20]) Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.

I barely grazed it. It charges me and attacks.

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

(3 = 3[d20]) Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.

Just barely.

Swing the rifle butt at its face!

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

The rifle butt shatters. The weapon is very hard to use now.

The zombie lurches toward my throat.

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes

(16 = 16[d20]) Severe Injury: Incapacitating and may become Critical if untreated.

Tears a hole in my neck. I'm bleeding to death.

Try to stab the zombie with the shattered rifle butt.

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No

I missed, he comes in for the kill.

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No

One more try I'll try to poke out his eye with the rifle butt.

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No

I miss. He bites at my bleeding neck.

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No

Stab his open mouth

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

(13 = 11[d20]+2) Moderate Injury: Hampers action significantly; will require first aid/medical attention.

The rifle butt jams into his open mouth, you lose the rifle but he is distracted enough for you to get away.

Is there an open room I can look through?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No

Ill try to knock down the locked door.

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but... +Event: Kill / Tension

Shrieking zombie

Is waiting for you

It attacks

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

The door knocks it down to the floor.

I will try to rip out it's eyes.

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

Is there anything I can use as a weapon around me?

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

The shrieking zombie has not recovered.

Battery charger

There is a heavy battery charger. I'll smash it's head with the charger.

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No

I miss it bites at me

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes

(21 = 19[d20]+2) Killed.
Coming to this late, but I wanted to say this is exactly how I imagine I'd fare in a zombie-apocalypse situation. Minus the moments of competence. We could probably just skip to the last line.

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