Zombie Apocalypse Nightowl: Beginning
The setting is burning library involving cheap ammo (9 mm) and poorly guarded orphanage. Your quest is to drive survivors to the run-down research facility. Trying to stop you is the slobbering zombie skilled in bluff. You are currently at the underground sewers.
Abandoned orphans are trapped at a burning library. I have only some cheap 9 mm ammo, and I have to get to the library, save the children, and take them to the run-down research facility, which has a safe zone where we can hide. Currently, I am being chased by a slobbering zombie through underground sewers, and the zombie is good at bluffing in a chase i.e. reversing his tracks, running in a loop, generally outwitting his quarry.
What does the zombie have?
Pocket knife
I am still running. Can I find anything down here?
(50/50) No
Can I see any exits?
(50/50) No
Can I outrun the zombie?
(50/50) No
I give the zombie a taste of his own medicine. I double back on myself, going the opposite direction, then run in circles a few times, and duck into a maintenance alcove.
Will the zombie find me?
(50/50) No, and...
I find the sewer manhole that lies right beside the library. I climb out. Anyone in sight?
(50/50) Yes
(50/50) No
Argumentative athlete
"What do you think you're doing out here, citizen?" the athlete asks. "This is a field of survival. Only the strong can belong, and you don't fit the bill." "I'm Nightowl. I'm no citizen. Who are you, Miss Muscle?"
The athlete replies "Melita Melendez." "I like Miss Muscle better." "Would you stop it? You can't just climb out of a sewer hole and start calling me names. Ugh, I don't have time for this. Keep moving or you die. See ya, Sewer Boy. And just for your information, I'm a runner, not a weight lifter." "Anytime, Miss Muscle" "Rrrr!" And with that, she jogs off down the abandoned street. Has anything come here while we were talking?
(50/50) Yes, and...
it is not a zombie.
Chivalrous officer
"Officer Phelps, ZPF," he introduces himself. "Nightowl, survivor. Nice to meet you." "Likewise." "What's the ZPF?" "Zombie Protection Force. You're lucky I showed up when I did. There's a wave of zombies coming this way. We've gotta get to a safe zone. The nearest one is-" "The run-down research facility, I know" I cut him off. "I'm here to rescue some kids trapped in that library." "Mud snakes! What are we waiting for, then? We gotta save them!" "Mud snakes? Seriously?" I say sarcastically, and I follow him into the burning building.
What does the officer have with him?
Butcher knife
Damaged M60 machinegun (7.62 mm)
What is he skilled at?
Computer programming
By the way, what am I skilled at?
(the only object I have is cheap 9 mm ammo)
Computer programming
Is anyone else in the library?
(Unlikely) No
We search the library for the children. Do we find them?
(Sure Thing) Yes, and... +Twist: Emotional event / Changes the goal
We find the children. "Aaah! Run, guys! It's them!" shouts one kid. They all begin running around in a panic, trying to escape. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. It's okay. We're not gonna hurt you." I say over the din. "Liar!" yells the same kid. I grab onto him. Can I hold onto him?
(Somewhat Likely) Yes, and...
he complies quickly. "It's okay. What's your name?" "Steve." "Who came after you?" "Men in black suits. They tried to take us away. They shot a dart at Peter and he passed out. They took him away, and I think it was them who set the building on fire. Peter was the smartest of us. He kept us alive. And now he's gone..." "Don't worry. We'll keep you safe. I'm Nightowl and he's Officer Phelps. Where did the men go?" "They were going to the old research place. Peter said we would be safe there, but we never made it..." The kid starts to cry. He's only about nine.
I let the kid go and talk to Officer Phelps. "Bad men in black suits are at the old research facility. Is there somewhere else we can go?"
(50/50) Yes
Fortified strip mall
"It's the headquarters of the ZPF, about eight blocks away. It'll be a long way to survive with these kids, but if we make it, we'll definitely be safe."
Do the kids have anything?
(50/50) No
"You want the butcher knife?" I ask Officer Phelps.
(50/50) No, and...
"It's probably best if I take both," he says. "Let's go."
How many kids are there?
9 = 9[d10]
We all escape outside as the building burns down. Is anyone out there?
(50/50) Yes
(50/50) Yes, and...
there are two. Officer Phelps pumps a few rounds on his machine gun.
Moderate Injury: Hampers action significantly; will require first aid/medical attention.
shooting a zombie in the leg.
What are the zombies armed with?
The cleaver zombie chops at Officer Phelps.
(50/50) Yes, but...
It is only a small amount of damage. Phelps is fine.
He shoots at the other zombie at point-blank range.
Moderate Injury: Hampers action significantly; will require first aid/medical attention.
The zombie falls to the ground. We continue to the next block.
"That was not good," says Officer Phelps grimly. "I could contract zombie virus. Don't want that."
Does he get virus?
(50/50) Yes
How long does it take to take over?
34 = 34[d100]
hours, almost two days.
Anyone on the next block?
(50/50) Yes
(50/50) No, but...
The person has virus.
Hedonistic female con artist
"Hey. Name's Needle." "Nightowl, thanks for asking." I say sarcastically. "Well, it's not like names matter in a zombie apocalypse." she replies.
How many hours has she had virus?
56 = 56[d100]
How many hours does it take for the virus to gain control?
43 = 43[d100]
She doubles over, and I realize she is turning into a zombie. "Phelps! She's turning!" Officer Phelps trains his gun on her. What does she have with her?
Flash drive
One of a kind tool belt
"Spare her, Phelps. Just knock her out."
He swings at her with the handle of his butcher knife. Hit?
(Likely) No, and...
She straightens up and cleaves at him. Hit?
(50/50) No
He swings at her again. Hit?
(50/50) No, but...
He smacks the cleaver out of her hand. I pick it up and swing at her with the handle. Hit?
(50/50) No, but...
I cut the tool belt off of her. Phelps grabs it. She claws at him. Hit?
(50/50) Yes, but...
It is only a flesh wound. He swings at her. Hit?
(50/50) Yes, but...
It does not knock her out. I swing at her. Hit?
(50/50) Yes
Severe Injury: Incapacitating and may become Critical if untreated.
I knock her out. "Hope ya don't die." I say. We walk to the next block. Anyone there?
(50/50) Yes, but...
It is not a person, but an item.
Bolt-action rifle (.308 cal)
I pick it up tentatively and we proceed to the next block. Anyone?
(50/50) Yes
(50/50) Yes
I shoot it with my rifle.
Severe Injury: Incapacitating and may become Critical if untreated.
Zombie is unconscious. We proceed. Anyone on the next block?
(50/50) Yes
(50/50) Yes, but...
It is still transforming. It looks like it used to be a
Attentive city official
I walk up to it while it is curled up on the ground and whack it with the handle of my cleaver.
Do I knock it out?
(Likely) No, but...
He is stunned. I whack him again, harder. Do I knock him out?
(Very Likely) No, but...
He is passing out. We proceed to block 5.
Anyone there?
(50/50) No
We proceed to block 6. Anyone?
(50/50) Yes, but... +Twist: NPC / Appears
The person is a zombie. There is a person there too, though, fighting the zombie.
Independent technician
What items does he have?
Lock picks
Swiss Army knife
Small mirror
What is he skilled at?
He is repeatedly stabbing the zombie with his Swiss Army knife.
Critical Injury: Requires immediate attention; clearly life-threatening if not immediately deadly.
The zombie passes out and the technician greets us. "They call me Bulletproof. Who are you?" "I'm Nightowl." "Officer Phelps, ZPF. We're heading to a fortified safe house about two blocks away, headquarters of the Zombie Protection Force, which is who I work for." "I'll come." says Bulletproof, and we set out. Block 7. Anyone there?
(50/50) No
We proceed to block 8, the final block. Anyone there?
(50/50) No, and...
The strip mall is nowhere in sight. "This way." says Officer Phelps. We follow him. Do we find anyone else?
(50/50) No
We arrive at the ZPF HQ, the kids are taken to safety, and I, Nightowl, along with my two new friends, Officer Phelps and Bulletproof, settle back and, for the first time in weeks, relax.
Suddenly, a voice blares over the loudspeaker. "Officer Phelps, Nightowl, and Bulletproof, report to Main Control. You'll want to see this."

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