Hello, this is my first time writing and posting a solo rpg. I am neither a writer or a native english speaker so my writing could be all over the place.

That being said I ran session 0 on my own for creating the main character and his Servant, if anyone is interested just ask and I'll post it.

Session One is to set the scene and everything so I might not be rolling a whole lot of random dice here. 

Obviously, I do not own any of the Fate products or other characters you might read in this session notes. That being said, let's have some fun.

Session One

“Fill fill fill fill fill, repeat every five times...”

Here I am, attempting a summoning ritual for a heroic spirit, a Servant.

“...Your self is under me, my fate(doom) is in your sword...”

My name is Trevor Hammacher, a famous adventurer, a spy for the Great Intelligence. Well, use to be a spy, now I'm just a hired gun for the House of Laurel to win the Holy Grail War.

“...Here is my oath. I am the one who becomes all the good of the world of the dead, I am the one who lays out all the evil of the world of the dead...”

I am to fight 6 other Masters in the city of Baltimore, kill their Servants, and use that power to summon the Holy Grail. Legend says the Holy Grail can grant you any wish. House of Laurel and the Great Intelligence put a curse on me so that if I don't hand them the Grail, I die. If I do win them the Grail, they promise me riches beyond my dreams. Carrot, meet stick.

“You, seven heavens clad in three words of power, arrive from the ring of deterrence, O keeper of the balance ―――!”

The circle in front of me glows, filled with the power necessary to summon Heroic Spirit from Fiction or History, my Servant that will help me win this war steps out of the light and into my vision.

“Are you my lord?” says the man in traditional Japanese clothing and long red hair.

“I wouldn't call myself a lord, but yes, I am your Master for this Holy Grail War. My name is Trevor Hammacher. What is your name and your class?”

“I am Himura Kenshin, I am your swordsman, please to meet you,” says Himura Kenshin with a soft voice, better known as Hitokiri Battosai: the Swords Out Head Fall Man Slayer.

A complicated marking appears on my right hand that would be the three command seals I have to control him.

Get Place:

Mutated command center

“What is this place Lord Hammacher?” asked Kenshin, surveying the dark and creepy office we are currently at.

“This is Applied Physics Labs,” I answered him, setting up my laptop with hotspot. After 2 hours I have already given up convincing him not to call me lord.

“The organization here use to study... otherworldly creatures and technology here. There was an accident and now there is all sort of radiation and toxic matter in the air, hence it is currently unoccupied. “

“Umm... wouldn't that be dangerous to you as well, Lord Hammacher?” he said, concerned.

“Not with this guy on,” I said, tugging my collar a bit, “Chameleon Armor, it adapts to the environment around me and protects me from hazardous material that this place omits.”

“That is some handy armor,” exclaimed Kenshin, “these magic things are quite interesting.”

“A lot of people would say the same thing regarding the way you move,” I said.

“Just years of practice,” Kenshin replies with a smile.

Light music chimes as my laptop finally boots up.

After typing and clicking on it a couple of times I turn the screen to Kenshin and said: “There, this is the map of Baltimore, where we will be fighting for the Holy Grail.”

Kenshin studied it a bit and remarked: “The western countries sure have built their city quite big, haven’t they? Just by looking at this, there’s seem to be many dark alleys and high vantage points for an ambush. This could be a tough fight.”

“We don’t pick the ballroom, we just dance in it,” I said, quoting a movie I’ve seen not long ago.

“So Saber,” I said, calling Kenshin by his class, just in case someone is listening, “I think I know your past pretty well. You’re not an ambitious guy, if you can get the Holy Grail, what would you wish for?”

Kenshin thought about it for a moment or two then said: “As you may know, Lord Hammacher, I have done many terrible deeds in my lifetime, lots of life lost. I was lucky that I ran into Kaoru Sama, who helped me find some peace. However, if there is an all-powerful wish-granting machine, I think would like to learn how to atone for my sins.”

“That’s fair enough. Seems like a noble goal,” I nodded.

“How about you, Lord Hammacher? What is your wish for the Holy Grail?”

“Oh I don’t get to keep the Grail, my employer gets that. Hopefully, I’d get a nice payday out of it too.”

“I know that, I think what I am asking is, if you get to make a wish, what would your wish be?”

I thought about it for a bit. I don’t like to think about things I won't be able to get. Yes, I may be an adventurer, adventure being the big word, but I am also a spy, and thinking about unattainable things can be a dangerous thing.

“I think... If I'd get my wish, I’d like to see the stars,” I said, “I don’t mean staring at them, I mean to walk on them, travel, see impossible things, different life forms even.

“That sounds like a wonderful wish, Lord Hammacher,” said Kenshin, “That's something I haven't even fathom before...”

Enough talking, going into a random event

Meeting a random party neutral

Does Kenshin or Trevor notice them?

Yes, and...

“Lord Hammacher, we are not alone,” Kenshin warned, hands on the hilt of his reverse blade.

Who's the intruder?

Impulsive clockwork automaton

A robotic humanoid that seems to be dressed in 18th-century ballroom outfit approaches, ticking noise coming off of it as it walks.

“Who do you represent and what are your intentions?” I asked the robot.

Violate / Randomness

Without a word, the robot suddenly charges toward me, a blade extends out of its sleeve, but Kenshin is faster.

Is he?


I didn't see Kenshin move before he dashes in front of the robot. I couldn't even see his reverse blade come out before the robot was bashed into pieces.

“Clockwork drones,” I said, carefully looking at its remains, making sure there's no trap inside.

“Who could have sent this... drone?” asked Kenshin.

“Well, judging by the style...”

Do I recognize it?


“This has House Firria written all over it, our biggest rival in this war.”
Welcome and thank you for sharing!
(02-11-2022, 01:07 PM)mark Wrote: Welcome and thank you for sharing!

Thank you so much for this awesome forum!
Session Two

Setting is movie theatre involving high-quality flashlight and metropolis.

No one has been in this theatre in a while. It’s classy, got one of those old chandeliers in the main entrance. Some of the movie posters in the hallway seem to be hand-drawn.

In theatre one, the movie that is being played on the big screen seems to be some sort of first-person horror set in an abandoned office. The audience watched in silence.

Cunning and mysterious highwayman who is slightly stronger than you and whose motivation is to blight disbelief and is focused on your current scene.

Nicely / Nondescript

Male or female? (yes for male no for the other)

No, but...

One person standing out of the audience is a woman dressed in a man’s tux. Her hair is short, black, and combed back. She has no make-up on and no jewelry.

On the movie screen, two people come into focus. One dressed in modern clothing, nothing standing out, the other however seems to dress like a Japanese Ronin.

The modern-looking one would be our hero, Mr. Trevor Hammacher, along with his Servant.
“Attack random target, execute command,” the woman said.

She watches silently as the Servant dashes into view before cutting the camera into pieces, the screen turns black.

What Servant does she have?

Archer Lancer Rider Caster Assassin Berserker

6 = 6[d6]

What would be a cool Berserker for her?
  1. Doctor Mundo - League of Legends
  2. Trundle - League of Legends
  3. Gnar - League of Legends
  4. Killer Croc - Batman
  5. T 800 - Terminator
  6. Wolverine - X-men
5 = 5[d6]

“What do you think, Berserker? Can you take him?” asked the woman.

Behind her, a pair of red eyes lights up. A man in leather jacket and sunglasses with a strong build answered in a robotic voice:

 “Close combat is ill-advised. Attacking from a distance with maximum firepower would be the optimal strategy.”

“I see...”

What is this mysterious woman’s intention or attitude toward Trevor?

Failure / Environment

“That man should not be in the Holy Grail War,” the woman seems to be talking to herself, or to her Servant, “Why House Laurel will pick him when I am available does not make any sense! We will show them Berserker. Even if we cannot get the Grail, we will make sure Trevor Hammacher won’t get it either.”

T 800 did not answer the woman. The other audience in the theatre didn’t move either. All there is are ticking noises coming out of the other audience. They are all wearing some sort of clothing you would see in a Cinderella-like ballroom, wearing party masks covering their faces.

This woman is Selene Watanabe, master of cybernetics and astrology, member of the special task force of the House of Laurel, the same people who hired Trevor Hammacher.

Second random event

No event

Information Gathering phase

“Now that they know where we are they will have priority, Lord Hammacher. Should we move our base of operation?” asked Kenshin.

“Maybe... but not yet,” I said, “Information is power, let's find out where everyone is first before we make our move.”

Performing sneak check to gather information

2 = +0 +1 +1 +0 0

Trevor passes the check, where is everyone?

Berserker is at a movie theatre

Archer is at (Stargate) the Observatory at Patterson Park

Lancer is in (Relatively safe hove) a not-so-populated neighborhood with some abandoned housing that the city has been ignoring.

Rider is in (Interrogation room) Baltimore Correctional Facility

Caster is in (Bank) M&T Stadium

Assassin is in... does Assassin block the intel gathering?

Yes, and... Quite possibly he knows where we are, maybe even our basic stats.

“How did you get all this information Lord Hammacher?” asked Kenshin.

“Magic,” I answered, “Now I can’t really tell who sent the droid and where it come from, I say we should hit up one of the parties and see if they would like to form an alliance or negotiate. With Firria having priority on us perhaps we can find a group that is willing to team up for now.”

“Solid strategy, who should we get in touch with first, Lord Hammacher?”
“I think... Archer would be the best play. If they are with Firria we can probably get close enough for a solid blow. If we can build an alliance it will give us a decent chance to fight a team like Caster that has a strong late game.”

“Hmm, I don’t think I have much experience working with an Archer before, during my time muskets already started to replace archery,” Kenshin thought out loud.

“Well, ‘Speed is precious in war’, says somebody, let’s go meet this Archer,” I said, packing up.

Meanwhile at the Observatory at Patterson Park...

Who are the Archer and Master Combo?

Arrogant historian - Deceitful prince

Do they pass the intel check?

4 yes = +1 +1 +1 +1 0

What action are they taking?

2 3 teams basic intel = 2[d4]

Which team did they get intel for?

2 Berserker
= 2
2 Lancer
= 2
1 Saber
= 1

“Saber, Berserker, and Lancer, I say we hit the jackpot in intel gathering, Archer, these are all heavy hitters.”

“Yes Master, what is our play in this chaos?”

Decrease / Death

“I say there are too many people in this war at the moment, let’s thin out the herd by killing a couple first.”

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