using the "focus" button
First off, I love the app. Works great, lots of good ideas and creativity cooking through.

My question is: how do people use the focus button?

Is it an answer to "what is the focus of the story"?

Or "what is the focus of this character"?

The response "ambiguous" seems to lean toward story focus, but I feel a bit lost in using it.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
Use focus when an event happens and you want to know what that event focuses on or impacts. For example:

Event: A man bursts into our room.
Focus: Remote event
Interpretation: Our soldiers have taken over the fort in Noglofon!
Thanks Mark!

So it specifies a general event or gives specific impact to a random event.

I could see using that a lot actually. Finding out what an event effects really gives direction to that event or interaction,

Npc:quixotic innkeeper
Focus: remote event
(he's thinking about something far away)

Npc: artsy female peasant
I ask "how are things in the town?"
Focus:move toward goal
I take this to mean: Our town is a bloody dump! It started with the poop dump and now its trying to take over everything!
I reply to the artsy female peasant: "Maybe you can turn it into art."
She doesn't seem to take your comment well and storms off.

(Mark has a way with the ladies!)
lol. My bad.
I'm just playing with you. She actually invites us over for a delicious meal!
Does she try to poison me?

(50/50) No


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