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Doubled the number of custom lists.
Please see change-log for updates.
New update.
Minor updates. See top post for details.
New feature: Ctrl+Enter adds your text to the log area.
See first post for a small update.
Added at the bottom of each forum post is a Like button.
(12-29-2020, 12:19 PM)mark Wrote: [ -> ]Added at the bottom of each forum post is a Like button.

So that is new. I saw you "like" a post in another thread and thought, "I didn't know the site had a 'Like' button."
Using RPGSolo on Safari on iPad, but with iPadOS 15, the ctrl+enter function doesn’t work anymore. Doesn’t work in Firefox anymore, either, so I guess it must be an OS thing? Any idea what settings to check or anything? I really miss that feature! lol
I don't use an iPad so can't speak to that, but there have not been any changes to the site regarding such functionality.
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