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Full Version: Marco and the Elegant Monkeys
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I took a break from programming and writing documentation to actually use the tool I wrote. Here is part of my story. I hope you enjoy it.

I arrive at the agreed upon meeting place. It's dark -- how I like it. I don't know how long I'm going to have to wait. I hope it's not too long -- that, I don't like. Does my contact arrive on time?

Yes, and...

My contact shows up and hands me an envelope and, unexpectedly, a small box.

"What's this?" I ask.

"They wanted to give you a little gift." he replies, "An extra incentive you might say."

The contact says no more, turns around, and leaves. I look to see if anyone is around. Seems quiet. Do I see anyone?

Yes, but...

Looks like some worker on his way home. Should be nothing. I walk back to my car, get in, and open the small box.

A Ruger hand gun. Nice. I put the weapon in my jacket pocket. I open the envelope. What does it say?

Negotiate the elegant monkeys.

There was a fancy art show down town last night and there was more excitement than expected. It seems the main piece of art, The Elegant Monkeys, was stolen. Can't blame someone for taking a half a million dollar opportunity. Now my client wants it. Why anyone would want that piece of garbage is beyond me, but I'm no art critic so what do I know. Does the envelope provide any location information?

No, and...

It looks they gave me nothing to go on. It looks like I'll be hitting the streets. Does anyone come to mind who might know anything?

Yes, but...

Charlie will know, but it will cost me. He gives nothing for free. I make the drive to his house and pound on the door. Does he answer?

Yes, but...

"I'm not letting you in!" Charlie yells from inside.

I laugh. "Come on Charlie. What will it take?" Does he want money?

Yes, but...

He wants a lot of money. "Listen," I say, "I'm the one doing all the hard work. You get to stay home and watch wheel of fortune. Give me a break!" I know he won't budge. Does he budge?

No, but...

He opens the door and looks me in the eyes. "You won't have the work to do unless I tell you what you need to know." He smiles because he knows I'll give him what he wants.

I pull the gun out of my jacket and he tries to slam the door on me but I stop it and push my way in. Charlie puts his hands up, "OK, OK, OK, I can go down. No problem. I was just kidding, OK?"

I put the gun back in my pocket. "Don't worry. I don't have any bullets yet."

He sneers at me, "That's going to cost you Marco!"

"Just tell me how much you want, Charlie. It's getting late and the monkeys are probably in Europe by now."

Charlie smiles, "Oh, but they're not. There was a bit of a problem with transportation."

I ask him where the problem was. Does he tell me?


"You need to pay me first, Marco."

"What do you want?"

3 = 1[d4]+2

"I want thirty grand."

"Charlie, I think you have an over exaggerated opinion of your worth. I can find out myself." I turn and start walking towards the door. Does Charlie fall for my bluff?


"Marco, Marco, I was just playin with ya."

"Charlie, I'll give you 20K just to save myself some time. Take it or leave it." Does Charlie take it?

Yes, and...

Charlie is actually very happy to be a part of the scheme.
"OK, Charlie, where is it?"

Awesome park.

"Awesome Park?" I ask, just to be sure I heard correctly. "You mean that place with the rides and the clowns?"

"Yes," he replies with a smile.

Does Charlie know what the transportation problem is?

No, and...

He has no further information.

"That's not a lot of information for 20K, Charlie."

Charlie looks around. "I am the only one who knows, besides you now, of course. You would never have found it."

I tell Charlie that he gets paid after I get paid; he's familiar with the routine.

After midnight I head to Awesome Park. I park my car far enough away that I can walk to the back of the park. Do I see anyone at the back gate?


Is it a guard?


Who is it?

Occult elected official.

Councilman David Rogers? What's he doing out here? This can't be good with that slime ball here. I stay hidden and wait awhile. Does anyone else show up?

Yes, but...

Someone let him in the back gate but I couldn't see who it was. I wait until they get in and hurry over to the gate. Can I climb it?


When I get on the other side can I see where they went?

Yes, and...

I see them going through a door into to some building. Once they are inside I go to the building. Are there windows?

No, and...

The door seems secure too. I need to figure out a way to see what's going on in there.
I put my ear against the door that they entered. Do I hear anything?

No, but...

Break / The physical.

I feel a slight vibration on the door as my head rests against it.

I stand back up and put my hands on the door. Are the vibrations getting stronger?


I can feel it in the ground now too. There is a strange sensation in my body as if something is pulling me. But it's like I am being pulled from within. Like a strong magnet is pulling the atoms of my body towards the building.

It's pulling me off balance so I try to step back but it's difficult. The vibration is getting stronger but I realize there is no sound--just a feeling.

I look at the ground and expect to see the dirt jumping around but it's motionless as if nothing is happening.

I am starting to panic a little bit. I try to move more away from the building. Am I successful?

No, and...

I am being pulled towards the door and all my strength cannot prevent it. My clothing is hanging down; unaffected by the force that is pulling my body.

The front of my body is fully pressed up against the door. My head is turned and the side of it is tight up against the secure, industrial metal door. My hands, legs, and feet are locked against it too. My instinct is to scream for help, but I'm afraid that would mean certain death if they catch me.

The vibration is jarring my teeth and blurring my vision. It's getting more difficult to breath. I feel as if my skin is melding with the metal of the door.

I fear I am loosing consciousness. Between the vibration and pain I cannot even think clearly about my last thoughts before I die.

My right eye is fully inside the metal of the door now. The silent vibration is deafening but the pain is subsiding. I think perhaps this is how you know you are dieing. I don't understand how I can still be conscious.

My left eye is about to go into the door. I am breathing out of half my mouth; almost hyperventilating.

But he pain is changing, lessening, into a kind of warmth. I can't feel my arms and legs anymore. The last bit of light is gone from my left eye. I am in darkness. But I can breath.

I don't know if the vibration is still there as I have lost all sensation of myself. I don't know if my eyes are open or closed, there is no difference. Is this death?

No, but...

I start to feel something. It's like a shimmering of light and sound. It's a meaningless blur but I am happy to have a point of reference. I don't know if I am moving towards it or it towards me.

(I ask Mark's Adventure Glyphs, what do I see?)

It shows this:
[Image: burningpassion.png]

Can I tell who or what it is?

Yes, but...

I can see it's a human but can't tell who yet.

To be continued...