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Full Version: RPGSolo as a Muse Desk
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     I want to share a use for Rpgsolo.com playing area. If I want to use a story I toggle the text are and paste my muse, and just start going off (usually with a fantasy story in mind). If I get stuck I just ask the grand RPGsolo oracle. I treat the system like a muse and ask it what now, what do you think. In some cases even should I stop and watch the tele (Almost Impossible) or anything for that matter. I keep the ‘oracle’ open in a tab or simply write directly on there. 

     Further, I may be writing elsewhere but RPGsolo is always there waiting for a question. And I erase absolutely nothing, creating a giant scroll of questions, answers, descriptions and musings. From all this I may create an outline somewhere else. When the adventure is done it becomes a story in fiction. 
     Anyone else use RPGsolo.com as a Muse Desk?