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Evade bounty hunters at the amusement park.





They put somewthing in my drink

I can't see where I'm writing

And I don't understand why I'm asking that question

Ammo (assault rifle).



Much better

I can see my text, and here's my ammo and

Oh my God that guy is flying and shooting at me!

Waste / Extravagance.

*Throws ammo at baddies and jumps over a nearby picnic table to get away. Toppling over an empty flower vase.


Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.

As I jump over the table they shoot hot blue projectiles which seem too small and too fast and burned the fringe of my pants and singed my ankle.



Priding myself on mastering the art of jumping over tables and finally feeling skilled in evasion techniques I wait a little too long and lose whatever advantage I had over the bounty hunters.

Intensely / Healthy.

Gloomy desperate citizen.

Obnoxious expert.

Being closer now I see two creatures whose origins are obscured by armored suits pursuing me as though their lives depended on it and they were at their individual primes to do so.

I mention this because it was also evident that these were an odd pair. One being a sad sod who looked like he spent his last dollar the year I was born and his gadget obsessed superior.

Does the commander take advantage of the opening I left him?



I book it under every awning I can find to obscure myself from my pursuers and make my way out from the interior of the park.

Does anything get in my way?



Juvenile abomination.

There is a third bounty hunter.

Oh no

A massive headed humanoid with a wet watermelon shape of a body encased in a sharp stabbing plate minimech comes thundering down.

Do I see any way to avoid him?


Do I have any weapons or skills to confront him with?






NPC Action.

Of course my ability to disguise myself. Somewhere in the misty fogs which are my recent memory I know I was slipped something before these guys got here. They must know what I look like. Glancing down the take an inventory of myself I realize that I am wearing the same boots and the stooges and rocket off with a heel click as what I expect is the captain unleashes hell on me in the form of 8 rockets. His entire payload.

Are my evasion skills sufficient enough to let me get away from the blast?

Yes, but...

As I round the corner I but right into the weaker of the two goons.

Do they get a strike on me as I barrel through them?


Do they hinder their captain?


He must have heard our fumbling and taken to the air again.

Have I gotten any nearer to the perimeter?

No, and...

My boots go dead

Do I stick the landing into a super speedy run?


A fall then?


With a short skippy landing I bump into a table and have to stop for a second but I think I see a way into a porta-potty that seems fairly unnoticeable.

Can I get into it without being seen?


Upon further inspection it seems the cover was only apparent. It actually gives full view to the sky as the leader swoops back by now wearing a gattling gun on his chest. He is firing wildly.

Does he hit me?

Yes, and...

It hits me twice

Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.

Severe Injury: Incapacitating and may become Critical if untreated.

Can I press on?


NPC Action.



It all comes back to me then. In the last seconds.


That's what they drugged me with

Steals your memories

They wanted their superior to die without all the pins on his shirt. Wanted to see if that took that stick out of his butt.

Did it?


That's just the sort of guy he was.

Do they kill me now?

No, and...

They don't let me die for weeks.

Do I ever get the chance to escape?

No, and...

Move away from goal.

They make sure I can't be removing my legs.

Am I spared any indignity or given any grace?

Arrive / The public.

Yes, and...

Someone found the wreckage at the park and it went public.

Someone is looking for me!

Are my captors aware?


Do they take it out on me?



They sent the old man in for me again

He is always the worst

The has experienced worse pain than I've ever felt he tells me

I'm inclined to believe him

But when he comes in this evening, or morning, or whatever time of day it is in this endless black and shoulder extending pain, he starts yelling which is unlike him.

He yells about how little I had appreciated his service under me.

Do I remember him well?


At all?


I can't come up with the words to try and rationalize with him in my head like I sometimes do, so I vomit instead.

Does this make him more angry?


Does he attack me?

Yes, and...

During his speech but after my retching he takes the blade from his belt and cuts the rope that attaches me to the ceiling which sends me clattering to the blood soaked cement.

Critical Injury: Requires immediate attention; clearly life-threatening if not immediately deadly.

Have my friends breached my location?


Will they before I die?


I lose consciousness due to blood loss.

Are my friends evenly matched?


Are they at an advantage?

Yes, and...

They brought everyone

Do any of the bounty hunters escape?

Very confusing at first but then turns into a good story Big Grin
Hey I was wondering what chart does the injuries? Or did you make that yourself?
(03-08-2016, 01:05 AM)Lil_misfit Wrote: [ -> ]Hey I was wondering what chart does the injuries? Or did you make that yourself?

You'll want to look at the "Get Damage" button in the lower left.

More information can be found here: https://www.rpgsolo.com/forum/Thread-Usi...age-button