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Full Version: How do you use RPGSolo.com with DnD 5e>
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How do you play DnD 5e with RPGSolo.com?  Do you disregard some 5e rules or do you disregard some RPGSolo rules? Things like grabbing a vine have RPGSolo and 5e rules conflict with eachother.  In 5e you would determine DC and then roll to see if you can grab the vine but with RPGSolo you just ask "Do I grab the vine" and choose Somewhat likely.  There are many other examples like this that have 5e and RPGSolo conflict with eachother, so whoever has played 5e with RPGSolo, how did you do it?
In RPGSolo there are no rules. Do what you would do in 5e -- determine DC then roll to see if you can grab the vine.

There are two dice tools available to you: The basic "Roll Dice" text box and the more advance MAD button.