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Full Version: Mark - my saves are disappearing!
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Hey Mark,

I’m having an issue, and it seems to be occurring since the “multiple stories” function was implemented. I go back to the “play screen” and it loads an earlier save. I try and load story again and it just loads an earlier version of my session. I can’t recover anything I’ve just done.

I believe this might be happening if switch from one device to another for example switching between Phone and iPad.

Your currently active story is set in the database, so whatever story you set as active in the database on one device is going to be read from the database from all other devices. You can't have different active stories on different devices. You would have to change the active story on the other device, and change it back on the previous. Does that help?
Nope. I saved last night on my iPad. Went to bed and this morning loaded active story without doing anything else, no switching devices and it hasn’t saved.
Did you do a save before doing a load?
Absolutely. I saved multiple times at different stages. I wrote for about an hour and was saving every 5 minutes. Perhaps that particular story is bugged. I’ve backed up to an Evernote doc but it’s not ideal.
I can't reproduce this. Can you provide me a step by step?

Also, is it just one story in particular? If so can you give me its name?
It’s “If the Money is right”. I will paste the story into another save and see how I go. I’ll leave the old one ther for you to troubleshoot.

I've seen stuff disappear too sometimes after pressing Save, and like Bingo says, I've seen it load in a previous save when I click Load Story. I thought it might be related to the multiple save update to the site and that the loss was a one time thing, so I didn't post anything about it.
I'll try and pay attention to see if it still happens to me and how to duplicate.
...and it just happened on my Jodi story.
I clicked Save Story. Clicked Story Manager, it says are you want to sure, unsaved stuff will be deleted. But since I had saved, I clicked okay. It went to the story manager. I clicked Back. The log was blank. I then clicked Load Active and it had loaded back in some old saved data, but not what I had just saved.
I can corroborate Bingo and Jingo, exact same experiences. The save didn't work a couple of times and I thought I'd test it for a bit. It doesn't seem to be a problem when I save immediately after adding one or two lines. I thought it was a one-off bug, refreshed, cleared cache, etc. Started again but after like an hour and a half, I saved and closed. Came back to it immediately just to double-check because I'm paranoid and the log reverted back to the pre-long-session save state.

Maybe it's a time thing?
Maybe saving multiple times doesn't work?
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