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If you are new to Solo Role-Playing and using RPGSolo, this can help you get started.

If you would like to see some great examples of games from people who have used RPGSolo to solo role-play then go here: Actual Play Reports.

-- How do I solo role-play?
-- Overview of the interface
-- Application settings
-- Different ways to start an adventure
-- Using the Get Answer buttons
-- How to ask complex questions
-- Genres
-- Using the Roll Dice button
-- Using the Get Damage button
-- Using the Get Quest button
-- About NPCs and Opposition
-- Mark's Adventure Glyphs
-- Mark's Adventure Questions
-- Sharing your adventure
-- Saving your adventure
-- Custom lists
-- Other buttons
-- About Mark

-- A super big special thanks to Garyr65 who created a PDF version of the documentation that can be downloaded here.

-- This thread in the General Discussion section may be of interest: Thoughts and ideas about abstract combat.
how can I put what I'm rping into my post thread
(06-13-2016, 06:12 PM)GrinandSneer Wrote: [ -> ]how can I put what I'm rping into my post thread

See if this helps: https://www.rpgsolo.com/forum/Thread-Sha...-adventure
I can't seem to find the text box anywhere? I loaded my story archive but the box to enter new text seems to be missing.
In the upper left corner is a gear. Click that then click, "Toggle Add Text Area".
(01-16-2017, 10:21 PM)Mark Wrote: [ -> ]In the upper left corner is a gear.  Click that then click, "Toggle Add Text Area".

Thank you!!!
Is the site still being updated? I've been encountering errors every time I attempt to load it, none of the buttons work. Love the solorpg and all the hard work you've put in, thank you!
Everything is working for me. Can you try a different browser or computer?
I have tried two browsers, two macbooks, an ipad, and a windows laptop. The same issue presents on all of them. The interface takes a long time to load, then the top toolbar (with settings, print, etc) gets unaligned with the bar itself so that the text bleeds into the lower edge, the print icon becomes a broken image, and none of the buttons respond when clicked.
Are your devices going through a common router or proxy?
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