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Hello, this is Dr. Thinker. I am going to play "Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2" with RPGSolo. The first thing I going to do is create a character.

My first question is the character a female?


Is she a normal human being? [50/50]

Is she a normal human being?

No, and...

She isn't even a human. She is alien. Is she a super powered one? [L]


Is she human-looking? [50/50]

She looks like a ugly young girl with brown hair and blues eyes usually dressed in a pink blouse and brown skirt.

How many superhero powers does she have in the question I need to ask now. 1? [50/50]


I can only think of 1 superpower that doesn't need anything else. Shape-shifting.

How many POPPs should I use? 60? [50/50]

I can only think of 1 superpower that doesn't need anything else. Shape-shifting.

How many POPPs should I use? 60? [50/50]

Yes, but...

Should I add Fickle to her Shape-shifting to cover for the above's "But?" -- If I get a any type of a no here, I'm not counting that above "But". [50/50]


ickle will be added to the shape-shifting. Ok. Time for the abilities of our new alien which I decide to call Maya. I going 4 for Agility, 6 for Alien Body, 6 for a Laser Whip (Cartoons always have lasers weapons) and 8 for Shape-shifting
with the Fickle added to it. Can she drive a vehicle? [50/50]


Then I add 4 for the following: Climbing and Swimming

I am done with Maya's traits? [50/50]


What is her main goal?



Is she bad girl? [50/50]


Here's someone that eco-villains from "Captain Planet" would love to hang out with. Her goal is to wreck every planet's eco-system beyond repair. I decide to add a Toxic Gun to her traits at 6 with Area bonus. Now, since she is my character, does she get OOMPH. [Very Likely]

Yes, and... +Event: Recruit / Energy

Ok. She gets help, but I can't figure out EVENT: Recruit, Energy -- so I'm going to play unknown and give Maya the basic 4 OOMPH.

The next post will contain Maya's stats as they stand.

As promise her is my stats for my evil character for this game.

Name: Maya
Tagline: "Young Shape-Shaping
Alien Pollutioner"

Appearance: Maya appears to be an ugly human with brown hair and blues eyes usually dressed in a pink blouse and brown skirt.

* Vow (Destroy all planet ecosystems beyond repair.)

Traits: Agility 4, Alien Body 6, Laser Whip 6 (Enhancer +3, Accessory. Shape-shifting 8 [Fickle], 4 Climbing, 4 Swimming, Toxic Gun 6 [Enhancer +3, Area, Accessory]

Stats: Oomph 4, Threshold 12, Battling Rating 7
From this point on, outside story questions or dice rolls with be turn into italics: With stats now. We can move on with the story. So where is Maya right now? [Get Place]

Crystalline moon.

Maya remarked, "Journey Entry #22: I had landed on Crysoon, a strange moon fill with made out of crystals."

Have Maya try to yank a crystal or two? [50/50]


Was she successful in doing so? [50/50]


Was the crystal she collected an even number? [50/50]


So it's a odd number, is the number huge?

No, but...

I'm assume she got 20 crystal yank out before she heard a Galaxy Police Report. Was the Galaxy Police Report about her? [50/50]


Does it correct facts about her? [50/50]

No, and...

Maya remarked, "I gotten 20 crystal yanked out before my stolen ship's radio assumed a Galaxy Police Report. The report was about me, Maya, but it was fill with enough lies to Grand Canyon on Earth sixty times over. I'm going try to leave this place. Maya out." Does she get the stolen spaceship out?


Maya gets the stolen spaceship off. Is a Galaxy Police spaceship near by? [50/50]

No, and...

Maya looked around and discovered that they was a large toxic waste spaceship near by. She could enter the ship and take it over. Does the toxic ship locate Maya's stolen spaceship. [50/50]?


Maya got close enough to see that's was ten-time the size of Jupiter. She got up close enough to make herself an entry way if her shapeshifter power works with her instead of against herself. Will the Fickle cause a problem?

6 = 6[d12]

Nope. Time to roll the dice again.

8 = 8[d12]

8 + 8 = 16. The DN was 4.

Maya shapeshifter turn her into a large crystal spider-dragon that used it's sharp tooth to cut a hole in the toxic waste spaceship.

I'm assuming this end of this scene.
Does Maya revert back to her normal self as after she enters the toxic waste spaceship?


Maya reverts to back to herself with out too much trouble.

What does the inside of the toxic waste spaceship look like? [C.D]

Busily / Odd.

Small Muggotians, odd alien race that looks like half-ant/half-bee were moving though the spaceship moving toxic waste. Maya quickly decided to transformed herself it a Muggotian to safety explore it

With Fickle do a problem today?

7 = 7[d12]

Nope, problem. Now for roll for the DN

13 = 5[d12]+8

13. Time for another roll

20 = 12[d12]+8

Even know that's a success in "Cartoon Action Hour", but I think I need to fix RPGSolo's math. I roll a twelve which is call a "Boon", you can double your trait. So 12+16=28 is done instead of the above.

Maya is able transform in a female Muggotian so quick, it was even amazing to herself. Does she go with out meeting another Muggotian,


Is this is a female?

Yes, but... +Event: Stop / Love

The female Muggotian is dancing with another Muggotian -- male one. Thanks to her ears, she can heard both of them saying sweet sayings to each other. Maya said, "Hey, Lovebirds. Get back to work!" Do the Lovebirds listen?


The Lovebirds of the Muggotians kept on dancing. Maya decide to knock them out.

14 = 6[d12]+8

The above is the DN for Maya's abilities in another form.

9 = 1[d12]+8

They danced away from Maya into another room. Maya sighs and start walking though the spaceship. Does the alarm ring?


Maya was puzzled why they don't have alarms here -- they are many vile creatures in the galaxy including herself. Does Maya asks one of the Muggotians for the path to the control room?

Yes. +Event: Release / Anger

One of the weakest Muggotians that Maya had seen after Maya asked the question replied, "Yeah, that no good Lady Cazzaninoli picked my muscle after I failed to repair the alarm. I can lead you to the door, what you do behind that is you own business!"

Maya smirked the largest smirk that she even smirked while in disguise. Does she get int any trouble on the way to the control room's door?


Maya had no problem and once reached, the weaken Muggotian left her. Can Maya open the door?


Is a key slot?


Maya decide to change into another form -- one with muscles.

With Fickle be a problem this time?

7 = 7[d12]



9 = 1[d12]+8

Ignore the nine, in "CAH", one is a flub That means 1 is the number to beat. Maya's turn

19 = 11[d12]+8

Good. Maya smashed the door.

Is Lady Cazzamninoli present?


Is she aware of her unwanted guest?

Yes, and... +Event: Failure / Allies

It turns out Lazy Caazaminoli remarked, "Well, I hope that you won't mind staying in jail for a while, Maya. You just failed in a trap make by the Galaxy Police just for you. Sir Ladazakix, please put the Galaxy Police starship on the screen.".

The screen just show empty space. "WHAT...HAPPEN TO THEM?"

Maya remarked, "Either you lost them or they got blasted by some reject from a old science-fiction Earth movie. We can do this the easy way or the hard away. What's your pick?"

Does Lady Cazzaminoli pick the easy way?

Yes, and...

Lady jumped into Maya's large muscle-ized right hand and used her mind control on Maya forcing Maya to crush her right hand. By the time, Maya was able to open her hands, she saw Lady Caazaminoli's dead body in it.

Maya remarked, "That was a little odd, but I don't mind this twist."

Sir Ladazakix remarked, "Lord or Lady, since you kick the boss of this ship. This ship is under your control."

Maya remarked as she revert to her normal form, "Good. I like the sound of Lady Maya. Can you send some of your weirdo pals to fix the alarm?"

Can it be done?


Sir Ladazakix stated, "We can get right on to it."

Maya stated, "Good."

I think this marks the end of this scene.
Has it been about 48 hours since the last scene?


Has the alarm be repaired?


What is the alarm problem?

Lightly / Abnormal.

Sir Ladazakix remarked, "The circuits of the alarm are melted but that's all -- the rest of the alarm is still working."

Maya asks Sir Ladazakix to learn her to the alarm. Does they get into a problem on the way.


Is it another villain?

No, and...

Two Galaxy Police agents show up. One of them., "Sir Ladaz, you are working with a villain who's record is longer then the Gazalonia's river."

Maya remarked, "When your were created by your makers, they must have used cottage cheese instead of gray matter."

The other remarked, "Why you!"


5 = 5[d12]

6 = 6[d12]

Maya must past a 5.


17 = 11[d12]+6

She creams the two Galaxy Police agents. Both were wearing spacesuits, so Maya wants to find out who they are.

Cruel Avian demigod.

Rude female senior citizen.

Maya frowned as she looked on two familiar faces: Hawk, a well known muscle-head idiot from Vulturia, and Rhoda Gyrl, a Earthling with white hair and a very angry personality. Maya said, "If you work for me, you live -- if you don't, you drink my servant's collected toxic waste."

Do Hawk and Rhoda decide to work with her?

No, but...

a flamethrower hits them -- turning both of them into ashes. It come from the far shadows of the room.

Stubborn robot.

A large Muggotian robot appeared. "Kill everybody. Kill everybody."

I'm going to assume 6 in every trait that the Robot might have.

Robot: Flamethrower

15 = 9[d12]+6

Maya: Agility

13 = 9[d12]+4

Maya ducks, but slide closer to the robot.

Maya: Laser Whip

20 = 11[d12]+6+3

Robot: Robot Body

8 = 2[d12]+6

Maya's Laser Whip wraps around the robot's legs and sends him flying away from Maya and into a wall.

Robot: Flamethrower

8 = 2[d12]+6

Maya: Agility

12 = 8[d12]+4

Maya quickly dodges the flame from the robot's flame thrower.

Maya: Punch

10 = 10[d12]

Robot: Agility

2 = 2[d12]

Maya gives the robot a nice big punch right in his head despite the robot trying to avoid it.

Robot: Smarts

11 = 5[d12]+6

Maya: Smarts

7 = 7[d12]

Maya tries to reach for it's control panel, but the robot speed up getting out of Maya's space.

Maya: Toxic Gun

11 = 2[d12]+6+3

Robot: Flamethrower

15 = 6[d12]+6+3

Maya gets to feel the heat of the flamethrower as the robot roast her and her Toxic Waste Gun.

Maya: Shapeshifter.

Fickle roll:

6 = 6[d12]

Shapeshifting Work

20 = 11[d12]+9

Robot: Agility

12 = 6[d12]+6

Maya turns into a large into a large Lavaorians flame phoenix and packs on the robot

Robot: Self-Destruition Program.

10 = 4[d12]+6

Maya: Agility

14 = 10[d12]+4

Maya rushes past the robot and into the next room as it explodes. Does the toxic waste starship explodes as well?


Can Lavaoaorian flame phoenix fly though space?


Thanks to her form, Maya gets though the explosion of the toxic wastle starship. Is Maya near a planet?

Yes, but...

it's Policia, the jail for all villains wanted by the Galaxy Police. Does she land?


Is another planet close by?

No, and...

And they are no other starship in the area to try to take cover for herself. Does she land on Policia?

Yes, and...

She lands just outside the prison walls far from the warden's office or the guard police. A small town is set up near by. Maya reverts back to her regular humanoid form. Is anyone present?


Is a empty building?


Is they is a empty vehicle?


Is they a hole near-by?


Does Maya crawl into it?

No, but...

She saw someone else come out of it.

Insane beast master.

Maya recogized the hair hide of Kaz, a crazy beast master.

Kaz remarked, "Maya. Becareful. The Galaxy Police has been really crazy -- that it's make look sane."

Maya gasp as Kaz never uses sane in a sentence before now as Kaz summon a space shark to take him away from the prison.

I decide to end this scene at this point.
When we left our villain, she was on the jail planet, Policia, just outside of crawl side used by Kraz, who had just left her via a space shark.

Does Maya find a town on the planet?

Yes, but...

Is it fill with guards?


Maya gasps as she arrives in a town. It was fill with lots and lots of guards of every shape and size. One of the largest Galaxy Police guard she had ever approached her and said, "Maya. You are arrest for polluting 25 planets. Arrest rest and you will be killed"

Does Maya allow the Galaxy Police to arrest her?[Very Likely]

Yes, and...

Maya gasps as the guards place in her strange orange suit and marched her around to the gate entrance. As she enter the Galaxy Police's jail, she discover that much of the prisoners were in the same suit. She is marched to a cell. Is anyone else in it?


It was a empty cell. Does Maya go to sleep? [Very Likely]

Yes, and...

She sleeps for sometime and have a strangest dream ever. She is fighting with the Galaxy Police against a group of mysterious star ships that zapped them with something strange. Does Maya wake up? [VL]

Yes, and...

Maya wakes up to heard the following from two Galaxy Police agents in full armor.

The leader agent remarked, "Would you believe our bossess's plan worked?"

The follower agent remarked, "I couldn't believe my eyeballs we were able to lure the entire Galaxy Police force, mess with their minds to make them think they are all villains. We had easily gotten control of the entire galaxy for our bosses."

The leader agent added, "We can easily train the newbies to be as rotten as us, while the messed long timers are either trying to avoid us or locked up in his big jail."

The follow agent asked, "Is they away to cure their minds?"

The leader agent said, "Yes. The person had to drink a glass of milk, but we usually feed our prisoners junk food and soda pop so that won't happen."

Maya gasps as she thinks. Does she start a racket? [ST]


She start a racket. Is she joined by the other prisoners? [ST]

Yes, and...

The noise from the other inmates sends all the false Galaxy Police agents running for the hills. Maya heads to the guard's mess hall to find a milk. Does she find any? [ST]


She finds at a over 1,0000 milk containers cover every planet in the galaxy. She every single person and drink. Does one of them know who is she really is? [Very Likely]

Yes, and... +Event: Control / Exterior factors

The final prisoners in the prison remarked as she grabbed a glass of milk, "Talk about strange events. This got the hand print of Maya Shapa, the Galaxy Police's own Shapician. Looks you got confused as well -- drink up."

Maya takes the glass of milk and drinks it as the female remove her orange prison suit from her body revealing the ugly humanoid body that she's been in. "By Sol! Those fakers got you good and really screwed up your shape-shifting abilities."

Is Maya Shapa back to normal? [ST]


Does Maya recognizes the female?

Yes, but...

Is she annoyed?


Who is the female?

Curious Forensic Scientist.

"Oh, brother!" Maya remarked with a bit of annoying, "I wasn't expect the first person to see again was you see, Dr. Curr."

Dr. Curr said, "I see you still a bit annoy with me."

Maya asked, "What was your clue?"

Dr. Curr answered, "That 'Oh, Brother' remark."

Maya said, "Is anyone else that can take Dr. Curr off my hands?" [ST]


Who is it?

Ill female Cartographer.

A female midget adult in wheelchair arrived, "Carol Curr, I'm Dr. Cassidy Curr's older brother. It take her off you hands if you don't mind."

Maya remarked, "That's fine."

I end the scene here and then in the next post, update Maya's stats.
With recent events I need to change things around on Maya's stats.

Name: Maya Shapa
Tagline: "Shapican Agent Of Galaxy Police"

Appearance: When not shape-shifting Maya appears to be an a normal female human with brown hair and blues eyes usually dressed in the light blue dress of a female Galaxy Police agent.

* Duty (To The Galaxy Police)

Traits: Shape-Shifting 8 [Cluster: Attack/Defense & Movement], Agility 4, Super-Strength 7, Swimming 1, Climbing 1, Laser Gun 6 [Enhancer +3, Accessory], Shapian Staff 2 [Enhancer +1, Accessory], Piloting 4,
Driving 4, Appearance 2

Stats: Oomph 4, Threshold 12, Battling Rating 8
Just want to let you know I've been following your story. Good job. There are some very humorous scenes. Keep up the good work.

(I knew milk was good for you. Now I have another reason to drink it.)
(05-25-2013, 09:15 AM)Mark Wrote: [ -> ]Just want to let you know I've been following your story. Good job. There are some very humorous scenes. Keep up the good work.

(I knew milk was good for you. Now I have another reason to drink it.)


Thanks you for liking this story! After this post, I will march on onward with the story.

Logging off,
Dr. Thinker
When we last our hero, thanks to milk she and a good amount of Galaxy Police agents were free from their mess-up minds..

Did she get all the Galaxy Police agents? [Sure Thing]

Yes, and...

Maya remarked, "Who either did this was very mathematical in doing so. Beside getting most of us -- the Galaxy Police: The rulers of all most the planets in the galaxy, the entire Galaxy Court, and much of the Star Guards's high up, and those anti-heroes who had more in common with Robin Hood then Lex Luthor. Does anyone got a theory -- the more crazy, the better?"

No, but...

Does a person come up? [Very Likely]


Who is this person?

Flexible Landscape architect.

A Rubberian mayor know for growing rubber trees strech his head upwards to Maya and said, "I think this got to some with the Commander Skull and his Terrorians. They had been really quiet for the past few years."

Does Maya know about Commander Skull and the Terrorians? [Very Likely]

Yes, and...

Maya groans, "Those creeps -- Commander Skull and the Terrorians makes Kraggor look like Nekkrottus."

Dr. Curr remarked, "Who's Kraggor?"

Another agent asked, "Who's Nekkrottus?"

Dr. Curr remarked, "Someone unknown villain who conquered half planet the citizens of it called 'Iconia'. It's a no land zone for much of the Galaxy Force but we use a uninhibited planet to kept a eye on it."

Another agent remarked, "Kraggor was a old villain from some centuries ago that set up shop in Weirda sector. The Weirda sector is where laws of space history are bend beyond the imagine of anyone of us. The person who lead the fight was Jason Bravesteel. There is a rumor that Kraggor got his hide kicked by Ziggle but the computer systems in the Weirda zone don't work as well in the other sectors."

Maya said, "But print work just as they do as on Earth."

Everyone nodded.

Dr. Curr said, "Did we get the big boss?"

Did Maya get the big cheese of the Galaxy Police? [Sure Thing]

Yes, and...

Is the boss with someone?


Is she carrying something that might proof this was a Terrorian plot? [Very Likely]


Is the boss female?

No, but...

Everyone saw two large humaniods walked side-by-side. They know them as the bossess of the Galaxy Police. One of them was female and one of them was man. They were Twinorians, people from the planet Twinora.

The female Twinora alien said, "That Rubberian maypr had gotten....."

The male Twinorian alien remarked, "....The right idea on this like plot."

The female hold up a poster with a black circuit with a purple Skull on it. Everyone know it was the logo for the Commander Skull and his Terrorians.

Maya said, "Do you want me to deal with it?"

The female boss remarked, "That sounds like a fine idea...."

The male boss remarked, "...But as least take five crew members for a ship...."

The female boss said, "We won't be in commucations for awhile."

The male boss said, "....As we been recalling our ships and having the Star Guard remove..."

The female boss siad, "....the villains from our ship."

The male remarked, "You can pick up to three other agents to join you."

Who does Maya pick?

Logical Painter.

Maya first pick is Tazia, a Bookalian Galaxy Police agent with knowledge in both logic and painting.

Resourceful Referee.

She picks, Lt. Sorron, a very resourceful member of the Star Guard, the Galaxy's army.

Famous Electronic Engineering Technician.

She pick Williamham "Wise Wire" Wyre, an Earthling with knowledge in machine far pasting Maya's own.

Does Lt. Sorron count?


After bit of talking between the twin bossess and a Star Guard higher-ups, the Star Guard high-up stated, "Maya. You can count Lt. Sorron as member of crew."

Maya remarked, "Good. Do we have a good ship to use yet?"

Yes, but... +Event: Travel / Pleasures

The male twin remarked, "We did get a ship that wasn't effect by the Terrorians as it was on shore leave and traveled to water-based planet in the Weirda sector -- which is pretty far from this planet."

Maya said, "Well. We can wait. We got the element of surprize this time: Commander Skull won't know what hit him."

I going to call this scene close!
When we left our hero, she had pick 3 out of the 5 and is waiting for a ship that was return from shore level? Has it arrive yet?


Is the crew again with Maya's temporary takeover?


It is a huge even number?


10,000 Crew Members?


8,000 Crew Members?


6,000 Crew Members?


Is this the regular amount of people for the ship?

No, but...

Dr. Curr said, "A few of the members had stayed on the planet they picked for shore leave."

Maya remarked, "Six thousand crew member is better then none."

Dr. Curr said, "Touche."

Does a higher up approach them and remarks that she forget two? [Sure Thing]

Yes, but...

A few of the higher ups pop up in Dr. Curr and Maya's path to the planet's starport.

Dr. Curr remarked, "Let me guess. Maya forget to pick two crew members. Do you mind if I join Maya?" [Somewhat Likely].

Yes, but...

One of the higher up remarked, "Yes, as long as you follow Maya's orders."

Dr. Curr remarked, "Got you."

Another higher up remarked, "With Dr. Curr counted, you have 4. You need one more."

Who does Maya pick? [NPC]

Humble Employee Relations Manager.

Maya asked, "How about Joy Spin."

Dr. Curr said, "One of our spin doctor?"

Maya said, "Yes -- and the last bias of them. If I have to take you, the most bias of them all, I aslo take the last bias as well."

Did Maya get fix Joy's mind before this scene? [Sure Thing]


Joy voiced as she walked in, "I don't mind. I have a score to sell with Dr. Hyde."

Does either Maya or Dr. Curr know what's Joy problem with Dr. Hyde. [50/50]


Is it Maya? [50/50]


Maya asked, "What is her problem with Dr. Hyde?"

Malice / Hope.

Dr. Curr said, "When she was pregnant a few years ago, Dr. Hyde show her imperfect twins -- one boy and one girl. She named them, Courage and Hope. A few days later, she heard crying from the crib . The boy, was still there but the girl was missing. She assumed that Dr. Hyde took the girl for a unknown reason."

I guess I end my scene here.
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