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Full Version: My Daughter Gave Me A Great RPG-Related Gift for My Birthday
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That was so wonderful! Thank you for sharing! You have a wonderful daughter and that is such a nice card and present.

And Happy Birthday!!!
Awh that's such a sweet and clever gift! Happy birthday!
Way cool Teviko! And Happy Birthday!
(05-09-2021, 10:34 PM)Teviko604 Wrote: [ -> ]

WOW! This is a great gift. Your daughter did her best for you; that's cool. I gave a similar gift to my boyfriend for his birthday. He played League of Legends for many years until one day, and his ex-girlfriend permanently deleted his account. She didn't like that he sometimes played this game with friends. It would take him a long time to re-gain the rating in the game. So he just stopped playing. From time to time, he watched league of legends streams. I saw that he misses this game. On one gaming forum, I read that you can buy an account in the game. Then I decided to buy a lol account for him to play his favorite game again. He was so happy when I gave it to him. I am glad that I was able to please my loved one.