It Was Raining
It was raining. It was coming down in buckets; raining cats and dogs; pouring; gushing as if unleashed from a fire hose on a burning inferno. A deluge of water, falling from the gray sky above in large, transparent drops, beating against his head in the same way that wooden sticks bang across a snare drum, described it perfectly.

He was drenched from head to toe; soaked to the bone, waterlogged worse than a yellow sponge in a kitchen sink full of dishes. His clothes weighed five pounds more than when dry due to the absorbed water stored in the fabric, which sagged heavily on his fleshy frame, appearing as if everything was two sizes too large.

The painted white, wooden gate that exited from his house onto the stone-lined path, which lead to the street, was ajar, swaying slightly from the force of the rain that was pelting it continually. He stood in front of the gate motionlessly staring off in the distance.

It was the gate she had passed through just a ½ hour before, as she walked away. He could see her leaving in his mind’s eye, walking slowly, yet purposefully and confidently over the flagstones, as he watched the small of her back, the sway of her hips, the swing of her arms, the bounce in her step, the flow of her hair, and the last glance back with a look of sadness – almost pity – on her face as he stood there dumbfounded and crushed, unable to think or speak or move, dazed and confused by her words, and his own thoughts.

She was gone. “Gone!” The word sank in slowly, burrowing its way into the deepest recesses of his thoughts, whirling around the sudden emptiness of his proverbial “heart”, ripping at the core of his being, aching in the pit of his stomach and stuck swollen as a lump in his throat. That one word overloaded his emotional systems like a solar flare short-circuited a transformer substation.

And as if God was a witness the sky began to spit small scattered drops of water falling down. First a drizzle, then a sprinkle that quickly morphed into an “April shower”, from which it grew into a heavy rain, finally settling on the torrential downpour that currently dropped from the sky as if a dam burst overhead.

The cool water streamed from his head and hair and ran down his face hiding the salty tears originating from his eyes. No one could see that he was crying as he just stood there like a sad puppy letting his thoughts chase after her in a futile attempt to bring her back. She was never coming back he realized finally blinking the water from his eyes. He looked up at the sky and suddenly noticed it was raining…
LOL, I liked the ending line :]

This story kind of reminded me of MIBII...

Agent Kay: "When you get sad it always seems to rain."
Laura: "Lots of people get sad when it rains!"
Agent Kay: "It rains because you're sad baby."

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