Science Fiction My first post
Hi there! 

This is not my first play through though it is my first time posting to the forum. The setting is Sci-fi and it may or may not be in the Star Wars universe - I sort of borrow terminology and stuff mainly from Star Wars but not always. That's up to the reader to decide :-)
I am not using any rule set. I'm going totally free form without keeping stats or anything. I just want to use this app to drive along the story.

I'm also using websites like Chaotic Shiny, Don Jon, Springhole, etc to generate characters, ideas, etc.

I'm going to drop straight into the action here. 

Our party is a group of 5. They are stuck on some backwater world trying to earn enough money to survive by taking odd jobs, mainly collecting money for thugs, transporting stolen goods and other dangerous escapades on the fringes of the criminal world. Jiss is the group leader. She specialises in stealth and weapons and is also the one trying to talk her way out of trouble. Ullador is the heavy; specialising in weapons but is also the only one with medical training. Satra backs up these two with weapon support. Illus is the engineer and Ardell the hacker, who usually works from the rear, plugged into a terminal.

The story is told from Jiss' point of view.

The speeder pulls up two blocks from the target house. Avas is a big place and the regular flow of traffic should be enough to disguise anything suspicious we're up to. It's not like it's unusual to be openly carrying weapons in this part of town anyway.
That being said it does pay to be safe, "Ulla, put that thing under your coat or something!". Ullador grunts and conceals his rifle. The blasters we're carrying won't raise as many eyebrows as that thing.
Fully / Drab
We're pretty loaded with weapons and equipment. I'm wondering if it's too much? If the shit goes down we won't be as mobile. "Do ya think we should drop some of this stuff?" I ask.
(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...
"I think we'll need a full kit", says Satra, "But probably not those blast charges, we want to try and do this without it coming down to a gun fight"
I agree we should leave a few things behind. Iella Vance is a thug but he probably won't have an army working for him. This should be an easy pickup - get inside, put the pressure on and collect the money. Our client would appreciate it if we don't raise any eyebrows. Firefights in the middle of town will raise eyebrows. Even in this shit hole of a place.
We drop off Ardell at a safe house where he can plug in and give us support by hacking into any systems they have - if he can get past their security. Illus will stay with the speeder.
We pull up across the street. Is it crowded?
(Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...
There are speeders, transports and every type of beast of burden you can imagine shuffling along the street. "OK take up positions and keep it cool. Don't draw attention to yourself"
"Yes boss", Ullador responds with a sarcastic tone. I look at him seriously but we both end up smiling at each other. Satra has her game face on and doesn't notice, not that she'd care.
Danger level?
8 = 8[d10]
I get a sense that all is not right. "Ardell, are you in yet?"
(Very Unlikely | 5[d10]) No, but...
"I'm working on it" comes the response over the comlink.
The building is across the street and there are several men standing near the front door. Have they seen us?
(Somewhat Unlikely | 9[d10]) Yes
One of them comes towards me. "Ardell, give me something?"
5 = 5[d8]
"I have 5 vectors into the system, standby..."
(Very Unlikely | 3[d10]) No
(Very Unlikely | 2[d10]) No
(Unlikely | 1[d10]) No, and...
(Very Unlikely | 1[d10]) No, and...
(Very Unlikely | 4[d10]) No
"Nothing! Damn it their security is tight. By the way there's a large man heading across the street in your direction"
"Yes I know that!" I respond, somewhat tersely.
"Just doing my job" Ardell adds.
"Just get us access!" I'm not happy with the way this is going.
Quietly / Rough
The big guy approaches me and in a quiet voice says, "Clear off"
"Hey there friend", I cringe at my response.
"I said clear off, now!"
He has a rough, throaty voice and is no longer quiet.
6 = 6[d10]
He's not ready to break me in half but he's not happy about us being here. I know right now Ullador has his rifle trained at the guy's head and Satra has the other two covered.
<NPC DESCRIPTION Is highly unfriendly towards the character, and has strong feelings about it. They get their feelings from something that just happened. Fairly likely to act on these feelings. >

"Hey big guy", I start, "I'm looking for Iella Vance, does that name ring a bell?"


Now he seems silent. No response. At least he's not leaning on me

Directed by externalsScattered.

He seems a bit puzzled. He's talking into his headpiece to someone.  I think he's going to let us in.

(Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

"Ok come with me, you're 2 friend too. But leave your weapons" he orders.
"You know I'm not going in there unarmed" I respond.

(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

"You and her can keep your blasters but the big guy has to leave the cannon. If I see you just as much move an inch towards your holster my boys will blast you before you even touch it, am I clear?"
"Of course", I smile. "Ulla, leave that thing at the door"

This was always expected of course. Ullador has a blaster concealed in his coat and these dipshits probably won't even think to check him out, am I right?

(Very Likely | 8[d10]) Yes

While we were discussing our entry into the building, Ardell has been working hard to crack their security from his terminal up the street.

5 = 5[d8]

(Somewhat Unlikely | 2[d10]) No

(Somewhat Unlikely | 5[d10]) No

(Somewhat Unlikely | 1[d10]) No, and...

(Unlikely | 3[d10]) No

(Unlikely | 1[d10]) No, and...

"Still no access" I hear his voice in my earpiece. I'm pretty sure it's not loud enough for any of the thugs to hear. I can't respond of course, but Ardell can hear every going on as my mic is hot.

We are taken into a room st the back of the building

<ROOM DESCRIPTION This small, square room has mismatched wooden furniture.  The floor is wood and the walls are painted with a paneled dado.  Light is provided by wall lamps.  The room is done in neutral colors and overall looks very old-fashioned.  Among the first things one notices walking in are muddy footprints on the floor and a windowseat. >

Danger level?

6 = 6[d10]

A man I assume is Iella Vance walks into the room and sits on the window seat. Does he know who we are?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes

Lightly / Modern

"I suppose you have been sent by Mulran Vadith?" He asks. "I also suppose it is over the matter of 13,000 credits?"


9 = 7[d10]+2

"Mr Vadith, our client, hopes that we can settle this payment without too much trouble" I turn on all the charm and I think he's impressed!


"Trouble! My dear I'm a business man! I leave any matters of trouble to my man Drathul here," he motions to the thug who brought us in. "But Mr Vadith must of course know that I have a certain level of expectation for his services"

I don't know where he's going with this. Ardell has been working for 20 minutes on hacking their system, is he in yet?

2 = 2[d8]

(Somewhat Unlikely | 8[d10]) Yes

I put my hand to my face, it brushes the hidden throat mic which is a signal to Ardell.


"I'm in" he responds.

10 = 10[d10]

"I'll have full control in 10 minutes" he adds. It won't be quick enough.
I turn my attention back to Vance

"Why Mr Vadith always gives exemplary service. And he believes his dealings with you have been forfilled and his payment is due"


5 = 5[d10]

"Oh of course he does!" Vance responds, "Please excuse me for a moment"
"Of course" I reply.
"He's going to,get the money!" Ullador whispers.
"Shut up" I hit back. "Get ready for anything that goes down" my back is turned to the three thugs guarding the doorway exit.

Do they stop us from talking?

(Unlikely | 3[d10]) No

While I'm chatting with Ulla and Satra, I contact Ardell. "Hey Ardell?"
"Do you have access to the lights"
"When I say "Dandy", bring down the lights in here ok, just for 5 seconds, ok?"
"Dandy?" Laughs Ulla
"Fuck" adds Satra, chuckling

"Yes you heard me", my orders are clear.
"Ok?" Responds Ardell, a bit confused.
"When the lights go down, open up on these guys, set for stun OK?" Satra and Ullador respond with a nod. "He may be all gracious and give us the money but I doubt it"

Ardell might not have full access to their systems but the lights are easy. The guards are also getting a bit restless. Do they intervene with us?

(Somewhat Likely | 2[d10]) No

Lucky for us they're too stupid to see what we're up too. They should have checked me for a com link too, now we're about to bring it down on them

Vance returns. "Mr Vadith's services have not been to my standards. I have his payment here but you will find it is not exactly what he is expecting" he says with a sly smile.

I take the credit chip and hand it to Ulla.
"Less than a third of what we came for" he responds.
I turn to Vance, a smug smile across his face. I turn back to Ulla and give him a serious look, he knows what I'm thinking. I catch Satra's eye and she's ready to go too.

"Well..." I say as I turn once again to Iella Vance, "isn't that just fine and dandy!"
There's a brief pause and then it's dark. There is light coming from the window but otherwise most of the room is a void.


11 = 8[d10]+3

6 = 6[d10]

The 3 thugs and Vance are utterly confused. We get the jump on them. Ullador swings his arm at the first thug

(Likely | 2[d10]) No

He misses. Satra opens up on the send at point blank. The darkness could be a problem though.

(Likely | 3[d10]) No

She misses too. I take a shot at the third

(Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

He falls down in a stunned daze, knocking over thug number 2 and giving Satra another shot

(Likely | 8[d10]) Yes

Satra doesn't miss this time.

Vance is still in shock but he might try to run for it

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

He takes off, completely evading us.


10 = 8[d10]+2

4 = 4[d10]

Ulla dives on the last guy

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

The thug manages to get a shot off, although he's just firing into the dark

(Unlikely | 5[d10]) No, but...

It misses, however he struggles free from Ulla's grasp. Satra takes the shot

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes

He's down!

The lights are back on. "Ardell do you have access to the doors?!" I scream into the mic.

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

'Not all of them" he replies

As we head in the direction Vance went i order, "Shut everything you can!"

"Ok I'm working on the cameras"

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

"Yes!" Exclaims Ardell, "I have Vance on my screen. He's trapped in a room two doors down from you."
"Good work!" I respond, "open us up a path if you can"

(Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

"On it"

Gratefully / Harsh

'Good work, Ardell!", I say, "you saved us this time. Now let's punish this bastard!"

The door swings open and Vance is standing there, a blaster aimed at us. Thankfully, due to Ardell's access to the cameras, we are in full cover.

Does he fire?

(Somewhat Unlikely | 3[d10]) No

"Vance!" I yell. 'You have 30 seconds to get us the money"

I wonder if he'll comply?

(Unlikely | 3[d10]) No

"light up the room" I order. Satra and Ulla blind shoot around the doorway and blast the roof. Debris flies everywhere.

"Vance, the money?"

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes

'Ok. Ok, stop shooting"

Ulla enters the room, Vance is cowering on the floor. "The money!" Grunts Ullador as he shoves his blaster in Vance's face.
'Ok, ok, I have it for you. Please don't shoot, please don't shoot!"

Iella Vance was just one scumbag on this shit hole of a planet trying to con some other shit scum out of a deal that was probably crooked in the first place. We didn't care. We just wanted the scumbag that was paying us to get his fair share. They could go on killing each other as far as I was concerned, it wasn't my problem. All I cared about was the 30% we were getting paid, of course way too low for this kind of work but honest work is hard to come by on Avas. We didn't kill anyone although those guards will have a hell of a headache for a few days and we'll be out of town as soon as we have enough to skip off this rock. And when we do, it'll all be fine and dandy.

The end

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