Sharing your adventure
While it is fun to have a solo role-playing adventure, it is also fun to share your adventure stories with others.  There is a sub-forum here dedicated to just such a thing.  It is called the "Actual Play Reports" forum.

When you are ready to share your story, on the top of the "Play" screen you can find a link that says "Encode".

When you click this link your story's log window will show your story formatted with forum code.  Forum code makes the forum show the same colors as you see in the "Play" screen.

In order to get the encoded story into the forum, click inside the window, hold down the Ctrl key and the press the A key.  This will select all the text.  Next, hold down the Ctrl key and press the C key.  This will copy all the selected text into your clipboard.

To the right of the "Encode" link is a link that says "Forum".  Once in the forum go to the "Actual Play Reports" sub-forum.

Then create a new topic and put the name of your story in the subject. Then click inside the body of the post, hold down Ctrl and press the V key.  This will paste your story from the clipboard into the post.

You can add any comments you want to the top or bottom of your post and then when you are ready just click the "Post Thread" button.

We all look forward to reading about your adventure.

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