Classic Fantasy Thieves - A Roses & Wyght Story
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If you read the previous chapter before I made this post, I just want to bring to your attention an edit I made to correct an oversight. I've edited the image of "Bar-Hopping Leira" to add the scar across the face that she got during the House of Lost and Found adventure.  For me, it is a fine line when adding images to my posts. Since all the images I use are originally taken from somewhere else, they won't always match the narrative perfectly and I expect readers to understand this and allow me some license. Still, as much as I can to choose images or adjust images to fit the narrative better, I will take that opportunity. This was one of those times that I felt led to edit the image to keep continuity with the story.

System: Adventurers! 
Tools: CRGE; Never Engine Random Tables;

[Scene 1, Surge count 4]
Main Thread: Expose Fiststeel
Minor Threads: Bhart’s Career; Conspiracy against the King

The next morning, Leira awakes feeling unusually sad. Her mind drifts to thoughts of her dead parents, memories of lost childhood innocence, the extreme poverty of the Wrecks, and several other heavy burdens. While these thoughts aren’t new to her, the overtly strong sense of melancholy is and she can’t stop the tears rolling down her cheeks.  She bids herself to pull it together but to no avail. What Leira doesn’t realize is that these thoughts aren’t entirely natural but the after-effects of the multiple goblets of Cabernet Gormac she drank the night before. Any tavern will tell you that when their patrons overindulge in Baron Gormac’s red wine, they often come back telling about days filled with depression and sadness. [Based on the side-effects for the Cabernet listed in the 2013 Secret Santicore Fantasy Drink List used last chapter.]

After about thirty minutes, she is able to compose herself enough to head downstairs and fix herself a cup of Mesmarian Tea. She sips it solemnly while sitting in the common room. Her brother Bhartram enters a few moments later, excited as he will be delivering his traps today and earning his first coins as a new business owner. He reigns it in a bit, however, when he notices his sister’s red, puffy eyes and the dried tear tracks on her cheeks. He asks her what’s the matter and she shares her feelings, especially those about their parents. Brother and sister sit for a while reminiscing about their childhood days in Swifthaven and by the time they are done, Bhart has shed a few tears of his own.

He leaves shortly before the lunch hour and Leira waits outside the hostel for her meeting with Harper. Soon, a Guard patrol passes by, and Harper steps aways briefly to share a few words with Leira and hand her the crude map he drew on a piece of parchment. He tells her again of his concerns and she assures him she will be fine, giving him a quick kiss which draws taunts and whistles from the rest of Harper’s patrol. 

After the meeting, Leira heads off to the Bloody Judge, a tavern several blocks from the Wooden Frost Giant Flagon. While the name might lead one to think it would be a popular hangout for the Huntsmen assassins, she knows that it is a favorite drinking spot for Vyncent, the thief who joined her in looting the House of Lost and Found. Upon entering the nearly empty tavern Leira immediately spots Vee sitting at a table holding a mug of ale high in the air. What she wasn’t expecting was Hily, the red-headed Vagnian thief, sitting in his lap and clutching a glass of wine. Ilhard had told her that the two often shared drinks together, but this looked a bit more intimate than your typical drinking buddies. [From the Thieves Relationship Table I rolled up earlier] It also appears to her that the two have been drinking much longer than one would expect at this early hour of the day. However, she guesses it makes sense, considering they were typically “at work” during the time most other citizens used for bar hopping.

[Image: WCa7mxzG3uI53xrRXPI0qpHsrQd_Qri9BGs7Hp6e...3IiA=w2400]
She wasn't expecting Hily sitting in his lap.

Leira walks over to the couple and explains why she is there. She is going to need help the following night getting into the Duskcall Historical Museum, the building that marked one end of the tunnel that would get her inside the castle. Still, soured at the prospect of this amateur thief becoming a guild member, Vyncent, seems disinterested and suggests that she wait until she’s grown to start taking on grown-up missions. Hily is a bit more amiable, encouraging Vyncent to lighten up and “‘elp the li’l lass.” Leria can’t tell if the lady thief is legitimately on her side or just humoring her while playing with her date.

Pressing further, Leira tempts Vyncent with the prospect of having the opportunity to lift some rare and valuable items from the museum while assuring him that he didn’t need to be any further involved than getting her inside. [Persuasion (MND) challenge. Leira has advantage due to charisma, but -2 (hard task) as Vyncent is reluctant. L: 13  V: 7] Eventually, Vyncent gives in and agrees to help, claiming it must be the ale talking as he wouldn’t normally agree to anything so crazy.

[Scene 2, Surge Count 4]
Main Thread: Expose Fiststeel
Minor Threads: Bhart’s Career; Conspiracy against the King

After leaving Vyncent and Hily, Leira heads to a small secluded garden to await her meeting with Dedericus. She wipes tears from her eyes--the result of another sudden onset of cabernet induced sadness--as the Guard-Spy approaches.

“You have the key?” she asks.

“Yes, but I have better news,” Dede says excitedly. “Forget tomorrow night. You have a chance right now. I found out this morning that Captain Fiststeel will be out at the farmlands this afternoon.”

“The Captain of the King’s Guard has business with the farmers?”

“Once a month the Captain leads a patrol out to the farms to handle any concerns or complaints they may have. Could be bandits in the area, an edict the King issued they find unfair, or possibly a reprieve or extension on their fealty due to a poor harvest. Fiststeel claims it’s to instill trust in the farmers. While that might be true, I’m sure she also uses it as an opportunity to demonstrate the force of the Guard and remind the peasants of who’s in charge should they have any thought of revolt or insurrection.

Regardless, since she’s out there,” Dede gestures in the direction of the city’s wall, “That means her office is empty and unguarded.”

[Thinking Fiststeel’s office would probably be locked, I asked CRGE “Does Dedericus have a key to Fiststeel’s office?”  (To Conflict) 97+4=101 Yes, and unexpectedly . . .  unexpectedly roll: 2 Tying Off. Tying off means the current thread should either be resolved in this scene or significantly moved ahead. Since I couldn’t see how logically I could suddenly end the thread, I originally was going to have Dede just give Leira some additional information that would just make the task much easier. I asked the oracle a couple of follow up questions but suddenly had a moment of inspiration. Why not give Leira an opportunity to complete the mission right now instead of my original plan of having her wait till the following night, break into the museum, travel through the tunnel, etc.? So I ignored the rest of my original conversation with Dede (except for one detail that I will reveal later), swapped the order of meetings (the meeting with Vyncent was supposed to follow Dede, but I really wanted to use that picture even thought the meeting ends up being pointless), and came up with the “farm patrol” idea.]

“That’s great, but I still need to find a way into the castle,” Leria reminds him.

“I think I’ve got that covered,” Dede assures her. “The Guard on door duty today happened to be at the Fish last night and saw you bump into me. I told him that I met up with you after I left and we hit it off. In an effort to impress you, I was thinking of bringing you on a personal tour of the castle.”

“Does that happen a lot? Guards trying to impress women with castle tours?”

“It’s not uncommon. Actually, the female Guards are more likely to bring their men through. It’s not so much to impress them than to give them bragging rights with their pals. Apparently, being invited into the castle is a mark of honor among the civilians.”

“Okay,” Leria relents. “Just let me go get geared up and I’ll meet you in the Plaza.”

“No time for that. Fiststeel has already left and time is of the essence. Besides, you would never be allowed inside wearing armor and a weapon.”

“I don’t like the idea of attempting this defenseless.”

“I can slip you a dagger once we are inside,” Dede suggests. “It’s not much, but it’s probably the best that can be done.”

Leira thinks a moment. Having a Guard escort certainly made things easier than her wandering through the castle alone, able to be stopped and questioned at any moment. Also, she had no idea what to expect in the Huntsmen’s tunnels. Were they currently occupied? Would anyone believe her if she had to bluff her way through? Or, worst case, was she skilled enough to defeat a Huntsman in combat should it come to that? All things considered, going in now seemed like the obvious decision.

“Okay, Dede. Let’s do this!” Then she adds, “For the Order!”

Dede looks at her curiously. “We don’t really say that.”

“Whatever. Just c’mon,” Leira says heading off in the direction of the castle.

[Scene 3, Surge Count 2]
Main Thread: Expose Fiststeel
Minor Threads: Bhart’s Career; Conspiracy against the King

“Monsters?” seated on her chestnut mount, Captain Sacreelia Fiststeel studies the dirty farm owner standing below her. He just spewed off some nonsense about monsters attacking his herd. Sure, there were trolls, ogres, goblins, giant rats and spiders, and all sorts of other creatures. But they rarely ever came within several miles of the city walls and, if they did, Fiststeel seriously doubted their main goal would be attacking cows on a farm.

“Yes, Ma’am!” the farmer replies. “I’ve had several of my herd slaughtered this past fortnight. The dead carcasses are left in the field with their bowels torn out. You must do something!”

Fiststeel rolls her eyes. Why doesn’t he just hire some hunter to take care of this, or set some traps instead of bothering the King’s Guard. “All right,” she sighs. “We can check it out. Where are these attacks happening?”

Ten minutes later Fiststeel and her patrol are riding along the northern edge of the farm. A small herd of cows roam in the area but stay quite a bit of distance away from the latest kill which still lies rotting in the afternoon sun. Fiststeel guides her horse along the fence line, trying to stay as far away from the stench as possible. Her eyes scan the wooded area beyond the property when suddenly a large wolf springs out of a bushy area and jumps through the fence rails. The animal squares off with her steed, its hackles raised and foam dripping from its bared teeth.

Rabid wolf, Fiststeel thinks, seeing the wild look in the animal’s red eyes. Before she can retreat the wolf charges and sinks its teeth into her mount’s leg. The horse bucks wildly in an attempt to flee the attack, throwing Fiststeel from her saddle. She lands hard on her left knee as the other Guards rush over to keep the crazed beast away. They make short work of the animal, killing it with a well-placed spear thrust.

Getting back on her feet, the Captain of the Guard tests her leg and feels it want to give out from underneath her. She limps over to one of the other Guard’s horses, seeing that her own is too injured to ride. She mounts and tells the others that she will head back to the castle early, leaving them to inform the farm owner that his “monster” has been killed and to complete their patrol.

[This scene is the result of another “unexpected” roll during my original scene with Dedericus. It came up “Pattern Change” which means the main thread gets modified drastically. I asked a Complex Question to determine what was the cause of the change. Q.C.: Overthrow/Wounds  My original thought was that due to being thrown from her horse, Fiststeel’s wounds would keep her from attending training, leading to Leira having to deal with the possibility that she would be in her office. However, when I changed the entire plan I still kept the idea of Fiststeel being thrown from her horse as a reason for her to return and catch Leira in the castle.]

[Scene 4, Surge Count 2 (CRGE rolls are not listed in-order during this scene. Surge reported in the narrative are accurate.)]
Main Thread: Expose Fiststeel
Minor Threads: Bhart’s Career; Conspiracy against the King

[It’s time to roll the “Twist and Turn” for this mission. Back in Chapter 9  I used Never Engine’s Espionage Mission generator to create the details of this mission. I left the “Twist and Turn” portion of the description unrolled until it became pertinent, which is now.
Roll: 56-Revenge]

“Luck of the goblins! Where’s Nowah?” Dededericus curses when he sees Artur, the Guard who hit on Leira the night before at the Cozy Fish, on duty at the door instead of the Guard with whom he already made arrangements.

As Dede expects, Artur stops them before they can enter the castle. The hulking Guardsmen looks the couple up and down. “Now, what business might you two have in the castle?”

“I’m just giving Leria here a tour. Y’know, to show her there’s no hard feeling about her spilling my drink.”

Artur gives him a puzzled look. “She spills your drink and you're the one trying to smooth things over? I”m not buying it. Besides,” he turns to Leira, “you’ve already had your chance to be nice to me last night. Now both of you, just leave. Yer not gettin’ in.” He punctuates the statement with a shooing motion of his hand. [Dede fails a “Very Difficult” MND challenge: 6 vs. 11]

Dede takes a step closer and lowers his voice so Leria can’t hear. “Help me out here, Artur. I don’t get a chance like this that often. What’ll it take? Ten gold?” He reaches into his pouch and pulls out a few coins.

“Ten?” Artur looks insulted. “I wouldn’t accept anything less than twenty-five.” [Per Adventurers! bribery rules, an official will accept a bribe equal to 3d6 per ATK point. In this case, 9 dice that equaled 26]

All Dede has on him is [2d10 w/DARO] 14 gp.

Leira tugs on his arm. “Let me,” she says to him, taking his place in front of Artur.

“Artur,” she starts, flashing a friendly smile. “That’s your name, right? I’m so sorry for last night. I had other things on my mind and I just didn’t take the time to notice that you were trying to be gentlemen and offering to buy me a drink. Tell you what, I’m just humoring Dede here. He seems, well, a bit desperate.” She says this soft enough that only Artur can hear. “I thought there’s no harm in showing him some attention. However, later tonight I’d be happy to take you up on that drink. What ‘cha say?”

Artur’s gaze shifts from the young woman to Dede and back again. “Alright,” he gives in. “You can take her in, but I have to search her first.”

[Leria’s Charisma gives her an advantage in the same “Very Difficult” MND challenge and she wins. 9 vs. 6.
Does Artur still require half the money? (To Conflict) 34 No]

Leira stands still and lets the Guard frisk her for weapons. She bites her tongue and represses the desire to give Artur a swift kick when his hands linger and press in some rather inappropriate areas, knowing the mission is more important than her dignity. She hopes Dede understands this as well and is grateful when he doesn’t protest.

“Okay. You’re clear,” Artur announces when finished. “You own me one, Dedericus. And you,” he whispers in Leira’s ear, “had better be there.”

Across the training grounds, Harper helps some of his fellow Guardsmen with repairs to the barrack’s roof. He notices Leira and Dedericus enter the grounds from the plaza and head to the castle entrance. [Does Harper see her enter the castle?  (To Conflict)  94 + 2 surge = 96  Yes, but . .  .]  He wonders what she is doing here since he thought her plan was to sneak in through the tunnels later that night. Is she doing reconnaissance? Or possibly taking advantage of the Captain’s current patrol outside the city to search now? And why is Dedericus with her?

He desperately wanted to investigate, however, his current task prevents him from doing so [the “but”] and he can only watch from afar as the two gain entry into the castle. Still, he is now on alert and is prepared to act should any trouble arise.

[Scene 5, Surge Count 2]
Main Thread: Expose Fiststeel
Minor Threads: Bhart’s Career; Conspiracy against the King

[At any time Captain Fiststeel may return to the castle and her office. At key points, I will make one or more encounter checks to see if she does. The chance for an encounter will increase as more time goes by.]

Once inside, Dedericus slips Leira a dagger. She slides it in the waist of her pants and conceals it with her shirt. The pair head directly for Captain Fiststeel’s office, only stopping momentarily for Dede to say a few words with fellow Guards or servants so as not to arouse suspicions.  [Encounter Chance 1:10. Roll d10=4]

They make it to Fiststeel’s office and, once the hall is clear, Dede uses his copy of the key to let them in. Leira quickly scans the room to see if there are any weapons she can use in a hurry only to find that there are none. There might be some in the adjoining rooms but she doesn’t take the time to look. [Weapons in office (Likely)? 43 or 32, both no] Dede wastes no time unlocking the cabinet for Leira before stepping back to the slightly open door to keep watch. [Encounter Chance 1:8  Roll d8=3]

[Image: pZ-PibmhWqCbm9jorq89GQRLX0WtAZ19zTJLDrV6...7jYw=w2400]
Fiststeel's Cabinet

Leira bends down and peers in the cabinet. She sees several books and papers and thinks this might take a while. However, before grabbing the papers another item catches her eye. [Perception MND Check: 16] It’s a metal stamp. She picks it up and examines the impression on its face. She calls Dede over and he confirms that it is a replica of the King’s official seal.

“This means she could send orders or letters in the King’s name,” Leira says.

“Just getting caught with that is grounds for arrest,” Dede explains. “Even if you are the Captain of the Guard.”

“But it’s not enough. I need to find something that directly ties Fiststeel to the assassination.” Leira continues to rummage through the cabinet as Dede returns to his lookout. [Encounter Chance 1:6  Roll d6=2]

[Perception Roll to see if Leira recognizes any other evidence. 5,3+5MND=13. Success!
How many turns does it take for her to find it? d4=4. Each turn will require a 1:6 encounter check.]

The former bar thief pulls papers, journals, and other items from the safe, scanning each for any importance. Most contain legitimate Guard business or unrelated personal correspondence. [Encounter Rolls: 2,6,6,...] About three-quarters of the way through the contents, she pulls out a black, leather-bound journal. Flipping through its pages she begins to read entries tracking the King’s movements and events. Also listed are the names of other people, possibly Guards, and under each informative notes regarding the security of the King, castle, and city locations. More damning are detailed plans for the Sacrament Day assassination and possible future opportunities. The coup de grâce, however, is a contract between Captain Fiststeel and the slaver Orcan Nightstrider signed by both parties. [Final Encounter Roll: 3]

“I found it!” Leria exclaims and hurries over to Dedericus to show him the book.

“Wow! This must contain everything dealing with her work for Orcan,” Dede declares after glancing at just a few pages and the contract. “All these names must be allies within the Guard. And the contract . . . of course she’d have a copy on hand, to keep her partner honest . . . if such a thing is possible. So what do you do now?”

Leira hadn’t really thought much beyond finding the evidence.  She assumed Master Beada wanted her to bring the evidence to her, but that wasn’t made explicitly clear. “I guess I will bring this back to the Order. Unless you have a better idea?” [Does he? (To Endings): 67+4surge=71 Yes   What’s the idea? C.Q. Change/Anger  - Tell someone influential who would be angered by the news and change their trust regarding Fiststeel.]

“I might,” Dede admits. “I know Beada. If you take this to her it might be weeks before she will use it in a way she deems appropriate and most beneficial. I say we take this opportunity and bring it to the King right now.”

“You can just get an audience with the King whenever you want?” Leira asks, surprised.

“No, but I am good friends with his personal Guard, Isambard the Reliable.”

“The ‘Reliable’?”

“A nickname he earned by his extreme loyalty to King Angelo. He won’t let this slide.”

“Then let’s go,” Leira agrees. She quickly puts the paperwork back in the cabinet and locks it, keeping only the stamp and the journal before she and Dede slip out and head toward the King’s chambers. [Encounter Chance leaving office 1:3  Roll: 3]

[It will take them (d6+2) 8 turns to find Isambard. Each turn will require a d3 check to see if Fiststeel returns to her office

Turn 1=3 ;  Turn 2=2 ;  Turn 3=1 Fiststeel returns. Once each turn I will make a CRGE check against Endings to see if she notices the theft.]

[Scene 6, Surge Count 6]
Main Thread: Expose Fiststeel
Minor Threads: Bhart’s Career; Conspiracy against the King

Captain Fiststeel limps into her office, exhausted from the patrol and the ride back to the castle. Tossing her weapons aside, she heads through the archway into her sleeping quarters to lay down and take some of the weight off her injured leg.

[Turn 4: CRGE roll: No and . . . Doesn’t notice theft and rests on her bed for (d4) 1 turn. Will skip the next CRGE roll.
Turn 5: Skipped]

After the brief respite, she can’t keep her mind from her duties. In her head, she keeps thinking about assignments that need to be made and tasks that need finishing. Finally, she decides to get up and head to her desk to work on schedules and orders. 

[Turn 6: CRGE roll: No, and… Doesn’t notice theft and does work that keeps her distracted for (d4) 1 turn.
Turn 7: skipped]

Fiststeel works for a while until she comes across a particular matter raised by several shop owners. Wanting to refresh her memory about the specifics, she opens her storage cabinet to retrieve several correspondences she has received concerning the matter. Immediately, she notices the missing stamp and the disarranged papers. Concerned, she sifts through to confirm her greatest fear: the journal is missing!” [Turn 8: CRGE roll: Yes]


[Scene 7, Surge Count 2]
Main Thread: Expose Fiststeel
Minor Threads: Bhart’s Career; Conspiracy against the King

About the time Captain Fiststeel is discovering the missing journal, Dedericus and Leira find Isambard. Taking the lead, Dede introduces Leira as one of the “Saviors of the Sacrament,” (she cringes at the title), explains their suspicions about Fiststeel, and shows him what they discovered, trying to be vague about how they came about having these items in their possession. Leira chimes in with her own observation when appropriate. Since Isam trusts Dede he doesn’t ask too many questions but accepts the story at face value. He at least believes enough to bring it to the King’s attention and wastes no time leading the others to the Monarch’s office.

[A successful MND roll allows Leira to help Dede and add +1 to his Persuasion challenge. Factoring in that and Dede’s and Isam’s friendship, Dede wins the “easy” persuasion (MND) challenge 11 to 6 and convinces Isam to take action. This conversation and the trip to reach the King takes (d6) 3 turns.]

[Scene 8, Surge Count 2]
Main Thread: Expose Fiststeel
Minor Threads: Bhart’s Career; Conspiracy against the King

Captain Fiststeel grabs straps on her sword and starts to leave her office, her plan being to round up her allies, find whoever invaded her office, and either arrest them or, better yet, silence them by death. However, just before she leaves she rethinks her plan. How long before she returned had her journal been taken? Just the time she’d been back was long enough for someone to pass the information onto other officials. It’s even possible that Guards loyal to the King are already.coming to question or arrest her. She had to escape while she still had time!.

[What will Fiststeel do? (d100) 1-67: Hunt the thief or 68-100: Flee  Roll: 76 Apparently the dice don’t really want an encounter to happen.]

Her preference is to flee using the Huntsmen tunnels as they would hide her exit from the castle and offer her a place to hide, if necessary. Unfortunately, she would have to travel almost the entire length of the castle to reach the secret entrance, increasing the opportunity that she might encounter anyone looking for her. She couldn’t chance it.. She had to get out as fast as possible. That meant leaving by the shortest route possible: through the training grounds. [Does not use the tunnels per a CRGE roll. It will take her 1 turn to exit the castle.]

[Scene 9, Surge Count 0]
Main Thread: Expose Fiststeel
Minor Threads: Bhart’s Career; Conspiracy against the King

Dede, Isam, and Leira reach King Angelo and explain their discovery, showing him the journal and contract. The King recognizes the treason immediately for what it is and orders Captain Fiststeel arrested. He names Isambard interim Captain and personally accompanies the group to Fiststeel’s office to arrest her. Along the way, Isam recruits four other Guardsmen to join them and tells several others to search the rest of the castle.

They arrive at the office and find the quarters empty. [Fiststeel left 2 turns prior. Both Leira and Dede make successful perception checks.] Leira spots the open cabinet and sees papers on the desk that were not there before. 

“I think Fiststeel’s been back and discovered the theft,” she whispers to Dede.

“I was thinking the same thing,” he confirms. “This is not how we left the office.”

“Where would she have gone?”

“We didn’t pass her on the way here, so I would guess the training ground exit.”

“Quick! We have to go!” Leira grabs his arm and pulls him out of the room after her as they race to stop the escaping traitor.

[Scene 10, Surge Count 0]
Main Thread: Expose Fiststeel
Minor Threads: Bhart’s Career; Conspiracy against the King

Fistseel exits the castle and heads directly for the gate leading out to the plaza. She quickly discards any thought of getting a mount as saddling it up would take too long. [CRGE Roll: 34 No horse.] She waves off anyone who approaches and tries to ignore the pain from her injured leg. Her only goal is to get away, find a safe house, change out of her armor, and hide among the citizens of Duskcall until she could think of a plan.

[Image: GfEAmGpy1D639rqbzW_QYgmperyRidxxZ3Ld2e7w...DEfQ=w2400]
The King's Guard Training Grounds

By the barracks, Harper sees the Captain leave and head for the gate. Earlier he saw her return to the castle and was concerned that he would find Leira inside. Now, her haste leads him to believe that she knows her secret has been discovered. What he can’t know is if she ran into Leira. All he could do now is keep her from getting away. [Does Harper try to impede F’s progress? 88+2 surge. Yes, and . . ]

“Captain Fiststeel!” he calls out, running to catch up with her. “Can I speak to you for a moment?”

“Not now, Wyghtwing. I don’t have the time.”

Harper trots past her and physically blocks her progress. “It’s important. It involves the King’s safety.”

“What are you doing?” Fiststeel screams. “Get out of my way before I remove you from the Guard!”

“Captain, there’s talk that you may have been involved in the assassination attempt of the King.” Harper decides to go for broke and simply confront his superior. [the “And” from the CRGE roll] “I know it’s crazy but the accusations are rather strong.”

“You’re treading on dangerous ground, Wyghtwing . . .”

She is interrupted by the castle door being thrown open and Leira and Dede running into the yard, shouting for her to halt. Fiststeel glances back at the commotion before drawing her weapon and taking a slash at Harper. Even though he was prepared to get physical if necessary, Harper is unable to draw his weapon fast enough and takes several blows. [Harper makes a successful surprise check, but is hit by both of F’s attacks (Flurry of Blows) for 3 damage]

He is finally able to pull out his sword and deflect some of the attacks. However, the traitorous Captain is the better fighter and gets under his blade to inflict another stab. Harper clutches at the wound and falls to the dirt. [Receives another 1 DMG. This latest hit fells Harper, fulfilling the vision Leira experienced from the ring back in Chapter 6.]

Leira, who has been running with Dede across the yard to reach Fiststeel, sees Harper fall to the ground. Terror grips her heart as she recalls the man on the ground in her vision the night she put on the silver bat ring. Did she just see her friend, the man she was quite possibly falling in love with, die? 

“No!” She screams, lunging at Fiststeel with her dagger.

Fiststeel turns and raises her hand just in time to catch her attacker’s wrist.  [Even with +2 due to “Wild Attack”, Leria loses 11-13] The two struggle as Dedericus is helpless to attack for fear of hitting Leira. [Missed both “Flurry of Blows” rolls.]

[Morale check for Fiststeel (based on OSRIC), Target <70. After modifiers, she rolls 44 and keeps fighting. She targets 1-4 Dede, 5-6 Leira. Roll: 4  I skewed the roll toward Dede believing F would consider a trained King’s Guard more of a threat than a common woman.]

Guard and thief continue the dangerous dance while Fiststeel quickly assesses the situation. How much damage could this young girl be with a dagger? The bigger threat was clearly Dedericus. Making up her mind, she shoves Leira back and faces Dede who wastes no time moving in to attack. With a quick swing of her blade, Fiststeel turns away the tip of his sword and side steps another blow. [Dede misses twice.] This last move positions her behind her opponent and she raises her sword for a deadly blow. Before it drops, however, Leira plunges her dagger deep into Fiststeel’s sword arm. She cries out in pain, nearly dropping her weapon. [A combination of a critical fail by Fiststeel on her attack and a successful hit by Leira 8-5. F losses next attack.] Fiststeel spit curses while trying to regain her grip. Leira makes another stab [1 DMG] and Dede drives the point of his weapon into the wounded woman’s side. [3 DMG]

Several feet away, Harper slowly gets to his feet and shakes his head to clear the fuzziness from his sight. He sees his former Captain stumble back, blood running down her sword arm and dripping from the wound in her side. Despite this, however, she does her best to straighten up and prepare for another attack. She doesn’t Harper who comes up behind her and strikes the back of her head with the pommel of his sword.  Fiststeel falls unconscious into a crumpled heap at his feet.

[I allowed 1 turn for Harper to recover. Since F was distracted by Dede and L, F had a -2 DEF. 
H: 3,4+3 ATK=10   F: 2,4+4DEF-2=8   Total of 2 DMG. 1 for the hit and for every 2 points roll difference. This drops her to 0 END, which is only unconscious per my Death Table. Also, I forgot to factor in -1 ATK for Fiststeel due to her injured leg. However, after quickly calculating the rolls I determined that other than some altered END points the outcome wouldn’t have changed.]

Leira looks up from the fallen Fiststeel to the still hazy eyes of her boyfriend. He was alive! Harper was alive! She had done it. She exposed the Captain’s treachery, possibly saving the King’s life again. She completed her mission and would be accepted as a member of the Order. Everyone she knew was safe. Things couldn’t be better! Emotion floods through her, wanting to burst out. Leira tries to hold it in so as not to make a scene in front of all the Guards who have gathered around. However, she soon realizes it is a losing battle and gives in to her feelings.

Dropping to her knees, Leira covers her face and the air fills with the sound of her Cabernet sobs.
(Unfortunately, for me, your images aren't showing up on this third page. On pages 1 and 2 they do appear.)

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(01-27-2021, 02:41 AM)Jingo Wrote: (Unfortunately, for me, your images aren't showing up on this third page. On pages 1 and 2 they do appear.)

Hmmmm...   Thanks Jingo for the heads up. I tried a slightly different method to insert my images this time in an attempt to save some steps. Since I could still see them on multiple computers and devices I thought it had worked. Now that I'm at a completely different computer I am seeing what you are seeing . . . or not seeing.  Wink

I just reinserted all the images using my old method. Hopefully, you can see them now.
(01-27-2021, 11:17 AM)Teviko604 Wrote: I just reinserted all the images using my old method. Hopefully, you can see them now.

Yup. I can see them now. Thanks!

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System: Adventurers! 
Tools: CRGE ; Never Engine Random Generators;


Sometime between the end of the last chapter and the next meeting of the Order of Two, King Angelo offers Leira [2d10x10] 110gp as a reward for stopping Fiststeel.  She will keep 60 gp and split the rest between Harper (20 gp) and Dedericus (30 gp) for their help. Additionally, should Leira ever need an audience with the King in the future she will have some advantage in a meeting being granted.

[Scene 1, Surge count 0]
Main Thread: Fulfilling Promises
Minor Threads: Bhart’s Career; Leira and the Thieves Guild

Artur sits at the same table in the Cozy Fish as the previous night to await his date. Prepared, he has ordered two mugs of Gentle Amber which are resting on the table, one in front of him and the other in front of an empty chair he has pulled up close for Leira. [Rolled on the same Fantasy Tavern Drink table as before] Perhaps his order is a bit trusting, but if she doesn’t show it just means more for him.

The Guard isn’t disappointed, however, as after a short wait Leria Rosemight walks through the front door. Unlike her elegant wardrobe from the previous evening, tonight she wears a rough pair of pants and a long-sleeved white shirt, both rather loose-fitting, hiding the shape of her body. Furthermore, her blonde hair is pulled back tight and tied off in a long ponytail. Finally, while Artur can’t tell for sure due to the dim lighting, it appears to him that she still wears the afternoon’s grime on her face. Disappointed, but still hopeful for an eventful evening, he catches her eye and waves her over. 

Leira presents a friendly smile as she walks over to the round table and takes a seat spaced several feet from the Guardsman instead of the one he has already positioned next to him. 

“Hello, Artur,” she greets, reaching across the table to pull her mug of ale to herself. She takes a large sip. “Mmm. Gentle Amber. Good choice.”

“I thought you might like it,” Artur says with a roguish smile.

“Thanks for your help today. Can you believe Fiststeel was a traitor? You did a good deed, Artur.”

He wells up with pride at Leira’s false praise. “It’s what we Guards do.”

“I will say, I’m surprised all it took was the promise of a shared drink, a drink you are paying for, nonetheless,” Leria continues. “I would have expected the price to be much higher.”

“Well, I expect a drink to be just the beginning,” Artur suggests.

Leira's face brightens a bit. “Oh! If you wanted to buy me a second, I certainly wouldn’t object.”

“I’m not talking about drinks,” Artur corrects, reaching over to put a hand on her arm.

She deftly shifts her arm away from his touch. “I’m sorry if I led you on. I truly meant that I would only join you for a drink. That’s all. I mean, I have a busy night when I’m done here.”

Artur does his best to keep a friendly composure. “Don’t be shy, little lady. Trust me, you’ll have a good time. You’ll forget all about Dede and Wyghtwing.”

“I really can’t,” Leira assures him.

Scowling at the rejection, he gives her one last command. “Well, the least you can do is move a bit closer and give me some real company.”

Artur grabs the back of Leira’s chair to pull it closer. He is admittedly surprised when, instead of pulling away, she actually slides her chair in his direction until it touches his and presses her body close. He is equally caught off guard when he feels something sharp poke him just below his belt.

“Did I ever tell you how I got this scar across my eye?” Leria asks the man whose face has suddenly lost all color.

“Uh-uh,” he responds, taking a dry swallow.

“Several weeks ago I was sharing a drink with this handsome shop owner from the Merchant Quarter,” Leira lies. “The night was going well and he offered to walk me home. I gladly accepted, enjoying our conversation and not quite wanting it to end. Unfortunately, once we left the tavern I realized the home he wanted to walk me to was his own and he was looking for more than just conversation. I let him know I wasn’t interested, but, when I tried to leave, he pulled out a knife, dragged me between two shops, and forced himself on me. I fought back. He may have done this,” she draws a finger of her free hand along the scar on her face, “but I made sure he needn’t waste any more of his time courting young, eligible women. You get my point?”

[Persuasion (MND) check. L w Charisma  4,3,2+5MND=12    A: 5,4+1MND=10]

Artur doesn’t say anything to answer her question but does let go of her chair and pulls away as much as he can. Avoiding Leria’s gaze, he picks up his mug and takes a not so gentle swig of the amber ale.

“I glad you understand,” Leira says as she returns her dagger to her waistband and slides her chair several feet away. She drains her own mug before standing. “Thank you for the drink. It’s been a wonderful evening, but I really have to be going.”

Artur continues to sit in silence as he watches the brazen young woman turn and walk out into the night.

“You ready for another drink?”

Artur looks up at the balding male server offering him another tankard of Gentle Amber. Great, he thinks. First I lose my Captain. Then I lose my date. Now I can’t even flirt with a cute serving girl.

[Image: QgMyssBOlH4Nhrv8cEYNxkwLcBgPXO7xB4oGeRXQ...ZCWg=w2400]

Artur looks up at the male server

“I think I’m done, Gary,” he sighs. “It’s been a rough day. Let me just settle up and get back to the barracks.”

It’s at that moment that Artur realizes his coin pouch has gone missing!

[Scene 2, Surge count 0]
Main Thread: Fulfilling Promises
Minor Threads: Bhart’s Career; Leira and the Thieves Guild

From the concealment of a patch of thick shrubs, Leira watches as Artur storms out of the Cozy Fish and scans the plaza.

“Where are you, thief!”

The tavern door opens a second time and a portly man wearing an apron -- one of the Fish’s male servers, Leira believes -- comes out and speaks with Artur. She can’t hear what is being said, but from the man’s stern look and Artur’s frantic gestures, Leira can only guess that they're discussing the open bar tab. She bites her lower lip to keep from laughing out loud. After a bit, it seems the situation has been resolved to some satisfaction as the man re-enters the building and Artur plods off in the direction of the Guard barracks.

Leira waits a few more minutes before leaving her hiding spot. Stopping under a gas lamp she retrieves the pilfered coin pouch from within the folds of her shirt. [Pickpocket (AGI) check while close to Artur: 2,5+3AGI=10>7 Success!]  She bounces it in the palm of her hand to feel the weight of the coins before opening it and peering inside. She counts out 15 gold coins and finds a second smaller pouch. Opening this pouch reveals about a handful of dried fruit and nuts. 

“A snack,” she thinks as she tosses some in her mouth and heads back to the Faint Mule Hostel.

[The contents of the pouch was determined by three rolls on my loot table and one roll on Never Engine’s Mundane Loot table.]

[Scene 3, Surge count 0]
Main Thread: Leira and the Thieves Guild
Minor Threads: Bhart’s Career

Naddie’s mouth watered as she took a bite of the fresh biscuit she held in her grimy hand. She let it melt in her mouth, savoring every moment.. Treats like this rarely come to the children of the Wrecks and without gracious souls like Old Lady Deerwatcher they might never come.

Naddie and her friend Warren had spent the afternoon playing tag and tossing stones and were on their way home when they passed the Deerwatcher house. Old Lady Deerwatcher sold pies and baked goods out of her kitchen window and it was commonly known amongst the younger inhabitants of the Wrecks that if you were lucky enough to pass at just the right time you might be offered a free treat.  Hoping to catch the baker’s eye, Naddie and Warren slowed down to a near crawl as they passed the window. Their efforts were rewarded when the grey-haired woman leaned out and called them over. Smiling, she tore a fresh-baked biscuit in half and handed each of them a piece.

“I’m going to share mine with my little brother,” Warren said, beaming with the anticipation of surprising his sibling.

Naddie felt a bit guilty that, unlike her friend, she didn’t have to share. However, instead of eating right away, she remembered what her mother taught her. “Never flaunt your blessings in front of those less fortunate.” While the warm biscuit was tempting, the six-year-old always obeyed her mother. She obeyed her Uncle Tuck as well, even when she didn’t like what he wanted her to do. That was until he was killed by that scary woman.

Now that she and Warren had parted ways, Naddie has no compunction about eating. She takes a second bite and chews slowly, closing her eyes in an attempt to block out all other senses and simply enjoy the taste. 

Reopening her eyes, Naddie sees her!

Standing just a few feet away is the woman who killed her uncle. She is also the woman who gave her the gold coin, more money than she had ever held before. Though the woman’s head is covered with the hood of the grey cloak she wears over her shoulders, Naddie knows it’s the same person from the black leather armor she spies between the cloak’s open front. Despite not seeing any weapons, the young girl is certain the stranger has her sword under her cloak as well.

“Hello,” the woman says, pulling back the hood. “Do you remember me?”

Naddie stiffens, wanting to run but unable to move her feet.

“Don’t be afraid,” the woman says and she steps closer and drops to one knee, putting the two on eye level. Naddie’s lower lip begins to quiver. Seeing it the stranger smiles and reassures her. “I’m not going to hurt you. I’m sorry I hurt your father.”

Naddie shakes her head back and forth.

“That wasn’t your father?”

Naddie shakes her head again and sees a slight look of relief cross the lady’s scarred face.

“Did you buy food with the money I gave you?” 

She nods and the woman smiles.

“Would you like more?”

She nods excitedly and relaxes enough to give the stranger a smile of her own.

“Tell you what. I have a very special job. When people need something, they hire me to get it for them. I believe you need food . . .” The lady’s eyes glance down at Naddie’s dirty smock, “And perhaps clothes. I can get those for you if you would like to hire me.”

Naddie’s smile drops and she looks down at her feet. She had nothing worth anything to give this, not scary, but pretty, possibly even kind, lady.

“Do you have anything left of the money I gave you?” the kneeling woman asks when Naddie says nothing.

The girl reaches in her pocket and pulls out (d8) 2 silver coins. She holds them out in her upturned palm.

The woman gives her a satisfied smile. “You’re in luck! That’s exactly how much I charge.” She takes the two coins and slips them under her cloak. “Meet me on the first day of next week, just after the lunch hour. How about the garden where we met? Is that good? Oh, let’s not tell your mother about this, at least not until I’ve had a chance to prove that I am really helping you.”

Naddie agrees with a nod and the stranger stands and turns to leave.

“Thank you,” Naddie says quietly, overcoming her fear that has held her tongue up to this point.

The woman stops, turns, and chuckles. “Don’t thank me yet. I haven’t brought you anything.”

Naddie shakes her head back and forth once again, indicating she’s not talking about their arrangement. “You stopped Uncle Tuck.”

Confusion momentarily crosses the lady’s face while she ponders these words. After a moment her eyes widen and she sucks in a quick breath. Without a word, the cloaked figure turns again and walks away.

Naddie doesn’t see Leira’s slight smile at the understanding that she’d made this girl’s life a little better, nor the tear shed acknowledging the fact that it was even necessary.

[Scene 4, Surge count 0]
Main Thread: Leira and the Thieves Guild
Minor Threads: Bhart’s Career

Awaiting the start of tonight’s meeting, Elinzia sits in her usual spot on the settee in the living room of Master Thief Beada’s home. She alternates squeezing one hand with the other, having nothing else with which to keep them busy. Unfortunately, her current project involves renovating an ornate jeweled necklace, work not convenient for sitting on a couch. Instead, all Elinzia can do is sit and fidget, her hands constantly searching for some task to perform.

By now most of the other members have arrived. The twins, Ausan and Driffin, sit in their usual spots on the couch and at the table. Sitting next to Ausan is Hily. The blond-haired Wyny sits across the room in his usual cushioned chair and Ilhard stands by the doorway. Looking around at everyone in the same places week after week, Elinzia thinks to herself that members of the group really are creatures of habit. In fact, the only member switching it up tonight is Vyncent who has taken a straight-backed chair in a corner near the front of the room.

The last person to arrive, other than Elyn and Beada (who are just behind the closed door in Beada’s office), is Leira. Unlike her first meeting, the young thief is dressed much more comfortably. Elinzia motions to the open space next to her and Leira accepts. From what she’s heard about Leira, as well as their brief conversation at the Golden Rose, Elizina has taken a quick liking to this newest guild member and hopes they might become friends. 

“How’s your mission coming along,” she asks Leira while they wait.

“It over,” Leira answers with a smug smile.

“Oh!” Elinzia says with surprise. She had assumed getting information on the Captain of the Guard would take several days, if not a week or more.

Before she is able to dig any deeper, the door to Beada’s office opens and Elyn steps out. The Master’s second in command takes a quick mental attendance, then calls back that everyone has arrived. Beada enters and takes her place behind a simple table just to the left of where Vyncent is sitting. Elyn stands behind her, off to the side.

“Welcome, everyone. Let’s get right to it. First order of business, the induction of our newest member.”

At this announcement, Vyncent perks up and casts a questioning glance over at Leira who remains expressionless.

“Leira Rosemight,” the platinum-haired Master continues. “Would you please stand. It is my greatest pleasure to announce that Captain Sacreelia Fiststeel’s actions against the King have been publicly exposed and the threat to King Angelo and, indirectly, the Order of Two’s continued livelihood has been averted. This has all come about through Leira’s success, with the help of our agent in the Guard, Dedericus, in gaining access to the Captain’s personal quarters and discovering the necessary proof. 

“For completing this mission, Leira, you have shown yourself worthy of membership within the Order of Two. Is it your desire to become a thief of the Order in good standing?”

Leira answers with a proud smile. “Yes, Master Thief Beada. It is.”

“Then as Master of this Guild, I welcome you as one of us.”

Several of the members offer claps and congratulations.

“As a welcoming gift, Leira, you have the right to one object from the guild’s cache. We have weapons, armor, tools, and other items, several of them magical. When you have time you may look through its contents and pick one you like. There is a nice pair of Boots of Silence that might fit you well.”

“Thanks,” Leira responds. “But I think I know what I might like already. If it’s all the same, I wish to have the statuette Ilhard, Vyncent, and I brought back from the House of Lost and Found.

When she handed the object over to Beada, Leira couldn’t wait to get it off her hands. However, in the days following, she couldn’t stop thinking about it or the vision of her father. She wanted to see her dad again, even knowing it was a false vision. Besides, she was curious about what mysteries the statue of the man holding up the sphere held. The Blackster’s owned it for some reason. Perhaps it would be useful to her or the guild in the future.

[Roll on my reaction table to see how willing Beada is to let the item go, with advantage since Beada wasn’t really interested in the object to begin with.. Roll: 1,2,6=8 Average, as expected.]

Beada sits back in her chair, locks her fingers together, and stares intently at Leira. “The statue is not part of the cache.”

“You told me that bringing back the statue was a test. I thought that if the item was of no interest to you, I might keep it as a memento of that first mission with the Order.” [MND check to see if there is any further resistance. L (charisma) 1,2,4+5MND=11   B: (charisma) 3,4,5+2MND=11]

“While my interest at the time was in you and your next mission, if I seemed disinterested in the statuette it was only because I knew I would be able to study it later.”

“I understand,” Leira says, resigned to the idea that her request would be denied. “But I would like to reserve my choice of reward until you have examined the object, on the chance that you might change your mind.”

Beada studies the girl a moment more. “Well, you did do the Guild a great service. In fact, it may have been more than I should have asked of a mere recruit. I’m a reasonable woman. In exchange for your choice of treasure, I will offer you the opportunity to buy the statue. Let’s say . . . [d6=1] ten percent of the reward King Angelo offered you.”

Leira was only momentarily caught off guard by Beada knowledge of the reward money. However, she realized she’d be foolish not to assume that Dedericus would have reported this to the Order.  

“That’s fair. I’ll take it.” After all, Leria thinks, eleven gold is a steal. 

[Acquiring the statue is the final bit of information that was withheld from Never Engine’s Espionage Mission Generator back in Chapter 9: “Completion of the mission will result in the gain of (51-a magical item)”]

“Now on to other business . . .” Beada says dismissing Leira.

“Ah, before you do that,” Leira cuts in, “I do have one more thing. I have secured my first . . . uh . . . what do I call them? A client?”

Beada’s initial look of annoyance at the interruption is replaced by one of curiosity at the news that her newest recruit is already bringing in business. “You work fast. Please, tell me who.”

Leira pauses a moment to consider the question. “Come to think of it, I never asked her her name. She’s a young girl who lives in the Wrecks. Here’s her payment.” Leira hears Elyn gasp as she places the two silver pieces on the table in front of Beada.

The Master Thief’s countenance sours as her curiosity shifts to venom. “Is this a game for you?” She points to the coins on the table. “Do you think this is funny?” 

“No, Master,” Leira says without wavering. “I’m serious. I plan on working the Wrecks.”

Vycent can’t control himself and lets out a hearty laugh.

“Vyncent, dear,” Hily scolds. “The lass is young. Give ‘er a chance.”

“Give her a chance,” he counters. “She wants to steal from people poorer than dirt.”

“Not from,” Leira corrects. “For!”

“Take from the wealthy to give to those in need,” muses Hily. “Sounds like that rogue back in Vagny. The Cowled Sparrow.”

“I’m afraid Vyncent’s right,” Driffin, the Order’s financial expert chimes in. “It doesn't make financial sense. You’d put in effort and time that’s worth more than anyone in the poorer district, let alone a little girl, can pay. We’re not a charity.”

“I know we’re not a charity,” Leira concurs, casting a quick glance at Elinzia, recalling their conversation several days earlier. “But this family needs food and clothes. I mean, everyone in that district is in need. I want to help them. I can help them.

“Besides,” she now addresses Beada directly, “Those coins on that table are my fee. I know the Order requires more and I plan on obtaining that in the process. However,  I think I have something else that might satisfy you right now.”

Leira pulls out the counterfeit royal stamp and holds it out for the Master Thief to see.

Leira was able to retain the item -- an item she thought might be of some value to someone or someones who might profit from messages that appear to be written by the King, for instance, a thieves guild -- by some quick sleight of hand. After Fiststeel was escorted from the training grounds to the dungeons, Isambard asked Leira for the stamp. Leira lied and said she left it back in the King’s office with the journal. Isam disagreed and demanded that she empty her pouches. Leira complied, but in the process was able to cover the stamp with her Cloth of Hiding. Satisfied, Isam conceded that he had been mistaken.

[Per a CRGE roll, Isam asks about the seal. Leira fails a MND challenge (11 vs. 12) to convince him that she does not have the seal, but rolls a successful AGI check (9) to hide the stamp under her Cloth of Hiding.]

[Image: JaO5DPKmcW9flfVyUwWyPI5nZipoPYNphhr0QMF2...BNpg=w2400]
The counterfeit stamp

Beada reaches out to take the stamp from Leira who quickly pulls her hand back, keeping it out of reach.

“As I’m sure you saw, it is a forgery of the King’s stamp,” Leira explains. “I’m no expert, but Dedericus assures me that it is a very good copy. I’m sure the guild could profit greatly if they possessed letters, orders, and other documents issued from the King himself.” She casts a quick glance back at Driffin who seems as eager to get his hands on the seal as Beada herself.

Turning her attention back to Beada, Leira makes an offer. “Give me the Wrecks, I’ll give you the stamp.”

[MND challenge. Leira gets +2 since she holds the stamp.  L (Charisma) 2,4,4+5MND+2=15  B (Charisma) 2,3,5+2MND=10]

“To my surprise, you prove your worth yet again, young thief,” commends Master Thief Beada. “You may have the Wrecks, Leira.”

Satisfied, Leira hands over the stamp.

“But don't think this excuses you from taking on additional assignments for the guild,” Beada quickly adds.

“I would have it no other way,” Leira agrees, returning to her seat next to Elinzia. As she does, she notices Ilhard cast her a quick wink and an accepting smile..

Witnessing Leira’s boldness, Elinzia’s admiration for the newest guild member grows. The meeting continues with Driffin reading the financial report, but she has no interest in what is being said. Instead, she is curious about Leira’s plans.

“Saving the Wrecks? That’s an ambitious task.”

“I’m just saving one girl’s family,” Leira corrects. “At least to start.”

Elinza waits a moment before asking another question. “You’re probably going to need help. Aren’t you?”

“Probably,” Leira agrees.

Elinzia looks around the room. “Who? Ilhard, Wyny?” As an afterthought, she adds, “Hily?”


“Not Vyncent?”

“Of course not!”

Elinzia thinks for a moment. Illhard, Wyny, and Hily were the guild’s primary field agents. Ausan works the casinos and Driffin sits behind a desk. While Elyn takes on assignments, she would never agree to work with Leira. Who did that leave? Suddenly, realization strikes Elinzia and she chances one last question.

“Is it me?”

Leira’s expression never changes. She just looks straight ahead as she utters a single word.


“Cool!” Elinzia sinks back in the settee, suddenly unconcerned about her idle hands.

That about wraps it up for this campaign in my Roses and Wyght universe. However, I don’t plan on this being the last. I have in mind at least two more major stories involving the main characters and a smaller story focusing on one of the side characters introduced in this latest adventure. That being said, it’ll be a while before I explore those tales. 

Later this week I’m hoping to post a Valentine’s themed one-shot, then I’m going to take a break from solo roleplaying for a few weeks to focus on other hobbies and interests, as well as catch up on reading some stories from my favorite roleplayers. When I come back, I’m want to explore a different game system and GM Emulator in a post-apocalyptic setting. Following that, I would like to revisit Kristopher, Sylralie, and the rest of Kage Gordain to continue their tale. 

Thank you for reading and I look forward to bringing you an enjoyable year of solo-roleplaying stories. And thanks to Mark for offering us a great community to share our stories with each other.

Terrence “Tev”
Nice job Teviko. (I enjoyed that scene with Naddie and Leira.)

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And thank you Tev for sharing your great stories.
Thanks. I’m glad you both enjoyed the campaign.

Jingo, the whole Leira’s compassion for the Wrecks storyline was a surprising twist that I enjoyed running with and really advanced her character. It was not something I had foreseen and was completely the result of the random encounter in Chapter 9, an encounter that was probably intended to be a straightforward mugging. You never know where random rolls might take you.

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