Love Sinks: A February/Valentines Dating Show Experience [Wretched & Alone]


Another group date. Ugh! It’s hard to have that intimate one-on-one connection with Nadreall, then share time with other guys. The good news, however, was that Freddy wasn’t on the date. The bad news . . . that meant he was going on a one-on-one. Grrrr!

Have you ever heard of Janice Helen Thompson . . . I meant before the show . . .  Neither had I. In fact, I doubt any of the guys knew who she was, but we all nodded and feigned excitement when Nadreall introduced the group to her.  She’s one of this decade’s top writers of romantic poetry, and that’s what this date was all about: love poems.  She gave us a brief workshop then sent us off to write our own poems for the Princess. When we finished we were asked to read them to her in front of the entire group . . . yeah, everyone was thrilled. Can you hear my sarcasm? But there was a bright side. The person who Janice and Nadre agreed wrote the best poem would win the opportunity to take the Princes to a place of our choosing for an impromptu one-on-one date.

Finally, a challenge I’m trained for . . .  No, I’m not a poet, but I do write for a living, which I should give me one up on the other guys. And this might be my own bias, but I think working in a mostly graphic medium has taught me to be a little more artistic and colorful than other forms of writing . . . You want to hear my poem? Okay.

  She's a vision, painted by the aquamarine sea,
  A stranger, uncertain of what the future might be.

  She seeks a hero for her journey to start,
  I'll be her guide with a Giant's true heart:

  Like the Wind, I will carry you to the ends of this earth,
  With a passion like a fire that burns in a hearth,

  I’ll shade you as a mountain from storms that may rage,
  And return you home safe beneath the waters and waves.

. . . Thank you. Yes, I did take inspiration from Golems. The giants and elements and all.  And it worked because, Yay, I won. I got to take Nadrea to a place of my choosing and I knew exactly where. She wants to see the world. I promised to show it to her. If I can’t take her in person, then I’d give her the next best thing. VirtuZone!

VirtuZone is like next-gen VR entertainment and not just some basic headset and gloves. First, they scan your body and create an avatar that looks just like you. Next, they fit you in a full-body haptic suit.  Real Ready Player One type stuff.  This was all new to Nadre. She had never heard of virtual reality and didn’t know what to expect. I took her rock climbing in the Grand Canyon, explored caves in South America, stood on the streets in New York City, and even took a stroll on the surface of the moon. She loved it and I think it sparked more of a desire in her to see the real things.

Inspired, Nadreall wanted to share a little bit of her world with me, so we pulled up an underwater ocean simulation. Then she surprised me by suggesting we go full mermaid and merman, with tails and everything. We swam through coral reefs and among shipwrecks. We played tag with a school of dolphins.  I couldn’t help myself. I swam right up to her and we kissed . . . Okay, actually, we bumped helmets. Talk about awkward. But we just took off the helmets and kissed for real. Magical! I literally felt electricity course through me. Ok, that could have been the haptic suit, but I’d rather think it was our connection . . . Of course, she gave me the date lotus at the end of the night. She’s it. She’s the one. I am definitely falling in love and I can’t wait to see where we go from here.

[Image: n4CQSTauQWz8DVrQC3mq3CsRq41bLYrDaRjtXs49...ME8A=w2400]
. . . And we kissed

The Rolls:

Draw: 1 Card

Two of Hearts: You won the chance to take the Heir out to a place of your choosing. Where do you take them and what do you do?

Token Roll: 1

<There have been significantly few draws that relate to the transformation (diamonds). If this were real, I would have expected the transformation to be further along by now. I’m expecting a week that has a lot of transforming soon.>



<I show off my skin that is beginning to take on a bluish tint.> You like my color. It just started setting in a few days ago.  I'm told it’s one of the side effects of the pills. That’s why all the Atlanteans’ skin has an aquamarine color . . . I find it very sexy on Nadreall. The only drawback is that some of my favorite clothes clash, especially the oranges and browns . . . I’m not sure what I’ll do with them yet. For now, I’ll hold on to them, just won’t wear them.  Wait until I get a second opinion from my friends and family . . . Oh, of course! If Nadreall likes them I’ll wear them every day. <laugh>

To be honest, I’m ready for this transformation to move a little faster. Many of the other guys are several steps ahead of me. In fact, I might be one of the last to get any of the procedures. Not sure what that means. Are the transformations happening in the order of Nadre’s preference? For instance, if she doesn’t choose you, you might not want to be a fish. In fact, you probably don’t. I hope that’s not the case. I like to think that I’m near the top of her list.

But being behind does have its advantages, the main being able to see how the transformation affects the others. Take the gills for example. Everyone had a really difficult time with that, probably the worst part of the transformation so far. When they tested the gills, they couldn’t figure out the breathing. Most still tried to breathe through their mouth and nose. I’m assuming due to habit? They would end up with a mouth full of water and having to surface real quick. Wayne was the scariest. The safety crew had to drag him from the pool and give him mouth-to-mouth. So, knowing this, I did a little research to figure out ahead of time how gills work and when it was my time to get in the pool, I took to it right away. I did have one false start, but soon got the hang of it and was swimming back and forth completely underwater. I enjoyed it so much that after about 30 minutes they practically had to force me from the pool to get ready for the date.

The transformation is making me think of life in a new way. I came across this photo on my phone. <I show the producer the picture. It’s of me in my bedroom back home. The only item of note for this scene is a small aquarium on my dresser.> It made me think of my fish. I’ve never been much of a pet person . . . I like animals, but I always seem to have so much going on that I don't need the added responsibility of taking care of a dog or cat. Fish, however, is easy. Pretty much feed ‘em and let ‘em be. When I wanted to relax or just give my mind a break I would sit on my bed and watch them swim around. When I saw this picture, after getting out of the pool, I realized I might soon be living in their world. Much bigger, of course, but swimming underwater, like you’re in space. Would life be easier . . . harder? If I took them with me and let them out, would they stay with me or just swim off . . . Oh yeah, they would certainly swim off. I’m no fool. But, it’s fun to think about having a fish friend, you know, like Flounder . . . You don’t know Flounder? The little mermaid? Hmm, not a Disney fan, I guess.

. . . I guess you’re talking about Freddy? Yeah, that was one heck of a shake-up. He said something that really upset the Princess . . . Obviously, I don’t know all the details, but when he left the room for his time with Nadre, a couple of the other guys approached me to tell me what he said to them. Apparently, he believed the only reason I was on the show and wanted to win -- his words, not mine -- was to see Atlantis and get story ideas for the comic. It was his intention to share his suspicions with Nadreall. I guess he was trying to get me kicked off the show . . . Was there any truth to it? Well, in a way, but not how he thinks. Several of us were sitting around talking about what we were most excited to see or curious about Atlantis. Matt R likes to study cultures, so he wants to see how the Atlanteans live. Leon is a real beachgoer, so living in the water is really attractive to him. For me, it was having a new experience that may inspire my writing. While I was sharing this, Freddy walked into the room. All he heard was my part of the conversation and not all the background leading up to it. Either he misunderstood what I was saying, or he’s just a BEEP and wants to bad mouth me to Nadreall to turn her against me.

. . . Oh, yes! I was very concerned, but then he came storming into the room with Nadreall close on his heels, yelling at him things about being self-centered and arrogant. Freddy kept going out the front door. The last thing Nadre yelled was, “By the way, you look like BEEP in blue!” <snicker> Then she walked into the living room, clearly upset, and talked to all of us. “I am curious about the surface world,” she said. “I want to know how you live and what you’ve created. And I would expect that all of you would be equally curious about my world. In fact, if you aren’t, I don’t understand why you are here. This is a commitment. To me, to my people. I’m looking for a mate. And Atlantis is a part of me. You can’t accept me without accepting my home. Any of you who would condemn or criticize another for wanting to embrace Atlantis and make it A part of themselves just doesn’t get it and aren’t worthy to be welcomed by me or my family. If that’s any of you, if anyone feels ashamed to come to Atlantis, you can leave right now. I don’t need you wasting my time.” Then she left. I hate seeing her upset, but at the moment, I was more thrilled that Freddy was gone.

The Show:

Several minutes before the confrontation Darin discusses in this confessional, Freddy and Nadreall are having a one-on-one conversation while sitting on a sofa in another room. Early on in the conversation, Freddy brings up a “concern” he has about one of the other contestants. The Princess urges him to reveal more, at which point he says he doesn’t believe Darin (You) are here for the right reasons. The only reason you are on the show is to gather ideas for your graphic novel and use this show to promote it.  Nadreall nods her head and appears to contemplate what was said before responding.

Nadreall: First of all, thank you for your concern and for having the courage to tell me this. Actually, Darin and I have already discussed his novels and how he gets inspiration for his stories. He may have already been thinking about using Atlantis in his stories, but I think I was the first to bring up the idea of him using my home for a storyline.

Freddy: Oh. Really?

Nadreall: Yes. I am excited that he wants to learn about my home and share it with others. Do you have any interest in where I come from?

Freddy: Uh, of course. I want to know you. I want to know your home. I’m very interested.

Nadreall: Are you sure? Do you know anything about me? What’s my sister’s name? Or my mother’s for that matter?

Freddy: Uh, uh . . .

Nadreall: Where did I like to play as a child? What do I love most about living in the ocean?

Freddy: I know those things. I’ve been listening to you. I just don’t remember right now, we’ve talked about a lot.

Nadreall: Yes, we have. But you wouldn’t have known any of those answers even if you were listening because you never ask anything about my life. All you want to talk about is yourself, what you do, what accomplishments you’ve made.

Freddy: Of course I talk about myself. You’re looking for a partner. Isn’t knowing more about me important if you are going to choose me as your husband?

Naderall: That’s it right there. Choosing you as my husband. Everything you say comes across as you are trying to convince me about how good a husband you’d make. What makes a good relationship is knowing about each other and you don’t seem to want to know anything about me, except how pretty I am, or how amazing a person I am, or how great a kisser I am.

Freddy: <impish smile> Well, you are.

Nadreall: <totally oblivious to his charms> And if you think that I don’t know about your dislike of Darin, Matt, and several of the others, you are sadly mistaken. I hear bits and pieces here and there. How no one is as good as you. The other guys are basically little boys, not men. “The Princess knows she’s in the presence of Greatness whenever I walk in the room.” You are arrogant, egotistical, and done here. It’s time you leave.

To emphasize this, Nadreall points to the door. Freddy, looking disgusted, gets up and leaves which leads to the events previously described in Darin’s confessional.

<Note: The above scene would almost never happen on our real life dating shows. Instead, the Bachelor or Bachelorette would trust everything they are being told, possibly go to the other person to get their side of the story, then be utterly confused over who to believe because they never take the next logical step which is talking to the other contestants in order to verify who is telling the truth.>

The Rolls:

Draw: 6 Cards

Two of Spades: While rearranging items in your contestant room, you find a picture of a pet. You suddenly realize they won't be able to join you under the sea. How does that feel?

Five of Clubs: The film crew caught another contestant talking trash about you to the Heir. They look upset and leave the room quickly. What did they say and was it honest? Roll for balloons. 3 Down to 12 balloons.

Ace of Diamonds: Your body reacts positively to one of the changes, causing it to go smoother than expected.
Set this card aside. On any subsequent Diamond card, you may choose not to roll for balloons and instead discard this card.

Two of Diamonds: After daily doses of small pills, your skin tone takes on a bluish tint. Some of your old clothes look awkward against it. Do you get rid of them? Roll for balloons. 2  Down to 10 balloons

Four of Diamonds: Some of the other contestants are changing more quickly than you are. Do you feel left behind? Roll for balloons. 5 (use one of my hearts to cancel this roll) Still at 10 balloons.

Ace of Clubs: This episode provided the audience with a redemption arc for you and improved their interest in you as a person. (In case it isn't clear, I presented this as Naderall not falling for Freddy's antics and kicking him off the show.)
If you have already drawn the King of Clubs, you may shuffle it back into the deck.

Token Roll: 6 Remove one token.   9 Remaining.


We’re down to the final eight. Let’s see, there’s Wayne, Eddie, Cedric, Leon, both Matts, Geraldo, and myself. All of us get along pretty well. We’re like a band of brothers. We’ve gone through transformations together. We’ve experienced the ups and downs of this whole process. We’re tight. Friends for life . . . Oh no, that doesn’t mean we’ll be fine if Nadre picks one of the other guys. Love is war! <I chuckle, exposing my words as feigned aggression.> Seriously, we each have our own relationship and any of us would be devastated to be let go.

This week we flew to Greece and were all invited to a dinner with the royal family . . . No, not all twenty-seven brothers and sisters. Just the King and Queen who traveled to the Mediterranean specifically for this event. Also, since we’ve had plenty of time to adjust to breathing underwater, that’s where the dinner was held: underwater. Have you ever tried to eat underwater? I guess not. It’s not easy. Food keeps wanting to float off the fork.

Having had a formal dinner with the Princess already, I had a leg up on the rest of the group. I think several of them made the same faux pas I did at that first dinner, drawing unapproving glances from the court. But that passed and the conversations began. King Olkin Benbani was happy to answer questions about Atlantis and engage in friendly chit-chat. Queen Fenae, however, was much more direct. It was clear that her concern was solely Atlantis and how this relationship with the surface will benefit them.

She asked each suitor what they have to offer Atlantis. Not what they had to offer her daughter, but Atlantis. Several explained how they would care for the Princess anyway and try to make her happy. Each time the Queen would respond, that’s nice, but how will you contribute to our city? Wayne is a geologist, so he offered his services to analyze the ocean bottom around the city. Geraldo, the architect, could help with new buildings or renovations once he studied their style. To be honest, the Queen didn’t seem very impressed and several times I noticed King Olkin place his hand on her arm . . . I assumed it was some unspoken signal for her to be patient or friendly.

When she got to me, I was honest. I told her I was interested in learning about her home and had the means to help tell their story to the world, but what I was most excited about was fulfilling Nadreall’s dream of traveling the surface world. I told her I could take her to see ancient ruins, national parks, big cities, small towns, even a trip on a plane, something the Princess couldn’t even conceive of before being on the show. Seems that was a bit too much for Queen Fanae. She said that certainly was not going to happen and accused me of being a bad influence for encouraging the Princess's wandering thoughts. She reminded me that Atlantis had withdrawn hundreds of years ago to escape the surface world’s corruption and the city has survived and thrived by keeping itself secret. The only reason she allowed Nadreall to do this show is to build positive public relations with the surface for the purpose of future trade. Atlantis’ has no intentions of integrating with surface society and she wasn’t going to allow me or anyone to make attempts at luring any Atlantean away from the city. You want to know something really crazy? She cited the surface “historian” Hans Christian Andersen and his account of the “Little Mermaid” as an example of the danger to anyone lusting after the surface world . . . I know. I tried to tell her but she just refused to listen.

That’s about when Nadreall had enough of it. She shot up . . . floated up? . . . from her seat and let her Mom have it. <Impersonating Nadreall, and rather poorly, I might add.> “Enough, Mother! I will not have you demonizing my friends like that. You might think it’s best for us to only be concerned about what the surface people can give us, but frankly, that’s selfish and self-centered. The surface is an amazing place and I think every Atlantean should see it.” The Queen started to speak, but Nadre cut her off. “I know. I’m your daughter and I will mind what I say. Well, you have twenty-seven other children who can mind you. You don’t need me!”

And with that, Nadreall stormed off.

The Queen was speechless. I was doing all I could to keep from laughing, though in the back of my mind I was concerned that she would put an end to the whole thing and I would never see Nadre again. King Olkin was doing his best to calm his wife but took the time to release us from the table. I glanced at Wayne, Eddie, and Matt R and motioned that we should try to find the Princess. I think Geraldo also tagged along . . . I don’t know. They were still at the table when we left. Either they were too in shock over what had just happened, or perhaps they’re rethinking everything. Who wants that for a mother-in-law?

We found Nadre sitting in a circle of coral, crying. We joined her and apologized for upsetting her parents. She assured us that the only person we upset was her mother -- she could tell her Father liked us -- and it was her who needed to apologize. Her mother is out of touch with the modern world, she explained. The Queen thinks separation keeps Atlantis safe, but that is exactly what’s destroying it. They are depleting their resources, which is why they needed to make contact with the surface in the first place. Their culture and advancements have stagnated compared to the rest of the world. In Nadreall’s opinion, her mother is being foolish. But, she is a princess and has responsibilities, even as the youngest and, as some might say, the least significant, and despite what Nadre said at the table, ultimately she will have to go home. She just hopes she can gradually change her mother’s mind.

The Rolls:

Draw: 1 Card

King of Hearts: While having a formal meal with the Heir’s parents, the Queen of Atlantis becomes openly critical of you and the influence you're having on the Heir. Who immediately leaves the table? Why? (What’s the Queen’s beef? Q.C. Break/Success  Atlantis has had a successful record of keeping itself safe through a policy of separation. Concern that breaking that policy too much will cause Atlantis’ downfall.)
Do not discard this card. Set it to the side. If this is the final King drawn of all four Kings,
the Heir admits you were never a good choice and eliminates you from the remaining
contestants. The game is over.

Token Roll: 4


. . . That’s an understatement. This was a horrible week. First, we had that dinner with the Princess’ parents, and then this last photo shoot. I should have seen it coming . . .

Okay, let me go back a bit. There were two one-on-ones and a group date. Wayne and Leon got the one-on-one’s, which meant the rest of us were on the group date. We were taken to the set of a Greek television game show. It was a trivia-based competition and we were split into two teams. Matt R, Eddie, and myself on one. Matt P, Geraldo, and Cedric on the other. Nadreall took over for the host and quizzed us about the ocean and sea creatures. Turns out, I’m not that well versed on ocean trivia. I couldn’t tell the difference between a porpoise and a dolphin. I had no idea what Norfolk Canyon was. I couldn’t even name five types of coral . . . Yeah, our team lost and it was probably due to me. I missed the most questions of anyone. But, I’m not surprised. Besides being ocean illiterate, I was concerned about Nadreall. She seemed very distracted. She wasn’t her usual cheerful self. She lost her place with the cue cards several times. The next day we had a promotional photoshoot and I was hoping to discuss things with her.

The photo shoot was at the underwater ruins of Pavlopetri, a sunken city just off the southern tip of Greece. Before the shoot, however, we were all to meet the Princess at her cottage and be shuttled over together. When we arrived at the cottage, the crew was doing some last-minute cleaning and carrying out some trash. That’s when things started going downhill. Poking out the top of a trash bag I saw the corner of Issue #1 of Golems. Before the show, we were asked to send the Princess a gift that would give her some insight into who we are. Naturally, I sent her a copy of the first issue of my brother’s and my comic. Now I’m watching that gift be thrown away. I didn’t know what to think. Was this an accident? Are her feelings for me not as strong as I thought? Either way, I felt it was rather inconsiderate to just throw away my gift.

We finally get to go inside and, since we’d been waiting for a while, I needed to use the restroom. I was peeking around looking for the room when I walked past Nadre’s bedroom. I could see a picture of Wayne sitting on the dresser and at first, I thought that was cute. She must have had all our pictures. But quickly I realized that I didn’t see any others. I stepped inside the room just in case they were out of view, but nope. Just Wayne. Has she already made her decision? Should I just go home? What’s the point? Right then I made up my mind to ask her about it later.

Pavlopetri itself was amazing. Mostly it was just the stones and blocks in the sand, but there were some structures that were partially still intact, a few walls here and there. Throughout the shoot, I could tell something was up with Nadre. She was subdued, like at the game show. Still not her usual outgoing self. This day was turning into a real mystery and I was going to get to the bottom of it.

[Image: V2xcwbO7D6thjgDMP9YNjYP1PWbNleROVy1lH6TA...KaBw=w2400]

After the shoot, I had some time to pull Nadreall aside and ask her what was going on. She tried to brush it off but I wasn’t letting her off the hook. Finally, she admitted that the dinner with her parents earlier in the week brought her some clarity. As much as she would like to live her own life, she is a member of the Royal Family and, as such, has certain responsibilities. Yes, the original plan was just as her mother said, to use the show as a means to build bridges with the surface world. If Nadre could actually find a mate that could benefit Atlantis, that would be a plus. It wasn’t until she actually explored our world for herself and learned about each of the guys that Nadre grew more and more enthralled by our world. Ultimately, however, her life was back in Atlantis.

Needless to say, I was hurt by what she said and a bit angry that she would abandon her dreams. I asked about my comic and Wayne’s picture. She explained that of all the men, the Queen actually liked Wayne, or at least his geological knowledge. So, when her parents came to visit her in her cottage, Nadreall put out Wayne’s picture to appease her mother. She claimed that she hadn’t made up her mind yet, but was tired of defending us to her mother and thought the Queen would fuss less if she believed Nadre was primarily interested in Wayne. Nadre meant to remove the picture before we arrived, but it slipped her mind.

The comic, however, was intentional. Regardless of how she felt, Nadre knew that she couldn’t choose me. Her parents -- sorry -- her mother wouldn’t approve and I wouldn’t be happy not being able to travel the world with her. She had to start distancing herself from me and getting rid of anything that reminded her of me was the first step. That is when things really went south, as if they hadn’t already.

I lost my cool. I criticized her mother, calling her selfish, old-fashioned . . . cruel, I think. I suggested that she was keeping the Princess prisoner. Then I lashed out at Nadreall, calling her weak. How could she let her mother destroy her dreams and ruin her life? I suggested Nadre was choosing to waste her life and even said, “I guess you really had me fooled. I believed you were a strong woman who was going to follow her own path. Not your mother’s.” 

Well, there are a couple things. First of all, regardless of what Queen Ferea might say or do, she is Nadreall’s mother and the one thing you don’t do is criticize someone’s mother to their face. But more importantly, you don’t criticize someone directly to their own face, especially if you are hoping to have a relationship with that person. The Princess simply cut me off and told me it was time for me to leave. As she escorted me to the limo-sub I could see some of the other guys staring at us. I was loud and I’m sure they heard a lot of the argument. Before we parted, Nadre and I did have a quick hug, though it was cold and more of a formality.

Crazy thing is, I’m still in love with her. Those feelings just don’t go away. I’m going to miss her and I really hope she gets to see more of the surface world someday.

Exit Interview in the Limo-Sub:

Well BEEP. I really BEEPed that up, didn’t I?  I guess that's what I get for being loyal. I stood up for her. I made sure to honor her wishes and dreams. What did it get me? A sub ride home.

I’ve always let my fears keep me from getting close to someone. What if I do or say the wrong thing? What if they think I’m too nerdy? They’re so attractive, why would they want to be with someone like me. Finally, I was able to break through and make some real connections with Nadre. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but this was the closest relationship that I’ve ever had with someone . . . romantically, I mean. <eyes begin to water> I should have kept my mouth shut and went with the flow. I knew what I was getting into, right? She’s a Princess. Why did I think that she would leave that all behind? I’m so stupid!

Not only did I lose the girl, but I’m going to miss out on Atlantis and all those experiences could have meant for the comic. Yes, I know that must sound selfish, but I don’t care. I’m just so . . . I just have all kinds of emotions right now. I’m not thinking straight. I’m just ready to go home.

. . . So where do I go from here?  I’m not sure. <I look at my hands and arms, then look toward the front of the sub> Hey, do any of you guys know where I can get my old skin back?

The Show:

In preparation for Darin’s exit, this episode was edited in a way that focused on his most negative interactions. The game show segment focused mainly on Darin and his horribly wrong answers.  Some confessional excerpts that were used included, “I missed the most questions . . .  I’m not that well versed on ocean trivia . . . our team lost . . . due to me.”

None of the time at Nadreall’s cottage was aired, so viewers never saw the discarded comic or the picture of Wayne.  Additionally, any reference to those items in Darin’s conversation with Nadre or his confessional was left out of the show, so viewers did not have any of this context as they watched Darin lose his cool with the princess. Nadreall’s decision to stay in Atlantis was mentioned but glossed over. Darin’s critique of the Queen was edited to sound like they were actually critiques of the Princess. Primarily, the most insulting of Darin’s comments were shown.  “You had me fooled . . . I thought you were a strong woman . . . you’re weak . . . selfish . . . cruel.”  And from the confessional: “The Princess cut me off . . . and escorted me to the limo-sub . . . How could she . . . Nadre . . . was cold.” Nothing about Darin still being in love with the Princess.

And from the limo-sub ride: “Well BEEP . . . I guess that's what I get for being loyal . . . I’m embarrassed to . . . think that she would leave that all behind . . .  I’m going to miss out on Atlantis and all those experiences could have meant for the comic . . . I should have kept my mouth shut . . . I’m so stupid! . . .do any of you guys know where I can get my old skin back?”

The Rolls:

Draw: 4 Cards

Three of Clubs: Contestants were split into teams and pitted against each other with trivia questions about the ocean and sea creatures. The Heir provided the questions. Your team scored the worst. Whose fault was it? Roll for balloons.  5 (Use A of diamonds to ignore roll) 10 balloons remaining.

Five of Hearts: The Heir goes with you to a photo shoot for the show. Later, you notice they have a photo with another contestant displayed in their room. How do you react? Roll for balloons 4  Six Balloons remaining.

Nine of Hearts: When the show began, you were allowed to send one gift to the Heir to share something about yourself. You discovered it today in the garbage. How did you react? Roll for balloons.  5  One balloon remaining.

King of Clubs: This episode casts you as the villain. No matter what you did, it was portrayed poorly and the audience responded in kind. Roll twice for balloons. 4 3  Do not discard this card. Set it aside. If this is the final King drawn of the four Kings, the Network has stepped in to remove you as a contestant. The game is over.  Doesn’t matter. My balloon roles have ended the game for me.


Gen. 1:9-10; Col. 1: 15-16  (What's this?)

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