Classic Fantasy Cyenannore (A Kage Gordain Story - Tunnels & Trolls)


        As it was most nights, The Hare’s House Inn was alive with patrons. The bar was lined with rowdy men and women regaling each other with their tales of great deeds (though most of them dealt with mundane tasks such as finding a great sale at the store, building a chair, and many other “adventures” that kept them within the walls of Baybrook.). Tables were filled with parties either sharing a meal and drinks or playing a hand of cards or dice. Amongst everyone strode lovely barmaids and dapper servant boys taking and fulfilling orders.

[Image: AIL4fc8z1ppfGtA4rnauRl1Ht-Nxa779KZ2ym9mj...d68s=w2400]
The Hare's House Inn

In a back corner, four figures sat at a round table. Kristopher and Dalen the dwarf sat across from each other, their hands filled with cards. Nen the halfling and Tozhug the Urook filled the remaining seats on either side.  On the table were more cards grouped into sets of various colors and pictures. At the adjoining table, the warrior woman Kelseen sat on her own.

“Do you have a tower?” Dalen asked, looking into Kris’ eyes.

Kris narrowed his own eyes, studying the dwarf.  Slowly, he plucked a card from his hand and passed it to his opponent.  Dalen took the card, thought a moment, then confidently pulled three cards from his hand and laid them on the table: a green sword, a blue circle, and the red tower he just received.  Immediately, he turned to the Urook, awaiting a response.

The Urook looked at the card, gave a grunt, and shook his head up and down while Dalen smiled in victory and Nen chuckled in excitement. Kris just sighed.

“You guys are idiots,” Kelseen commented from the other table before taking a drink of her ale. “Why are you humoring them with that stupid game?”

“You don’t like “Urook Hunt?” Nen asked.

“The game is just “Hunt” with stupid rules because you couldn’t teach Tozhug how to play.”

Kelseen wasn’t wrong. Nen created the card game a couple of weeks ago after trying to teach the Urook how to play. (See the Epilogue to Kage Gordain) The simple game required you to make matches of four cards, either of a single symbol with different colors or vice versa. Tozhug, however, often tried to play the wrong number or combination of cards.  When Nen attempted+ to correct him, Tozhug would get angry and insist the set was a valid play. Nen, being roughly a third of the size of the imposing giant, eventually gave in. Instead of being a spoil-sport, Nen created a game of it and was eager to teach it to his friends.

“Tozhug determines if your set of cards scores a point?” Kelseen continued. “For no rhyme or reason. Who would put their future in the hands of an Urook?”

The three stared back blankly, knowing that, as close friends and teammates, Kelseen has put her literal future in Tozhug’s capable hands many times.

“It’s the unknown . . . the anticipation that makes it exciting!” Nen tried to explain. “You need to try it!”

“Give me your swords,” Kris broke in, getting back to the game.

Dalen handed him two of his cards. Kris placed one in his hand and laid the other down with two additional cards that matched its green color: a square and a shield. 

“Naog!” Tozhug barked, shoving the cards back to Kris agitated.

[Image: AIL4fc_APo9rqt9XKRZYrugrFG9Hhx3tUCUnE_yP...U0FE=w2400]

“What do you mean ‘no’?” Kris yelled, jumping to his feet. “You let him play three. Are you bribing him, Dalen?”

Kelseen shook her head.  “I told you. Stupid!”

Just then, a young man in a serving apron approached the table and handed a note to Dalen. The dwarf thanked him and waved him off before opening the note and reading.

“This game will have to wait.  We being summoned . . . without delay.”

Kelseen finished the last of her mug and stood.  “C’mon Tozhug.  You and I will go first.”  The Urook followed the amber-haired woman across the room where they paused momentarily before entering a door to the tavern’s storeroom.  After a few minutes, Nen followed them.

“After you,” Dalen said to Kris when sufficient time had passed.

Kristopher got up from the table and, like the others, walked over to the door.  As he did, he glanced side to side to see who might be watching. His concern wasn’t someone harboring nefarious plans, but one of prudence. The storeroom door was not in direct sight of the main sitting room and its usage would rarely raise any suspicion, but several individuals entering one after another might spark someone’s curiosity.  Certain that no one was paying any attention, Kris grabbed the handle and nonchalantly walked through.

The room was nothing special as storerooms go.  Shelves lined the walls. Crates formed piles here and there. Corners were used to house barrels of all kinds of spirits. None of this interested the ex-outlaw. He walked past the wares and turned a corner. Along the furthest wall was a tall shelf that housed old worn-out supplies, like half-used candles, stained clothes, bent silverware, and dented mugs.  Kris approached the shelf and reached around the side.  His fingers found a latch and the unit pivoted forward, revealing a dark passageway.

The dark-haired man entered, pulled the shelf behind him, and continued down the tunnel that led to the basement below the Dragon’s Hoard Thrift Shop, the secret meeting room of the group of adventurers known as Kage Gordain.

A Kage Gordain Story

<This is a solo roleplay using the Tunnels & Trolls ruleset (primarily version 5, mixed with changes from later versions and homebrew additions. Basically, whatever works with my style and solo play.)  This chapter is mainly narrative.  Mechanics, along with notes and explanations of the gameplay, will begin in the next chapter.
This is a continuation from my previous campaign “Kage Gordain.” While not necessary, you may want to read that adventure here. >

[Scene 1]

The basement was dark, lit only by a few lanterns hanging from hooks around the room and a single candle sitting on a plain rectangular table located toward the front side of the room.  The table was sparse with only a few pages of parchment. In the wall behind the table was an opening that led to a stairway up to the thrift store.  To the right table, in the corner, stood a mirror. In front of it was a wire stand holding three orbs of different gemstones: a ruby, an emerald, and an amethyst.  With the stones, a person could use the magic mirror to contact others attuned to it, but currently, it sat dark and untouched.
Behind the desk stood Garlan Notliegh, the owner of the Dragon’s Hoard and organizer of Kage Gordain. Garlen was a pudgy man with stringy black hair and a thin goatee.  He was dressed in a mildly dirty shirt and rough pants, typical of what a working shop owner might wear.

Facing the table are a couple of rows of simple wooden chairs. In them sat most of the members of Kage Gordain: Dalen Dimflayer, Kelseen Havensorrow, Nen Goldmore, and Kristopher Miglward. At his usual place in the back of the room, near the tunnel entrance from the inn, stood the Urook Tozhug Maat. The only member missing from the group was Sylralei Lumnum.

“Welcome,” Garlan began. “Sorry to call you here so suddenly.”

Kris was a bit surprised that the meeting had begun without all members present. He took one more glance behind him to see if the attractive, platinum-haired elf had silently entered through the tunnel. He had only attended a few of these meetings, but, as the leader of the ground, Sylralei was always present.

Not seeing her, Kris turned back and scanned the room again.  That’s when he noticed the group wasn’t alone. Hidden by the shadows in the corner to the left of the table was a hooded figure.  This unknown person sat silently. Kris wondered if they might be a new member of the crew, but if so, why were they not seated with the rest and how come he had never heard of them?

[Image: AIL4fc_aoyu0I4CgAji2_CxuMHqFjg6OlWJSkztd...J3Gk=w2400]
Dark Hooded Figure

“Our next mission is a bit different in a couple of ways,” Garlan explained. “For starters, it is personal.  Second, the client is here.”

The mysterious figure stood and stepped out into the light, drawing a slight gasp from Nen who had not seen them previously.  They raised a hand and pulled back the grey hood to reveal their face. 

The group stared questioningly into Sylralei’s eyes.

“Good evening,” she began, taking over the meeting. “I have decided to return home to Cyenannore. The journey can take more than two weeks and, while well it is mostly along well-used roads, circumstances can be unpredictable.  For that reason, I am hiring Kage Gordain to accompany me. Those of you joining me will be Dalen, Nen, and Kristopher.

“We shall leave at first light the day after next. That gives everyone tomorrow to gather supplies and make final arrangements. This journey has no special missions or additional information you need to know. It is a straightforward escort mission.”

Kristopher knew little about Cyenannore. Like most people, all he really knew about the town was that it existed primarily to support the Academy of Magic, from which the town took its name. Technically, the Academy provided a full education, but magic was its selling point and almost no one attended Cyenannore unless they were training to be a magician.

“Wow! I’m finally going to see the Academy!” Nen perked up. “How long are we staying?”

“The rest you may return once we have arrived,” Syl told them. “The next day if you want. I will be staying. My plans are to assist my father with the school.”

“What do you mean will be staying?” Kelseen asked suspiciously. “I thought you were running away from your father?”

“Over the past few months, I have realized that the Academy is where I belong. It is the  best way for me to develop and use my talents.”

“Galen! You are allowing this?” Dalen asked, searching for some reason.

“I know it’s sudden, but Syl and I have discussed this and, while I hate to see her go, it would be worse for me to insist she stay. She’s made up her mind and we all need to accept it.”

“Enough!” Syl called. “It’s getting late and we have preparations to make.  Thank you, Galen. This meeting is adjourned.”

With her final words, the elf turned from the group and retreated back to the corner where she was joined by Galen.

The group was stunned. The team was full of questions but knew better than to ask Syl when she was as direct and determined as she was now.  There would be time later, tomorrow or, most likely, during the journey.  One by one, each person stood and left out the passageway in the rear of the room.

Everyone, except Kelseen. Once the others had left, she stood and walked over to Sylralei and Galen.

“Am I not skilled enough to protect you?” she asked, the question more challenge than curiosity.

“I’ve made my choice,” Sylralei responded.

“I’m perfectly capable.  You just don’t want me with you!”

“Don’t be silly. I’m not going to leave Galen alone without someone to handle the jobs.”

“Any of us can do that. It’s me! Admit it.”

“Now ladies,” Galen interrupted. “I’m sure it’s nothing personal . . . “

“Galen!” Both Syl and Kel turned on their benefactor, but it was Syl who finished the thought. “You can leave.”

“But . . . “


Knowing that further debate would amount to nothing, Galen headed up the stairs to his shop. Once he was gone, Sylralei resumed the discussion.

“If you must know, Dalen is obviously positioned to become the team’s leader. It only makes sense that I use this journey to prepare him for this new role. Nen is young and eager to learn.  I thought he might pick up some pointers from a trip to the Academy. He can’t afford, nor have the status, to attend, but he can certainly talk to some of the professors and students and accelerate his knowledge of magic.”

“And Kristopher?” Kel asked. “Why his sword over mine? Is it more than just protection?  Does Ilmis have plans for the both of you?”  This last comment was a reference to the Ilmis, the Lady of Light, God of Life. As a child, Kelseen was brought up to worship the deity, a belief she has held onto with great passion.

“Your superstitions mean nothing to me. Kris is new and needs the experience. That’s all!”

“So you say, but your anger tells another story.”

Sylralei glowered back, not saying a word.  The two women stared at each other, unspeaking and unblinking. Eventually, Syl slumped her shoulders, let out a sigh, and turned away.

“What are you running from, Sly?” Kel asked. “You are . . . were confident and cocky. You don’t run. Except, of course, from your father . . . who surprisingly you want to return to now. You’re not making sense.”

“Confidence. Pshew” Sylralei expressed. “You were closer with cocky.  Shemar is dead because of me. I nearly got us all killed on Crossbones Island. Who knows how many close calls or injuries people have sustained because I threw caution to the wind? I am a danger to this team, possibly to myself. If your god is real, maybe she’s telling me I’d be better behind the Academy’s large ivory doors where my actions affect no one.”

Kelseen took a moment to respond.  “Do you really believe that?”

Sylralei didn’t answer.  Instead, she turned to head up the stairs.

“Are you not even going say goodbye?”

Syl turned back to Kel. “You’re probably glad I’m going.  You hate me.”

“You frustrate me.  I question your morals. But I don’t hate you.”  The warrior paused before continuing. “I . . . respect you. In fact, sometimes I consider you a friend . . . after Tozhug, of course.”

Syl let a brief smile escape her lips. “In that case, maybe it’s good I’m leaving. There’s no possibility I will kill you, too.”

With that, the elf wizard continued up the stairs, leaving Kelseen alone in the dimly lit cellar.

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CHAPTER 2: Early Troubles

System: Tunnels & Trolls 
Tools: d30 Sandbox Companion ; LitRPG Reads ; 

<Author’s Note: For this campaign, I will be using the Tunnel & Trolls rule system.  Since I have used this system already in my previous Kage Gordain campaign I will not spend much time explaining the rules, other than give a quick TL: DR version. However, if you are interested in learning more, please check out my prior campaignIt’s also a good background for this campaign.

I am actually playing a hybrid version of Tunnel & Trolls.  Starting with version 5 of the game, I modified it using updated rules and clarifications found in several quick-start guides and other references. Of course, I’ve also come up with several homebrew rules, primarily to accommodate solo play and better facilitate my gameplay/storytelling style.

I expect much of this adventure will be a hexcrawl.  Generally, each day the party will be able to travel 3-4 hexes on my map (adjusted up or down due to distractions and events). For each hex, I will randomly determine what major thing(s) they find or encounter. To determine this I will be using the extensive hexcrawl mechanics found in the d30 Sandbox Companion.

For each hex, I will roll for natural features or phenomena, settlements, and encounters.  After figuring out if the party runs into anything of note, the tables can then be used to fill out the details. I will consider these results guidelines only, feeling free to adjust (or disregard) as necessary to best fit in with the flow or logic of the adventure.

One last word before I start. I am going back to to use as my oracle and primary answer/description generator.


Sylralei Lumnum - Lvl 2 Female Elven Wizard
STR: 12  CON: 19
DEX: 12  SPD: 8
INT: 15  WIZ: 26
LCK: 15  CHA: 20  Total Personal Adds: 3
WEAPONS: Magic Quarterstaff (2 dice, reduces WIZ cost for spells); Bich’wa Dagger (2 dice + 3)
ARMOR: Blue Leather w/Silver highlights, custom fitting (6 Hits); +1 Cloak
      (1 Hit)
TALENTS: Balance (+1 DEX); Marksmanship (3 pt. bonus to missile attacks);
          Well-Connected(Might know someone who can help in certain
LANGUAGES: Elven, Common, Serpentine, Simian
SPELLS: (LVL 1)Detect Magic, Lock Tight, Will-O-Wisp, Knock Knock, Oh There
        It Is, Take That You Fiend, Vorpal Blade, Oh go Away, Teacher,
        Hocus Pocus (LVL 2) Poor Baby, Magic Fangs, My Wish Your Command,

Dalen Dimflayer - Lvl 2 Male Dwarven Rogue
STR: 23  CON: 20
DEX: 13  SPD: 7
INT: 14  WIZ: 6
LCK: 17  CHA: 9  Total Personal Adds: 17
WEAPONS: Broad Axe (4 dice); +1 Sax Dagger (2 dice + 5 + 1[magic])
ARMOR: Scale Mail (8 Hits); Target Shield (4 Hit)
TALENTS: Roguery (+4 INT); Literary Knowledge (+4 INT); 
          Well-Connected (Might know someone who can help.)
LANGUAGES: Dwarven, Common, Trollish
SPELLS: (LVL 1)Oh go Away


Kristopher Miglward - Lvl 2 Male Human Rogue (Outlaw)
STR: 17  CON: 20
DEX: 13  SPD: 12
INT: 12  WIZ: 10
LCK: 17  CHA: 14  Total Personal Adds: 11
WEAPONS: Scimitar (4 dice); 2 Dirks (2 dice + 1)
ARMOR: Leather (6 Hits)
TALENTS: Roguery (+4 LCK); Endurance (+4 CON); Search (+4 INT)
SPELLS: (LVL 1)Oh There It Is


Nen Goldmore - Lvl 1 Male Halfling Wizard
STR:  6  CON: 14
DEX: 11  SPD: 8
INT: 14  WIZ: 171114  Total Personal Adds: 6
WEAPONS: Dirk (2 dice + 1); Sling (2 dice, 100 yds)
ARMOR: Leather (6 Hits)
TALENTS: Ambidextrous (Ignore DEX for the second weapon; Nightsighted (can see in
LANGUAGES: Common, Halfling, Ursine (bears, wolves)
SPELLS: LVL 1)Detect Magic, Lock Tight, Will-O-Wisp, Knock Knock, Oh There
        It Is, Take That You Fiend, Vorpal Blade, Oh go Away, Teacher,
        Hocus Pocus>

[Scene 1]

The next day Sylralei and the party prepared for the journey.  Weapons were sharpened.  Armor and clothes were patched. Kage Gordain’s supplies were perused.

<Everyone is starting with healing potions, but since I don’t know how many potions the organization has, I asked how many each adventure be able to take. “Who has 2 healing potions?” (Likely)
Syl: Yes…and.  She has 3
Kris: Yes…and. He has 3
Dalen: Yes + event (Intolerant/Emotions)
Nen: Yes + event (Truce/Randomness)>

[Scene 2]

The following morning the day was clear and without a cloud in the sky <per d30 companion>. Then four adventurers going on the journey, as well as Garlen and Tozhug, gathered just inside Baybrook’s northern gate. Garlen typically didn’t make a special show of seeing the group off on missions, however, this time was different.  He was saying goodbye to one of their members. In fact, he had come to treat Sylralei as a daughter, and now this might be the last time he ever spoke to her.

“Where’s Kelseen?” Kris said to Dalen as they gave Garlen and Sylralei some privacy. “Isn’t she coming to say goodbye?”

“I think she’s a bit pissed. Syl just sprung this on us.”

“But Tozhug is here.”

“The two are close, but they’re not inseparable. Tozhug didn’t come with us to Crossbones Island.”

“No,” Kris agreed. “But that was a job. This is . . . well, this is the last time Kel might get to see Syl.”

“She’s hard-headed. . . and stubborn.”  <resolution of event Intolerant/Emotions>

With farewells complete, the travelers mounted their horses and started off through the city gates.

<Below is the starting map for the journey.  The map came from the fantasy world generator found on Donjon. [] I had an idea of the general shape of the land’s coast and browsed the options on the site until I found something that worked. I added Baybrook’s location and the main path to Cyenannore.  Additional features (roads, locations, names, etc.) may be added as the campaign goes on. As mentioned above, a single day’s uninterrupted journey will cover 3-4 hexes.>

[Image: AIL4fc8OJaQxIWzjhRCIcKbyZOa9fE4I12x-M0u5...RjdM=w2400]

Sylralei led the group.  Next to her rode Dalen.  This was by design. As next in seniority, Dalen would be taking over Sylralei’s role as leader of the group, unofficial as it was. They planned on using the travel time to discuss Kage Gordain and the transition process. A small ways back rode Kristopher and the halfling Nen. They weren’t far enough to get separated, but they did leave enough distance so that their own conversation wouldn’t disturb the elf and dwarf. <resolved the event Truce/Randomness.  “Truce” to mean that Kris and Nen can build their friendship. “Randomness” to mean adding order to why they are riding in each position.  To be honest, this was a lazy resolution as I had already considered this order.

Hex check: Nothing for Features or settlement. Attacked by 3 individuals.>

Barely a mile from the gate, they rounded some trees and were out of sight of the city walls. A rope (hidden under the dirt of the road) snapped up taught right in front of Syl and Dalen and pulled back. The two were caught off-guard as the rope tightened against their chests and dragged them back off their mounts. <L2SR DEX,  Syl: 3 (automatic fail under 5)  Dalen: 10+13Dex=23 fail>

Out from hiding among the trees alongside the road stepped three human individuals. Two of them were armed with bows and had them drawn and trained on Kris and Nen, who were still on their horses.  The third man stood between and slightly in front of the other two.  He had a roughened face and was a bit more muscular.  He did not hold a weapon but had his hand ready on the hilt of a sword hanging from his belt.

“Good day, travelers,” he said, mainly addressing Syl and Dalen who were still on the ground.  “I am so glad to see you out for a ride today, but I must inform you that this road requires a toll to be collected for its use.”

“What are you talking about?” Dalen asked. “This is not a toll road.”

“I am sorry, you must be mistaken,” the bandit continued.  “This road has gotten pretty dangerous and extra funds are required to keep the county’s citizens safe.” His mouth turned up in a conspiratory grin. “If the four of you would kindly pay the 20 gold coins a head we will be happy to let you go on your way . . . unharmed.  Otherwise, my friends and I might just have to rough it out of you.”

“Don’t be an idiot,” Sylralei said. “You are not a tax collector and we are not fools. There are four of us . . . trained in fighting, by the way . . . and only three of you.  Your best move here is to just step back and let us leave.” <L3SR CHA (30): 5+20CHA=25  Fail>

The man laughed.  “Girl. We would cut you down before you stood up.” He drew his sword from its sheath and the other two pulled their bowstrings a little tighter. “Now you be smart and pay up!”

Suddenly, Nen spoke up, addressing the bandit leader. “I think you should listen to the woman. She knows what she is talking about. Listen and Oh Go Away!”

<”Oh Go Away” is a spell that allows the user to make the victim leave.  To adjust the spell for solo play I roll a d6 for each, adjusted for the following comparison. The combined IQ, Luck, and Charisma of the caster is compared to the same stats for the defender or their Monster Rating (MR), whichever is appropriate.  If their totals are greater than 2 points apart, the higher total gets additional dice based on how much greater their total is.  Each person’s highest die is compared. If the caster wins, the victim is turned.

Nen and the bandit are close enough that each only roll 1 die.  N: 6  Bandit: 1.  Nen wins>

The bandit leader looked at Nen and Kris on their horses, then at Syl and Dalen slowly getting to their feet. He let out a grunt as he turned and walked back to the hiding place among the bushes, resheathing his sword.  The two bowmen, having noticed the leader turn, glanced at each other questioningly.  They quickly turned back to the two on the horses -- a warning to stay in their place -- then looked back to their leader. One of them offered a shrug, then lowered his bow and followed the leaving man.  The second took one quick look back at Nen before doing the same. <Do the bowmen follow? (Likely) Yes>

Syl got to her feet.  “Quick.  Let’s go.”

She and Dalen mounted their horses and the four of them trotted down the road before Nen’s spell wore off.

[Scene 3]

<Hex check: Nothing for Features or settlement. Encounter came up positive for another attack, but for variety, I decided to use one of the encounter tables found at LitRPG Reads.>

“That sure helped us out back there,” Kris said to Nen and they rode along. The four settled back into the same order they rode in as they left Baybrook, with Sylralei and Dalen at the head and Kris and Nen a little ways back.

“You’d be surprised how many times a successful ‘Oh Go Away’ spell can avoid a horrible disaster. I used it many times against my classmates when I was younger.”

“Younger? Do you come from a family of wizards?” To date, most of Kristopher's conversations with Nen were superficial.  If they weren’t about Kage Gordain business, they were little more than small talk about daily life. Now with nothing but time on their hands, it gave Kris a good opportunity to learn a lot more about the halfling.

“Oh no,” Nen said.  “In fact, my dad couldn’t do a simple coin trick without someone spotting the gold piece tucked in his palm.”

“Then why magic?”

“Necessity, of course!  You see, when I was growing up in school . . . Hey! What’s that?”

Without finishing his thought, Nen kicked his horse forward to catch up to Dalen and Syl.  They had stopped by the side of the road and were peering down at a heap on the side of the road.

“What’d you find?” Nen asked as he rode up.”

“Not sure,” Dalen admitted as he slid off his horse and walked over to the heap. 

It was clearly some kind of animal, about the size of a large dog.  The fur was primarily brown with streaks of white and was matted down, covered in crusty blood that had come from several large gashes.  Using his axe, the dwarf poked at the corpse’s head in an attempt to tell what it was.

“My best guess is that it was some kind of rabbit,” he said.  “The ears look rather long.”

[Image: AIL4fc8u0y2i2pTIv1q-8gwv2dm68zyz4r4spOZO...1bu4=w2400]
Some kind of rabbit

<The encounter table roll above resulted in a dead rabbit on the side of the road.  Is it normal sized? (50/50) No. Can it be identified easily? (Slightly unlikely) No.  A L1 SR on INT resulted in Syl and Dalen being able to determine what it was.>

“That’s a mighty big rabbit!” Nen exclaimed. Glancing around he added, “That looks like it was attacked by a wild animal.  Do you think it is still around?”

“Perhaps,” Syl answered, “But the corpse looks old.  Whatever did this is probably long gone.”

“Unless it lives nearby,” Dalen corrected.

<Killed by a person? (50/50) No, but . . . you can see footprints.  Signs of a struggle? (50/50) Yes.  Only human footprints? (50/50) Yes, but . . . they are old, this happened a while ago>

“Looks like there was a struggle,” Kristopher said as he reached the group. “They are faint, but you can still see several footprints around. The grass is matted, too. Maybe it was a fight. Or they were also attacked by the beast.”

Mostly out of curiosity, the four dismounted and made a cursory search of the area.  Most of the area was a large field,  Here and there broken blades of grass and churned-up soil could be seen.  <L1 SR on Luck: Everyone passes to find another place of struggle> Nearly a hundred feet from the mauled rabbit the sight of a struggle was clearly seen.  A large portion of the ground was torn up and a few small plants and bushes were crushed.  Dark brown stained the ground, the dried remnants of the bloody battle.

“Skat!  Get out of here!”

Everyone turned to the sound of Dalen yelling as what appeared to be a dog ran away through the grass, away from where the dwarf was standing behind a shrub.

“I think I found one of the people who were attacked,” he said.

Everyone joined him to see a partially decomposed leg sticking out of the ground, exposed to the knee.  Except for the area just around the lump, the ground seemed neatly patted. Having spent most of his life collecting and telling stories, Dalen did his best to interpret what he saw.

“If I had to guess, I would say another group of travelers came upon the rabbit while it was being attacked by a wolf or a bear or another animal. They attempted to scare it off, either to save the poor creature or even take the meat for themselves. Whether their efforts worked or not, the attacker came back and attacked the group and they ran. Unfortunately, one of them, this one here, didn’t make it and was killed while the others got away.”

“So why is the body buried?” Kristopher asked.

“I suspect the rest of their group either eventually scared off whatever attacked them or, more likely, waited until it had left. They tried to give their friend the best burial they could. That dog I just scared off must have smelled the body and was digging it up.”

Tired of the delay, Slyralei decided it was time they moved on.  “There’s nothing here and we wasted too much time already.  Rebury it and let’s go.”

The elf turned and headed back to the road, leaving the other three behind to take care of the remains.  The rest stood motionless until a distant growl reminded them that wild animals might come along at any time and it would just be easier for them if they had moved on.

[Scene 4]

<Hex check: Nothing for the third hex.

The fourth and final hex for the day revealed the remains of an unknown demi-human.>

The group rode late until the afternoon when they decided it was time to make camp, no inhabitable village or town in sight.  For safety and privacy, they traveled about a mile off the main path to look for a clearing. They found one alongside a small brook and began to lay out their bedrolls and prepare a simple meal of their rations. 

Dalen took the lead in scouting the area.  Just beyond where they stopped he noticed something on the ground covered by overgrowth and filth.  It was a skeleton, worn clean by years in the open.  Many of the bones were scattered around the area but he could tell they belonged to a human-like creature.  However, it certainly was not a human.  The hands appeared to be elongated, perhaps tipped with claws, and the front of the skull stuck out like an elongated snout or face.  Among the sharp teeth were a set of longer fangs.  Dalen’s best guess was that it might have been a lizard-man.

[Image: AIL4fc8ChKoIq16SMK44otYm_kZkYpTkQMIq8fmT...Mh5A=w2400]
It might have been a lizard-man

Besides being old, the remains did not appear to be damaged or broken as they might have had there been a struggle.  Most likely, whatever it was had either died of natural causes or some superficial wound that left no sign on the bones.  Regardless, this finding did not raise any immediate concerns and Dalen headed back to camp.

<Are there any signs that the being was executed? (50/50) No>

Imagesource1; Imagesource2
Judges 18:5-6
Nice hex map. Was that randomly generated or did you hand craft?

Also, cool character names.
On the DonJon link I posted above, there is a generator that makes this type of hexmap. However, that site also has a large number of pre-generated maps. Since I already had a vague idea of what the continent looked like based on my previous campaign (primarily land mass and shoreline), I looked through the pre-gen maps until I found something that fit. I thought it would be faster than just generating map after map until I got something that looked like my world.

Thanks for name comment. They are all carry-overs from my first T&T campaign. It's been a while, but likely I lightly used FantasyNameGenerator to randomly generate lists of names till I found something I liked, occasionally modifying spellings or combining names.

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