40K Black Crusade: Civil War of Calixis
Black Crusade campaign using rpgsolo as virtual GM and shared GM responsibilities between players.
We post here as single person and exclude rpgsolo and rolls.
Q’sal is a rich and prosperous world that would seem familiar to the inhabitant of a civilized world of the Imperium. The clean lines of its glass-towered cities overlook plains covered with welltended agriculture, its air is alive with the movement of flying craft. In space, a docking ring and shipyards work constantly and a variety of sleek-hulled vessels can be found moored there. On closer inspection, all of this seemingly ordinary activity reeks of the most potent warp-spawned sorcery; everything from daemon-forged engines to voidships powered by rune- inscribed menhirs. Spells and cantrips are implicit in every kind of technology in an arcane fusion of magic and science.
At one time a cruise emerged from warp in the part of the screaming vortex known as the gloaming worlds, in the same system the planet Q'sal is located in. For some reason it did not come near the planet. Only several smaller dropships came into space docking ring. That continued for a month. Spies of Q'uantanamo, a sadistic Sorcerer Lord of Velklir, managed to infiltrated ino the cruiser. However, they did not return, the last telepathic messages contained pecular information. Aparantly, the crew consisted of extreme zealots. Some of those zealots clearly showed genestealer mutations. Nevertheless, they had an ancient altar artefact which spread malicious energies and made the crew even more zealous. It was clear, that the genestealer cult occupied the cruiser while original masters smuggled an artefact. For the sadistic sorcerer, having another ancient altar for sacrificing, was a must have. He secretly placed a compact, to retrieve the altar. Two chaos space marines answered the call. Though the sorcerer didn't say for what purpose.

The first one was Jack Jackal, a misterious Alpha Legion Marine. His cunning expertise allowed him to particapate in the secret compact.

Another one, Makroth who is a former Iron Warrior, and like most of them, enjoys making weapons and armour. He especially enjoys watching said weapons and armour ripping and shredding apart his foes. Once, he was part of a company of Iron Warriors, but was banished when he, in a disagreement with one of his captain's lieutenants over how to best destroy the foe, blasted said lieutenants head to pieces with his bolt pistol, and grinded his body into dust with the lieutenants own bulldozers. Needless to say, his captain saw none too kindly upon this. To avoid execution, Makroth fled to the screaming vortex.

As a payment, the sorcerer promised the voidship, and slaves to commandeer it.
Curious about the purpose of the altar, Makroth asked, ''Why do you need this artifact?''
Q'uantanamo gave him an angry glare and sneered ''That is no concern of yours. You will not question me. The only thing that is important is that you carry out the task I have given you.''
Jack did not like the answer, sorcerer gave. He usually have all the required info to do surgical strike and extract things.  With a seconds of calm, Jack inquired 
Is there any resistance to be faced, sorcerer?
Other rivals might be interested too. The presence of genestealer cult is high, though, for you, marine, this wont be a problem, right?" the sadistic voice filled the air.

At least, something to begin with. To deal with opposition, they will need support. Jack thought that way.

The deal is a deal. You will get what you requested.” Bombastic words came out.

"Perrr-rrfect-shh... the stolen shuttle X432 is waiting for your departure. Leave. I have matters to attend". The sorcerer did not like the presence of such brutes and really, he had to establish new spies in case these marines would run away with the artifact.

I will beseech Khorne for Power in this battle. Let's splash the ships decks with blood.” Just before the marines left Makroth shouted.
Jack agreed with a nod.
They began their preparations by firstly looking for Jack contacts. However, since he came to this planet, he had very little time to establish them. The wyrd he knew was nowhere to be located. The failed attempt did not reduce the persistence of the marines. They tried to find fighter services on their own then.
While searching for fighters, Jack had a look at a weapon shops stock. In the shop he found a chain dagger. While too small to be handled by the legionair, it was a perfect fit as a melee attachment for his bolter. Using his social skills, he was able to acquire the dagger.
''Makroth, you're quite good at making weapons right?'' he asked the Iron Warrior.
''Saying that I'm quite good would be an understatement.'' answered Makroth pridefuly.
''Care to proove it then? Put this chain dagger on my bolter in an hour, and I'll believe you.'' Jack said as he handed Makroth the items.
''Sure. This is but a trivial matter'' Makroth answered as he began working. Very soon, Jack's bolter smiled with a monomolecularly-edged teeth. 
"Many thanks, Brother. That will make the blood flow rivers of those unfortunate filth. Khorne will be pleased." Jack smirked and remembered that he is low on ammo. That cruiser could house a lot of potential victims. Nevertheless, if there where to be opposition, three 6 magazines won't do it. 
"Though we maybe short on ammo. We should get more, Brother. And I think I've got a plan. We need to get into the bridge, and ventilate those wretched things into cosmos and deal with the leftovers." Jack suggested as the marines went to search for fighters. ''We could also activate the cruisers defense mechanism and have it's turrets blast the pathetic scum to pieces.'' Makroth said as he smiled, thinking about the bloodshed soon to come.
"Then it's settled." Agreement was established. 

Soon the marines noticed some renegade guardsman standing around a brothel and Jack with a simple nod went over to talk to them and possibly recruit. These ones, were  just fresh meat in this planet and were looking for some jobs. Jack deceitfully enticed them with his offer - to rob a revolted crew of a cruiser and become a new crew under 2 powerfull Warlords with never ending bounties. 100 renegades joined them. 

"We need more ammo..." Jack muttered. He was still thinking about how to best attack the cruiser.
After some walking around, they got to the same place where they got chain dagger, they got backpacks full of bolter ammo. While there, Makroth wanted to find a autocanon, but he was unsuccessful. Never the less, now that they were fully armed and dangerous, they made their way to the shuttle.
The flight to the cruiser wasn't easy, but they made it close to the cruiser in one piece. During the trip, Jack arranged disguises to pose as some very huge and fat zealots. Jack had no problem doing it on himself. He was already quite forgettable, but Makroth had wings. Despite that, Jack somehow managed to minimize the space they occupied and put on a big robe. (Disguises, Jack 4 DoS, Makroth 3 DoS). The shuttle docked with minor bruises.
When the doors of shuttle raised, the marines saw huge docks filled with boxes guarded by a small amount of lazy thug like guards. More or less, a small mob which couldn't pose any problem. Jack smirked and looked around to see if he could spot anything unusual, but there were only simple thugs some of them had signs of genestealer mutations. Jack couldn't see any genestealers, but he cared little about it. Some thugs, who played some kind of game over the box, glanced at the new guests and only found the disgust of how fat they looked. Without any longer they returned to continue their play.
"Complete Fools, they are, Brother. My disguises worked" Jack chatted through helmet vox link.
''Did you expect anything else from mere mortals?'' replied Makroth.
"Guards, move along. Pose as locals." Jack ordered
As they made their way to the bridge, they began to hear things. Both in the physical world, and in their minds. They had made it close to the ships power core when suddenly, a genestealer burst out of one of the vents. It had sensed that these people haven't been infected with the genestealer DNA. Makroth, Jack and the renegade horde drew their weapons. The fastest one was Makroth. The genestealer was 25 meter close and was already preparing to charge the newcomers.
Shouting ''Iron within! Iron Without!'', Makroth shot out a semi-automattic burst, hitting the genestealer 1 time on both of its legs and a single time on its chest. The genestealer flew backwards 2 meters and was knocked over, but in a blurr of movement, it was up again. It charged towards its foes, crossing over 20 meters in the blink of an eye, but it didn't manage to get close before Jack put a bullet in it's chest blowing it up in a shower of gore.

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