40K Black Crusade: Civil War of Calixis
"The matters you say, Acastus, worries me alot" Jack confessed. "The apartments we have here are not suitable for good defense, but only easy escape. We should place our own security around. We should not underestimate their capabilities. Anyhow, Brothers, did Makroth officially challenged King?"

''I have announced to the king that his death is imminent. These would be assassins will not stop us. I suggest we take some of our best soldiers to act as my bodyguards, in case someone tries to get rid of me outside of the games. Though they will fail nonetheless.'' Makroth responded

"Indeed, Brother." Jack grinned from excitement of intrigue. "I might arrange those from last capture for they could become lazy"

'We can be more proactive, however. We can ask around about the challengers that went missing, and try to survey their belongings, assuming they did not change hands'.

"True. Then let's do it" Jack grinned and went to find information.
Acastus headed to one of the arenas to gather some more intel on the challengers of the past, as well as some information on how the arenas were operating. He met with its registrant and through sorcery, smalltalk and inquiry managed to fish what he went there for. The case of the challengers he was looking into stumbled upon a dead end, it seems, as they all had their living quarters in the palace, which the group had little hope of infiltrating, from Acastus' point of view. A hope has risen anew, however, as he learnt about a prominent challenger in the Games of these days, Zulus Frostwhisper. Some arrangements had to be made.

Acastus attempted to arrange a meeting, contacting the arena that Zulus owned, but was declined.
The first round of the tournament was over, and Acastus moved to find Frostwhisper.

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