40K To Infinity and Beyond
Warning! Unauthorized Reading of this File is prohibited and punishable with Execution under the Imperial Law!


Nomen: Regis Sylverhawk
Sign: SYL
Identitas: 3SY63-33RGS-INS756
Professio: IMPERIAL NAVY Contractor / Commanding officer of Courier-ship LYNX SPEAR
Navis operatio: Scouting & Support
Progenies: Homo masculus non abominatio
Planeta Patrius: Planeta Orana / Sector Palatine / Segmentum Ultima

Age: 20 anni imperiales
Eyes: Light Blue, Surgically changed / *****************************
Height: 185cm / 6' 1"
Weight: 95kg / 210lbs
Skin: Fair, *******************, Electoo
Electoo: left thight, both forearms, and chest.
Hair: Black

- Sever case of Discordia*
- Ruptured ear drums -> Surgically corrected (MDF-0022180-NV)
- Broken Right Shoulder
- Broken Right Forearm
- Destroyed Oculi -> Surgically enhanced [Dexter + Sinister] (MDF-*******-M*) Subject ***********************
- 3rd degree Burns with Muscle Necrosis  -> Surgically corrected (MDF-0022178-NX)
                                                              -> 40% of original tissue Replaced with *****************************
- Skin enhancement: ************** (MDF-*******-MV)

* Discordia is a rare condition where the body won't accept any cybernetic enhancement or replacement. Operation of  artificial limbs
are sluggish at best and will need constant treatment. Internal systems like Heart replacement are extruded and will fail to sustain the body.
 Any other Augmentations implanted will fail to work correctly because they won't connect with the tissues.
Subject can only receive Biological / Vat-grown Bionics.

- Threat Level: MINUSCULE

- No latent Psychic aptitude: -> Psychic latency was tested multiple times by *******************
                                            -> Subject is sensible to the warp: he is ******************** and **********************
                                            -> Subject became resilient against psychic phenomena
- Conclusion: Subject ************* to psychic effects in his vicinity, but instead of awakening he became resistant instead.
- Minor Psychic Resistance against Physical intrusion
- Major Resistance against ******************

         - Dangerous Driving
         - Blatant ignoration of Speed Limit
         - Multiple occasion of Fisticuffs
         - Jury-rigging battle equipment.

Active Service years: 10
             -> 2 Years: Junior Engineer, Mentor: Explorator Drustilla Genew (*****-*****-******)
                               -> Ship: ************************
                               -> Certificate: Master of Arms (Maintenance and Upgrading of Weaponry )
             -> 3 Years: Junior Logistic Officer, Superior: Master Chief Petty Officer Hastus Finial (1BR14-11ROA-IRB046)
                               -> Place of Service: Periphery-Sector
                               -> Certificate: Operator Extraordinaire (Small Craft Mastery: Ground / Flyer / Spacecraft)
                               -> Promoted to Corporal for showing bravery at Avignor by getting supplies in time to the Regiments.
                               -> INJURY: Ruptured Ear Drums and Physical Trauma from an incoming Ork Shell.
             -> 2 Year: Fighter Pilot, Senior Officer: Marshall Kalta "Calamity" Leto (*****-*****-******)
                              ->37 Confirmed Hits
                              -> Winner of 14 Duels
                              -> Times Shot Down: 2
                              ->Promoted to Ensign
                              -> INJURY: Broken Right Shoulder and Broken Right Forearm.
             -> 1 Year: Ship Engineer Mentor: ********************************
                              -> Certificate: Shipmaster (Shipwright)
                              -> Recuperation at Gothic Sector, Planeta Bray
                              -> Transferrd to Navy Ship: *************************            
             -> 2 Years: Koronus Expanse joint Operation with ***************************
                              -> Ground Operations in Sub-Sector *************
                              -> Promoted to Lieutenant because of war effort.
                              -> INJURIES: Destroyed Oculi (Replaced), 3rd Degree Burns (Healed) and Muscle Necrosis.
                              -> Admitted to Health Care at Home Planet.
Requested to be Removed From Active Service
Reason of Request: WARRANT OF TRADE
Request: Accepted by *****************************

Subject was discharged honorary.
Stripped of Rank: No
Subject is Contractor through Warrant of Trade with inherited Rank of Lieutenant.

Origo et historia personalis (~55%):
Third son of the Trader Clan Sylverhawk. Son of George and Kathrina von Sylverhawk. Altough his origin Planet is scribed as Orana, Regis only set his Foot on the planet about three times. He was borne on the Family Star-ship at a time of  a Warpstorm. It was a great suprise because Regis was conceived only 6 standard Months ago. Still he was healthy and without mutation
He lived His early life at a Frontier world IN close proximately to the Cult of Pure Form (See FILE ZB-M001123Y). 
Apparently there was an incident where young Regis got involved and got himself injured. The sever case of Discordia was Discovered by the Biologis. The Cult came in helping after hearing that a child is refusing the gifts of the machine. The Leader of The Cult ************ offered assistance and a treaty was formed between the Dynast and those of the Pure Form. For 5 years Regis was kept and thought by the cultists, who also helped with the administration and governing of the sector. The years of 3 - 6 are shrouded in mystery even for the family itself. It is possible that for the Cult the presence of young Regis was akin to a sign from the emperor himself. The Cult is friendly but not forthcoming when we asked about the internal procedures and doctrines. Investigation was halted because of the aforementioned  Treaty which led to the intervention of House Sylverhawk.
When turned 7 Regis was formally introduced to his Clan and to his older Brothers. Emanuel was to become the next Clanhead and Inherit the Warrant. Janus the second was to take over the Financial department, and Regis was supposed to become the Shipmaster of the Clan. Regis was sent to the Imperial Navy to learn and to create bridges for the Clan. He joined the Imperial Navy tutoring program when he was 8. He was supposed to become a Petty Officer at most and keep out of the front lines. Regis aptitude with the Machine spirits however was recognized multiple times, and his wild personality and foolish bravery got him the scars and promotions that he is wearing today. The boy was tested multiple times for Psychic activity because his lucky "gut feelings" which helped his regiment multiple times. Commissar ************** notified the senior officers and asked for a trial multiple times. Each trial came bach negative. At the last trial ************************ himself got involved, with the same result. No more trials were held. Commissar *************** fall at the battle of Avignor. May his spirit rest at the Emperors throne. 
His eldest brother is presumed dead. Four Years ago his ship the Lynx Spear has gone silent in the Expanse. However Regis was able to find the ship using his Navy contacts in sub-sector ***********. The Body of the eldest son was never found but the Hulk was reclaimed by the Clan. Sub-sector *********** is currently closed off because of ongoing investigations by multiple Authorities.
Regis has suffered multiple crippling injuries, and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. His Father has commissioned for the Discharge of Regis because the Clan only had 2 possible Heirs. The father could only conceive another daughter because of an injury at a ship-to-ship battle where he lost his lower body, which was replaced with Bionics. Regis was Treated on his home planet. He needed 2 Years to get in pristine condition again, but the money of the family and the contacts at the Navy bore fruit. Regis was supposed to help his Brother Janus get accustomed to a life in the stars as he was officially the new clan heir. Apparently the older boy was sheltered and was *****************************************************************. But he was content going out with his brother who was more experienced in the dangers of space. The Hulk of their fallen brother was retrofitted. Regis himself worked on the new Ship-design, together with his former Mentors. Janus got the money but the Navy itself got involved by fastening the processes and providing a Dock and manpower. Now the Lynx Spear will sail the Stars again, and the Brother begin their journey to infinity and beyond...

Prologue - Complications 

Beep. Beep. Beep...
I open my eyes and look at the chrono on my side. It is 6 o'clock in the morning. I look out my window and declare that the atmospheric cogitators did announce that today is going to be sunny. Getting up at this hour became sort of a routine.  I get up and head out in the exercise room regularly in order to get accustomed to my "new" body. Everyone heard that after you get mechanical bionics the work immediately. Well...mostly. Vat-grown biological replacements need time to adjust. I am told that it's also a mental thing. I started out light with stretching and went to muscle and speed exercises then martial training. At the Navy it was duty to keep on body strong, now it became a routine. It was well after a year of my treatment, but I decided to keep up my routine. It helped me relax as well. After I finished, I took a shower. In my room, I took my trusted slate and prepared to head out.
"Sebastion, get me a hovercraft please I skip breakfast today!" I called my butler trough  the internal vox.
"Understood milord... but may I interject, your brother is already in the diner waiting for you"
I stop. "Oh! Then dismiss my last order!" The holo-projection of Sebastion bows then disappears.
I go to the diner and indeed my brother Janus was waiting there sipping on a local tee variant.. "You know, it 's considered bad manners if you keep your guest waiting." he tells me patiently.
"A guest normally announces his visit... not that I mind" I sit down across him. "So you are here because...? my Brother Janus was a man of medium standing, about 5'5". He was average in every aspect. Not weak but certainly, not soldier material. Wasn't nimble but he could juggle two oranges. He couldn't do more but it was enough. He had light brown short, spiky hair and blue eyes. His skin was fair just like mine. He was well versed in multiple scholastic lores as well.
"Just thought that I drop by. We were supposed to meet today morning anyway."
"I appreciate it but why not in the office?"
"I prefer the family estates and..." he looks away uncomfortably.
"Its about the journey." I declare and he nods. It was no secret that Janus had multiple second thoughts about going to the stars... well no secret for me that is. Sebastion came by again and was holding a big tray. "I took the liberty to prepare a light breakfast milord" he bowed. The man was close to fifty but the man was strong and regal. He had straight silvery short hair and brown eyes.He had very few wrinkles, and overall looked more like a solider than a servant. He wore the traditional black butler suit. His clan has served my family since many generations as servants, retainers and also bodyguards.
"Thank you and..."
"Nobody will disturb you milord unless it's an enemy strike force." the man then excused himself. Yeah he was very good guessing my intentions...a bit too good actually.
"So brother" I start again. "You were saying?"
"Yes, I thought that if we want to review the news I brought, we might do it in a nice quiet place. Here."
"So she is nagging you!" I declare, because there is only one place his fiancée will newer come looking. Mine.
Janus narrowed his eyes at my comment "I would like if you wouldn't bad mouth Anastasia. She is to be my wife." I don't speak up "Then again she can be a bit possessive." he admits. " None the less I would ask you to treat her with respect. I don't want another incident like last time."
"I did apologies beforehand"
"You indeed did. That is the reason we are still speaking"
I look at the love-struck fool in front of me, and remember that certain incident. I was "bonding" my brother and started working on our pet project, when a certain blonde female busted in and then couldn't shut up about my design decisions and side-tracked our meeting. So I did the only sensible thing. I had thrown her out...gently of course, and locked the door. After 4 hours we found her at the same place still fuming. Since that, she evades me like the plague.
"Until you are officially wed, she has nothing to do with internal business and certainly nothing with MY business. Her only redeeming quality is that she indeed loves you."I pause and we take a bite from the food. "So she doesn't want you going into space, I presume." Janus looks up nervously. "Not per se...she wants to come with us."
I stop eating. "Since I have come to know you as both intelligent and sensible, I presume you have told her: NO!"
"I tried" He answers me honestly.
I put down the silverware "Define tried!" I spoke in my Lieutenant tone. We arrived at business at least. Janus always found  this tone of my a bit unsettling. He swallowed and started fessing up.
"I told her this is a Clan assignment, whereupon she replied that, as my to-be she should be at my side. Then I told her, that you need preparation and training to get in space which she doesn't have... but she cut back and declared that neither do I. Then I said that such a voyage is dangerous and not for the faint of heart. Here She just looked at me and said all the more reason for her to be there and keep an eye on me. Honestly I think I got beaten. Worst, she gave me reasonable replies."
"You got whipped alright. Did you surrender to her?"
"No. I pulled out the joker! I told her that I have a dependable brother, who is an experienced Voidfahrer to take care of me, and he might object her coming along."
"Bravo." I tell him in monotone and clap a little "Not my usual modus operandi, but if it worked..."
"Sort of...she started to weep and and told me, even if I don't want her with me, she will be near me even if she has to hire a ship herself...because she is afraid she will never see me again." I already knew what will come. "So I promised her I would ask you if she could come aboard my Frigate. Since it will serve as our backup ship, she will be far enough and I can just sail over if the need arises." He stopped speaking and looked at me pleadingly.
I used my impassive face and took my sweet time with my answer. My face was a stone mask. "Shame." I started. I took a big breath "Her safety will not be guarantied." Janus wanted to speak up but I continued "That aside, she will be a passenger and will NOT have any authority, ever! Not even over the lowest voidfahrer! She is also not allowed to leave your Frigate without permission. If she can't abide by these rules, then she need not to come." Janus seem glad, so I give him my last two cents "And tell her this: If I catch her breaking the rules, I will throw her out again... but this time from the airlock."
"That sounds unpleasant. But thank you" Janus' mood seemed a bit lifted "I will surely present her your ultimatum, Lieutenant."
I nod at him and change my tone. "So what are the good news then?" I take another bite from my food.
"The Lynx Spear is fully operational. Last minute checks were al green." I can't help to smile. "Supplies are being transported as we speak."
"When can we leave port?"
Janus doesn't answer at first and suddenly finds his food very interesting. "There are complications" he adds. I don't understand and it shows on my face. "We don't have enough crew." Janus
"Apparently your ship has an ominous reputation among the men. Getting hulked without any survivors is not the best recommendation. In a nutshell: Your ship is labeled as a ghost ship."
"How many do we have?"
"About 4000. We could have more if we become a bit lenient."
I start to massage my forehead. Not even a skeleton crew. "No." I say "When it comes to the Void, you cannot be lenient or you die."
"I could transfer some crew from my ship you know."
"That won't help in the long run, I'm afraid. We need at least 5000 skilled crewmen for various positions even officers. Rearranging already proven men is less than optimal." I look at my slate "Anything else?"
"Yes, Explorator Teron called this morning. The repair of your equipment will take more time."
"What the hell? I only asked for cosmetic changes and recalibration..." I don't get it what could have...? Then it hits  me "They disassembled it, didn't they?"
Janus sips some tee. "Indeed. First they denied it of course, saying they needed to bless it for your own safety, so I told them that the ship is ready and we would like to head out so as per contract we want them back fully functional. Since no blessing was commissioned. The rest was haggling." He shrugged "Your Pistols will be fine, but the rifle... " He left the sentence open. "So they will compensate you if the need should arise."
"They can start by getting me a new one. I swear I will shoot every idiot of a gear-head." I started to grumble.
"Yes...they will compensate you very well. I made sure of it. By the way, legally you are only entitled to execute one of then."
I look at him intently "Seriously? I can do that?" He nods. "Wow and people think I'm the scary one"
My brother shrugs. "I try to please."
"Well, about the crew. I will call one of my friends, at the Navy maybe he can help us out."
Janus nods and the breakfast slowly goes by. There were some papers to fill, numbers to check, and validating permissions. Overall it was not a tiring affair. When they finished, Janus excused himself saying that he still had some paperwork to do.
"Sebastion" I called "I will be in my study. You can transfer any mails there."

In my study I looked over my contacts in the Navy. I had a couple of names who could help enlisting Voidmen. I decided to call captain Marducas. He was a very strict but dependable man. His ship was in the neighborhood as well. I wrote a binary mail, and waited. It surprised me when I got a holo-call from the man himself instead some attendant for appointment. Marducas looked well and greeted me with his usual nonsense attitude, but his cap was not on and that meant a lot for those who knew him.
"Greetings Lieutenant. I hope you are fully healed."
"Captain! This is a pleasant surprise. Yes I am combat ready again."
"Shame you are not with us anymore. What can I do for you."
"My Ship is ready at Aldora dock. The Navy did a fine job." Here my tone changes "Unfortunately Voidmen think its cursed, so getting even the minimal needed crew was extremely difficult. I hoped you could give me some pointers in this regard."
Mardukas had a thoughtful expression. "There is a temporary battalion at Korinus-7, but they are a bit occupied at the moment."
"Could you elaborate?"
"Not...unless you get conscripted again..."He says with dry humor "But wait...you have a warrant now don't you?"
"My family has. Yes, I am also entitled by it."
"Then we might get to an agreement. I you are willing to take on a little errand."
"I have too much time already! I am listening"
"Benidus-7 has a bit of a mutant problem. Production of the mines are down and wealthy men are pissed of. An investigation was called in. It was decided that a small squad will go in and check things out. Problem they are external as well, so the constituter asked for a mediator who is well versed and has good ties with the military. I presume you still qualify even if discharged, aren't you?"
"I didn't burn my bridges."
"Excellent. I was actually glad you called because we didn't had many applicants who would have fit the bill. If this affair is over then the battalion is to be dismissed and the soldiers go back being reservist. You will have good chance to get reasonably well trained crew."
"All I have to do is being a guide and give some support if the need arise?" I ask a bit skeptical.
"Exactly! A cake walk, really. And you will get paid since you are an external contractor as well. Taking your rank into consideration as well the relative easiness of this mission, I am willing to offer 200 Standard Gelt for your trouble. What do you say?"
"Thank you for your help Captain. I am in your dept." I bow slightly.
"Your not. Before I forget I would like you to keep an eye on the squad. Even if their records say otherwise, to me they seem a bit green behind their ears..." I nod at the captain he had good eyes for these kind of things. "I will send you the dossier of the mission. The squad will arrive in 5 standard days at Sepheris where a transport is already arranged to bring you to your destination. After you sign of course."
I gave a digital sign and stated the nondisclosure oath. After 10 minutes a file was transferred with multiple protection. I stated to read them. Mission time was labeled as unsure, but stated that extra expenses will be paid. I also found 4 bios, two men and two women, and started to familiarize myself with their dossier.
I called my father and brother and related the news. Our crew problem might have solved itself...


I am currently sitting on a small ship on the way to Sepheris. When I told my father the news that I took a military contract, he wasn't exactly thrilled. Still I had a pleasant supper with them. Father was displaying his master-crafted prothesis, and asked me if I miss the battlefield. Mother was more direct... I got reminded that should I get injured like father, I will die. The emperor protects but he doesn't like fools. I therefore informed her that I won't go to the fronts. My job will be that of a mediator. I get a free trip and will do some advertising. Brother didn't speak up and curiously neither did Anastasia. Next day we asked for a meeting with the Local techpriests and demanded my equipment. In the end we decided that my rifle will be a tribute to the Omnissiah. For that they modified my pulse pistol to accept standard Plasma-pistol canisters, they also upgraded my aforementioned pistol, to be more reliable. We managed to get a written promise that they will be more forthcoming with my next requisition.

I look at my datapad: A pack with basic equipment was prepared for me at Benidus-7 regiment camp.
I was in my mesh armor, which was tucked under my officer garb. I had two pistols and a blade on me. Both pistols were of plasma design but the second was gained when I took down a kroot on a mission in the Expanse. It is called a Pulse pistol. I also have 4 extra canister which are now compatible with both of them.The blade was found on the hulk of my new Ship. Apparently it's a mono enhanced blade, but after I made some tests it was clear, that it is far superior to the normal mono-blades. Maybe it was made with different technology in ancient times...

Before me, on the slate, are four bios.
The first is Called Mar...no last name. He is a feral-worlder. He was conscripted as a guardsman and served two years, then he got promoted. There is no data where he serves now, just like the other three, so must be some black ops. Quite strong and durable if the medical reports are accurate. In all other aspect he is an average guy. He is skilled with hand to hand and good with a sniper rifle...hm...useful. Special: school...learning to read and write.

The second is that of Kashim. This man was already 50 years old. Former hive worker, with a nice service record. There is almost no weapon training mentioned but the man was socially active. Still a good shot and a nimble man but seems to fragile for my tastes. His medical report isn't that great either. Special: There is a mention of a possible rejuvenescent therapy in the future.

Xantana is the next one. She is a headstrong woman who comes from a feudal world...and not one of the pleasant ones. With her I am sure she is a newbie. Her profile indicates overwhelming fascination with modern fashion. Electoo, hair-dye etc... She seems fairly good with blades and has excellent agility. She is probably the lancer of the squad. There is a notice however that she has problems respecting authorities and sometimes following orders...

The last one is also a female, Cintia. This woman is disturbing to look at, and an extreme fanatic, if what I read is correct. The record states that she herself executed her parents after they were accused of heresy. The woman was a voidborn and had spent her life on a space-hulk. She had multiple attempts on her life. Considering the place she stamps from and that see used to be a lawman I got mixed feeling reading her file. She lived on a space-hulk with mutant and cultist alike, yet her service record was spotless. Everithing about her is average she was good in multiple task and if believable a generic all-rounder, but she was not that good. Her mindset was full on puritan so
much that it was actually scary. Her strong personality indicated that it was her who led this squad.

My senses pick up the deceleration of my craft. 'Looks like I arrived.' I wait till the craft comes to a complete halt, turn off my slate and unfold my seatbelt. The space-station where I arrived is one of the smaller ones in the region. I didn't linger to look around, instead went straight to dock 11-D where an Aquila lander was waiting patiently. There were two guardsmen at the gate. They saluted me and after I presented my pass they let me through. A got on board and met with the squad. They were as described in the files.
"Greetings" I spoke "I am Lieutenant Sylverhawk. I will be your guide and mediator."
I took seat and fastened my belts. The copilot then came in and saluted. "If everyone is on board we will take off." Everyone nodded "Our estimated arrival will be around 1400 standard." he excused himself and the lander started to shake, signaling that the engines had started to rev up. A quiet humming could be heard throughout the ship, and we lifted of.
I lent back and looked at the people in front of me. They had mixed emotions on their faces which included curiosity and reached till scrutinizing. Nobody has spoken up. 'Lovely, six hours of silence' I think.
It was Kashim who spoke first. "Your uniform is different from those guardsmen."
"I am from the Navy" I answer truthfully.
My answer must have struck a chord. The woman Cintia speaks to me. "Not to sound disrespectful, but we were expecting an Imerial guard officer."
I shrug "Those are not common on spaceships. Rest assured I am well versed with the guard and the procedures as well. And I happen to know this sector well enough to be of assistance."
"Where you briefed...sir?"
"I got the rundown and looked at the latest reports. I don't know what dossier you got though, and since we are not on a ship you don't have to call me sir."
The Big man on my left, Mar has spoken up "There has been a rebellion." I nod "Led by some kind of cult." My face is still impassive but the last info was new to me.
Kashim continues "The regiment did his job, but in the mines they were attacked by mutants."
"Yes, I heard of it. The regiment took heavy losses so they enlisted the workers and called in the reservists. The military even sealed off the mine, what lead to the complete halt of production and made many nobles angry." At the mention of nobles, Xantana makes a grimace.
Cintia spoke again "You said that you know this place?"
"Not the first time something like this happened. I have to admit though that the mutants are new. My money is on a secret under-hive, where the aberrants were kept as extra workforce. They can be very resilient and procreate fast if not checked. They number is however a surprise, but this is why you are here, I presume."
They nod, some of them enthusiastic like Cintia and Mar, the other two not so much.
"I presume requisition was placed for you?"
They look at each other, perplexed.
"Seriously?" This reaction I didn't expect. "It's winter on Benidus! Your rags," I look at Kashim "will be your death, and the standard Flack also wont provide much comfort without warm fabric." I look at Mar and then at Cintia. I continue "The only rifle I see is that longlas. Pistols are nice but very limited, and less than optimal against multiple enemies"
"Look who is talking!" Xanatan called out.
I make a mouth "I am a GUIDE foremost and mediator second. I don't plan on getting in your way or getting in on the action itself. my weapons are here because I like to be prepared, for anything, but don't expect me to be your front man. I will fight if I must but only if I must... and of course my requested cache is waiting for me at the camp." 'They are definitely new to this!' I declare inside of me.
"We will carry out our orders, with or without you!" Cintia declares.
"Very good! But to be sure I will place an order for you. Hopefully the quarter master will be able to get you some standard equipment. At least something to keep you warm, and some rations." I start to type away on my slate. I place an order for standard field equipment. Field medkit, some guns if possible, lamps, thermo-bags... etc.
The rest of the trip went by in silence. I look at my chrono and decided to take a nap. i still had 3 hours. Set my alarm that I wake up before the atmospheric entrance. So much for the cake walk...

The hours fly by, in an instant. In the military you learn quick to get as much sleep as possible. I wake up to my set alarm. Mar also took a nap, but the others were vigilant. Over my head the vox came to life.
"We arrived at Benidus-7. Starting atmospheric entry in 10 Minutes!"
I check my seatbelts, Then my own belts and pockets that hold my gear. I take my handles and brace myself.
The lander starts to dive. As we reach the upper atmosphere the ship starts to shake violently. This lasts about 2 minutes then our descend becomes smooth. After 5 minutes of flight the lander stops and the pilot gently puts us down. I walk up to the ramp and open it.
Having disembarked from the lander I watch as its engines roar up again, carrying it upwards towards the station that floats in orbit around this wretched world. As it shrinks away and vanishes, you I in my surroundings. All around me is an Imperial Guard encampment, filled with scores of grim-faced men and women, some bloodied and bandaged, all wearing the gray uniforms.
The camp is mostly a sea of tents positioned around smoking craters, steam vents that belch violet clouds of stinking gas into the air, and providing some  warm. A walker screeches as it patrols the perimeter, its pilot deftly maneuvering the vehicle through the wreckage of old buildings, smoking cars, and unburied bodies. At the camp’s center there stands a rust-red hab-block bearing the eagle symbol of the Imperium on its exterior. Beyond it is a range of low mountains covered in ice and the sprawl of industry. Flames belching forth from smokestacks, storage containers, great bubbling vats issuing toxic steam, and more combine to make the structures look like some
vast metal insect straddling the peaks of this rugged range. A lovely sight indeed...
My mesh armor provides me with some protection against the cold, but a change into more weather appropriate ensemble will be required. Next to me Kashim is rubing his hands, and looks uncomfortably to the sides...oh yeah! Forge word! For him cold probably meant about 20 degrees Celsius. Here, it was around minus 6.
We start to walk toward the hab-block...
Perception challenging: 64 = 64[d100] - Fail

Cintia speaks up suddenly "This doesn't looks like a battalion that's winning." Mar grunts in agreement.
I don't see anything strange. Then again, most of my time I served on battleships. At the entrance a young guardsman comes to us. He is a bit out of breath. The young man, is around eighteen. He has bright red hair that pokes out from under his helmet, pale freckled skin, and youthful features. “Sirs… Ladies… huh… welcome to the Mines! Yer here to help… I just knew it….” He pauses to take another breath. “I tole’d ’em all ye’d be coming — So, which one of you is the Inquisitor? Want to see the Commissar…?”
The boy looks at me intently.

Willpower (challenging) 37 = 37[d100] - Success

My eyes bulge a little, but I manage to keep my face straight, although barely. Inquisition... I look at the others.

How do they answer?

"Jurtz! You leave your post again?” The owner of the voice is a compact, square-jawed ugly man, his head shaved and with a dark blue tattoo right on his scalp. He’s wearing the gray fatigues of all the Guards, but the stripes on his sleeve indicate he’s a person of rank. Where his right arm used to be is now a stump on which a large metal rod with a disturbing array of attachments at the end emerges.
Jurtz stammers, turns red all the way up to his ears and looks at his feet, mumbling, “No, Sergeant Raynard. I’m just heading back now, sir”.
The Sergeant fixes the junior Guardsman with a stare and then turns towards our group. One of his eyes is ice blue, cold and staring. The other is a crude false eye, made of wood and wandering off to the left. “See that you do. Double time. Now, you! You’re a sorry bunch, aren’t you? Who’re you supposed to be? Not the Inquisitor I’ll warrant. Well? "Speak up? I won’t have a commotion in my camp!”

How do the others react?
Postpone / Business
Expose / A plot

"We are here to see the commissar..." Starts Kashim, but Cintia cuts in.
"We are here by the will of the Inquisitor. We are to investigate in his name!" - Shit -
The Sergeant looks confused, stares at us for confirmation. “Right. So, the Inquisitor isn’t coming.” This wasn't a question. “I suppose I’d better let the Commissar know you’re here… sirs.” With that, he makes ready to leave, but as he turns, his crude cybernetic arm starts to shake and the attachments start spinning, swooshing, snapping, and make a terrible racket. The man curses, runs his hand down the length of the metal rod, whispers a prayer and pushes a button. Immediately, the device settles down. He starts heading off toward the hab-block. As he marches, I can hear tittering laughter coming from out of a nearby tent.

Perception (routine) 37 = 37[d100] - Success

I start following the Sergeant, but in the corner of my eyes I can make out the youngling, Recruit Jurtz, his eyes are wide open. Citnita's eyes also follow the young solider. She decides that the Sergeant might also know something. "Sergeant!" her voice is booming with authority. "Wait and speak up! What happened here, and why does everyone know of our comming? I find the military handling this affair poorly executed! Speak clearly! You are addressing representatives of the Holy Ordos!"

Intimidation (hard) 17 = 17[d100] - Success

Here I am honestly impressed. The gruff man stops in his tracks. He looks us over. His eyes narrow at me and linger on Cintia. "What’s really going on? It’s real simple: the planetary governor can’t control her population. We’re the big guns. We came in and stamped out the uprising. Job done, right? Wrong. The Commissar wanted me to lead a few squads into the mines. He believed the cult had a base inside. We went in, descended the elevator and explored the place. Then, those Mutants fell on us. They came from all sides. I lost a dozens of good men, better men than you I’d wager…. Look, there’s a wrongness down there. You’re a bit wet behind the ears for this sort of work. You should call that fancy ship of yours and get as far away from here as you can."

The man doesn't look shellshocked and certainly is in his right mind. 'This might turn out a bigger mess than expected.'

With that, the Sergeant stomps off toward the headquarters. The hab-block is constructed of metal alloys and painted with a utilitarian red colour, it features the Battalion’s number, as well as the eagle of the Imperium. A single access hatch in the face of the structure allows access to the interior. The inside, is sparsely decorated, with a desk for the secretary and a second desk for the Commissar. The Commissar, was in his late thirties, with coal black hair, matching eyes, and a craggy face. He wears a black uniform decorated with his rank and a few badges of honor. His Commissar hat rests on a hook behind his desk as does his long black leather coat. He invites our group to take a seat and then sits himself, steepling his fingers as he assesses us. Finally, he speaks:
"Well, I presume you are from the Inquisition?" Here I shake my Head "No?"
"I am the requested mediator." The man looks at me understandingly than continues.
"I was told help was on the way, but I must say I am always surprised by the agents I meet. I’m sure you are eminently qualified for the task at hand, so let’s get down to business and get this over with shall we? As you may or may not know, this world is vital to the commercial interests of this sector and anything that threatens this world ultimately threatens the larger community. Thus when renegade activities on this planet destroyed valuable and, in some people’s estimations, irreplaceable equipment, it was deemed necessary to create a show of force and eradicate all insurgents in and around the lucrative Mine”. He gestures expansively around him. “Now, attending to a few rebels is easy work and as expected, the scum lacked grit, leadership, and dedication to their cause, and so in a matter of hours we had contained the site, rounded up a few captives and were ready to ship out. But as I toured the grounds, something caught my eye. One of the rebels was carrying a sheaf of papers. I examined them quickly and it appeared they were queer texts of some kind, copies surely, but describing unspeakable acts. It was clear that these rebels were foot soldiers for something worse." He takes a short break and takes a sip of water, from his glass on the table.
“I know my duty, and so I sent a dozens of squads into the mines themselves. Many of our enemy fled the certain death of our superior firepower for the cover of the mines. It was as I feared. The Guardsmen descended and after three-quarters of an hour, they returned, much diminished and suffering terrible casualties. Reports of twisted mutants, daemons, and worse came in and so I decided that until I received proper support, the mine would be closed. Clearly, the Inquisitor does not share my concern… no offense, of course. I just expected a… larger group to attend to this matter.
Cintia was again who spoke "We shall assess the situation, rest assured."
"Well, who am I to question the ways of the Ordo, right? Right. Here is a map. Follow the directions and they will take you through the upper levels of the Mines. My men didn’t encounter much of anything there, but when they entered the tunnels known as the Shatters”, he points at the map, “that was where things went wrong”.
We all look at the indicated spots, I myself present my slate and with permission make a digital copy of the map.
"I should warn you, it takes a great deal of effort to lift the seal and it’s not quick. We’ll let you out of course, but there’s nothing fast about it so try not to be in a hurry. I presume you’re armed?"
Here I speak up: "I put in a requisition for our group. I hope it was received?"
The commissar acknowledges my claim. "Yes, we received a transmission a couple of hour before. But since it came from a Navy channel I had doubts, it being a miss-routed message. No problem! See our Quartermaster and he’ll properly outfit you. Meet me at the seal" he indicates toward the window" in say an hour. It takes a good 30 minutes to walk it, so don’t dawdle”.

Will someone ask questions?

The agents of the Inquisition. Leave the building. "I meet you at the quartermaster" I tell them. I stay a bit longer.
"Commissar" I address the man in front of me. "Do we have an estimate about the numbers of our enemies?"
"None. I couldn't even properly question the men, who came back. Don't you need to look for the Quartermaster?" He answers gruffly.
I unbutton my shirt a bit and show off my mesh-armor, and present my Plasma pistol in a non-threatening way."I think, I am well off."
"I stand corrected, you navy guys always got the fancy stuff." his mood darkens a bit "And you are here because?"
"I hoped that captain Marducas already contacted the regiment, about my intentions."
"That will only be of consideration when the situation here is cleared."

Charm (ordinary)- 84 = 84[d100] - Fail

"Of course" I answer him.
"Then make sure that this mess gets sorted out as fast as possible. I'll have your list ready by then."
"Very well" I agree, and leave the headquarters.

Does he say something else?

 I go to the quartermaster as well. My pack is already there waiting for me. I change into the warm garbs. Take the compass, check the sealing on the ration packs and on the water.There is a small shovel as well together with an electric torch and a roll of duct tape. I hurry and manage to get a hold of Kashim.
"Did you manage to get some info?" I ask Kashim "The Commissar wasn't exactly forthcoming."
"I thought you are not our front man." He eyes me suspiciously
"Changed my mind. I want to leave this wretched place as soon as possible." I finished checking my rucksack. "So I am coming with you. You'll be glad!"

Did they get any information?
Yes, and...
A plot
Majestically / Military

Kashim thinks then starts whispering "I owe you one for the warm cloths...We asked around and the answers were less than pleasing. Yeah I personally will welcome a second pair of hands, and I don't think neither Mar nor Xantana will object."
"Clue me in please, on the way."
Kashim starts to talk "There was a survivor who has gone mad. An officer like yourself, not a greenhorn either. There are few thing that can do this to a veteran. And there are of course the other solders. Most of them only recite the horrors, but some are saying that there were no mutants in the mines beforehand, and that it's the cultists who mutated."
"I only know of one thing that can case fast mutations."
Kashim stops suddenly "And what that might be?" he asks innocently, but I decide to keep it safe.
"A botched warp-travel"
The man next to me nods. "True. Looks like there is a cult alright. The kind we don't know yet." he checks his hand cannon, then his ammunition. He is not happy with his ammunition count "Are you set?" he asks me.
"I got 2 Plasma pistols and 6 canisters"
"Plasma? All right, that sounds sufficient"
We pass by a makeshift cellblock full with prisoners.The fence stands some 3 meters tall and has barbed wires running around the top. Bits of cloth flutter in the breeze hanging from the barbs, while blood covers the ground. Inside the fence are a dozen forlorn looking men and women. All wear light gray garb stained black from dust and filth. We quicken our steps and get to the Seal, were we found more unfortunate souls sitting at a campfire. These were probably the mine workers who got in the crossfire.

Perception (routine) 20 = 20[d100] - Success 4

These people look utterly terrified. I can make out the rest of the Group waiting for us. Cintia is the first who addresses us again. "It's about time Kashim. What is he doing here?" She indicates me.
"The Lieutenant, here says he wants to come with us."
"Why?" She looks at me.
"Changed my mind. Thought you could use all the help." She looks at me skeptically "Don't worry I can take care of my self." I take my Pulse pistol and the electric torch. I use the duct tape to fasten it under the barrel of my gun with two strips. Mar also follows my example. The commissar is waiting till we finished checking our gear. He is standing before the seal, dressed in his large black hat and matching trench coat. There is the young recruit, Jurtz manning the platform next to the seal. Four more grizzled Guardsmen armed with lasguns stand at the ready, as massive beasts covered in heavy brown fur and equipped with four long trunks are herded into position, harnesses attached to their great bulk. Once the harnesses are in place, the Commissar gives the signal to his men, who turn towards the seal and take aim. The Commissar then gestures to Jurtz who throws the switch. With a tremendous noise, the clamps release from the stone, signaling the beast handlers to coax their creatures forward.
As the seal pulls away from the wall, moving one centimeter by one grueling centimeter, a foul yellow gas spills out around the seal, pouring out from the interior and reeking of spoiled meat. Moments after the spew begins, it stops. The Commissar stands ready, a grim smile spread across his lips, his hand hovering near the bolter at his side. After nearly thirty minutes of straining, the beasts open the
seal wide enough to let the us through. The Commissar turns to us and gestures for us to enter, offering one last piece of advice: “May the God-Emperor watch over you”

Main Mission:
- Gather a crew: ???
- Explore the Mines: ???
Side Mission:
- Gather information: 50XP
We take a few steps inside and the seal behind our back starts to get lowered. There is no light in the mine. The torches become activated.
"Stop it!" I call out and every eye is on me. "Three spotlights are more than enough. Two for the front and one at our back. Save the energy for the Shatters!"

Fellowship: 64 = 64[d100] - Fail

Xantana is not pleased with my comments "I have no problem you being here, but don't act like you're my superior" She says haughty "We also know our job thank you." Cintia just fixates me with her glare.
"As you wish." I don't activate my lamp yet. Mar seems a bit torn but in the end leaves his torch on. I smirk 'Be my guest, it's not like I will need the light anyway'

First area
There are two tables and some chairs.

The first place where we arrive are the planning area. This is a place that is hundred of meters long and wide. Here plans for demolition and production are made. Since the sealing, the place became destitute. There is also no electricity, so the heavy mining machine spirits are slumbering. Our steps echo in the emptiness around us. We follow the map provided by the commissar.

Does something happen?
(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes

Unfortunately the corridor before us had a cave in. We had to take another route

Navigation (ordinary):48 = 48[d100] - Success

I consulted my digital map multiple times and it became clear that the map is outdated...or the fighting was to intense and created extreme changes.

Intelligence (ordinary): 13 = 13[d100] - Success 3

Irritatingly / Small
Softly / Mundane

I checked the rocks and the damaged area. They were caused by explosives. Not death-pack but small charges.
"If some of you has grenades," I start to speak "than please really think when and how you gonna use it."
Xantana turned to me "I doubt some frag could cause that much trouble. Not that I need to listen to you anyway."
"You are double-wrong, missy. This one," I indicate the cave in behind me "was caused by frag grenades. Since you do not know what parts of the mines are damaged, or the conditions of the pillars, I would recommend sticking to laser or personal arms. But only if you don't want to burry us together." I start walking forward. "Just a friendly advise, which of course you don't have to follow."
The agents look at me. Each has a different expression on. Xantana seems irritated. Kashims expressions soften. Mar is the only who gives a reply. "Thank you Lieutenant" and salutes.
Cintias reaction is also surprising. "Your input is appreciated. Xantana grenades are last resort!" Then she nods at me. She might really be leader material.
We need to take a detour and get to a deep gap. It is about 3 meters long and reaches all the way across the tunnel. I take a stone and let it fall down. About 4 seconds till we hear a small knack sound.
"That quite deep..." Kashim eyes the obstacle warily.
"We have a rope, don't we?" I ask. Mar nods. "Give me the other end and don't let go"
I go back a couple of meter and make a running jump.

Acrobatics 70 = 70[d100] - Fail
Fate re-roll: 14 = 14[d100] - Success 4

My Bag and the heavy cloths, do make the jump rather difficult I feel the weight pulling me down. In the last second I kick out on the left side against the wall and make a wall-hop which successfully delivers me to the other side. I still have the rope in my hand. I look for a holding pillar and fasten the rope. "All clear!" I call back.
Kashim is the first to climb over. The two girls hesitate for a moment. but decide to just roll with it this time. Mar is the last one. He tosses the rope to me and just like me makes a running start and leaps over.

Mar Strength 44 = 44[d100] - Success

It looks like a dead end.

We continue onward until we meet another dead end.
The passage enters a sharp decline until it descends into a pool of brackish water with glistening oil on the surface.
"How deep is it?" asks Mar.
"'Don't know and don't wanna find out Xantana declares."
"Agreed" me and Kashim answer as one.
We agree to take another detour. This one leads through a central chamber, the ceiling of which extends nearly 30 meters overhead. Great columns, three meters in diameter and spaced five meters apart extend from the floor and up into the darkness, supporting the roof of this room. Criss-crossing the floor are numerous tracks that seem to travel in utterly random ways, and following them can lead back on themselves or to nowhere at all.

Navigation (challenging) 14 = 14[d100] - Success 3

It becomes harder to navigate. We were walking almost 3 hours strait.  We decide to take a break in small segments. There seems to be a safe place if the map is still correct. The place is indicated as Sub-sector 9. As we continue onward, our tunnel widens a bit and we arrive at painted overtop a steel door. There is a glass window set at eye level, and staining the inside of it and obscuring what lays beyond is a bloody hand print. The door is firmly locked and resists attempts at opening it.

Security: 64 = 64[d100] - Fail
Perception: 46 = 46[d100] - Success

The door doesn't have any locking mechanism, it was instead sealed with the use of steel burner. The hinges are molted into the rock surrounding it. Someone wanted to be sure that nobody gets in or gets out. I take a step back from the group and try to use my sixth sense. Maybe I could make out something in the inside.

Psyscience - 84 = 84[d100] - Fail

Unfortunately, or in this case fortunately I don't feel anything.

Do the others want to get in?
(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...
NPC Action

"We start with the investigation here!" Cintia declares. Mar walks up to the door and kicsk it. There is loud bang but the door is holding steady. After that Xantana present a grenade. Before I could say anything the pin gets pulled, and I find my self leaping into cover by reflex. There is another bang

Dam: 17

There is a ringing tone in my new ears. Curse that woman. The detonation could even be felt behind my cover. I take a look at the door. it has fallen off of it's hinges and reveals a charnel house inside. A dozen corpses litter the floor. Looking at the equipment they are
all the bodies of miners, but each sports a strange mutation. An extra eye, a vestigial hand growing from the abdomen, and so on. This place is hardly suitable for resting, but it does create new questions.

Logic (challenging) 32 = 32[d100] - Success 2

There were no reports from miners ever succumbing to mutations. I f I am correct the ore mine doesn't have any substances that causes mutations. Death by mishandling occurred, but that was human hubris. This reeked fool to my senses. Still this place could be the safest from all so we decide to camp here. We drink and eat a snack-bar. Then we plot lot the fastest rout to the possible entrance of the Shatters, using our maps.

Navigation (challenging) 10 = 10[d100] - Success 4

We have been following the map for hours, navigating our way through what seems like endless tunnels, and still, we have seen no sign
of the creatures the Guardsmen claimed they encountered. (Not counting the mutated dead miners.) Certainly, there have been plenty
of unusual, and possibly suggestive, bits along the way: suspicious pools of blood, disturbing claw marks, and more, all confirming that we might be heading in the right direction. Finally, the access passage through which we’ve traveled comes to an end at an old rusted door, labeled XII, but covered with red graffiti proclaiming this the Shatters. Truly, you can see shattered rock all around the portal and oozing from the gaps is a runny gray slime that drips and collects on the floor near the base of the walls. The door itself is filthy, equipped with a crude wheel to open it.

Do we see anything suspicious?
Awareness (challenging) 31 = 31[d100] - Success 2

There are scratches on the floor and bright rust spots on the hinges suggesting the door was recently opened.
"Blood" declares Kashim and indicates the side of the portal where fresh blood is sipping through.
'The Game is over' I think and take up positions near the door ready to shoot whatever comes through.

How do the others react?

Kashim readies his hand cannon with both hands. The women reach for the las-pistols and Mar takes his axe from his back.  Mar reaches out with his left hand and slowly opens the door.
Beyond the door which is more of a portal, I  can see a macabre scene thanks to my eye enhancement. A two-meter wide corridor extends for some distance ahead of me. Flickering light generated by green lamps set inside support pillars cast everything in a sickly glow. The floor is covered in blood suggesting a great slaughter took place here. The chunks of flesh and glistening organs confirm my suspicions. Scattered here and there are sodden uniforms of Guardsmen, some still clothing a piece of their owner flesh. A door stands on the west wall a few meters ahead and open passages branch off to the right and left all along this shaft’s length.
"Let or right?" I ask Jaded. I have seen scenes like these in the expanse. My team also takes the sights relatively well. Only Xantana throws up her snack-bar, but otherwise she is also okay.
"Intact doors here are a welcome sight" says Kashim. Nobody objects so we make our way there. All lamps are now used. Getting ambushed here is something nobody wants.

The metal door is shut tight.
Security (challenging) 09 = 09[d100] - Success 5
Xantia almost readied another grenade, but I stooped her in time. "We don't need it" The door had a magnetic lock. There was an electro-box near it with wires. "Can someone give me a charge-pack?" Cintia gave me a compact one. I took three cables and used the pack as a makeshift battery. After 3 second a dull *click* could be heard. The door opened. I gave the pack back to it's owner wo was eyeing me again. "Is that part of standard training at the navy?" She asks.
"Where I came from it is."
Beyond the door is a good sized room with ’crete walls, floor, and ceiling. A table lies tipped over on its side in the center of the room and broken furniture litters the floor. Cupboards and cabinets line the walls, but the doors are missing or opened, revealing cobwebs and dust on the shelves.

Is there anything of notice inside?
Perception (ordinary) 14 = 14[d100] - success 4

We go in and look at the interior. Then I hear a faint sound. I hold my gun at the table since I do it wont do jack-shit against my it and call out "How goes there!"
The answer comes behind the table "I did nothin’ wrong. Doan hur’me… please!"
"Again, who are you?"
"I good man, loyal man, miner man! I Rat." The small man comes around the table, hands held high. I doesn't seem like a threat, but I don't let my gun down.

Cintia Inquiry - Success

"What are you doing down here?"
"I get lost! I end up here! Get away from guns!" He indicates my pistol.
"Do you know what’s going on?"
"Horrible things out there. I no go. They eat me!"
"Than stay! When we are finished we shall take you out."

Do the others agree?
(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

"Seriously?" I ask her.
"Yes! Defending the citizens of the empire is also our job! This man will be of course questioned and if found innocent he shall be free. But non of us are judges, so he has to wait. If he runs then he acknowledges his guilt and will be dealt with!"
I can see that the others are not convinced but go along with her plan...for now. We leave the small man and this time go for the tunnel on the east side.

We leave the room and continue in the opposite direction. At first we come across a pit. If The mane Rat said the truth then mutants seem to be choosy eaters. Whilst they might enjoy dining on human flesh, they tear off the victims’ heads and tosses them here in this blood pit. There are six severed heads inside.
We continue forward in this tunnel. As we get further Mar holds up his arms "Shh. There is something ahead." He whispers in his baritone.
Weapons ready we continue slowly. Unfortunately the lights of our torches do alert it of our presence. Something stirs in the darkness, something big, something awful and stinking of all the charnel houses in the Imperium. It lurches to its feet, swiveling its massive head to fix you with eight glowing red eyes positioned randomly about its vaguely man-like head. It chuffs as it waddles towards us, revealing that it still wears the tatters of its Guardsman’s uniform!

Willpower (Challenging)
Xantana - Fail crit 100 = 100[d100]
Cintia - Fail 2
Kashim - Fail 2
Mar - Fail 1
Regis - Success 1

I look at the creature. I know that it is flesh and blood. It has no gun and no armor, but that nagging warning in my head warns me: THIS IS UNNATURAL! Not like the Xenos this is utterly from beyond. I need to take a moment to  calm my self but the creature had already moved in front of us bringing down his claws.

Initiative 10 + 5
Dodge 43 = 43[d100] - Success
Enemy WS 33 = 33[d100] - miss

I duck out of the way just in time. Mar also manages to deflect the claws with his axe.

Mar WS 47 = 47[d100] - miss

Mar engages the mutant in close combat but there is not much light , and has problems landing a blow on the thing. Worse If I shoot now, I could hit him. Kashim seems to get a hold of himself. He starts to back away but his is gripping his gun which is on target. Cintia shows the same symptoms. Xantana is frozen solid, and shows no reaction what so ever.
I pull my blade and get ready to assist Mar.

Regis WS 35 = 35[d100] - Success 2
Mutant Dodge 50 = 50[d100] - Fail
Dam: 12

My blade strikes true. I can feel flesh parting, but it is not enough.

Mar: WS 46 = 46[d100] - Fail

My team mate is keeping the mutant occupied. Talons hit Weapon but neither draws blood.

Regis WS 10 = 10[d100] - success
Mutant Dodge 84 = 10[d100] - Fail
Dam: 13 - crit 8 head

I withdraw my blade, and this time I hold it with both hand and strike at the head. My blade cuts the head in half, The mutants arms flail a last time before it slumps to the ground dead. Blood and brain oozing from its head. Mar look at me the he also slumps down. He is leaning on his axe for support and looks up to me. I also eyes my blade. 'I'm so glad I found you'

A meek voice disrupts our musing "Is it dead?" I hear Kashim in the background, still holding his gun.
"Yes, it is."
The others come closer to take a look at the abomination.
"Did anyone mention mutant guardsmen to you" I ask. They shake their heads.
Looking at the body at my feet I can't help but wonder. Most mutants are indeed feral, but that is because they got cast out and lack human interactions, this thing became feral in result of the mutation.
"Shall I snap her out of it or you do?" I indicate Xantana.
Cintia walks up to the frozen woman and and slaps her. In a couple of seconds The shocked woman gathers herself and we continue. Since we know what to expect this point on the next encounter hopefully will be easier to handle.  
The next area is a large intersection. The light shining in this area clearly reveals the carnage, and pools of semi-congealed blood cover the floor. We continue left at this intersection. After 10 meters of walking we come across a wide area . Inside of it are 5 mutants gathered around what looks like a corpse eating it.

Are our flashlights still on?
(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes

There is a dim light thanks to the lantern s on the ceiling, But there is no telling how long they will last so the group decided to leave the the lamps on. This however make sure that we are just as detectable than the mutants.

Perception: 11 = 11[d100] - Success 4

These four have weapons as well, I can make out a crossbow and 2 revolvers.

Willpower test:
Xantana 53 = 53[d100] - Fail
Cintia 47 = 47[d100] - Fail
Kashim 95 = 95[d100] - Fail 6
Mar 32 = 32[d100] - Success
Regis 10 = 10[d100] - Success

A Hail of gunfire greets us. The women and Kashim are caught flatfooted. Mar and myself get to cover. I take aim with my Pulse pistol and Mar with his longlas.

Mutant_1: BS 85 = 85[d100]
Mutant_2: BS 95 = 95[d100]
Mutant_3: BS 29 =29[d100]
Mutant_4: BS 82 = 82[d100]
Mutant_5: BS 40 = 40[d100]

Cumulative Wounds 50

Who was hit? 1-3 Xantia 4-6 Kashim 7-9 Cintia 0 Me
4 = 4[d10]

Only one Hit strikes home. Kashim grunts as he get hit in the leg.

Dam: 3

This snaps him out of his surprise. The women also take cover at the walls. just in time as the mutants shoot again.

Mutant_1: BS 45 = 45[d100]
Mutant_2: BS 84 = 84[d100]
Mutant_3: BS 66 = 66[d100]
Mutant_4: BS 98 = 98[d100]
Mutant_5: BS 34 = 34[d100]

Fortunately the mutation seems to have impacted on their aiming skills. Bullets and a bolt hits all around us.
We all return fire with laser and plasma.

Xantana 84 = 84[d100] - MISS
Cintia 4 = 4[d100] - HIT
Kashim 60 = 60[d100] - MISS
Mar 18 = 18[d100] - HIT
Regis 31 = 31[d100] - HIT

Bright colored beams hit our targets. The heavy beam of the longlas hit a mutant in the legs. Cintia shoots the other abomination in the chest. My plasma find its way to the laft hand of another mutant

Dam:11 = crit 1

The creatures emit a high pitched sound as they get hit

Mutant_1: BS 80 = 80[d100] - MISS
Mutant_2: BS 92 = 92[d100] - MISS
Mutant_3: WS 4 = 4[d100] - HIT
Mutant_4: BS 93 = 93[d100] - MISS
Mutant_5: BS 34 = 34[d100] - MISS

who gets hit?
8 = 8[d10]

They start to advance one of them charges at Cintia.

Dam: 1

She get hit in her chest. Her armor taking most of the blunt force.

Xantana who gets hit

78 = 78[d100] - MISS
Cintia 18 = 18[d100] - HIT
Kashim 97 = 97[d100] - MISS
Mar 94 = 94[d100] - MISS
Regis 28 = 28[d100] - HIT

Dam: 0
Dam: 16 = crit 6

Cintia kick her attacker and manages to get some space. I change my target on the fly and hit it in the abdomen. Molten clothing and ad guts spill out of the thing and it screams in agony.
The others miss their intended targets. Kashim is especially unlucky. His gun looks like it jammed.

Does our fight gets noticed?
(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

Fortunately there is no extra movement, behind the mutants in front of us. More fortunate that there is also nothing behind us.

Mutant_1: BS 75 = 75[d100]
Mutant_2: BS 82 = 82[d100]
Mutant_4: BS 100 = 100[d100]
Mutant_5: BS 95 = 95[d100]

Luckily or thanks to our preparation the mutants cant hit us at all. We again did get in some hits.

Xantana (50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

Xantana 59 = 59[d100] - HIT
Cintia 42 = 42[d100] - HIT
Kashim 63 = 63[d100] - UNJAM
Mar 93 = 93[d100] - MISS
Regis 26 = 26[d100] - HIT

As one we all shoot the mutant in front of us. It is hit by multiple beams. It doesn't have time to scream. Bits and pieces fly everywhere His left hand is burned off, my plasma burns a hole in its chest, and the other two hits destroy its legs. The remaining four in moment of brilliance decide to forgo their weapons and charge at us. since the two girls are in the front the most likely targets are they.

Initiative 3 = 3[d10] vs 9 = 9[d10]- won

We react faster.

Xantana 45 = 45[d100] - MISS
Cintia 90 = 90[d100] - MISS
Kashim 50 = 50[d100] - MISS
Mar75 = 75[d100] - MISS
Regis 23 = 23[d100] - HIT

Four lasers are being shot  but neither hit the target. I take aim and shoot with practice.

Dam:(6)+ 16 = crit 10

My target now has a hole of the size of my fist in his chest. Not only that, but the heated plasma sets the dry skin and rags on fire. Its skin melts off and his eyes pop like superheated eggs. It falls to the ground a blackened corpse.

Mutant_1: WS 45 = 45[d100]
Mutant_4: WS 18 = 18[d100]
Mutant_5: WS 69 = 69[d100]

who gets hit
6 = 6[d10]

Each mutant chooses a different target. The girls manage to get out of the way in time but Kashim can't. His leg injury preventing his escape.

Dam:(1) + 7

The mutant takes the opportunity and swings it's crowbar at the injured leg. There is a cracking sound, coming from the leg.

Agility 68 = 68[d100] - Fail

Kashim's leg cant support him any more. The man falls to the ground. My next target is the mutant in front of him.  "I go in" I call out loud. I take out my blade.

Xantana 13 = 13[d100] - HIT
Cintia 47 = 47[d100] - MISS
Mar 19 = 19[d100] - HIT
Regis 48 = 48[d100] - HIT

Xantana shoot first ad nail the mutant in the shoulder. A nice hit at point blank range. The mutant was badly injured before.

Injured mutant?
(Somewhat Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Dam: crit 11

The right arm is severed in mid swing at the shoulder. The laser has cut through with barely any resistance. Blood is pouring from the wound like a small river. First the thing doesn't understand what happened then it slumps down as his body does into shock, and bleeds out.

Cintias attack misses the creep. but Mar assists her in a second

Dam (4) + 5

This mutant also has a burn-spot on him. Mar hit it in the legs as well but the creature doesn't go down. I charge forward and swing my blade.

Dam(6) + 13 = crit 9

The powerful blow cleaves my target right in the middle, revealing his guts and spilling them on to the ground before him. My target doesn't move so I kick it away. It hits the ground in a soft *puff*. It doesn't look like it will get up. There is only one target left.

Mutant WS 11 = 11[d100]

The mutant hits Cintia with his iron. Hand strikes her arm holding the pistol

Dam (1) + 2

Agility 58 = 58[d100] - Fail

Her pistol is knocked out of her hand.

Xantana 41 = 41[d100] - MISS
Mar 27 = 27[d100] - HIT
Regis 78 = 78[d100] - HIT

Again all of us concentrate on the same target. Mars las hits first

Dam (9) + 8 = crit 7

The intense power of the longlas cooks the mutant’s organs, burning his lungs and heart with intense heat.

At the mutants back I finish the work myself. My Blade bisects the creature from head to the groin. The creature slowly falls apart. One part to the left the other to the right.  There is not much blood considering the laser already did most of the job. I just finished it...

We take a moment to shake off the adrenalin. I look at my blade intensively, and decide that I will never leave this behind ever! I clean my blade. "Every one okay?" I ask
"Not really" Kashim looks at me from the ground.
We look at our injuries. I am alright. Mar and Xantana are also uninjured. Cintias main hand is a bit swollen but overall its not serious. Kashim however... There is a flesh wound from the bullet, but the second strike on his knee is worse. I take out the medkit. I am not trained but even I know how to apply a basic bracing to damaged joints. Mar keeps watch until we finish.
"What's down there" Cintia asks  indicating the deep corridor before us.
I look at my map. "Uncharted territory. Probably dozens of miles filled with stuff we don't want to meet."
"Our duty is to..."
"...Investigate the Shutters" Xantana cuts in. "I'll be blunt Cintia, I don't want to stay here down a minute more than necessary. We are not ready for... this" She indicates the corpses around us.
"I have to agree," injects Kashim "and after this I wont be much of a help either."
"Go back to the living area to that miner! We explored most parts already. If we have to run...I mean retreat you wont get left behind." I tell them as I check the energy meter on the side of my pistol.
"That sounds...reasonable." Kashim seems a bit relieved.
"Kashim! Remember the oath!"
Cintia says dangerously.

Will Kashim continue?
(Very Likely | 5[d10]) No, but...

Willpower - 26 = 26[d100] - Success

Kashim stands up firmly and looks Cintia in the eye "I won't run and I won't break my word. But I am more a liability now. The most could do is shooting from the back...but I am not that good of a shot and my close combat skills are a joke."
"Fine! We will continue without you, but he will hear of this." Cintias last words are whispered, but my enhanced hearing was still able to pick it up.
We continue onward without Kashim. Cintia took the lead and Mar was our rear guard. We arrive at a new intersection and continue to go west. This corridor is in better shape. This passage may leads us to some living quarters. At the end oft the corridor there are two  doors, both have metallic frame and looks quite sturdy. I flip a coin and we open the door that is on the south side.
The inside held an unpleasant surprise. The room is ghastly. Inside is a heap of chewed up remains of dead Guardsmen and cultists alike. Looking at the corpses it is clear that something has torn them to pieces and strewn
about the viscera in all directions.

Xantana: 3 = 3[d100]
Cintia: 24 = 24[d100]
Mar: 91 = 91[d100] - Fail

Regis: Jaded + Resist fear

The Women look around. There is no light in the room only that which comes from the corridor and from our electric torches. My eyes need  a couple of seconds to adjust themselves.

Logic: 34 = 34[d100] - Success

It looks like there is a different predator here. One that kill humans and mutant alike.
The two woman swallow hard. Xantana looks back to me taking in may calm. "How can you be not affected by this?"
I am already gripping my blade in my offhand. "I am of the Navy" I declare.

Intelligence Xantana 14 = 14[d100] - Success

"I know, I have read your file. But it doesn't explain..."
I chuckle "Then you didn't read it right. I give you a freebee. Space  is the worst enemy you can find."
She stares blankly at me. "Of course they say, being on a battleship is paradise compared to the regiments. It's not. Because space never forgives, if you make a mistake you and a good portion of your comrades die. There is no second chance, only the emperors mercy! This carnage is almost like a decompressed section. It's not uncommon, nor is it the worst that could happen up there. But I'll admit, the smell dose makes this more unpleasant."
Just as I finished talking I notice that we are short of a member. Mar vanished. "Damn it! Where is Mar?"

Did he run in the opposite room?

"Something must have happened." Cintia declares "He is not someone who would just turn around."
"He was two steps behind me"
"Maybe he is in the next room." Ads Xantana
We look at the entrance across us. It is still locked.
"I doubt it. Let's wait for him a bit. If he is not back then this was his limit, and will only be a liability."

Mar Willpower 33 = 33[d100] - Fail

Will he come back?

We wait about 10 Minutes but it's clear the man wont return. "Looks like I lost the competition." I try to lift the mood a bit, but its clear on the faces of the women that it is not the time for humor.
We walk to the door across the corridor. I slowly turn the hatch and open it a bit. A strange familiar smell fills my nose

Xantana 51 = 511[d100] - Fail
Cintia 14 = 14[d100] - Success
Regis 22 = 22[d100] - Success

"Isn't that..." Cintia trails off
"Yes. Promethium. Xantana! DO.NOT.SHOOT!"
"What is this Promethium?" She asks.
"Fuel" Cintia replies "Highly explosives."
We take some steps inside. This large ’crete room reeks of chemicals, likely from the glowing pink fluid that spilled from a ruptured tank. There are nine in all and the fluid covers
the floor in the far end of the room. "And there is a lot of it." As we look around, something dark and giggling emerges from behind
one of the tanks. It is vaguely man-shaped, but its arms are impossibly long and end in jagged claws. Tufts of matted fur emerge at weird places all over its body, particularly around its lamprey mouth. It peers at us with human-like arms and then flings
itself at me, laughing with bloodlust.

Mutant 12 = 12[d100]
Xantana 11 = 11[d100]
Cintia 11 = 11[d100]
Regis 14 = 14[d100]

I can see the creatur comming right at me, but I am still faster, I step left and strike with myblade

WS 24 = 24[d100] - HIT
Dam 18

The creature own momentum carries it forward and impales itself on my blade. As he feels my blade penetrating his hied it stops suddenly and takes a step back, avoiding more serious injury. Still he is bleeding heavily at least.

The creature is visibly angry. And lashes out with his arms.

WS 43 = 43[d100]

I parry his strike with my blade and forearm. My mesh-armor harden at the impact and creates a makeshift bracelet and absorbing the hit.

Xantana and Cintia don't wait. After the sight in the opposite room this creature is nothing. They both grab their blades and strik at the same time one of them form left the other from right. Both strikes are aimed at the neck of the mutant.

2 = 2[d100]
8 = 8[d100]

Dam = crit 4

Xantansa sword cuts through the mutants eyes and Cintia uses her Knife to bites into the neck of the creature. It staggers and holds his eyes with his clawd hands.

WS ---

Dam 11

My enemy is in to much pain to properly defend itself  I step in wit my blade and with a meaty chop, the legs comes away at the hip. The mutants upper body falls to the ground howling in agony, before dying moments later.
It seems this mutant was the only inhabitant of this storage room. We leave the corpse and seal the door again as we leave this room. We get back to toe intersection again where we find Mar. The big man is sitting on the ground, holding a trinket in his hand a is reciting the litany of fate, again and again...

Will he snap out of it?
(50/50 | 2[d10]) No

He has a haunted look on his face as he look at us, but continues with the litany. He looks up again  as if waiting for us to give him a command to man up and start fighting. I weight my options. In the end I decide against commanding him.
I pull out the map again "There is not much to explore. He will be fine." The women nod at me.
The next few corridors are all empty. As we continue to the last one, there is a faint light which emanates from the chamber. A pink glow suffuses this place, shining forth from a great lavender stone that rises from a crack in the floor and extends nearly all the way to the ceiling. At we approach, the light flickers, pulsing as if in anger.

Willpower (routine)

Xantana 47 = 46[d100] - Success
Cintia 11 = 11[d100] - Success
Regis 46 = 46[d100] - Success

The glow is definitely unnatural. It burned my senses and irritates my skin. I do not know of any Xeno artifact that its described like this one. Then suddenly Stone shudders and belches forth a
terrifying creature of the Warp! This one cannot be called a mutant, rather a foul daemon. Bloated and malformed, clutching rusted butcher blades and glaring out with a single milky-white eye, this daemon is a  walking incubators of the most terrible diseases and excrescence.


Xnatana 16 = 16[d100]- Success
Cintia 8 = 8[d100]- re-roll - Success
Regis 5 = 5[d100]- Success

Psyscience 20 = 20[d100]- Success

The daemon in front of me reeks of the warp. My sixth sense warns me that it is not he biggest threat in the area. The stone is the fountain of this mess. I decide to shoot the daemon first and depending on the result I might change my target.
Xantana beside me is fully focused on it as well.
For a moment my other companion becomes even paler and takes a step back. Her resolve fleeing but only for a moment than she steels herself and fires on the daemon as well.

Half Aim + single shot

Xantana 25 = 25[d100]- HIT
Cintia 83 = 83[d100]- MISS
Regis 12 = 12[d100]- HIT

Dam 3 + 10 = crit 3

The daemon looks perplexed, and takes its time to take in his new surroundings. More than enough time. This gives enough time to shoot him. Xantanas laser hits it dead center. It leaves a scorch-mark, but otherwise the monster is unaffected. Still we managed to get its attention. Cintias beam doesn't connect, her aim was slightly off, her hands still trembling a bit.
I change to my heavier plasma pistol and shoot that thing. My blast gets it from the side burning of its right arm and hitting the chest area as well. The daemon shimmers and dissipates in a violent distortion.

Does something else happen?
(50/50 | 3[d10]) No

The stone changes its emitted color to an angry red. I can fell that it gathers the warp around itself.
I don't let it finish. I change the setting on my gun to overcharge and shout the cursed thing.

Dam - re-roll - 13 = 5[d10]+8

The stone resist the energy of my gun for a second but then melts like hot butter, oozing blood-like essence in the process. The light dies out and the heavy dangerous atmosphere lifts itself from the mine.
"How did you..." Cintia asks
"Instinct." They stare at me blankly "Mine is very good. Come! Let's find the guys!"

We make our way back. Mar was also making his way towards us.

He had a solemn look on his face, but his posture was straight.
He Looks at us "I am ashamed..." he says. it is as if he would expect something. I really don't have time for that.
"Come along then!" We followed the map an picked up Kashim and the miner. Our way to the entrance was unobscured. At the seal we signaled the guardsmen and after almost an Hour, we were on the surface again. The commissar was waiting patiently, his hand never leaving the bolter on his side. As it became apparent that we were no mutants and were healthy in our mind , he nodded approvingly. We were given warm food and a room at the hab-block to rest before we gave our report.
Intermission: Strange bedfellows...

Experience Gained:
Stayed alive: 100XP
Clear the mine completely: 100XP
Mission complete: 100XP
Every companion stayed alive: 50XP
Daemon Killed: 50XP
Rescue the civilian: 50XP
No mutations gained: 50XP
Relevant skill-tests: 50XP

Total: 600 - (All spent)

On a secret location...

I was looking at the man before me as he poured a glass wine for me. We were sitting in a spacious dinner in his space ship.
"I hope that the terms of my propositions are to your liking?" He asked dismissively. I had to keep myself from sighing. I should have seen this coming. Really! After I head that the men and women, I guided were tied to the Inquisition, I knew that this thing will come back at me... It all begun after we resurfaced.

On the Planet:

The giant doors to the mines opened slowly, giving times for our eyes to adjust. The cold was quite refreshing in the first 5 minutes. The commissar was waiting for us, together with a battalion, bolter in his hand ready. After it became evident that it was only us humans, he called for an ecclesiastic...don't ask why. But after he gave his blessings and was satisfied that we didn't burn...seriously...we were brought back to the hab-block for rest and to give our reports, to our respective superiors. I was sitting with the commissar enjoying the diminishing warm that was provided by a small makeshift fireplace.

"I am glad that this mess is over." Told the man before, glaring outside, just to look dramatic. "I am also glad that I didn't had to shoot you and/or your companions." His tone might have been threatening, but he did speak seriously. "I will hold up my end of the bargain, and will have a list of possible candidates for your crew. Are you well?" He suddenly changed the subject.
"Thank you commissar, just a bit tired." I must have seen worn out. Seriously since we returned to the camp my head was killing me. Sometimes images started to shift, and colors blending. Well I apparently we were down there almost a full cycle. The quick nap on the lander was barely keeping me on my legs.
"Then take a cold shower and there is a bed waiting for you."

I thanked the man and decided to take him on that offer. I made my way to the showers. I thank the emperor that the water was only cold rather than freezing. As I stood there with my eyes closed and letting the water smooth over my body and thoughts, I suddenly realized something: My electoos were active. It shouldn't be possible, when I was not concentrating the...my...condition always kicked in. I tried to reach inside my mind to find the well-known switch to turn of my mind and let it relax, but I found nothing. I ran outside wearing nothing and got to my radio I turn d it on and started to focus on. Indeed after some seconds the power was cut, but rather happening automatic, I had to actively wish for it. 'This is wrong' I thought. I swore and went back to the showers.

Are there other in the showers?
(50/50 | 2[d10]) No

Fortunately I am alone so I take my time. I am tired more than I thought. I go to the second floor to the barracks. And go to sleep, yet my mind wanders. My senses are superior, thanks to the enhancement, but I feel more awake then before. People arguing n the third floor, guardsmen playing cards at the cantina, and Xantana... watching me?
I open my eyes and yes there she was looking at me.

What does she want?
Malice / Art

I stand corrected, she is glaring at me. "You wish something?" I ask.
"Did he sent you to babysit us?"
I feel kinda lost. "Uhm...who sent me and whatnot?"
"Don't play dumb. The master knew what is going on and he was reluctant to send us. Cintia might be a religious maniac but she does know this as well. So did the inquisitor call upon you?"
"Even if he did..do you think I would just say so if he had forbidden me? But no, I am here because of another matter, but our goals seemed to overlap so I decided to give you a hand."

51 = 51[d100]

"Bullshit! Navy guide, fuck! I have seen what the military has to offer and you are everything they are not!"
I decide that I had enough for the day. I step into her privet sphere. "That is because I am the living example that the Navy delivers! I am good because I have earned it." I cast away my shirt. "You see this!" I indicate my muscled upper body "How many voidfahrer do you think has something like this? I answer it for you; Only a few, because low gravity is seriously bad for the physic. It costed me blood to be like this. I was shot at, I got blow up and even lot my fucking eyes. I am standing here because I was considered worthy to be healed up, again and again. And with my wounds came experience to show as well. So I do not appreciate being told that I am fucking around." I change here my tone. "Of course If you meant the other kind of fucking,..." I look her over "...well I might consider."

Fellowship/Opposed test:
52 = 52[d100] vs 47 = 47[d100]

She snort. "Maybe later. Now your non-existent employer wants to meet you."
'Oh shit...'

On a spaceship in a distant location...

There are general truths to this universe. One of them is that when an inquisitor calls, you answer. Permanent. There are of course small details that matter, and make the audience range from 'holy shit' to civil, but still if you are summoned, you go or prepare a damn good excuse, which I unfortunately didn't had.
The lander of my docked into the ship itself and I was guided by a manservant to the dining hall where a middle-aged man was sitting comfortably. He also pored a glass of wine for himself and for me as well.

Conformist clairvoyant who is slightly stronger than you and whose motivation is to comprehend industry, publicize dreams, and abuse music; who speaks of insane commands and is focused on your power.

"Ah, just on time. Take a seat Lord Sylverhawk, or you prefer lieutenant?"  He asked pleasantly...too pleasantly.
"Thank you my lord. You can call me both if you wish" I sat down.
"That would be a bit long now. Are you sure."
"Lord Sylverhawk, then please."
"Excellent." He claps his hand and food is being bought by servitors. "Now, first I wish to thank you for helping out my operatives. "
"We had a common goal." I tried to dismiss it...my head was acting up again. Maybe it was stress.
"Yes, but you kept them alive, and after getting their... report, I wanted to see you myself. Truly it was worth it."
I am a bit confused ut also get a nagging feeling.
"Well an accomplished guide like you is very rare indeed. So I looked a bit into your past...a very interesting past indeed. Although your connection with the Cult of the Pure Form did hinder my curiosity a bit."
'A bit he says...'
"And also your record at the Navy was... particular. A superstitious man could think that there is more to you that meets the eye..."
"I don't follow..." I start but I get interrupted.
"Calm yourself Lord Sylverhawk, I do not represent Ordo Malleus nor Hereticus, and I am not here to discuss past events, but rather the future." He take a bit from the food and indicates for me to do the same. We eat. "I have a business proposition which you will not refuse."
So we arrived here. "That is very straight forward" I say seriously. Even if it is a request of the Holy Ordos me being part of a Rouge Trader Clan should get me some leniency.
"Sorry, a force of habit. You see I am a fairly intelligent man and I have foreseen that you will not refuse it. You know how most psykers needs to show their sanctioning, yes? Well...not all of them have to "

My eyes bulge at the implications. "Do not be afraid." he continues. "I already suspected some connection to the warp, your so called sixth sense is not the only among your people." He sips his wine and gives me a parcel. "But your Discordia was one of his kind. There was a reason you were tested thoroughly multiple times before. Yet you are here and do you know what I feel?"
I shake my head.
"Nothing worth mentioning...other that you have strong pretense... which could eventually surface." He stops again and looks at me. "But it clearly haven't yet. You also proved to be valuable and a loyal servant, I don't think you need to make a trip in a black ship to Terra. My intuition was clearly wrong before."
"Then what do you need from me milord?"
"I wish to employ your services. You seem to have a fast and capable ship. I only ask that you house some of my employees and when something should come up then deliver them to their destination. Rest assured that you wont have to make unnecessarily detours. And if you decide to lend a hand again, then of course you will be compensated accordingly."
"And if I have urgent business?" I know the answer but still I pretend this is still a civil meeting.
"Then you can just deliver them and later pick them up...Although if you would accept my employment you would be free of those pesky mechanical priests who keep harassing you. And back to the previous topic, as long as your achievements, ANY achievements are subtle or can be entitled to coincidence or luck, good or dumb alike, I am willing to ignore any superstitious accusations and turn a blind auspex as they say, whenever you are active in the boundaries of the Imperium."
"I have to agree that does sound very tempting, if I may so...but I have to ask: Why?"
"Because my Ordo prefers subtlety and I hate to waste potential resources. But maybe you should meditate on my offer. You look tired. Maybe my biomancer Lucas can help you calm your mind. He is very good at helping people to relax. Just saying..."

The man before me was Right. I cannot refuse this offer. I was always in a tough situation because of my potential. The ministorum was keeping an eye on us. And of course there were the Techpriests as well. Only a small slip is needed and I wouldn't register on their devices. Mayhem is waiting for me. Now if correctly heard the implications I could rid my self from this problem. Of course I have to walk into another one willingly...but in the long run, I think this is better, I just have t operate near the expanse. I sigh and after reading the document I sign it.
"Excellent, I knew you won't refuse." The man before me smiles "Now, you really should go to Lucas, and tell him that he should help you relax..."

This is how I got a capable crew, a sponsor, agent and a ton of trouble for myself.


Wyrd: Psy Rating: 3 -> +1 Sicarius training
Major powers: Seal Wounds, Regenerate,
Minor Powers: White noise, Resist Possession, Sense Presence, Jinx, Precognition, Lucky, Wall Walk, Chameleon, Dull pain, Unnatural Aim,

WP: 51

Character is skilled character: Generated form 5000-2400XP (Base attributes cost extracted) Dark Heresy Character --> Which equals a LV1 Rouge Trader Character
Character will Level up Through Rouge trader Rules.
After some weeks of our little fiasco on the nearby moon, Inqusitor Vaarak a friend of our ordo called us, to the Verdant Glory. In the last Weeks I made sure to 'upgrade myself'. Since my more Isoteric abilities are a constant rsk I managed to get my hands (with some help) on a rare Auger implant. It was on week since it is inside my head. I usually don't like tech inside my body but the head is an exception, also I shall use it as a damper against my psychic emission. The auger is uninstructive sitting between my two lobes and two small Detectors detrude out of my skin behind my ears...look more like accessory.

We are currently in one of the studies of the ship. Vaarak is surrounded by a group of hovering Familiars, modified skulls and otherwise, that orbit about him like tiny satellites about a grotesquely bloated star. Vaarak nods towards the toward us and a servoskull, loaded down with a serving tray, floats over to deliver a selection of drinks. I take a non-alcoholic fruit juice myself. Then Vaarak gestures to the table for us to sit.

"Gentlemen, ladies, thank you for coming. Your efforts have shed more light on a most elusive puzzle and while I was looking forward to running it down myself, I’ll not begrudge your efforts. I’ve read your reports with interest… Great interest, indeed." He tells us and reaches toward a control panel on the table. A hologam comes to life displaying a familiar Card.
"After your recent investigation I am certain tat you are resourceful enough to assist me, also considering your involvement reacquiring this piece... Your Inquisitor has agreed to a joint operation."

Common Lore (Navy)
16 = 16[d100]

"I’m certain you all recognize your souvenir. Aristarchus was a good man and a trusted ally for many years. I want to know what happened to him. I think the seer’s fall was orchestrated, but to what purpose I cannot say. I turned many of my resources towards this gift of yours. Extensive crosschecking turned up nothing and I all but killed three of my autosavants at the task, when a very old friend of mine contacted me early last month. Laurent Strophes, ex- Imperial navy, retired with honour, noble family connected to the Maechenko.

Int check +10

The name does ring a bell... Oh yeah Callixis 2 Division heavy bombarbment and supply. It was how I managed to get my hands on my Augur. I want to speak up but decide to wait Vaarak to finish.

"First met him back in the days when I had a svelte physique. One of his nieces has gone missing. It happens, especially on Scintilla where he berths these days… but usually not in Hive Sibellus. Still, he wouldn’t have contacted me over such a matter. He set some skilled locals to quietly searching. The only reliable link they came up with connected to a small new creed called the Joyous Choir."

He gives us a Pamphlet
Have I heard some rumors?
(Somewhat Likely | 5[d10]) Yes, but...

"Reagis you know something?" Vaarak asks.
"I heard of him and his accomplishments. Also he is a good man I met his son before. Now that I think about there was a rumor that something happened to him. He became much grimmer...and he is actively hunting down smugglers and pressing them for information. That is all." i answer as I look at the paper in my hand

Vaarak looks at me calculative. "Yes that is fortunate, but back to the issue: The Choir seems to think the Emperor wants us all to be happy or some other such nonsense. Even check to make certain people are in high spirits using, ‘harmony meters’. Strophes’ men got their hands on a few of them. The majority held no surprises, but one had this.” There is a device before us. “Now what do you make of that, eh?”

Tech-use +20
21 = 21[d100]


"Some kind of energy meter... seems to work similar to my Augur" I tell them, but the detail that it spikes near me I leave out.

Do others ask for the device?
(50/50 | 3[d10]) No

Fortunately none my comrades ask for the device. So I am safe for now.

Vaarak considers my words: “I need you to go to Hive Sibellus and find out what exactly is going on with this Joyous Choir and how they’re involved with this xenos tech. My friend has volunteered to take on a great and terrible risk: you. Laurent and his daughter Julia are willing to take you in as ‘distant cousins’ which should help you gain access to this new faith’s inner circle. I have other duties to attend to, but I’ll be expecting your report within a month.
I’ve set up some shielded accounts for you to draw upon in order to maintain your cover as nobles; well some of you... Right Lord Sylverhawk? The Strophes will help you with the rest. I hope you’ve been keeping up with your ballroom dancing. Do not expose yourselves as agents of the Inquisition to anyone other than the Strophes unless you have absolutely no other choice. Be careful, on Scintilla corruption is a way of life.”

How many cousins are they expecting?
2 = 2[d5]

"Well... one or two, I suppose one is going to be You lord Regis, If you need an extra hand I would propose one of the ladies. Otherwise everyone else is going to play the part of the serfs. Speak it over"

Vaarak hands over a Standard requisition plate for any work we might need...so lets see:

Does Xana want to play the noble?
(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...


"It does appeal me but, I would probably murder those pompous idiots...and I cannot dance" I blink a couple of times "But I suppose I could be your personal maid."
"I'm flattered"
"You should be, but no illicit affairs...for now."
"Don't worry I plan to use my big warm bed alone."

Enthusiastically / Rough

"What at least give a pillow!"
"No deal. If you want it you have to sleep in it... actually that could be a good cover"
"Only sleeping. And I lseep with a knife"
"And I sleep with my sword...now lets gear up! Mar and Cyntia you are going to be our body guards." They nod "Jorgo you shall be my proviseor..if acceptable?"
"Of course I shall remind you constantly to behave properly. Do you wish me to intervene with your maid."
"Play it blind or make so that Xana convinces your good heart. I would rather have a trusted ally in my room."

Vaarak arranges for us to be transported planet side in an unmarked aquila lander. I leave my bolt rifle in a strengthened cache. Only my plasma pistol is at my side.

Does the Family know about my true title?
(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Move towards goal

As we come down out of the raging clouds, Hive Sibellus looms before us. A vast structure, formed of ornately carved stonework, shaped in countless styles and built up over more than ten thousand years, Sibellus stretches to the horizon. Immediately below you, a series of titanic black granite cliffs mark the western edge of the hive, which still threatens to spill over into the wildly churning sea. As we draw closer, more details emerge. Thousands upon thousands of scaffolds are constructed over the cliffs, with small moving forms that must be men scurrying up and down rope lines, or disappearing into and out of the uncountable caves that cover the face of the granite walls. A gleaming solitary tower surmounted by what resembles an immense stone flower catches the light of the sun from where it stands apart from the rest of the hive. Hundreds of banners flutter above the legendary Lucid Palace, seat of Lord Sector Marius Hax’s government of the Calixis Sector. Your vessel angles its descent towards our destination: a large docking port thrusting out from the lower portions of the massive upswept spires that rest atop the hive.

As our group emerges from the lander to a lightly drizzling rain that smells faintly of gunmetal, a short woman with fiery-red hair awaits us on the landing pad with a big smile. She immediately sweeps forward, throwing her arms about the neck of me with a squeal and a “Welcome to Sibellus, Cousin!”
She gestures and a black-clad servant brings forward a series of parcels that she immediately distributes. They prove to be soft-grey hooded cloaks. She looks about and states pointedly, “There’ll be time for talking later, inside. A bit too drafty and wet out here I think. Make certain you all cover up, you could catch a chill.” She links her arm with me. “So, how was your journey?”

"A bit cramped, they should build larger landers. I only packed 7 Coffers and they had problems tugging those on..." I start the small talk

I let the woman lead us. Multiple eyes following our movement. The woman chooses a corridor and speeds us down. After several twist and turn we arrive at a large metal door covered with silver and blue pattern pierced by a red dagger.
The woman gestures with a ringed hand and the door swings silently inward. As we enter the building, she swiftly dismisses her servant and brings us into a richly attired chamber where a man stands in the corner, surveying the room, his arms outstretched in a welcoming gesture. She closes the doors behind the party and says, “Let us try that again, shall we? I’m Julia Strophes, welcome to Hive Sibellus.” She smiles impishly, “Cousin.”

Julia looks at Mar who is standing before the man looking at him quizzically. Julia walks over and knocks on the man's head. Great Uncle Thalus, led House Strophes in dark times,” she explains. “We nobles of Sibellus appreciate our antiquity so much we keep our honored dead about to remind us of past glories. He has his uses I suppose,” she says as she tosses her cloak over one of the cadaver’s outstretched arms. “Make yourselves comfortable, there’s refreshment in that alcove. I’ll bring Father and we’ll have proper introductions.” She nods with a slight bow and departs.

The room resembles a large study, with various plush furniture pieces analogous to couches and easy chairs. Various artifacts sit on little end tables next to each of the furnishings. A complex timepiece of some sort is on one. A worn leather copy of the Imperial Creed sits on another. Most impressive of all is a figurine seemingly made from light itself that slowly twirls about in an intricate pattern. As more of companions studies the gleaming statuette, a deep voice tells them, “The prize of my collection, a Jokaero light-sculpture. Not proscribed, I assure you.”

Laurent Strophes smoothly enters the room nodding to my companions. As he does so Julia closes the doors behind her father. Lord Strophes introduces himself by shaking
hands with the others, but make a special point welcoming Jorgo “We are honored that you grace our house, Father. And you young Syverhawk.” Finally, he situates himself in a big chair and launches into a speech

“My niece, Saia, was an even-tempered girl, easy to manage—unlike others here present. Always given over to melancholy though. Last year she came upon this group, this so called ‘Joyous Choir’ and joined soon after. I thought it harmless enough. Julia went with her once or twice, declared them simpleminded as I recall, right dear? Well Saia continued going, said that she finally felt that she was becoming ‘true’ whatever that may entail. Then one day, she vanished. No traces. The Magistratum could find nothing. There was no sign of struggle in her dwelling; none of her friends knew where she’d gone. Happens every day in the underhive, not in the spire. We’ve since heard of others going quietly missing. I set an old associate of mine to looking into the Choir’s affairs. He came up with those meters I passed on to your master. I want to find out what happened to my niece. I suspect she’s gone to the Emperor, but I would know for certain. The House of Strophes is at your disposal. Julia and I will help you however we can.”

We start discussing our covers and ask for some basic questions to get up to date. The Strophes are to help one or more of the Acolytes take on the role of visiting nobles, while the rest act as entourage members, since the higher levels of the Choir are only accessible to nobles. The Strophes have decided that the best cover for any lapse of appropriate knowledge that the “noble” Acolytes would be expected to know should be to claim that they’re distant cousins visiting from Fenksworld, a sordid little hive world rimward from Scintilla. Since most nobles of Scintilla consider Fenksworld to be a cultural backwater, this should allow an Acolyte without the right background to still “wing it” as an uncouth noble.

"But since you are here young lord, we will have an easier way. It seems you have reached new height since you left the Navy."
"What can I say now I am independent, and tend to help out people in need."

Juila knows of an upcoming party where a fair number of Choir members will be present, including some high society members. A good opportunity.Julia declares that she’ll need some time before the party to arrange appropriate attire, brief them on the latest spire customs for this season and generally bring us up to speed on our “roles”.

"Well you have a bright shoulder...so some straps and also the hands need to be cared for...and thos little rings behind your ear! We have to intruduce some color to match the metallic shine..." I sigh nobles...

"Jorgo, Cyntia! I leave the middlehive to you. Do you want to bring Mar along?"

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes

"A big tall man can always come handy. We shall leave the noblesse to you" Jorgo tells me.
They brake for the middle hive

My job is to act as a noble as best I ccan and get information out... I test the connection to my Spaceship.

Captain Sylverhawk do you rad me?

27 = 27[d100]

"Loud and clear Captain. the Spear is in Standby as you commanded."
"Excellent this mission won't take long if we are lucky. Prepare a small emergency troop but others may relax until further notice. Stay in sillent run"

Next day Julia starts our lessons.

In Hive Sibellus, the oust important rule to remember is never to slight another’s ancestors or lineage, unless one is spoiling for a fight.
The next biggest faux pas is either to insult a given possession or call its authenticity into question.
Finally, the nobles of Scintilla place little value on the lives of middle-hivers and assess underhivers as worthless trash.
The present fashion in Sibellus is referred to as “aethyr weaving”. The elite wear fairly gauzy outfits strung through with electrographs and other materials to produce various subtle lighting effects. Young and attractive members of the upper classes highlight their bodies so that their silhouettes are clearly visible along
the outside of their clothing. Older and more reserved nobles favour dark clothing with star patterns resembling constellations. To better enhance the effect of their chosen attire, most noble gatherings this season are being held in dark rooms varying from twilight to pitch black.

Wp test for disgusting practices:
81 = 81[d100]


"You know this is bullshit..." When she starts explaining the 'Spurring' and entertainment a youngsters are doing. "No wonder someone decided to take you young nobles and let them vanish forever... for fun" I indicate with my hands

Does she understand?
(50/50 | 2[d10]) No

"That is uncalled. They are payed for the entertainment and should e thankful. This might look to you strange but here its tradition."
"Maybe, but traditions change and create changes... apparently someone started a new one. letting nobles vanish for good. How many times do you have to kill off a revolt?"

How does she takes my comment
Befriend / Pleasures

"There is no such a thing. The Enforcer deal with such heretics before they could cause harm." She dismisses me.
"I see, then please continue..." I don't want to stay here any longer than necessary.

Others endeavo in the Middle Hiver:

Interaction +20
36 = 36[d100]

- Found joyous choir -

Interaction +0 to find extra stuff:

86 = 86[d100]

No findings

Do they ask about the rules?
(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...


96 = 96[d100]

Officially / Pale
Inconclusive answer

Awareness +20

Cyntia, Jorgo, Mar

80 = 80[d100]
65 = 95[d100]
27 = 27[d100]

Meet the informant
The others come back and inform me about the data slate

Back to ME and my Tutor

Julia has arranged for us to attend a function put on by one of the Joyous Choir’s more influential supporters, Lady Tanae Borella. This scene opens with the Acolytes dressed in their new finery as Julia’s “noble cousin” and retinue. The large open courtyard in which you stand rests high in the hive spire. The northern wall of the room is a single massive window that gives a magnificent view of the setting sun and the restless sea that swirls about the granite cliffs below the western reaches of Hive Sibellus. The room is dark, lit by a few evenly spaced candles, the luminous garments of the assembled nobles following the fashion demands of aethyr weaving, and the beverage containers. All present are drinking from spun glass cups formed with intricate whorls. The joliq-spiked punch has been touched with a trace of phosphorescence, causing each glass to resemble a softly glowing star, soon extinguished by the nobles. Julia Strophes has brought you here to mingle with the some of the high society of Sibellus. Lady Tanae Borella, the sponsor of the party, is a renowned supporter of the Joyous Choir, making this the perfect occasion for your introduction to the local nobility.

Whot to speak to?
3 = 3[d5]

Lord Raephen Verence
"Greating Lord Verence. It is nice a high officer of the navy to meet here"

Common Lore Navy
31 = 31[d100]

"I wanted to say that the tactic at nebulus secunda was beautifully executed even with so little ships. A truly excellent crew and maneuvering"

Adventurously / Familiar

"Well youngling you have me at a disadvantage. You have heard of me but I don't know you...although you seem familiar..." the Admiral says
Julia comes between us. "My cousin is very interested in the affair of the navy. he is very into starships right cousin?" she smiles.
"true I was actually thinking about owning one..."

Fellowship charm
82 = 82[d100] - Fail

"I doubt that it is easy like that." the man looks at me discerning
"but serving on one is a possibility I heard."
"True, if you are serious then I can make some arrangements."
"I would be delighted to peak with you about it in anther time. Thank you"

Other guest
6 = 6[d6]

Counsell or Cort Abroag

Do the others get into important discussions?
(50/50 | 3[d10]) No +Event: Disrupt / Pleasures

Introduce a new NPC

Is it a Notable guest?
(50/50 | 3[d10]) No

Chivalrous major

Passionate and knowing villain who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to inform discrimination and is focused on your community.

Does s/he know who I am in real?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

"Its good to see you Sir! I thought you looked familiar. Liutenant.
"I am sorry major... Sir"
"Hardhammer Liutenant... you brought us the supplies in our time of need. Enjoy the party"

Mockingly / Interesting

I don't remember him...curios.

Do others hear our conversation?
(Somewhat Likely | 9[d10]) Yes

Lady Borella is in a fine mood and delighted to meet the, “Pilgrims from distant Fenksworld”. Though Tanae is an older madam of austere appearance, her dress resembles a supernova; she is certainly the brightest light source in the room (not an accident). Impressing Lady Borella is one of the most important feats that any Acolyte could accomplish at the party.

Charm +10 (Peer Nobility)
20 = 20[d100]

Success 3

The Lady comes to us: "I didn't know such a young man is under us... Military extinguished. You really must meet our founder, he’s a delight.”

Psynischience test
80 = 80[d100]

After an hour or so, various foodstuffs are brought about, as are a series of small trays with the “Complements of the Hostess”. Lady Borella makes a toast bidding everyone, “Enjoy yourselves, for delight is pleasing to the Emperor.” The trays all contain little cups with a single dose of farmosia in liquid form. There are some who do not drink it. e asked Julia what this is? It is a local “delicacy”.

Peer Adeptus Arites
74 = 74[d100] - Fail

Do Cyntia know about farmosia?
(Unlikely | 8[d10]) Yes

Cyntia come to me and whispers us in the ear about the drug. No will drink
After the party I ask about the drug.

Does anyone other wants t talk to me?
(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes
5 = 5[d6]

Lady Tanae

The lady is quit smitten with me and we chat away the whole night.
Does she say something important for me?

(Likely | 5[d10]) No, but...
NPC Action

She is more interested in my love life and if I am currently unwed...

WP test
I think she might not want to play matchmaker...

47 = 47[d100]


Next Day - Cyntia, Jorgo and Mar in the middle hive

The shots in the midle hiwe:
Our informant got his head exploded as he brought the slate. An assasin sweeps down and snatches the cache with the data and start running through the crowd.

Awareness test (3)
31 = 31[d100]
19 = 19[d100]
82 = 82[d100]

One succefull.
Do the others shoot?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

(Likely | 8[d10]) Yes

Command test - Cyntia
94 = 94[d100] - Fail

"Get Down!" She Screams but nobody seems to care

Does Cyntia shoot?

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...
half aim shoot (+o) modifier

9 = 9[d100] - Hit
8 = 3[d10]+5

Cyntia hits the leg.
11 = 5[d10]+1[d10]+5 - discard lowes dice
AP:9 / Bolter Pen:4
Damaga: 5 Points on legs injury

Does she gat away?
(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes

The assassing had help who trie to kill the Agents

Does the arbites arrive?
(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

Do the people run away?

(Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and... +Event: Excitement / Animals
Move towards goal

Mar double taps a goon with his deathlight the man catches on fire and falls in one of the booths. Small animals are escaped the cages, and finally the masses notice the shoot-out and start running.People start screaming and running.

Cyntai changes the target and blasts a boltshell into its leg, then Mar brings up his deatlight and burns this goon to a corpse as well with a well placed laslight.

One of the enemy uses the confusion and shoots Father Jorgo in the back. Fortunately his flack robe holds out, and mitigates tha damage to a concussion

Cyntias next shell was blessed by the emperor and explodes inside the chest carvity of the goon, instantly killing it,

Finally the combined heavy lasbeams of Jorgo and Mar kills the last mercenary in a flamy end.

Anxiously / Rare

They mitigate the permitter.
Can we keep the money?

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No +Event: Antagonise / Illness
Move towards goal

The others return. Cyntia gives the money back and gives report about what happened. Apparently the joyous Choir has som grim alliances if today is an example...no pun intended

Did the others have time to search the corpse?
(Likely | 5[d10]) No, but...

Bolter or the documents?
1 = 1[d2]

Cyntia brings the bolter back

What do we know till now:
- Some element in the choir deal with dangerous men.
- They indulge in a strage Drug
- (I know that the devices react to psykers)

Jorgo Insight:
Forbiddeen Lore Cults
29 = 29[d100]

Jorgo gives a small insight that the Cult is probably a main central for Drug distribution. Looking a t the decadency of the nobles joined.

Cyntia Common Lore underworld
2 = 2[d100] - Success

Cyntia Peer Arbites
84 = 84[d100] - Fail

"The Dealers must have a ruff time with the local ganglord. A new drug usually means more competition." i nod at her.
"The money we got to get the suitcase can come handy." Jorgo, Cyntia and Mar try to connect one of the underworld bosses for a little parley... lets give them info about the choirs dealings. It might prove to a good distraction.

Fellowship - Me hinting information for the crimelords to catch the Farmosia dealers
38 = 38[d100]

The Alabaster Court resides in the mid-tier of one Sibellus’s noble hive spires. It takes up just over a third of one hive layer along the western edge of Sibellus, giving more than enough space to project the right cathedrallike atmosphere. The entrances to the various sections are fiercely guarded.
"Well congratulations!" Julia tecomes inside the studyand gives me a invitation. "Lady Borella wants to meet you again and judging of this perfume she wants to do more than just talking..."
"Oh joy..."
"Well it seems you are popular with elder women Reagis"
"Well Although I am sure a ripe fruit is nice and all, but first I would prefer someone to my age."

Julia was once there and gives some directions.
The question can we sneak in?
“That is Exceedingly difficult, you’d have to scale down part of the outside of Sibellus… If you could manage it though, once you’d gained entry you’d be all right as they don’t check guests within the walls.”
"Even in the night?" I ask"

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...
Bravely / Interesting

"No guards but many security is high with multiple servitors and scanners
"Through the rabithole then. Xana You with me?"

Usurp / Ambush

"I was getting kinda bored here anyway. Very well."
We go to the first entrance.
Perception +20
3 = 3[d100]

As I get closer i can see that the guests are being scanned. I activate my Psy power concealment

WP +30
83 = 83[d100] - Success

Success... We get scanned but The machine doesn't give a beep when it comes to scan me...Dodged this one.
I start up my Auger and start scanning the place and making a rough map in my head.

We are ushered into the large central chamber of the Court where a small group of musicians are softly playing Imperial hymns.

Does Xana is a latent one?
(50/50 | 3[d10]) No

The room is lit by hundreds of candles, a few of which are enormous, allowing for the nobles to show off their “star lit” fashions. A stage has been set up within the centre of the court and I can hear whispers of a grand performance in the offing. Lady Borella soon notices use and glides over with some of her entourage, including Siprit Daneen. She confirms that a popular young noble named Elsergi Krin has apparently arranged for the evening’s opening diversion. A play.
The crowd falls silent as a masked figure steps out onto the stage. Cloaked in grey robes, the figure’s mask suddenly flickers to life, revealing shifting holographic features that study the crowd with interest. “Call me Chorus,” he intones, “and prepare for a tale of woe.” Thus begins one of the great tragedies in Imperial History, the Fall of Cyperen; a play about the trials of an Imperial commander who is eventually betrayed and slain by the people he governs, primitive citizens that he has desperately tried to protect over the course of several decades.
A ragged figure soon staggers out onto the stage. Though dressed in fine clothing, he is clearly disheveled and emaciated from hunger. Chorus declares, “Hail Cyperen!” as the play begins in earnest. What follows is an hour of masked figures coming and going acting around “Cyperen” who appears somewhat lost and out-of-sorts.

Stealthy try to slip away and keeping my Augur active for security and traps
Stealth +10
8 = 8[d100] - Major Success 6

"I'll be back..." I tell Xana and literaly vanish from the crowd. keeping up my power. Although my auger keeps acting funny.

22 = 22[d100]

But after some calibration in my mind it functions as intended. There was a psychic null field chamber directly under the bedrooms. A fact that my Auger has told my as I scanned the halls.
After I got back it turned out that unfortunately I have missed the play and managed to ditch the old lady who got mad at me.

Getting bedchamber girl

The woman looks at me mischievously. Then at hare meter. I think the two of us should be enough.
I bring her to one of the chambers but also signal to Xana to keep an Eye on us

74 = 74[d100]

I get some wine and it is time to indulge in pleasurable activity. I here her word and we drink. I frequently use my power to keep myself sober.

Charm + 10
40 = 40[d100] - Success

I start "Lets get joyous, I want to know how it feels, to be truly joyous"

84 = 84[d100]

We get into the bed..I get off everything from her and Start a long intercourse my first, ever. A successful conquest I have to say to bad it wont end well... Still a nice experience.

Did she had any weapons or communicators?
(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes

I even tie her up playfully...then do her from behind and from front and ever y time I restrain her further. Then in the end I pluck her mouth and the n when she is neot expecting call in Xana.
"Godemperor get some pants" She looks at me.
"And you close the door!"

Now miss this can be easy or very scary for you...

"I start the recorder on the slate."
"There is a special chamber in the bedrooms under the cells who is it for?" I draw my blade "If do not answer I start cutting you up."

91 = 91[d100] - Major Fail

The woman look s at me with narrowed eyes. But doesn't indicat that she would speak.
"Xana plese hit her... I am a gentleman"

Xana does just that

45 = 45[d100]

1 = 2[d5]-1

Xana decks her in the head.
"One" I tell her. "Why is there a Barrier on thise things?"

100 = 100[d100] - Critical Fail
She spits at me.

I struck my mono-blade into her knee cap

16 = 8[d10]+8

The Blade get up into her thit .

29 = 29[d100] Success

She looks at my blankly...then at her knee. Maybe because of the shock she doesn't feel pain. I tie up her mouth again.
"Now that will stay there." I indicate my blad in her leg "Depending on your answer I may remover it slowly or chop off your leg. Then you will bleed out and die. I will be fined and your body will get dropped into a dumpster. Anger me again and I will instead, make a bloody art of you...then Xana here will heal you, thank the sound proof chambers."

I smile a bit but just for incentive I twist my blade in her thight.

Intimidate: Str +10
46 = 46[d100] - Success

Tears swell up into her I as I use the blade to exert pressure on her wound. It seems we are in the clear

Will she speak?
(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes

"I remove the tissue from her mouth from the back."
"We use our devices to mesure latent psykers."

Will she speak of my psychic potential ?
(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and... +Event: Postpone / Vehicle

"Then we let one of use take them in exchange of the farmosia."
"Who is this other group?"
"I dont know"

I grab my blade

"I dont know!!"

Perception check. Using Augur to Checkvital signs to see if she lies...(Puls, pupils)... Damn shes not. My hand lingers on the handle of my blade.
"What else do you know then?"

"Theodosia is a liaison for an unnamed other organisation"
"Describe the man."

Can she give good description?
(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and... +Event: Trust / Portals

I transfer the data to my ship.
Then comes An incoming Vox: "Message has been recived Captain"

"But he usually showes up here at court."
"Thank you." I carefully remove my blade that comes out mootly like my...khm well I make sure to not cause any more damage. Small blood trinking down from her leg

"Xana, let her drink the thry bottles of wine then konck her out! Vaarak can tak it from here I am sure! it seems our missing person was a latent psyker."
Xana konck the poor woman out we put a small bandage on her knee and cover her nacked form with sheets. As the two of us leave the chamber in a fresh manner Xana holding my hand.

A robed man arrives that has the description of the girl.
"Shall we get him?"" I ask Xana

Enchanting hearing of Augur +20 perception focused
66 = 66[d100] - Success

"He is upset. Talking about the abductions also...Ambulon he frequently mentions."
"You can hear them"
"This little thing" I indicate my Auger "...is in essence an Auxpex. I set it to audio detection... it works well.

"Ambulon... I think our job is done. Lets go"

We go back to the Sporhes family and relay the information. About the daugther and Ambulon.
Ambulon is known to be a place where curious artefacts can be acquired, including unusual xenos technology if one knows where to look.
They make arrangement for Our trip to ambulon.
“You will find those responsible and they will be punished for their heresies, yes?” Tell the admiral.
"Of coure we will." I answer
“Somehow I suspect that continuing to be nobles of an offshoot of House Strophes won’t be to your advantage. However, I have some very old and secret ties to a jeweller’s family on Ambulon. They’ve helped me acquire several rare pieces for my collection over the years and their patriarch is an old friend. If you wish to continue undercover, I can give you letters of introduction and papers that claim your group is quietly inspecting various workshops for me as I’m thinking of investing. That will give all of you the ability to wander about the city legitimately, as well as a reason for being there, which is vital when visiting the Ever-Walking City.
They toss vagrants over the side…”

After a day or two of preparation, the last glimpse of Laurent Strophes is through a slanted port window, his augmented arm raised to salute them as their ornithopter lifts off a spire launch pad and heads into the sunrise.
Five hours after you leave the towering spires of Hive Sibellus behind, a staggering sight greets your eyes: a mountain smoothly lumbers over the desert floor below you, leaving a vast trail of fractured earth in its wake. Dozens of long legs slowly lift and fall as the vast beetle-like Ambulon slowly makes its way over the surface of Scintilla. Already ancient when the Imperium first conquered the Calixis Sector, the Adeptus Mechanicus believes Ambulon to be a holy
construct, a god-machine on par with their colossal Titans. Ambulon is never at rest and its constant movement dictates the life of every one of its inhabitants. The nobles of the Ever-Walking City live in low-slung elegant buildings along the Spine, where the swaying of Ambulon’s gait is least likely to affect them. The industrious worker caste live in crowded tenements that stretch across the vast, shield-like back of the great machine, where they must constantly deal with the threat of hivequakes. All citizens of Ambulon have to justify their presence on the machine, for space is at a premium. Failure to be able to state the function one serves or the industry one is employed in when questioned by Ambulon’s authorities results in banishment to the wretched dwellings of the Underbelly; there, the poor live clustered in makeshift settlements slung beneath the Ambulon, whose constant movement continually threatens to send them plummeting to their deaths on the desert below.

Our ornithopter cruises in for a landing on a small platform near the centre rear of the machine-city. Before you’ve even settled, you can feel a great slow thrumming shuddering through your body as the mechanisms of the machine shake the world about you with its ponderous movement. Welcome to Ambulon

Members of the Magistratum, wearing modified tan vests over their traditional green coats, intercept our Party immediately as they leave the landing platform. After inspecting our papers they give us directions: Quadrant Red-Gold. That would be ‘headward’ and to the right, sirs.”
Ambulon smells of dust, machine lubricants and salt. The air is frequently charged with static electricity. Moving along the surface of the Ever- Walking City is an interesting experience. There are no roads, at least not in any conventional sense. The only areas of the city that have open courtyards or the equivalent of small alleyways are all along the Spine. The rest of Ambulon’s back is basically a solid landscape of buildings constructed in dozens of different styles and materials. the workers of Ambulon to be erudite, friendly and very, very busy. Even the children all seem to be doing something other than playing, whether polishing small objects, engraving pieces of machinery or carrying small cups of water to others.

Laurent Strophes’s old friend is a talented gem cutter named Kronis Estrun. He resides with his family in their small jeweller’s shop within the Red-Gold Quadrant, which is fairly close to the Spine, indicating his wealth.
As we enter the shop A young woman greets us and invites to study the wares.
"We have a letter for you Miss. Or Rather to Mr. Kronis Estrun"
“Go get grandpa.” The woman thells her boy

After a quick scan of Strophes’s letter, Kronis takes us into the back of his shop, indicating to his granddaughter that they’re not to be disturbed.
"My friend Laurent, he says many good things of you in this letter. But what he does not say is even more important. I am in the business of detecting flaws; it is my life’s work. Laurent asked me to help you. You have just met me; so the choice is yours, to trust me or not… How can I help you?”

"Shall we give full disclosure?"
(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes

We think a bit. "The Admiral already know of our involvement, and gave the recomandation... I think he will inform Vaarak as well."

Does the man looks thrustworthy? I look at him intensively... "Nod if you agree.." I tell my companions they all nod
"I dont think he would lead us astray and wants his niece avanged" Cyntia tells me....

I take out the rosette

The old man is taken aback momentarily whispering, “Agents of the Throne, in my shop, I never thought that such could be.” I put away the rosette.
"Have you heard of the joyous choir?"
“Ah, yes, the happy ones. They have a small temple, rearward end of the Spine. I have clients who say good things of them. They seem harmless enough.”"

"We have a suspicion that they are dabbling in ilegal drug dealings, kidnapping and possibe xeno-tech"

The Man suggest we go to the oracles.
We arrive with his grandsons guide.

The Oracle Ocular, according to Kronis, is an enginseer who is ancient beyond reckoning. Once a member of the Guild Peripatetica, an association of Tech-priests who maintain and study the machines of Ambulon, Ocular had a vision sent to him by the Omnissiah itself. After his communion with the Machine God, Ocular left his post and reinvented himself as an oracle. At first, the city’s authorities considered having him removed, but not only did the members of the Peripatetica immediately declare him holy, his predictions were soon shown to be uncannily accurate. According to Kronis, “The price for his aid is always uncertain for his ways are indecipherable, but if there is anyone upon Ambulon that can truly help you, it is he.”
Kronis’s grandson leads us through a progression of fine buildings. A magnificent series of intricate gothic structures soon emerges to the Acolytes’ left. If any of them show an interest, the boy waves at the buildings and says, “The
Magnopticon, sirs, the great university of Ambulon.” After twenty minutes of travelling, the characters arrive at an open courtyard sitting in the shadow of the Magnopticon. The open courtyard, already a rare sight on Ambulon, is rarer still for being empty, occupied only by a dark and steaming tunnel mouth; an intricate archway carved like a leering mouth that clearly leads down into the machine-city itself. The boy points solemnly. “There’s your road, sirs. Good luck.”

The tunnel is humid, the floor slick with the residue of oil and the remains of sacred Mechanicus unguents. Flickering electric lamps cast long and uncertain shadows about the passageway, which is just wide enough for two to walk abreast. The base rumble of the machine-city’s mechanisms and constant movement is louder here; the tunnel floor shudders with it. After a few minutes of walking, the Acolytes begin to hear a tinkling sound that fills the corridor with strange but pleasant music. As they round a corner, they can see a large room filled with hanging silver chains. Thousands of links of different size and shape make up hundreds of chains that are stretched about the room in what looks to be haphazard patterns. The greatest clusters of chains are draped in front of a doorway

Common Lore (Imperium)
86 = 86[d100] - Fail

We step into a strangely shaped room filled with clusters of devices, the majority of which appear to be in various states of disrepair or completely broken. The remains of once sophisticated cogitators lie among data-slates and dozens of other unrecognizable machines. In the centre of the room, on a slung chair made of intricately braided electrical wires, sits a man of indeterminable age. An augmentic servo harness encases his body and a series of bionic data-jacks are connected to several of the machines about the room by long cables plugged into his skull and along his entire spine. The Oracle’s eyes shoot open a few moments after the Acolytes enter his domicile: one eye appears to be solid silver; the other is still human, with an amber-coloured iris. “You have arrived at last. Be welcome, fingers of the left hand."

I step forward "Greetings revered Oracle. We came to ask you about the Joyous Choirs dealings with the Narcoticum known as Farmosia and abduction of the psychers using technologies similar to Xenos."

Data machines about the room will leap to life, disconcertingly whirring and beeping while the Orcale remains silent. After a minute, Ocular’s human eye focuses upon the group.
"There is a price for what you seek. Some knowledge, once learned, cannot be unlearned. The price is your ignorance. You can still walk forth from this place… No, we see you will pay. So be it. This is not xenogen technology… it is human. This circuitry was once incorporated into devices that used or measured aetheric energy in a far more sophisticated fashion than the sacred machines of the Adeptus Mechanicus can presently manage. The circuitry is Adranti, from the days before the Imperium came to the Calixis Sector. We suspect the master of the Serrated Query would find a pleasing irony in having some of his minions use this technology in particular. Like the Adranti, he is not fond of the Imperium.”

"Adranti...was it before the times of the imperium?"
"Yes and No...A people destroyed by Angevin during his Great Crusade well over a thousand years ago. Their empire was centred in the nebula that still bears their name. It stretched far to trailing of here— legend holds that Lord Militant Angevin utterly destroyed them."
"Only legends?"

Does the others ask questiions?
(Likely | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

NPC positive

The preacher Jorgo comes forward. "What is the Serrated Query? “An ancient group of cut-throat black marketers, willing to deal in any commodity as long as there is profit to be had. Some whisper that they’re in league with the Ruinous Powers. Their symbol resembles a hooked sickle, a question mark formed from a blade.”
"How anchient is the Query?" Jorgo continues.
"They rose not long after Horus fell.”

WP -test
72 = 72[d100] - Fail

Do I know of horus?
(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Common Lore (Imperium)
26 = 26[d100]

"What!!" I visibly pale.
The oracles eyes are on me scrutinizing...

Does someone ask the relevant question?
(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes

"Why would someone incorporate this circuitry into an Emperor’s Tarot deck?" Asks Cyntia
“To destroy a diviner.” Oracle answers her.
"That was successful" I remember at Forlorn Hope

After answering the questions, the Oracle falls silent. He leans back into his chair, ignoring the Acolytes and closes his eyes. The session is over, apparently—but just before we leave, his eyes shoot open one last time
and he gestures into the shadows, “There.” Amidst a field of electronic scraps lie plates of armour and other debris. The Oracle indicates one scarred plate and makes a “turn it around” motion with his hand. The back of the plate is inscribed with the symbol of the Serrated Query, it does indeed resemble a sickle formed into a question mark. The Oracle gestures once for the Acolyte to take the plate, closes his eyes and says no more.

After leaving the Oracle’s domicile, Kronis’s grandson leads us back to his family’s store. Kronis has arranged for us to stay in a relatively private establishment nearby named the Overlook, a “student’s inn” near the Magnopticon
that frequently houses travellers to Ambulon. Kronis also gives them maps of the layout of the buildings over the city’s back.

We explore a bit and map the area. I arrange my "big gun" to be deployed to our rooms (Plasma Pistol + BoltRifle)
we look the Choir temple. The temple appears to be a basic two-storey affair with a simple construction significant only because the buildings around it don’t press it in. The Joyous Choir is very low-key about proselytising on Ambulon.

Perception +40
98 = 98[d100] - Fail

second perception +30
98 = 98[d100] - Fail

We dont see anyone, and act to carefree

Do thers keep lookout?
(Unlikely | 1[d10]) No, and...

Does the monk recognize Cyntia?

26 = 26[d100] - Success
(50/50 | 4[d10]) No

"In the night we shall strike..." I declare and ready my weapons. A Plasmapistol and the normal pistol I buy a silencer.

Commerc (Int)
44 = 44[d100] - Fail
barter: Fel
81 = 81[d100] - Fail

requisition test - Success
61 = 61[d100]

Unfortunatly I have to use Reakl mon to equip my Gun, in the end My Armsman is now silenced.

Getting a Laser Dot

55 = 55[d100] - Fail
17 = 17[d100] - Success 3 --> 30% off

Laser Dot Aquired 35TG

500-55 = 445 TG

In the night we enter the temple.

Is Theodosia inside?
(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...


Will he come back?
(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes

How much time we have?
Disrupt / Wishes

Hell be back if the guns start blazing

Challenging Stealth Test to get inside
31 = 31[d100]

Stealthly we got into the temple, there is nobody around. We go to the back and my Auger showes me a security door in one of the hidden passages. There is a terminal on it

Opening the secret door
68 = 68[d100] - Fail

Fail. Can we try again?
(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes

9 = 9[d100] - Success

Is the alarm on?
(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

The sillent alarm?
(Likely | 7[d10]) Yes

"lets go down" I tell the others

The Serrated Query’s facility is basically a drug laboratory run by a few loyal operatives and a fair number of menial servitors by tapping into Hive Ambulon’s power.

Fear test (0)

100 = 100[d100]
Reroll fear test Due talent Unshackable Faith
43 = 43[d100] - Success


18 = 18[d100]
15 = 15[d100]
90 = 90[d100] - Fail
31 = 31[d100]

Xana shock +60
75 = 15[d100]+60

1 = 1[d5]
Total: 7

Xana is frozen by terror, her eyes scanning the room franticly whispering...Sorcery

89 = 89[d100] - Feeling nothing

Xana Snapping out :

40 = 40[d100] - Success
-10 to any action afterward

the Serrated Query’s lab has a vaulted roof some 15 metres high, far higher than it could possibly be, given the space constraints of Ambulon. In fact, the entire factory takes up more space on the inside. than it’s outside could ever allow for. The walls are covered by criss-crossing support beams that, when inspected closely, are shown to be completely covered in minute intricate engravings that hurt the eyes to look upon them.

I can also feel my mental power slipping away as we enter

There are a series of small chambers, including one operating theatre within the central room. There, are people probably psykers have their skulls sawed open. getting a recording started as we wait.
the facility seems dedicated to using the psyker’s bodies as the basis for servitors or turning the cadavers’ parts into commodities, packed nicely. The other rooms of the facility consist of a storeroom, which houses various ingredients.
A cogitator that controls and coordinates the servitors within the facility, a small armoury, a dormitory with a few small bunks— and the main production facility. The production lab has a long line of servitors sitting at various tables, each performing a specific task required for the production of farcosia: sifting grains, slicing up brain matter, mixing chemicals, etc.

hacking the cogitator (tech-use)
89 = 89[d100] - Fail

32 = 32[d100]
One of the servitors as having been constructed from the body of Saia Strophes.

Enemies Arriveing?
(Likely | 7[d10]) Yes

10 enemies an Theodosia...

Just then the lab door swings open and armed men arrive together with a man in a monk suit...followed by many men who look like mercenaries: Battle start:

The next ection is the main battle with mostly dice rolls:

Cyntia awareness
(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes
Cyntia cries up "The assassing from Sibellus"

We act
Init me
15 = 9[d10]+6

I start. I take out the plasma gun since stealth has gon out the window an d shoot twice

Standard Attack +10
59 = 59[d100]
Theodosia dodge
51 = 51[d100]
Attack 2
48 = 48[d100]

12 = 3[d10]+9
4 hit on leg... Is his leg still injured?
(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

Penetration of the energy weapon adds up the damage
8 Wounds and 1 Crit on legs

Initiative others

10 = 7[d10]+3
10 = 6[d10]+4
12 = 8[d10]+4
7 = 4[d10]+3

Enemies... Can all get through the door?
(Unlikely | 3[d10]) No

Half of them?
(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

3 = 2[d5]+1

Theodosi and 3 operatives comes in and after that 3 extra get in in ech turn


12 = 7[d10]+5

Fire on the monk I command the others +10
71 = 71[d100] - Fail

Does someon fire at the monk?
(Somewhat Likely | 2[d10]) No

The others concentrate on the helpers maybe they think My plasma is enough. I draw my blade to defend should the need arrive

I manage to fire 4 plasmashots as the weapon overheats. Thank to the others we mange to kill 6 of the mercenaries. Xana has closed in on them and killed 2 other but was gunned down by the Monkish man Theodosia and the remaining. She got multipple hit in her chest and has fallen to the ground, unmooving but fortunately not dead.
Here I drow my lathe-blade and charged in close, as Mar and Cyntia gave my cover. I managed to fend off the monk and after I cut off all four of his limbs I beheaded him. The remaining 2 solider were not keen on fighting and ran away.

will the remmaining fight?
95 = 95[d100]
2 = 2[d100]
(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

They beginn running.
The place is shot up?
(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes

are there some information remaining?
(Likely | 9[d10]) Yes

We didn't follow them but got out a message from the temple and the local forces helped securing the perimeters. Xana was taken to hospital and we got back to Sibellus and waited for our transfer offworld.

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