About Mark
I am a full time software developer and video game enthusiast. I've recently been playing Skyrim way too much but now spend most of my time coding this site.

I was president of my high school role-playing club and enjoyed epic nights of D&D. I started back when there was D&D and AD&D.

Before computers I created a random dungeon generation system using a spiral notebook and dice. I was solo playing before I knew it was a thing.

I have played the Star Wars RPG more recently but any role-playing I do now is on the computer. If you can call Skyrim an RPG.

I created this site due to a renewed desire to do some old-fashioned solo role-playing. I saw the new systems that were out there, Mythic, Instant Game, and FU, and thought they were great -- they just needed a good interface.

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do.

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