Anachronistic ADVENTURES IN VANTH|Numlin Helmet Dwarf Warrior


This is a solo play of my homebrew setting rules where I kit bashed S. John Ross' "Encounter Critical" setting with David Black's "The Black Hack".

I will start out with a random character race, and then I'll pick the class based on that. Then I'll get use the auto generate quest information.

But first a little background on the world of Vanth:

Vanth is a planet in the Medieval Rim of the galaxy, where most of the worlds still practice magic heavily and
rely on it rather than technology. Many of the natives of Vanth are not aware of the galaxy at large except as rumors
of “angels” and “sky monsters.” Technology is similar to that of Earth in the 8th-15th century.
Technology came to Vanth when the Vulin Star Empire stablished a star port there to begin trading, but they
were careful to present themselves as supernatural visitors from the heavens, and the star port is known as God City,
deep in the north mountains. For years, there was peaceful trade for swords made of god-metal (which is only
modern steel) and similar trinkets, while the Vulkin governors shipped away starships loaded down with native gold
and magical potions for the empire’s coffers. The star port grew and God City became a might metropolis, but one
very difficult for all but the most intrepid citizens of Vanth to reach safely, since the mountains are treacherous and full
of dangerous cracks leading to the netherworld.
All was well until galactic war disrupted the sector power grid, robbing God City of its ability to provide a safe
launching beam for starships, and shutting off communication with th rest of the galaxy. The fate of the Vulkin Star
Empire itself is unknown on Vanth, and for 11 local years there as been no word, and so millions of galactic citizens
and traders have been stranded in God City, forced to learn more local ways and to try to get along (even with the
Klengons). Trade has begun to slow, since the God City supply of advanced goods has dried up along with the power
beams. The spread of aliens into Vanth society has caused interesting mixing of people, and while nobody really
believes God City is the home of “angels” anymore, those displaying alien technology are still regarded with a mix of
fear and mistrust, especially in rural or cannibal regions. Players may be either locals to this magical world, or
stranded galactic travelers of any sort who have decided to “go native” and becom adventuring explorers. God City
itself is now growing outward, with dismantled spacecraft slung over with fabric and hide to make durable shelters
and so forth.

Copyrighted to S. John Ross 2004

Used with his permission.

Now onto my character race, determined by a roll of the dice:

8 = 8[d100]

8 = Dwarf

They’re strong and just a little larger than a hobling. They sing and mine gems when at home.
3d6 3d6 3d6 3d6 3d6 2d6+1d4 2d6+1d2 3d6 3d6+1d4
Dwarves test MAG with advantage to resist magic effects, both positive and negative


14 = 3[d6]+6[d6]+5[d6]


10 = 2[d6]+2[d6]+6[d6]


10 = 1[d6]+6[d6]+3[d6]


11 = 2[d6]+4[d6]+5[d6]


11 = 6[d6]+4[d6]+1[d6]


8 = 3[d6]+3[d6]+2[d4]


8 = 3[d6]+3[d6]+2[d2]


11 = 2[d6]+4[d6]+5[d6]


15 = 6[d6]+4[d6]+4[d6]+1[d4]

The available classes are: Warrior (STR); Warlock (INT, MAG); Criminal (DEX, INT); Pioneer (ADA, INT, MAG, ROB); Doxy (LEA); Psi Witch (ESP)
Interesting choices here. This dwarf would make a great Warrior, and OK Psi Witch, Doxy, or Pioneer. I will let the dice decide.
1 = Warrior, 2 = Psi Witch, 3 = Doxy, 4 = Pioneer

1 = 1[d4]

The dice gods have spoken, Warrior it is.

The class of mercenaries, knights, soldiers, headhunters, and barbarians.
Starting HP: 1d10+4
HP Per Level/Resting: 1d10
Armor: Any and all
Attack Damage: 1d8/1d6 Unarmed or Improvising
Starting Gold Credits: 1d8 x 100
Special Features:
 A warrior gains an extra attack at levels 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, and 19.
 Warriors add half their level (rounded up) to both melee and ranged attack damage.
 Warriors attract a loyal band of brothers at level 10.
 Warriors attract an army at level 15. Warriors can become kings by leading their army against others and
taking their castle.
 Once in the warrior’s lifetime they may attract a great and absolutely loyal companion. Each time the warrior
gains a level, roll under the new level on a d20 to have the loyal companion show up. Then roll 1d4: 1 = a
monster, 2-3 = an equestrian mount with great intelligence and endurance, 4 = a shield mate of half the
warrior’s level. This can only happen once even if the companion dies in a tragic way.
Gaining a Level:
 Before gaining a level, a warrior must defeat an equal or more powerful opponent with a new weapon; either
a weapon that the warrior has never used before from the weapon list or one of the player’s devising (which
is added to the weapon list).
 Roll twice for STR and DEX when gaining a level.

Starting HP:

9 = 5[d10]+4

Starting money:

2 = 2[d8]

200 g.c. I must have just been robbed!

Numlin Helmet, the Warrior Dwarf

HP: 9

ADA: 14
DEX: 10
ESP: 10
INT: 11
LEA: 11
LUC: 8
MAG: 8
ROB: 11
STR: 15

Hand Axe
Light Armor (d4)

Credits: 25

Logical queen

Healthy Korean philosopher

Lazy gambler

Personal NPC List:
Queen T'Lil Kalik, a Vulkin, ruler of Castle Noth between the Twin Lakes.
Tan Ho-Sung, a Frankenstein, one of the philosophical Horse Tamers, south of The Great Spineywood who was originally from the enclave of the Limb Traders.
Couch, a Planetary Ape, his skills as a gambler or only surpassed by his complete lack of ambition, a rascally fellow that one.
These people I've helped in some way on my travels up and down The Great West Road.
Viruk Kom (see below)

Personal Threads List:
Kill Viruc Kom, dastardly slave trading Klengon. He and his men torch to a small village that was supposed to be under the protection of the City of Blackhawk. The Slave Traders operate out of well protected bunkers on the northeast bank of the Sea of Great Peril.

Next Post: The first scene
Scene 1:
No Idea; so just going to use the Mythic tables.

NPC positive


Legal matters

NPC positive. 1 = Queen T'Lil Kalik, 2 = Tan Ho-Sung, 3 = Couch, 4 = Viruc Kom

1 = 1[d4]

While I was staying in the court of Queen T'Lil Kalik, she won a very important legal battle.

Who was were opponent in this legal battle?

Obnoxious super soldier

The loser was General Phaidor, an Amazonian originally hailing from the Amazonian and Wooky Freeholds on the east side of the Great Sea of Peril. She had grown weary of T'Lik's envoys of peace to neighboring city-states like City of Blackhawk. General Phaidor had started a populist movement and sued Queen T'Lik to remove her from power in the Courts of the Supreme God City Judges Guild. General Phaidor cited incompetence bordering on collusion as the basis for the case. Now that General Phaidor has lost, I fear a general unrest that I hope she won't turn into a revolt. General Phaidor had many supporters in the people, supporters who had suffered personal and familial losses in years past to the vagaries of City of Blackhawk soldiers. Tonight I sit with the Queen in her castle above the rest of City Noth watching the people gather and disperse down below.

Are the people verging on the edge of rioting?

(50/50) Yes

Helmet: "It doesn't look good out there my lady. Perhaps you should send some guards to break up the groupings."
T'Lil: "Nay, I fear the sight of guards in the city streets will do more harm than good. They are surrounding the important government buildings and the castle."

Does something terrible happen?

(Very Likely) Yes


Imitate / Investment

Just then I see a group of angry citizens dragging a person into the middle of a square near to the castle. The man I recognize as a banker. Then General Phaidor walks out from the crowd an addresses them while pointing angrily at the banker and up to the castle. I feel like she can see right into my eyes.
Helmet: "Oh no, Phaidor's captured poor Barger and dragged him front of everyone. This doesn't look good."
During the trials, General Phaidor levied the claim that Barger was helping to launder money that financed some of the worst mercenaries hired by the neighboring city-states. It wasn't true, but Phaidor didn't let that get in the way.
Helmet: "I think they are going to kill him! I must do something."
Queen T'Lil was by my side then, "How will you save him?"
Helmet: "I don't know yet."
Queen T'Lil: "Take this." She then hands me a stun gun that she usually keeps on her person.
Helmet: "Good night, Queen. I pray to the Angles of God City that we shall see each other on the morrow."
I bow low and hurry out the door.


NPC List
General Phaidor
Queen T'Lil
Barger the banker
Pillaging mercenaries
City of Blackhawk soldiers
Angry citizens of City of Noth

Thread List
Save Barger
Scene 2:
Helmet is intending to go down to the square and make an impassioned plea to stop the lynching.
Roll to see if scene is modified: 1, 3, 5 = altered; 2, 4 = interrupted

7 = 7[d10]

I make my way out of the castle and push through the growing crowd to the edge of the circle around General Phaidor and Barger.
I take a read on the crowd and listen for a minute to what Phaidor is spewing.

Is Phaidor trying to rouse the people to rioting?

(Somewhat Likely) Yes

Is the crowd listening to it and responding positively?

(50/50) No, but...

It seems the crowd hasn't been won over yet. Perhaps there is still time, a small chance to calm them. I step into the opening to interrupt General Phaidor.
Helmet: "Ho there General Phaidor! I will speak to the people on behalf of-"
Phaidor: "On behalf of the Queen? You were always her dog, Numlin!"
Even with such anger and insults she had the most golden voice.
Helmet: "Nay, I will speak on behalf of peace. Tonight your blood and fury are up. You think justice has lost, that villainy has won. You think back to your lost parents and uncles and sisters. You think their murders have been ignored and dismissed. Fishmonger Helga, you think your husband's death is below the caring of our Queen."
At this a few "Yeahs!" rise from the growing crowd.
I do not let them grow before renewing my speech.

Helmet: "Grandam Tarris, you think your daughter's capture by the slave traders will go unlamented, but the Queen laments everyday the unfortunate events of the past. But she laments more the unforeseen tragedies of a future of war. Helga, you look back at your lost husband and you take your eyes off of your young sons. Think of the world they will have if this constant warring continues. Today you mourn 1 man, but tomorrow you may mourn 3. Of if you don't live for them, they will mourn 2 tomorrow instead of 1. Think of the next generation of Noth, they are for whom I speak when I speak for peace. All of you, there is a new Matriarch in the City of Blackhawk. Will we be the ones to break this bond of trust before it has even been tested?? Will we be the ones to poison our guests?"

Check of LEA to see how it's going. In The Black Hack, you try to roll under your stat to see if its a success. I feel like that was a pretty good speech; so, I'm going to give myself an advantage. I'm the DM; so, I can do that ::wink::

13 = 13[d20]

12 = 12[d20]

Doh! Looks like I failed anyway. My LEA is an 11.

I didn't succeed, but I didn't catastrophically fail either. Is the crowd still relatively neutral?

(50/50) No

General Phaidor: "Ha! You say you are for peace, but really you're for acquiescence and appeasement. You're for more atrocities piled on our heads. You're for more lost husbands and kidnapped daughters. You're no better than this dog here. Who took money for the slaughter of OUR CHILDREN!" Phaidor bellowed the last and gave a swift kick to Barger who was whimpering on the ground.
The crowd was quite large now and was starting to get restless. Cries of "Get a rope!" and "Hang that one!" could be heard. Phaidor was smiling.
I strode between Barger and Phaidor saying, "I will not let you kill this man, this night." Phaidor looked at me, smiling, then turned back to the crowd.
Phaidor: "Helmet will not let me kill this man. There will be no murder. There will be a trial. To the courts!".
Helmet: "What are you playing at, Phaidor? The Queen's guards are protecting the government buildings."
Phaidor just looked at me and smiled.

Does Phaidor have some kind of plan involving the guards?

(Very Likely) No

Well then what does she expect to happen?

Befriend / Dispute

She must expect to win over the guards. She was the City's General for years; so, not unreasonable. But this can't be her plan.
What else does she expect to happen?

Divide / Success

That's it. Tonight is the coup. She doesn't have all the guard in her pocket, but enough that she thinks she can win this fight.

I sense that something is wrong, worse than wrong. I turn to Barger and say, "Barger, stay alive. I have not forsaken you." I turn to leave so as to warn the Queen, but I'm confronted by 3 soldiers, dressed in civilian clothes.
Phaidor: "We wouldn't want you running off and warning the Queen. You'll be seeing her soon enough anyway, dog."
I do not understand this comment, but ignore it now to focus on the assailants. The crowd has widened around the fours of us and starting screaming for my head.

In TBH, PCs test their DEX. If they pass they go ahead of the enemy; if they fail, they go after the enemy.
DEX test:

5 = 5[d20]

Passed; so I'm first.
Are the men armed?

(Sure Thing) Yes, and...

They are armed and they have drawn the weapons; so, it is a fight to the death.
I attack! Test STR 15, these guys are 1 HD; so no "Powerful Opponents" rule.

12 = 12[d20]

Hit. I do class damage + 1 for my Warrior special feature.

9 = 8[d8]+1

That's one down.
Now the other two attack. In TBH, the player does all the rolling. Since I'm in melee, I test STR to avoid their attacks. If the enemies are higher level/more HD, then you add 1 to your roll for each level the enemy is above you.

3 = 3[d20]

11 = 11[d20]

Both success, so no damage to me.
Round 2
I'm up again. Rolling to hit...

10 = 10[d20]

Hit. Damage...

9 = 8[d8]+1

I spin and deliver a brain crushing blow with the axe to the head of soldier #2.

General Phaidor has taken notice of the situation and before the last soldier attacks, she sicks the crowd on me.
Phaidor:"Look! There's the Queen's man now, wantonly killing your fellows. Tackle him! Beat him!"
I attempt to run past the last soldier and break through the crowd to duck down an alley.

Test DEX to get away. The soldier and I were both startled by the sudden move and the crowd isn't right next to me; so, just a strait DEX test to get away.

2 = 2[d20]

Made it! 

I slip under the legs of the last soldier and shoulder my way through a thin part of the crowd and roll under a fence that blocks an alleyway. I'm snaking my way back to the castle to warn the Queen of the night's events. What did Phaidor mean when she said that I would see the Queen soon enough anyway? I hope she is alright.


NPC List
General Phaidor
Queen T'Lil
Barger the banker
Pillaging mercenaries
City of Blackhawk soldiers
Angry citizens of City of Noth
City of Noth Guard

Thread List
Save Barger
Stop the uprising
I intend this scene to be in the meeting chamber of Queen T'Lil.
Roll to see if scene is modified: 1, 3, 5 = altered; 2, 4, 6 = interrupted (chaos is increasing)

5 = 5[d10]

It is an altered scene; the most logical thing is that the Queen is not there.
Also, since chaos is increasing, I will be using one level higher for my odds; so, if something is '50/50', I will instead use 'SL'.

Is there a reduced number of guards at the castle?

(Very Likely) Yes, but...

Are they different guards?

(Somewhat Likely) No

Are they blocking me from getting in?

(Very Likely) Yes, and...

They attack!
Roll for number of guards...

11 = 4[d4]+4[d4]+3[d4]

That's a lot...
Do they let me get all the way up to them before they stop me?

(Very Likely) Yes

I make it back to the castle entrance, where I can see more clearly the balcony the Queen was standing at when I left just an hour before. I don't see her now; which is odd because surely she would have watched the events unfold. As I come up to the castle entrance I notice that there are few guards in all but they've seemed to bunched up around the gate.
Helmet: "Ho there, I must speak to the Queen immediately. It is I, Numlin Helmet, the Queen's confidant; surely you know me. Quickly, men, the Queen's life is in danger!"
I'm astonished as they are looking right at me as I run up saying these words and they do nothing!
Guard 1: "Stop. We know who you are, Helmet. And you cannot enter. Royal orders."
Helmet: "What?"

Test ADA to see if I notice the guards sneaking around me. ADA represents survival skills as well as other things. This is a straight test; while I would be completely surprised by the turncoat guards, I'm also in fight mode so very twitchy and more alert than normal. Looking for less than 14...

17 = 17[d20]

Daaah! I don't make it. I'm attacked completely by surprised AND from behind. I would say I get a disadvantage on my melee roll.

How many attack?

1 = 1[d3]

Whew. Just one crept around me.
Melee roll at disadvantage; so, that's two rolls and I take the worst one...

14 = 14[d20]

17 = 17[d20]

Fail. I'm hit for ...

4 = 3[d8]+1

OK, so 4 points of damage, but I have armor!
I have "leather armor [d4]". What this means is that, I roll a d4 to see how much damage is reduced by; if I roll a 1 or a 2, the armor is damaged and drops a level. A d8 armor would drop to a d6 armor, d6 to a d4, and a d4 drop to just one point of damage reduction. When I get a full night's rest the armor die goes back up to full.
Armor roll ...

4 = 4[d4]

Nice! The armor blocked all the damage, and it's still good.

Helmet: "You dirty treacherous dogs! May your mothers be the playthings of Darth Viraxis' mole slaves!"

Fight initiative (DEX test)...

1 = 1[d20]

Attacking the one who just attacked me...

13 = 13[d20]

Hit. Damage...

6 = 5[d8]+1

How many hit points did he have?

3 = 3[d8]

I spun around, swing low; my axe cut his right leg clear off at the midpoint of the thigh. His screams providing the music of this dance. One down and ten to go. 4 rushed me at once.


1 = 1[d20]

12 = 12[d20]

9 = 9[d20]

8 = 8[d20]

What kind of wild fumble does the guy who critically missed get?

Aggressively / Less

I was able to duck and spin so that the first assailant completely tumbled over my back and landed directly on his temple, knocking himself out. The other three put up a good fight, but I came through their charge unscathed.

New round and my attack on Guard 3...

2 = 2[d20]

Hit. Damage...

9 = 8[d8]+1

I blocked a downward swing from his blade with my axe handle; as his blade recoiled, I spun my axe in my strong head and the blade came up neatly into his chin, splitting his skull to the bridge of his nose. Nine left.

Two more jump in to fill the empty positions...

11 = 11[d20]

7 = 7[d20]

4 = 4[d20]

6 = 6[d20]

I quickly roll away from the split face body and dodging a couple of swings; as I recover my feet, my shield hand comes up with a fist full of sand that I launch into the faces of two other attackers, ruining their swings.

Round 3.
I see that three of the unengaged guards leave the group of watchers, probably to get more reinforcements.
My attack...

4 = 4[d20]

Hit. Damage...

8 = 7[d8]+1

Another traitorous dog falls to my blood drinker, gripping his guts in a futile attempt to keep them inside his body.

Their attacks...

18 = 18[d20]

8 = 8[d20]

6 = 6[d20]

One of their attacks gets through. It deals...

4 = 3[d8]+1

My armor...

3 = 3[d4]

One point gets through. I dodged my head out of the way of the sword swing just in time. A have a new nick on the edge of my ear.

4 are out of the fight. 3 ran off to get more guards perhaps; that leaves 4 of the original 11.
Round 4.
My attack...

9 = 9[d20]

Hit. Damage...

9 = 8[d8]+1

The poor fellow slipt on the every growing slick of blood, giving me the chance to bury my axe into his chest. Why are not wearing armor? Were they not expecting a fight?

Their attacks...

6 = 6[d20]

2 = 2[d20]

16 = 16[d20]

Another attack slips through my defenses. Damage...

6 = 5[d8]+1

Armor roll...

2 = 2[d4]

That was a good hit that sent me sprawling on the floor, my armor protected me some, but it's been damaged quite bad. I was just barely able to roll out of the way to avoid the finishing blow. I'm down to 4 hit points. Retreat sounds good about now...

Round 5.
I'm high-tailing it. Do they pursue?

(50/50) No

I quickly turn and run, thankfully they decide not to pursue. They must have a different agenda. Why were they not wearing armor? Perhaps they weren't expecting a fight or their plans got crossed some how. Either way, I must find out if the Queen is still living.

Do I know of a secret way into the castle?

(Very Likely) Yes, but...

I make my way circuitously toward the secret Queen's path entrance into the castle. As I make my way to it I see that there are people there.

Are these more guards?

(Somewhat Likely) Yes, but...

Yes, but they are not usual guards. What are they?

Threateningly / Rough

They are manhandling the Queen! Do they look armored?

(Very Likely) Yes

Well. There's nothing I can do at the moment. If I go in there I'll be killed. I'll just follow them from far away and see where the Queen is being taken.


NPC List
General Phaidor
Queen T'Lil
Barger the banker
Pillaging mercenaries
City of Blackhawk soldiers
Angry citizens of City of Noth
Corrupt City of Noth Guard
Loyal City of Noth Guard

Thread List
Save the Queen
Save Barger
Stop the uprising
I intend to follow the kidnappers and look for an opportunity to rescue the Queen.
Roll to see if scene is modified: 1, 3, 5 = altered; 2, 4, 6 = interrupted

10 = 10[d10]

Do I recognize any of the guardsmen?

(Somewhat Likely) Yes, and...

As I sneak a little closer I can make out faces. It's the Captain of the Guard, Gilham, a human. I can't believe me eyes. I duck down behind a crate in a dark alley entrance as Gilham does a scan up and down of the road and telling his men to keep quiet.

How many guards are their?

6 = 5[d6]+1

That's quite a few.

Are they putting her into some kind of transport?

(Very Likely) Yes, and...

They're putting the queen into one of the jail's paddy wagons. General Phaidor did say something about a trial and that I would see her soon. Maybe they are taking her to the court house to have their own trial.

4 of the guards climb into the back of the wagon with the Queen; Gilham and another guard get on bench in front, and the wagon starts rolling down the street.

There's no way I can keep up and keep hidden. I'll have to really fall back. Are there any guards still loyal to the Queen left in Noth?

I let the carriage get a little ways down before I leave the protection of the shadows and follow it.

Does anything happen to the wagon on the way?

(Somewhat Unlikely) No

Does it go to the court house?

(Likely) No, but... +Event: Arrive / Tension

Thank the Angles of God City! The Queen's abductors didn't get very far when they hit the main thoroughfare of Noth, and they came upon a stand off of protesters against protesters. People and guards on both sides! There was screaming and shouting; a general melee was on the verge of breaking out. Phaidor was there with Barger on one side. As soon as the jailer's carriage came into the open the people saw the Captain of the Guard and both sides started yelling at him to stand with them. I took this opportunity to run up to the back of the wagon.

I run up to the back of the wagon in the shadow of night and my footfalls covered by the cacophony of shouting from the two large mobs. I swing my axe down in a sudden motion to cleave the lock off of the back gate of the paddy wagon

Test STR...

4 = 4[d20]

With one swing the gate is open to the surprise of the guards inside who were all looking out the side window slots. I take advantage of their momentary confusion and grab the Queen and pull her out. At the same time I yell, "THEY HAVE ABDUCTED THE QUEEN! THEY HAVE THE QUEEN! THEY HAVE THE QUEEN!"

Does my yelling attract any attention from the crowd?

(50/50) Yes, but...

The ones in the crowd nearby hear, but they seem more confused than rallied to action.

Test DEX to get away from the guards before they can react...

5 = 5[d20]

Made it!

The Queen and I are able to run back up the street and disappear into the alleys leaving the stumbling guards behind us. Barger, I think to myself, hold on man. The coup now has a bigger fish to fry than you. When I feel we've put a safe distance between us and the guards, I ask the Queen if she has an absolute loyal ally we can go to.

Does the Queen have someone in the city that she absolutely trusts?

(Very Likely) Yes

Who is it?

Logical female civilian

What is their relationship?

Politely / Graceful

T'Lil: I trust completely my friend Ora, a Vulkin like myself, we met many years ago in God City's high culture circles and bonded right away. You've probably seen her in the Palace several times. Our friendship was not well known; it's probably safe there.
Helmet: OK, sounds better than here. After you, my Queen.


NPC List
General Phaidor
Queen T'Lil
Barger the banker
Pillaging mercenaries
City of Blackhawk soldiers
Angry citizens of City of Noth
Corrupt City of Noth Guard
Loyal City of Noth Guard
Ora, the Queen's trusted friend in Noth

Thread List
Save Barger
Stop the uprising

This was a short scene, but that random event really fell my way. I was sitting here wondering just what the h-e-double-hockey-stick I was going to do to rescue the Queen. Just goes to show, don't give up, follow through the very end.
Intended scene: At the home of Ora, the Queen's trusted fellow Vulkin friend.
Roll to see if scene is modified: 1, 3, 5, 7 = altered; 2, 4, 6 = interrupted (chaos has increased again, now odds are two levels higher)

10 = 10[d10]

We hurriedly made our way to the home of Ora. Luckily, the face off of the mobs has drawn much attention, and we were able to make our way without being stopped and questioned by anyone. While we made our way their, we had a soft yet spirited debate on whether to go back. I pleading with her to stay out of harm's way tonight. Her distressing over the plight of those standing up to Phaidor's unruly mob. I kept reassuring her that she would not do her cause justice by getting killed. She should at least armor herself if she would go back out to the front lines. She nodded at that idea. I didn't like it; it was almost as if she had tricked me into agreeing with her without me realizing it.

The home of Ora was a stately yet conservative and modestly sized house down a gated lane with other such homes. The Queen produced a key that opened the gate. I raised my eyebrow at that. We went directly to house number 8. T'Lil performed an odd series of knocks, we waited a moment and then the door opened by itself. We went in.

Ora was tall, elegant, and conservatively dressed, like her home. Maybe elegant but simple would be a better way to put it. Her home was sparsely decorated, with furniture serving for both function and limited allowance for beauty, and what art she had, little of it there was, was of an abstract nature giving the impressions of balance and fluidity. If she was surprised to see me she did not show it. Ora gave a formal and strange greeting to the Queen; the Queen practically ignored it and embraced Ora. And then it hit me, Ora was an Angel from God City. The simplicity of her home, her strange and formal greeting to the Queen, her dress, the few pieces of art she had, when it all came together it painted a picture of her being a member of the Order of Protectors from God City. Everyone out in the boonies, like Noth, called them Angels. I've never met one before; but Queen T'Lil was correct. I did recognize her face from seeing her in passing at the castle.

Helmet: "Are you one of the Ange- sorry, I mean Protectors from God City? I don't think I've ever met one of your order before."
Ora: "Yes, that is correct, I am. I'm here as a liaison and adviser to the Queen. And tonight, I fear she will need all of my services.

My curiosity and wonderment was mixed with fear for it is rumored that the Order of Protectors could read your mind and even make you think things happened that didn't or even erase your most cherished memories.

Helmet: "Aye, it is bad out there. The soul of Noth is being torn in two and it's survival hangs in the balance."

T'Lil: "Even my own Captain, Horuk, has turned against me." She sat looking into the fire burning in the hearth.
Ora: "What?" This, she did seem surprised at; which showed just for an instant before regaining her composure and continuing, "There is a greater evil at work here than you may know, your Highness."
T'Lil: "Official ceremony is not needed or wanted here, Ora. Please speak plainly."
Ora gave an understanding nod and continued her thought, "I was able to look into Horuk's heart. He was devoutly loyal to you. No, I think a great power works against you, T'Lil."
All three of us turned our gaze to the fire, as if by intense staring alone it will relinquish the answers to all of this evenings mysteries.

Do I know of a great wizard or witch in the area?

(Sure Thing) Yes, but... +Event: Activity / Animals

I do know of one, but this doesn't seem to be the thing he's likely to get involved with.

Boastful mythical being


Wildly / Mature

Finally I broke the silence, "Is this great power magical in nature? There's always Aclon, you know, the Great. Though, I don't see why he would get involved with something like this." Just at that moment we heard a commotion coming from outside.

I have no prior context for this event; so, I'm going to ask a follow up question...

What is the nature of this beneficial animal activity?

Attract / Attention

Outside a neighbor's dog started barking. We all tensed. Ora motioned us to quiet and slunk to the front window to peer outside. She quietly gathered us up and rushed us to the back door. She spoke, "Regarding Aklon, all avenues of investigation must be tread. The men outside are looking for you, T'Lil. They don't know exactly which house is mine. Here take this." Ora gave one of her rings to the Queen.
The Queen started to object, "But, this is-"
Ora interrupted, "I don't need it for the likes of them. They will be easy, and I will keep them occupied while you escape."
Then Ora opened a concealed door near the rear exit revealing an impressive array of swords. A good, simple sword was pulled out and put in the Queen's hand. Ora continued,"Do what you can tonight." Turning to me, Ora looked into my very being, "Her life is in your hands. Save her, save Noth." And turning back to the Queen, "I may not see you for a while, but I am with you." They kissed deeply as if this will be their last time, and then Ora pushed T'Lil and I out the door. I could see T'Lil was holding back her emotions.
"Where to, your Majesty?" I said in the most confident voice I could muster.
Behind us, from the other side of the house, the buzzing sounds of phasic energies and screams traveled to our ears. The Queen gave the barest backward glance and then looked down at the gifts from Ora. With a face set hard as stone she said, "We take back Noth."


NPC List
General Phaidor
Queen T'Lil
Barger the banker
Pillaging mercenaries
City of Blackhawk soldiers
Angry citizens of City of Noth
Corrupt City of Noth Guard
Loyal City of Noth Guard
Ora, the Queen's trusted friend in Noth and member of the Order of Protectors
Horuk, the human Captain of the Guard, turned to treachery against his will by a great power
Aklon the Great, an obnoxious and boastful wizrobe that has a techno tower on the Plains of Parathax

Thread List
Save Barger
Stop the uprising
Determine the mysterious operator behind the uprising that wields powerful abilities
Queen T'Lil - Vulkin Doxy, Level 10

A peaceful race of aliens, founders of a vast star empire and often called “the half-elven”, though true elves deny any
shared relations.
3d6 3d6 3d6+1d4 3d6+1d4 2d6+1d4 2d6+1d4 2d6+1d2 3d6+1d4 3d6+1d2
Vulkins test INT with advantage when using logic.

The class of harlots, concubines, pleasure Robodroids, and go-go dancers. There are male Doxies, but they are
called rakes or gigolos.
Starting HP: 1d6+4
HP Per Level/Resting: 1d6
Armor: light armor, phasic and magic armors
Attack Damage: 1d6/1d4 Unarmed or Improvising
Starting Gold Credits: 3d4 x 100
Special Features:
 The Doxy may test her stats to manipulate those and the world around her to her will by her beauty and
flattery, almost as if by magical or psychical ability. The effect isn’t as immediate or dramatic as a Warlock
or Psi Witch’s use of the skills.
 The Doxy may try to use her influence upon the rich and powerful to call upon special favors from her
admirers, like having an enemy arrested for example. The Doxy must roll under her level to accomplish such
a feat. Failure isn’t immediately damaging to the Doxy, but too many uses within a certain time frame within
a specific area or at the same admirer could have a damaging effect on the Doxy’s reputation and position.
 The Doxy is able to stun a number of victims as determined by her level by using a turn to be charming
towards them. Further seduction is required to get the victims to follow her orders. The Doxy must
successfully test her LEA to accomplish the feat. If successful, the stunned victims will refrain from attacking
the Doxy and her companions for a number of rounds equal to twice the Doxy’s level. The number of victims
the Doxy is able to stun is equal to half her level (round up); the victims’ levels determine how many victims
they count as for this test (a level 4 Warlock counts as 4 victims). The Doxy may gain advantage to this test
by employing perfume, wine, lying, etc.
Gaining a Level:
 Before gaining a level, a Doxy must work to expand her influence to new or more powerful persons. This
usually means providing services to a new ruler, chieftain, bureaucrat, policeman, or other celebrated or
powerful person. Seduction may be needed. The player should record what political secrets, campaign
goings-on, etc. the Doxy learns from this encounter.
 Roll twice for LEA and another stat of your choice when gaining a level.

So far, I haven’t specified the class of Queen T’Lil; it hasn’t really been necessary. But now it probably will be necessary because it looks like she will be heading into battle. I’ve been struggling to nail down what class she should be. She’s quite an important character; so, I don’t think None Class would be fun. And, part of this exercise is to show off the game Encounter Critical to more people; so, not taking advantage of showing off more of the game would be unfortunate, and after careful thought, I’ve decided that Queen T’Lil will be a level 10 Doxy. Of the several character classes in the game, only two mention political power or influence: Warrior and Doxy.

So far, Queen T’Lil has not acted very Warrior-ly. She hasn’t led a charge yet; she seemed to not be sure how to handle the uprising mob. She’s not a Conan type that won the crown by strangling the life out of the previous despot. No, it’s almost like she’s been hiding. She trusted that General Phaidora would just follow the ruling of some court hundreds of miles away that has no enforcement or jurisdiction in Noth; a court that was, more than likely, composed of other Vulkin.

(Of course, now that an element of superpower outside of Noth has been shown to be influencing things, maybe Queen T’Lil was not wrong to trust that Phaidora would just fall in line; after all, Phaidor was willing to let the matter be seen by the God City Court instead of just staging a coup from the beginning. Hmmm, very interesting, plot hooks bubbling ...)

Also, there’s a mechanical problem with Queen T’Lil being a Warrior. I’ve been picturing all the main actors so far (except for Helmet) as level 10. At level 10, a Warrior gets a band of loyal followers. Where is her band of loyal followers? Of course, I could just make her a lower level, but level 10 feels so right to me. Any lower and she would be too inexperienced to have gotten the job; any higher and she would be too experienced to let this situation come to pass.

So, Doxy it is. And it’s not like Doxy is a bad fit. The Doxy class is for characters that ply their physical traits, personality traits, and charisma to gain political power over others. The rulebook makes jokes about this being concubines and whatnot, but that’s just fluff and milieu setting.

So far I’ve been picturing the character of Queen T’Lil as one capable of public speaking, capable of forming enduring bonds with others, making alliances, getting enemies to “come to the table”, getting others to trust her because she’s trustworthy, and respecting her citizens’ civil liberties, like the perfect stateswoman. So any of the Doxy powers attributed to feminine wiles or charms, are instead because of T’Lil’s great speaking voice, her attention-commanding personality and bearing, her easy-to-work with nature, and her ability to empathize with others and to understand their plights. Secrets she has learned is because of the trust she has earned from those who “fall under her spell’. One of her accomplishments extolled by Helmet was that Queen T’Lil was able to broker a peace treaty with Noth’s apparent long standing enemy, City of Blackhawk. I’m really dorking out here. I better stop now while I can still see the light; so, ‘nuff said on the matter.

Queen T'Lil's stats:

Doxy, Level 10

Hit Points: 48

Class damage: 1d6/1d4

ADA: 16
DEX: 16
ESP: 16
INT: 17
LEA: 19
LUC: 18
MAG: 11
ROB: 15
STR: 15

She can stun up to 5 enemies per round.

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