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For the record: I have no idea where I'm going with this.  The idea occurred at the spur of the moment.
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I think it may be time to break out the cut-up oracle again, because things have taken a decidedly strange turn.

321 = 321[d1000]

283 = 283[d1000]

255 = 255[d1000]

• other bank? When I
• eagerly forward, saw the
• And on the morrow he
• a mindless automaton that hears
• died where they stood,

• what you may do.
• helmets, their lances rising
• thrusts and swings cut empty
• You must have lain
• slopping over on his heaving

• is a dagger!’
• removed. Then the blacks
• closed, Conan saw only
• You can never cut your
• to be listening. ‘Listen

Rain and Yūri expect an immediate attack by the ninja who surrounded them in Lord Shimizu's castle, but that attack doesn't come.  They ARE surrounded, but the ninja are in a wide circle around them, utterly still and inhumanly dark.  Even where there ought to be exposed eyes from behind the mask, these ninja have nothing but blackness.  "Inhuman" is the right word, because these are NOT people.

What else comes as a surprise: there appear to be no actual humans around.  Instead they see the apparatus of some complex machinery — not that they really understand what they're looking at — that's operating on its own.  An independently functioning device served by "mindless automaton[s]."  Under other circumstances, Rain and Yūri might have "died where they stood."

But this does mean they won't fight.  As far as they're concerned, some dark sorcery has conveyed them to a hell realm of sorts, one of exposed metal and bright lights, the air shimmering with static.  Rain and Yūri ready their weapons.

Do the ninja react?

No, and...

... one by one, they dissipate like smoke until the kunoichi are alone with "empty [air]."

They are ostensibly alone, but Rain cannot shake the feeling that they're being observed, and something appears "to be listening."

You can likely imagine the scene facing them here: high-tech equipment, brushed steel and glass.  LED readouts.  Flashing highlights of chrome.  The throbbing sound of the great machine which transported them here as it slowly winds down.  But still no people.  Where are the people!?

Do any appear?

Yes, and...

... they're protected by glass barrier used to observe the displacement platform.  Because that's what I'm calling it now.

How many there are will influence how I interpret this scene, so let's ask.  Are dealing with a couple of people?

Yes, but...

... more soon arrive.  They study Rain and Yūri through the glass, pointing and talking.  They are a mix of faces, not all Japanese, and their words are muffled by the barrier.

Meanwhile, Rain looks for an out.  There have to be exits, so we won't roll for that.  But are they secured?


Rain tries them anyway to no avail, with Yūri watching her back.  They are in a bizarre and frightening situation, one that even an experienced ninja would have no frame of reference for deciphering.  They've just faced incorporeal ninja and been shifted through time.  They're now being scrutinized by the scientists responsible for bringing them here.  And now, when the exit finally opens, there are armed men.  Though armed with weapons unrecognizable to ninja from the 15th Century.

I'm going to assume there are at least twice as many goons as there are ninja, because nobody would be foolish enough to send equal, or inferior, numbers against a couple of armed time travelers.  The only question is whether there are more than four.  Are there?

No, and...

... the men seem to be under orders not to engage in an aggressive manner.  Rain has her ninjatō bared and ready for action.  Yūri is the same.  They may not be the most powerful ninja, but they can hurt these guys.

A speaker crackles on.  Someone addresses them in Japanese.  A man?


Okay, it's a woman.  A scientist, as we can infer, and maybe even the one in charge of this facility.  Her Japanese isn't a perfect approximation of what Rain and Yūri speak — even Japanese has changed somewhat over five hundred years — but she can be understood.  She says the kunoichi are in no danger, and that they are safe among allies.  No one needs to get hurt, but those ninjatō have to get sheathed.

Rain may not know what a submachine gun looks like, but she knows the body language of a confidently armed combatant.  She urges Yūri to stand down.  They sheathe their weapons and surrender (for now) to their hosts.

Because I'm not sure what happens in the next scene, I need a booster.  Time to go for the cut-up oracle.  I'm only going to generate one block, though, because the situation doesn't have to be woven from whole cloth.

762 = 762[d1000]

• the ghoulish travelers to whatever
• out that the king is
• gate, and rode into
• dark. Instantly the brute
• are changed. It is

They're escorted from the displacement chamber into another space.  Here they see the generators which power the great machine.  This is all in the upper floors of a big building, so we imagine large panels of glass which allow in the outside world to a limited degree.  Is it daytime?


Probably just as well.  This is all the more disconcerting at night, and even artificial lighting is a mystery to these kunoichi.

The armed men want to herd them into some kind of tiny cell without bars (an elevator), and there's hesitation on Rain's part, but ultimately she accedes.  She and Yūri are guided by Yūri's superior wisdom, which is to say that they ought to do whatever is asked of them until the opportunity arises to kill them all and escape.  No one's tried to take their weapons yet, so they're equipped to make that escape if/when the time comes.

At last they are led to a chamber fit for a "king."  The woman scientist is there, along with more armed guards, and... THE GIANT.

Or is it?  It's hard to tell without the armor he wore on the battlefield when Lord Okamoto's forces were so roundly defeated.  But here he is, wearing a dark suit at the right hand of... a man?

Yes +Twist: Organization / Helps the hero

This man uses the scientist as a translator.  His name is — quick check of Behind the Name — Timothy Eason.  He is the lord of this place (roughly translated), and these are his vassals.  This woman, Dr. Morimoto, is his advisor.  Rain and Yūri are in his lands, which are far from the places they knew.

Rain and Yūri are not his enemies.  He honors women like them, and has many in his service.  And though this may seem unbelievable to them, it's not the first time this has happened.  Glance at The Giant.  It's within his rights to have them both executed on the spot, but he prefers to have them in his service.  They are ninja, right?  Then pledge their services to him and he will reward them, because any mission they were on previously is OVER.

Will Rain and Yūri abandon their service to the Ishida Ryu, even if temporarily, in order to preserve their lives and a chance at escape?  I guess we'll find out next time.

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