Classic Fantasy Clow and the Faerie War
Hi people. I am new to this amazing solo-RPG site. The following is my first adventure here, and I would like to share with you. But before it, a have something to point.

First, I'm sorry for any writing error. I am brazilian, so English is not my mother-language.

Second, the system I use was something based on the old-school B/X D&D. So the skill checks was 1d20 roll under the ability score, and the attack/saving throw was roll over the enemy AC / your saving throw difficulty.

Third, the character ability scores and the main plot has been randomly generated. I accidentally pressed the "Clear Log" key, so I lost the first part of my adventure, but it was basically this:

"Your name is Clow. You are a traveling young boy of human race. As you walk the world, you eventually reached the Faerie Forest, where you discover that the fairies has been exiled by the orcs, who turn their village into an orc stronghold. You decided to help the fairies to recover their village. Before the battle, while the fairy army was preparing for combate, you reunite withe the Fairy Queen and the Fairy War Leader to discuss the attack plan. The goal was to destroy the stronghold's lighthouse, and use the night shades to gain advantage.
In your inventory, you had a fire alchemic bomb, and two magic scrolls, one of Anti-Gravity and other of Arcane Mount. The plan was this: You launch the bomb in the lighthouse, while the faerie warriors and ranged-combatents (archers and spellcasters) attract the attention of the orc archers on the walls."

So, the adventure begins...

I will exit the tent. There are many fairies in the forest, with magical lights brighting. The army are using enchanted armors and weapons, because they are all faerie people. I will search the area for additional gear. I found any weapon?


Which weapon?

Violate / Art.

I found a magical rapier, a masterpiece of art from the best faerie smiths. This rapier can violate most enemy armor, by trespassing the edges of the armor pieces. I will name it "Edge of Evening", in honor of our soon attack from the shadows.

Now, I must find an armor. I found anything?

Yes, and...

Yes, I found a chainmail in good quality, and also a wooden shield, sufficiently resistant to defend myself. I equip the Edge of Evening, the chainmail and the wood shield. Then, I sit in the grass, below the shadows of the trees, and wait for the War Leader's order.

As the moon rises, the midnight approaches. The War Leader has prepared their army to the battle coming soon. The Queen stays in the backline with the healers to help the faeries in the combat. The army starts to march. In the distance, we can spot the walls of the orc stronghold. The searing light of the lighthouse scorches the ground, looking for movements in the shadows. We see a lonely rat crossing the field ahead, and when the light touches it, the orc archers quickly turn the poor animal into a hollow cheese,

The War Leader says to me "This is your chance, Clow. Go through the shadows, climb the trees and scorch the lighthouse with your bomb when you hear the start of the battle. Be quick, you have ten minutes before we advance."

I give her a smile and quickly run into the trees.

First I roll a stealth check.

4 = 4[d20]

Sucess. I manage to pass easily throug the leaves, branches and thick grass. I sneakily approaches the walls.
Now I need to climb a tree and aim the bomb. First, climb check.

2 = 2[d20]

Sucess. I climb the tree with great agility. The orc archers do not spot or hear me, they continue focused in the road. Now I just need to wait until the faeries start the attack.

It doesn't take much time. As soon as I can draw the bomb from my backpack, I hear a hundred of faerie arrows flying to the walls. THE BATTLE STARTS!

The orcs screams "Invasion! Invasion in the nothern wall!" and start to fire arrows in the faeries, which now can be seen by the light of the beacon.

It's my time to do the job. I carefully aim at the top of the lighthouse, where two orcs are focusing the light on our army. Then I make a throw check...

4 = 4[d20]

And I success! Roll for damage.

11 = 3[d6]+3[d6]+5[d6]

The shadows are quickly cutted by the blink of the flask, and a loud BOOM! is heard when the flask hits the lighthouse. A fiery explosion cracks the walls, melt the orc's flesh, and stop the light to lit our army.

Immediately, the faerie army shouts our battle cry. "FUS RO DAH!" As our frontline fighters rush to the gates, trying to put it down by brute force and impact, the remaining archers are pierced by dozens of faerie arrows. Magic missiles and lightning bolts of fairy mages ends the gate's resistance, with crumbles to dust.

The orc stronghold is drowned in pure chaos. The Faeries run into the town. Our War Leader guides the combatents with clever battle strategy, while the orcs, taken by surprise, find difficulties to organizate themselves.

I jump from the tree and run to the frontline, to join the battle and recover the town. As I approach the army, some faeries says "Bullseye!" "Nice shot, Clow!" "Let the killing begin!"

I enter the town. There are orcs and faeries here and there, fighting the orcs with slightly strategical advantage. I look for an orc to fight. Did I found some?


Yes, how many?

5 = 3[d3]+2[d3]

Wow, its more than I expected. A band of five orcs approaches while they see me. I draw the rapier and scream for help. Does any fairy comes to my aid?


Yes, two of our warriors quickly joins me in a battle 3 vs 5. Three orcs starts to fight my fellow faeries, and the remaining two charges at me.

Orc Brigand 1: 5 hp, 12 AC, orcish sword (1d6)
Orc Brigand 2: 8 hp, 12 AC, orcish axe (1d8)

I got 7 hp, 15 AC, and my trusty Edge of Evening +1 (1d6+1, ignores 1 point of enemy AC). But I not attack immediately. I fix the rapier in the ground and uses it as an axis to spin my body and trip the two orcs to fall. Lets make a dexterity check.

8 = 8[d20]

Sucess. I manage to trip the orcs, who fall down. Now I can easily pierce their hearts with the Edge of Evening! Roll for damage!

2 = 1[d6]+1

3 = 2[d6]+1

(Holy crap) The aiming in the fallen orcs is outstanding, but their fine orcish armor gives them a superb protection, even with my magic rapier.

The orcs stand up, shouting "Your dirty human!" but while it I have the chance to try an attack.

12 = 11[d20]+1

The attack hits the orc's chest by pure lucky. Roll for damage.

6 = 5[d6]+1

But it was a GREAT luck! The magical rapier, the Edge of Evening, pierces through iron, flesh and bone, and find the heart of the Orc 2, who fallen dead. I remove the blade from him, do a few moves in the air to clean the blood, and point it at the other orc. I give a smile and says "So, you're next?"
Lets call for an intimidation check.

10 = 10[d20]

I fail. The orc draws his sword and says "No, YOU are next!" Roll his attack!

3 = 3[d20]

The orc gives a brutal blow, but I quickly rise the shield and deflect the blade's impact. With the other hand, I strikes the rapier to it's right leg. Roll the attack, +1 bonus because the orc loses a few of his balance while attacked me, and because his leg is not so-well protected.

13 = 11[d20]+2

Sucess, roll damage!

4 = 3[d6]+1

So, the whole scene was this: The orc lauches a brutal blow, wich I defend with my shield. Just before his sword find my shield, his leg is pierced and torn apart by the Edge of Evening. The orc falls, screaming in pain and bleeding to death. I look for my other companions. Did they also win their battle?

Yes, and...

Yes, the two faeries was fighting bravely and both of them survive the orcs, killing the enemies. And luckily, they manage it without damage most of the orc's gear. One of them says "Good battle, but we better go back to the army!" and the other says "You can get the orcish loot, human, we will not use their unholy gear." and then, they run to other battles.

I take one of the dead orcs which my fellows has slayed. I push it to a dark corner, and equip his orcish armor (AC +5), his bow and arrows (1d4) as a secondary weapon. Surprisingly, the orc also had...

Old combination.

A flask with a old combination of different orcish poisons. I apply the deadly poison in the blade of my rapier and the arrows that I took. By the way, how many arrows I got from this guy?

16 = 4[d6]+6[d6]+6[d6]

Sixteen arrows. Lets record it in my character sheet.

So, I equip the poisoned arrows and run to the center of the battle. Are we winning?

Yes, and...

Yes, only a few faeries has died, while most of the orcs has been slayed. The fury of the elements, inleashed by our mages, destroys most of the enemy contingent. Our frontline warriors combine style with precision two deliver deadly attacks right in their vital organs. Our midline attackers lauches feathery arrows and masterpiece spears to wreak havoc from distance, while the suportes heals the harmed with their holy magic.

I join the mass battle. A small unit of nine faeries plus our War Leader and myself, approach the center of the village (who was said, has been turned into an orcish stronghold) to fight the Orc Chieftain.

He is supported by eight of his best warriors, and wields his legendary magical Thunderstorm Battleaxe.

The Orc Chieftain screams "How dare you inferior race attacked MY stronghold?! I conquered it by the right of blood and death of your fellow faeries! You could been winning until now, but you will die here before my uncanny power!"

Can I shoot an arrow on his knee while he is wasting time?


I rises the bow, aim to his knee and shoot a poisoned arrow. (1d4 plus 1d4 poison damage).

3 = 1[d4]+2[d4]

The arrow flies right to the guy's knee, but even with the poison, it's not sufficient to bet this guy. "How dare you shoot me, human? Attack my servants! The death has come!"

As the leader shouts, both sides of this epic war screams their battle cries.

Mutated zombie.

The orcs screams "MUTATED ZOMBIE!" and rush into our unit. Lets roll the orcish attack power...

4 = 4[d20]

Now the faerie defense power...

4 = 4[d20]

The two armies charges at each other. Both sides loses a few warriors in the shock, fairies and orcs died by the enemy weapons.

While the mass combat are happening, is the orc chieftain too focused in the battle so I can shoot another arrow on his eye?


The orc is focused in combat, but are also alert after my shot on his knee. Now seems to be the time to use my scrolls. Can I concentrate in the middle of the battle?

No, but...

No, the peril of being slayed by a random orc attack is strong, but if I take cover, I might have protection to cast my spell. I will try to spot anything with I can take cover. Did I find it?


Yes, I find a...

Disinfected underground lab.

... a hole in the ground with opens to a disinfected alchemy laboratory hidden in the underground. I can hide there, see the orcs from the hole and cast the spell. First, let's make an athletics check to run to the hole.

3 = 3[d20]

Sucess. I quickly jumps the orcish army, and fall direcly into the hole. The laboratory are filled with flasks, books and parts of dead creatures, like organs and limbs. There are glass shards of broken flasks on the ground?


No, so I safely reaches the ground. I look up and see the orcs fighting outside the hole. I will retrieve the scroll of Anti-Gravity to make the orcs flying to the sky. Did I cast it quickly?

No, and...

No, the arcane formulae in this scroll is very complex and require precise chanting. And while I was casting it, an orc spot me and jump into the role, attacking me with his axe! Make a reflex saving throw!

15 = 15[d20]

Wow, I barely dodges the axe. But the dodge was so crap that the axe could have cut the scroll in two. Did it happens?


The orc's axe did not hit me, but my movement was so miscalculated that the scroll is slashed by the axe. Now it is useless. "You cowardly orc!" I shout, and draw the poisoned Edge of Evening to pierce his face.

18 = 16[d20]+2

Sucess, roll for damage.

7 = 3[d6]+1+3[d4]

The orc is stabbed in the face by the rapier and the deadly Old Combination of Orcish Poisons melt his brain in a black slimy thing. The creature falls dead and I look up. Are we winning?


Yes, most of the enemy orcs are dead. Did the Orc Chieftain wounded?

No, but...

No his armor is heavy and fine, but he is in a very difficult position, rounded by our fighters. His Thunderstorm Battleaxe send lightning bolts in random directions, but a support fairy have casted a protection spell of...

Truce / Balance.

... "Balanced Truce", which stops the harm of the axe's lightning bolts at the same time which reduces the damage of the faerie weapons. Because this, either the two sides of this battle cannot harm each other. I need to help quickly. I look in the laboratory for anything useful. I find anything?


Yes what?

Old ammo (hunting rifle).

(but we are in a medieval world, so...) I look in an old box, and find an old quiver with arrows for a hunting longbow. Maybe I can fire I at the Orc Chieftain, but first I need to get out of this underground lab and back to the battlefield.

But I still wearing the orcish iron armor, with is heavy. To climb the hole, I need to change it to my regular chainmail. Can I do it quickly?


No, to doff a heavy armor like this, I need some time that I don't have. So I will need to climb with it. Roll a climb check with a strength penalty of -3.

2 = 2[d20]

(This d20 seems to be inaccurate. Just making a tes)

19 = 19[d20]

2 = 2[d20]

6 = 6[d20]

8 = 8[d20]

19 = 19[d20]

Seems normal. Anyway, with an intense effort, I climb the hole and back to the battlefield. We still winning?

Yes, and...

Yes, and seems that only the orc chieftain is alive! Now is my time to fire an arrow! I aim the Orcish Bow and shoots an Old Arrow for Hunting Longbow at his knee.

14 = 14[d20]

Its's not sufficiently to pass through his heavy armor. Did this shot attracted his attemption?

Yes, and...

Yes, and he furiously charges at ME! Roll the orc's attack, with +2 for the Battleaxe!

21 = 19[d20]+2

(HOLY SH*T) The orc chieftain, tired of my aimless shots, rush in my direction and bash his Tunderstorm Battleaxe right in my head. Roll for damage!

3 = 2[d8]+1

And now the electricity damage...

7 = 6[d8]+1

(Error, it was 2d6 instead of 1d8+1)

7 = 1[d6]+6[d6]

Area damage asks for a Reflex save to halve it. Let's make a saving throw!

7 = 7[d20]

My body is mauled by the axe's blade, and then shocked by the lightning bolt of his Thunderstorm Battleaxe. Before I die, can I see if the faeries are coming to avenge my death?

Yes, but...

Yes, as I fall dying in the ground, the faeries start attacking the Orc Chieftain in the back. But the electricity of the magical axe turns my body into ashes, so I cannot be ressurrected with common magic. At least, I died as a hero. The faeries will remember me after my horrible death?

Yes, and...

Yes, the faeries will win the battle, recover their village and write songs and books about my bravery. They will never forget me. And that's all I need to know. Wink
Oh, I forget to put the chharacter sheet here. This is the sheet right before the character dies.

Clow, the Traveler

Ability Scores: Str 10, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 13, Wis 9, Cha 6
Hit Points: 7
Armor Class: 17 (orcish iron armor + wood shield)
Saving Throw: 15

Equipment: Edge of Evening (+1 rapier, 1d6+1 damage, ignores 1 point of enemy AC), orcish iron armor, wood shield, chainmail, orcish bow, 16 iron arrows, 5 old arrows for hunting longbow, sroll of arcane mount.

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