Classic Fantasy (D20 - Converted to d100) Mage... Plane shifting troubles
Setting is strong desert involving broken flail and cheap ancient artifact.

Well f*ck... yeah f*ck...again! It is official high quantity of mead and ancient artifacts do not mix well! Since I am alone in this desert and not in my warm bed, we can conclude that the party last night was extensive, and I used my spells in a manner unbeseem to a wizard...again, no surprise here. When I woke up, I found my self here. The only problem is that I do not know, where this "here" is. I tried to teleport back to my city with my Ring of homecall, but nothing...nix, nada, null, it whatever you want. Which shouldn't bee possible! I know for a fact that my zone-glyph was in perfect condition on our ship. Which opens up another can of worms... I might not be on Ynev anymore. Which is exciting and also f*cking scary to think about. Hopefully I did not get stranded on the elemental plane of sand. That would suck enormously, since I have not mastered plane skipping as of yet.

Any tracks in the sand, to indicate life?
(Unlikely | 4[d10]) No

Since I cannot see any signs of intelligent life I cast flight on myself and look at the desert from high above. Do I see something?
(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Remote event

Oh...lucky me It seems like a dispute... I narrow my eyes and start flying into this direction.

Deviant elected official

"This shall be your end!" I hear a Robed man say "Your bandits are dead and now this sandbox shall be your grave. Attack my Servant!!" Just then I land at the destroyed caravan.
Dead bodies are all over the place. A well dressed man is at one of the carriages. He looks at me and screams "Help me!"

What is the reaction of the cloaked man?

Busily / Glorious

The robed man looks at me. But his golem starts to walk to the scared man. "I have no time for you wizard, or are you gonna interfere?"
"Not my intention," I shook my head " whatever this is, Its your dispute. I only wanted to get directions nothing more." I answer him
"Speak plainly! You do not make sense!"
"A teleportation spell gone wrong. I would like to know where I am and where is the closest Jumpgate... preferably to Abasys?"

Ambush / Peace

Here the other man takes out a crossbow and shoots at us.
8 = 8[d100]

The shot was more of a desperate last resort. By reflex both me and the robed manof cast a fireball at him and the golem stomps him flat. The robed man eyes me whith a scrutinising gase: "Well this is unexpected. I should not be seen, but you if what you say is true then you wont cause problems for me... I do not know about any jumpgates nor have I heard of any place called Abasys...where in Toril is that? In the frozen Norths?"
"No its in the mediterran climate next to the Quion sea. But where is this Toril you speak of? West maybe?" Don't tell my I got transported to one of the other Great Continents!"
"That magical botch must have left greater damage for you. Tordil is what our World is called. You should see a healer!"

Yes...probably...I feel myself getting sick. I am sure my face must have lost all of its color. "A question revered stranger: You surely mean the Great continent is called Tordil in the great ocean next to Calowyn and Ynev..." I know I must look desperate.
"Of course not! The only continent on it are Faerun and Osse through the ocean that I know of. The places you mention are unknown to me. Since you came flying and looking at your reactions you don't seem to be lying perhaps that botch was more of a temporal then spacial? Don't worry your language of common is good enough, you might want to head north from here about 4 days ahead lies a town called Ascore. A good wizard is always needed whatever time period he lives. I cannot give you any other help." After bowing he vanishes together with his golem.

I stay there stupefied then I scream the first thought that comes to mind: FFFFFFFFFFFF***************CCCCK!!
Oh well lets see if someone is still alive to give me some adivece:
(Likely | 3[d10]) No

Well nobody is lets loot:
Survival pack

 I managed to find some food. A blanket for the night And some shiny stones. Since I only have a couple of silver on me, which might be worthless for all I know this should help me survive till I get back to civilization. With that I meditat to refill my mana and cast flight+extend on myself and make my way to north.

Fortune seems to favour me as there were no storms and thanks to my spells I arrived at the town under two days. The language they all spoke was familiar to me it sounded as a dialect of the Pyar common and thank the gods above the writing was also the same. My first visit was ate a small tower which literately radiated mana. It was titeled "Mages Guild" I opened the door and an alchemist laboratory came before me, In the center of the room was a petite woman. "Greetings customer, how may I help you?"
"Well I am a mage and I need a to travel to a different time period...probably."
"I am sorry but I don't like jesting, please state your business ore leave?"
"Not possible?" I ask
The woman looks me over "Even if I was capable to temporal shift someone, you can bet I wouldn't do it lightly not to mention the cost would be enormous to beggar a king. Now is there anything else?"
"Then I suppose I would like to join the guild and would like to learn."
"Although you declared yourself a mage, we don't simply take in anybody. You need to be tested and also pay the subscription fee."
"Well I only have some jewels if that is enough to paying the fee...nothing more...but sure test me"

Are the jewels enough to pay?
(Likely | 8[d10]) Yes

"For now... I am Altera Moonstone, and I shall test you. First you have to come and touch this crystal" she indicates a blue spearhead like crystal on her desk. "It will show me your abilities, a we will choose a fitting test. Now come!"

I put my hand on the device and it comes to life. It siphons some of my mana then Alteras brows rise
"Level 10... that is a considerable knowledge...and your stats...what is this prestige marking? "Mystic-Adept?"

Before me a table comes to life with the following information:
Strength  13
Agility 18
Speed 18
Toughness  14
Constitution 15
Inteligence 18
Perception 16
Charisma 14
--> Mental 15
--> Emotional 15

Psy: 64
Mana: 80
Life points 15
Health points 60

Then came my supposed skills:

Arcane Lore
Weapon efficiency: Bows
Weapon efficiency: Improvised weapons
Martial Arts (Nisen-nid-to)
Psy Mastery
Craft: Jewellery
Craft: Artificer
Read Maps
Read and Write
Armour proficiency: Light/Medium

Then some interesting section called "Feats/Talents" but these were incomplete to say best...
No spell preparation...
Reduce Arcane spell failure...
Scribe Scroll...
Combat Caster...
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Then there was only static.

"Well the only thing that is making sense to me is your mastery of level and some of the first entries. I presume that mosaic-magic is some kind of hedge magick, yes? Still your stats are above average, and your magical essence is strong. There is nothing that would prevent you taking the test. Step into the circle and it will begin."
"What is this test?" I ask unsure.

Travel to the iron obelisk.

"Nothing you cant handle with your skills I am sure. All you have to do is reach the obelisk at the end of the room with your palm."
"is that all?"
"Yes!" then she starts casting and I find myself in a black space on a small platform. That obelisk is about 20 ahead of me. Between us sig-sagged narrow vein like corridors that led down to an abyss. I took a small pebble and casted fly on it. Does it keep flying outside my platform?

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

It also doesn't need that much mana... (1MP) come to think of it this place is also full with mana...damn!! I never saw places like this, it is in a smaller town. I am probabli in an age when the mana was more dense so people are not so stingy using it. With determination I cast the same spell on myself (25MP) and fly to the obelisk to touch it. As my hand rests on the surface of the erection, he conjured space vanishes and I am again before Altera in the tower.

"Excellent use of magic, welcome! This brooch indicates that you are a member. It allows access to our more exotic components, and also lets you take on request that come to the guild."

Well things are not all that bad I suppose...
Having never played Mage, I can't say whether this story is typical of the game or not, but I find it interesting how closely some of this material hews to the popular xianxia structure in terms of narrative elements.  I am intrigued to know if this is intentional.

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