Classic Fantasy Dirty Deeds in Noam (Latest Quest: Reveal of the Underdark)
Thank you, I appreciate it. What keeps me going with this is mainly to find out how the story turns out, but it's nice to hear someone enjoy at least part of it. Now, without further ado, here is the latest quest from this campaign. A quest was generated for this one, but as the story unfolded, it turned out that quest won't be relevant until the next story, so I won't post it now. 

Last time, our team and Noam's royalty found themselves in a tight position. They drove Neslin Beezle and his scheming sister, Lysbelle Beezle, out of Noam; yet Xarjun was slain, along with most of the royal guard. Now at a severe disadvantage, King Fitzergeld must make a tough decision on whether to revive Xarjun, one of his saviors, or his trusted advisor Fulcewind. Meanwhile, dark forces that merely observed the conflict are now active, and seek to fill the power vacuum left in Beezle's Armor Company...

Quest 9: Reveal of the Underdark

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