Classic Fantasy Grayhand Adventures
Hello everyone! This is my first post and my first stab at a role playing game solo. I really don't have any experience with RPGs in general and have only had minimal writing experience, but I love trying new things.

I based my main characters on a Kickstarter game I found by Sundial Games, Daily Quest Calendar. I used the play sheet from Mythic GM Emulator. Also used was the One Page Solo Engine. All random names were generated from I had some maps I planned on making as well (pretty good at that), hence the extra names for places.

If I'm totally off on what I'm supposed to be doing, please let me know. I really want to get into this!

So here goes....

Wolfrik Grayhand, Human Paladin

Long Sword

Dragonscale armor

Detect/disarm traps
Wilderness survival

Artisan tools (cartography)
Spell book


Plot hook:
Escort a mystical leader with a powerful new spell to the safety of Highmere, a small village in the Sharyn kingdom. Here he will meet with the wizard, Godwin, the Great. If you succeed in your quest, you will have won a new ally in Godwin. Trying to stop you is a cult of religious fanatics.

Random Event:
Recently, rumors have been circulating about an ancient ritual that the cultist engage in where the mystical leader will be sacrificed.

You arrive at the home of the mystical leader, Ifaris. You find the door open and go inside to see the entire place has been ransacked.

Scene 1:
Finding the place in this state was not what you had expected. Godwin had mentioned there might be trouble, but nothing about him not actually being around to start the journey. You begin to sense that this might be a trap.
Is there a trap?

(Somewhat Likely | 5[d10]) Yes, but...

In the same instant, you notice a section of the floor that looks just a little bit off. It seems like it has been recently swept then recovered with debris to seem natural. Taking a more thorough look around, you can tell where poison darts are at the ready if you were to step onto that spot on the floor. Without even thinking about it, you use your detect/disarm traps skill to quickly render the trap useless. Knowing that poison is hard to come by, you gather the darts carefully and put them in your pack for later use.

Not sure what else you're going to find, you start to go further into the house.
Do you find anything else in the house?

Kill / Advice

You see a very out of place sheet of paper on the ridiculously messy desk in the corner of the main room. Picking it up and reading, you realize that Ifaris has been taken by the cultist. He left behind the note as a clue to where he had been taken. Unfortunately, the clue means almost nothing to you. You notice a name scrawled at the top, Faelar Thevaris. You take the note and put it in your pack. Maybe it will have meaning for someone...

Scene 2:
You have returned to Deepstrand, the village near Ifaris's home. Not knowing much about the village and hoping to find whoever this Faelar is, you head to the inn/tavern called Ye Olde Squid Pub. It seems to be the happening place in town. Inside, there are a few patrons at the tables around the edge of the room. The bar owner is behind the bar on the wall farthest the door. As you head to the bar, all heads turn to follow your progress.

You pull up to the bar and hope the bar owner has some idea who Faelar is. The guy asks you amiably, "Can I help you with something? I know you're not from around here. I know everyone." This is a good sign. Quietly you say, "I just got into town, I'm looking for someone named Thevaris."
Does the bar owner know Thevaris?

(Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

He nods with a smile and points to a table in the corner where a small group is playing a game of dice. He asks, "Can I get you anything else?" Thinking for a moment, you tell him that you might need a room for the night if one is available.
Is there a room available?

(Somewhat Likely | 7[d10]) Yes

He says, "Call me Silgret. I'll have a room waiting for you."

You make your way to the table of dice players, and wait for an opening to ask, "Are one of you fellows Faelar Thevaris?"

(Sure Thing | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

An elf with a large pile of coins in front of him, says while setting up for another game, "Yes, and I've been waiting for you. You took long enough." Perplexed and annoyed, you ask him, "How could you possibly know I was coming?"

Ruin / Leadership

He says to the other players at the table, "Game Over, I win." He sweeps all the coins into a pouch and tucks it into his shirt pocket, gets up, and indicates you should follow him.
Still perplexed and slightly less annoyed, you follow him into a hallway with rooms on both sides. Clearly this is where the rooms for rent are located. The elf you assume at this point is Faelar, leads you to a room and says, "I have obtained this room for your stay. Don't worry about the cost, I have been instructed to take care of you by my mentor, Ifaris. He told me of your impending arrival before he was kidnapped in the night 2 nights ago. We were getting prepared for our journey when a small band of robed figures broke in the door and whisked him away. I was only just able to escape with my life."

Now you realize that this basically means more work than you had signed on for. A room for the night is nice, but you don't work for free. Remembering the huge pile of coins on the table, you turn to Faelar and say, "Thanks for the room. I'll set off in the morning to let my patron know what has happened." Faelar makes a face of incredulousness. "I need your help to get him back. You don't get it, he can't be sacrificed, we'll all die!"

You turn to leave and he says with desperation in his voice, "Fine, I'll pay you

14 = 14[d20]

pieces of gold for his safe return. Then you can take him to Godwin." You nod as if to agree to the terms and open the door to your room.

Scene 3:
In the morning, you meet Faelar outside of the pub and begin to establish a plan for the rescue of Ifaris.
Welcome hypoluxa68,

This is great for your first time. Keep up the good stories and looking forward to reading more.

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