Classic Fantasy Mythic Rule System - First RPG game!!
Hey Guys,

This is my first game using the mythic system, after this I am going to learn DnD 5e and play a few games on Roll20.

Below are the details of my character.

Name: Borj The Besieged

Character Summary: A hulking mass of orc towering over most men and creatures. Scared, battered and warn from many years spent in battle while his foes fought for their lives. Not the fastest at solving puzzles, or adept at sneaking and hiding he relies solely on his duel wielded steel battle axes forged many years ago in his home town of Aroenoc while training to become the weapon he is today. Still they are as sharp as the day they were forged.

Strengths & Weaknesses:   (I didn't really use these this time around)
Battle Ready: From years on the battlefield Borj knows almost like a six sense the next move of an enemy, +2RS on any feat relating to detecting an ambush.
Forged: Repairing and creating weapons on the go has become a must to survive broken equipment during battle, +2RS on any feat relating to repairing or creating weapons.
Battle Hardy: Many years of training has prepared this Orc to take a hit, +1RS to toughness when determining a physical strike
Not Liked: Looking a little rough around the edges, a -1RS is added to any feat when trying to socialise or ask questions
Light Up Top: Slow and dim-witted, -2RS on any feat relating to solving a puzzle.
Bumbling Oaf: A huge body conditioned to battle, navigating delicate tasks that require a light step seem impossible, -2RS on feats relating to navigating narrow or delicate paths.

Part of the Crazy Wolf Battalion, since all have perished.
Very skilled at forging and hunting after surviving many treks and wars.
Battle doesn’t ready someone for social life, many aspects of social behaviour have been lost.

Attribute Rank
Strength - Awesome
Agility - Below Avg.
Reflex  - Exceptional
IQ  - Below Avg.
Intuition  -  Above Avg.
Willpower  - Awesome
Toughness - Awesome

Abilities  Rank
Intimidate  -  High
Survival  -  Above Avg.
Un-armed combat - High
Axe/Sword Skills - Exceptional

Battle Report Below:

Borj wipes his might axes off on the rags of the many dead bodies scattered across the battlefield attempting to get as much of the blood and entrails off as possible before moving on.
Halting in the middle of the field he looks around to see if there is any survivors of his batalion left, but there are non. Taking a knee he says a quiet few words for his fallen friends.
He stands and looks as far as he can see, he is the only one left, no Orcs left anywhere, not even on the enemies side. Borj looks for some sort of land mark.

Wealthy bathhouse.

Oddly enough there is a Bathhouse just in the distance on the outskirts of what was the battlefield. He thinks to himself how nice it'd be to finally have a bath and be clean for the first time in the months of the war. Upon arriving at the bathhouse he is greeted by

Introverted stonecutter.

An extremely shy and quiet, what looks to be some sort of stonecutter. "Who do I speak to to get a bath" Borj says in his booming and shattering voice. The meek stonecutter looks up and points timidly to

Devil's advocate female Half-orc musician.

Borj looks over to where the stonecutter is point and sees an extremely attractive Orc Bard…. Stunning he thinks to himself, clearly he has been on the battlefield for too long, the beautiful Orc is short stocky and has spit dribbling at the side of her mouth. He approaches and asks to be taken to a bath. She leads him away to a small room with a steaming square bath cut into the floor where she tells him to de-robe and get in.

His body completely relaxes for the first time in months as the warm water softens his muscles. After a few moments he notices the Orc massaging his shoulders.

Damaged war hammer.

She presses a damaged war hammer up against his throat, she whispers in his ear “you will now be here forever”, Borj looks over his shoulder and sees the “stunning” Orc is merely a short, stocky, drooling Orc.
(Does he evade the axe?)

Fate chart (High vs Avg)

45 = 45[d100]

He grips at the handle of the axe and pushes it out in front of him pulling it from the Orcs hands. In one fluid motion he stands up and takes a swing at the hideous Orc.
(Does he hit?) Fate Chart (Exceptional vs Avg)

5 = 5[d100]

Not only does he land a strike but the blow is followed by such force the Orc is nearly split in half from head to toe. A last wheeze is let out as the body folds away from the blade.

Ditzy female Shape shifter ranger.

Argumentative gambler.

Famous Human cavalry.

Devil's advocate hired thug.

A band of mercenaries jump out from the small chambers in the corners of the room and leap forward towards Borj.
(Does Borj attack first?) Fate Chart (Eceptional Vs High)

93 = 93[d100]

19 = 19[d100]

34 = 34[d100]

38 = 38[d100]

Borj manages to fend of the the advancing melee attacks but the Shape Shifting archer lands a hit
(Is this a debilitating hit?)

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Borj’s left arm has been completely penetrated the arrow protruding out on both sides, it is dripping with blood and he can barely lift it the Orc’s axe in his other hand. He swings at the 3 closest foes.
(Does he hit?) Fate Chart (Exception Vs Above Avg)

92 = 92[d100]

96 = 96[d100]

3 = 3[d100]

He takes a swing at the Gambler with such force it is like he is hitting him with a mallet while he is pressed up against a wall. He catches the left side of the Gamblers ribs ripping him open from his navel to his side spraying his insides out the back of his wound.
He doesn’t catch the Gamble as he expected and has completely thrown himself off balance leaving himself open for an attack.
(Do the 3 Mercenaries hit?) Fate Chart (Exceptional Vs High)

83 = 83[d100]

100 = 100[d100]

14 = 14[d100]

The archer hits Borj with another strike the same time Hired thug strikes him with his club. The arrow pierces one of Borj’s leg making his movements much slower.
(Is Borj injured from the club?)

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but... +Event: Excitement / Weapons

Borj is battered by the club in the ribs, it has definitely cracked something. As Borj is struck he clamps his arm down on the club and takes a swing at the thug.
(Does he hit) Fate Chart (Exception Vs High)

18 = 18[d100]

(iIs the blow fatal?)

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes.

Borj axe comes down hard between the thugs shoulder and neck pushing its way through the thugs sternum, He drops to the ground instantly with a hiss.
(Who attacks next?) Fate Chart (Exceptional Vs High)

88 = 88[d100]

The Archer lines up another shot and the Cavalry lunges forward.
(Do they hit?) Fate Chart (Exceptional -1RS(High) Vs High)

27 = 27[d100]

73 = 73[d100]

The Cavalry completely misses, Borj is starting to remember his first fight. The archer arrow strikes true again.
(Is the hit debilitating?)

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.

The arrow glances off Borj’s leg leaving a slight gash but nothing he hasn’t seen before.
(Does Borj hit the Cavalry?) Fate Chart (Exceptional Vs High)

44 = 44[d100]

(Is it fatal?)

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Borj hammers the side of the axe down on the Cavalries head, crushing his skull, he grabs the pike as his body falls and flings it in the direction of the archer.
(Does it hit?) Fate Chart (High Vs High)

1 = 1[d100]

The pike fly’s at such speed it picks the archer up off the ground throwing him against the wall pinning him through the chest. He scrambles at the ground a little with his toes, but this only lasts briefly while he takes his last breathe.
Borj grabs his armour and weapons, dressing himself as best he can. He has had a decent amount of experience with wounds and patches himself up as best he can using the clothes of the dead. He lurches forward in search of the closest town he can find.
To be continued…..
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