Classic Fantasy The Further Adventures of Perrin Thorngage, Part One
The Further Adventures of Perrin Thorngage
subtitled 'The Heartbroken Halfling'
The year is 876 PA (Present Age). The month, Jandin. It is the seventeenth, a Rensalday. The day is bleak and cold. A chilling wind blows across the land, chilling body and mind.
A lone halfling stands on a small stone bridge, looking down at the frigid stream.
His name is Perrin Thorngage, and he does not feel the wind, for he has felt as cold and lifeless as it for the past twelve years.
A sentry of Lian Kao marches up. " 'Ey, Wot're yew doin' out 'ere on such a col' day?" Perrin does not respond.
"Dew yew 'ave any sense at all in that tiny little mangy 'ead o' yourn?"
"Answer a royal sentry, yew pea-brained flea-bitten stupid Miyrth-son!"
In a flash, Perrin leaps into the air and kicks at the guard.
Does he hit?
(Likely) Yes.
Severe Injury: Incapacitating and may become Critical if untreated.
Which means the guard is knocked out instantly.
Perrin lands neatly and slumps back to his former position, staring at the water.
His vision begins to cloud, and he is taken into his memories...
Twelve years prior, Perrin was still living in the halfling farm community that was his and his twin brother Merric's birthplace. The two were inseparable, like Loshrins in a shell. They both were quite skilled in stealth, trickery, and dexterity, though usually they did not use their skills to naughty ends... usually.
One night, the communal barn caught on fire, and it spread to the surrounding houses. Merric, risking his life, dove into the burning building to save the halflings trapped in there, as well as a visiting monk. All survived, and the fire was extinguished without too much damage.
Perrin was sent to the nearby city of Malture to pick up some supplies and things to help with the recovery from the fire. While he was gone, the monk whom Merric had saved extended an offer to him...
"Ah, good morning, Master Thorngage!"
"Good morning, Brother Torpilan! You had something to say to me?"
"Yes. You see, when you saved me and the other halflings from the fire, I saw something in your eyes, a determination, a courage. I believe that you would make a worthy and wise monk. I have spoken with the fieldmaster of your community, and he agrees. You are to come to the monastery and begin your training tomorrow."
Merric knew that he must obey the fieldmaster to his last breath, so he had no choice but to leave. In reality, he might have somehow tried to stay, but everyone else around him was so busy helping him pack up and prepare for the journey that every time he tried to say something they shushed him and told him to get to work.
The following day, Merric was desperate. He kept trying to tell someone that he did not want to go, but no one would listen, still telling him to get to work preparing for the long journey ahead of him. Finally, the dreaded hour came, and there was nothing Merric could do about it. Just as the wagon was setting out for the monastery, with a desolate Merric in it, Perrin arrived. He had been gone the whole time, so he had no idea what was happening. After a couple minutes, he asked someone and they told him. Perrin ran and ran as fast as he could, trying to catch up with the wagon, but even with speed and stamina he didn't even know he had the wagon was too far ahead. He just saw it rounding a bend out of sight. "Brother!" he called in anguish. Merric whipped his head around and got one last look at the brother whom he loved so much.
That was 864, twelve years ago, but Perrin has felt the same emptiness for every day since. Except, perhaps - well, that's another matter. Perrin's vision unclouds and he is again staring at the chilly water. He stands there for a couple more minutes, lost in his own mind.
Does he hear anything?
(Likely) Yes
His naturally sharp halfling ears detect the sound of chain mail against cotton, thirty times over. It must be a troop of sentries. He decides to hide, and moves to the road on the other side of the bridge. He crouches in some thick foliage on the roadside.
Do the guards detect him?
(Unlikely) Yes
"Oi! 'eres summat innose bushes over there." The guards creep towards the bush, poleaxes at the ready. "Steady," warns the leader.
What is Perrin armed with?
Leather armor
Leather armor that he acquired when he was briefly in the army - but that's another story.
A small morningstar that he took from the guard he knocked out.
There are too many to fight single handedly. Perrin tries to sneak away in the other direction. Can he do it?
(50/50) No
The guards grab him. Perrin knows it is useless to struggle, and as the guards take him away, he sinks again into the deepest parts of his mind...
He thought first of the history of the kingdom, Jard. In 836 PA, Helm Evenwood had become king. He turned out to be the greatest since the legendary Metuk Urd. He was just, wise, and good. His subjects loved him, and he loved them. He ruled for forty blissful years until 875 PA, on the night of his anniversary, a dangerous political party known as the Martialists, led by a dangerous man named Lian Kao, that strongly opposed the king and his peaceful ways, stormed the palace, murdered the guards, and began a reign of terror that still went on that day. The society of very powerful wizards, called the Order of the Scroll, that acted as a parliament of sorts, were almost all of them killed and their tower burned to the ground. Rumor has it, though, that they are still in operation underground, trying to make an army of rebels to free the kingdom from the iron fist of Lian Kao. As for the king, it was thought that he was locked up in a dungeon and there slowly starved. Of course, Perrin never experienced these things firsthand. Ever since his brother was taken away from him, he had locked himself in his room and stayed there all day. His parents somehow got him to eat, but he did not speak for ten years. Then, he -
He was brought back to reality when a gate was opened and the sentries roughly dragged him through. He was in one of the many strongholds recently placed throughout Jard to further ensure Lian Kao's rule. Each small fortress had a watchtower, a barracks, and a dungeon to lock up miscreants like Perrin. He was taken through the small courtyard, where sentries sat sharpening weapons, fletching arrows, or hanging armor on stands. The sentries took him through an iron portcullis, down a set of stone steps, and into the dank dungeon. There were few prisoners, and those that were alive - Perrin would rather not think about them. He was unceremoniously thrown into a filthy cell, and one wrist was chained to the wall with a rusty manacle.
How many days is he in the dungeon?
21 = 1[d100]+20
It has only been twenty-one days, though already Perrin is starving. The moldy bread scraps the guards bring him is too little by far. Have his tools been taken?
(Sure Thing) Yes
He saves some bread crusts, letting them grow rock-hard, then nibbles them into points and tries to pick the lock with them. Does he succeed?
(Unlikely) No
At this point, he is hopeless.
Then, on the twenty-second day,
Vengeance / Dispute
Two sentries get into a fight in front of his cell. Apparently, one sentry, Grath, gravely injured an innkeeper in the nearby town. The other sentry, Drin, had once promised protection to the innkeeper, and now he had almost died at the hands of a sentry. Drin was very angry at Grath, and wanted revenge. While they are quarreling, Perrin tried to slip the keyring off of the guard's belt. Does he do it?
(50/50) Yes, but...
The other guard notices as he walks away. "Oi! The pris'ner got yer keys!" Does the other guard have a keyring?
(50/50) Yes
He unlocks the cell and tries to grab the keys from Perrin, who tries to roll under the guard and out the cell. Does he make it?
(50/50) Yes, but...
The guards are at his heels quickly. Can Perrin run out of the stronghold?
(50/50) No
He gets caught and taken back to the dungeon, this time in a more secure cell, and both his arms and his legs are chained up. How many days is he in there?
20 = 15[d20]+5
Perrin is starving. He has one or two days before he dies. Then,
Move / Liberty
The prisoner in the cell next to Perrin's tells Perrin about a plot to break all the prisoners out of the dungeons. What does the plot involve?
Mechanically / Feminine
A magic item in the fortress and the head sentry's daughter. What is the magic item?
Grappling hook
A grappling hook that always hits its target, can be thrown 600 feet away, and pulls the thrower to the destination.
The plan is to convince the girl to get the hook and bring it to them, and then they will use it to get over the walls and escape.
Perrin volunteers to try to get it. Is he chosen?
(50/50) No, but...
The girl is persuaded to come anyway. When she comes, Perrin tries to persuade her to bring the magical hook. Is he successful?
(Somewhat Likely) Yes, but...
Some guards notice the girl, and they follow her to the dungeon to make sure she does not help us. Does she conceal the hook?
(Likely) Yes, but...
The guard sees it. Does the girl keep it away from him?
(Likely) Yes
She comes to the dungeon with the hook and slips it to us. How many guards are there?
3 = 3[d4]
Perrin throws the hook through the bars at the guards, hoping it will pull him through. Does it?
(Sure Thing) Yes
He tosses the hook to the prisoner in the adjacent cell, and kicks at one of the guards, then rolls between his legs. How much damage?
Moderate Injury: Hampers action significantly; will require first aid/medical attention.
The guard gets kicked in the stomach, and drops to the floor, wheezing.
The other prisoner, who is a
Impulsive cartographer
imprisoned for resisting the sentries, throws the grappling hook at the guards, and grabs onto it. Does it pull him through?
(Sure Thing) Yes
He kicks a guard.
Moderate Injury: Hampers action significantly; will require first aid/medical attention.
The guard is kicked in the head and falls to the floor, stunned.
The last guard, armed with a
swings at me.
Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.
Hitting me in the arm.
Perrin jumps into the air and tries to land on the guard's back. Does he do it?
(50/50) No
He falls. The cartographer punches him.
Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.
It does not do much. The guard swings at him.
Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.
The cartographer is unharmed.
I kick at the guard.
Severe Injury: Incapacitating and may become Critical if untreated.
The guard is knocked out. "Come on" Perrin says to the cartographer. "There will be more guards soon because of the sounds of battle. We need to go." The cartographer has already thrown the hook to the next prisoner, and it is circulating through the dungeon, freeing everyone. We wait until all prisoners are there, and then they all run to the courtyard, and to escape. In the courtyard, Perrin throws the hook at a tree outside. "Grab on" he shouts to the other prisoners. Everyone grabs the rope, and we fly up, out of the courtyard, and into the trees. Does everyone make it?
(Very Likely) Yes, and...
Some prisoner bar the gates with the hook. The guards are prevented from getting out, and the prisoners are free.
And with that, Perrin Thorngage, the Heartbroken Halfling, walks off, alone again.

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