Clockworky WWII action with FAE
I wanted to give Fate Accelerated a Go with Mark's neat app.

So, here's the character I made after getting the setting.

Gringo Descartes:
High Concept: French Resistance Fighter
Trouble: Hoity-toity Hedonist
Aspect: Heavy Metal Right Arm!

Refresh: [ ][ ][ ]

Careful +1
Clever +0
Flashy +2
Forceful +3
Quick +2
Sneaky +1

Stress: [ ][ ][ ]
2 (mild consequence):
4 (moderate consequence):
6 (severe consequence):

The setting is WWII involving dubious giant and thorough docks. Your quest is to defend the firm robots/automatons located at the efficient law enforcement office. Trying to stop you is the distracted shopkeep skilled in diagnostic. You are currently at the newly-restored burrow. What is your yes/no question?

I try to get from the Resistance HQ (the newly-restored burrow) to the efficient law enforcement office as fast as possible. Do I encounter the shopkeep's goons on my way?


Bizarre foundry.

Honest relative.

When I pass "LaRoche", the bizarre foundry which creates part of the automatons used in this war, I run into my trio of cousins: Yves, Xavier and Zion. Upon seeing me, they pull their guns. "We have waited for you, cousin! Stop this foolish behavior! We can't defeat the Nazis and your Resistance is a danger to the population!"
I throw back my cloak in a flashy manner and lift my Heavy Metal Right Arm and say: "Fuck off, traitors! If you do not make way, I'll forget that you're my cousins and will punch your sorry faces!"

Three Cousins: Honest Thugs, Skilled (+2) at: Ganging Up On Someone, Evading Melee Attacks, Bad (-2) at: Smooth Talking, Stress: 3

Intimidation as a flashy attack : +3 vs. +2 = Cousins take 1 stress

Yves looks taken aback. "Oh man, cousin, I don't want to make acquaintance with that arm. No hard feelings, dude." He shrugs his shoulders and makes way. Xavier and Zion look at him: "What the hell, dude!? You know what happens, if we don't follow orders!"

They gang up on me and swing their crowbars. (+3 attack vs. +2 defend, I take 1 stress)

I laugh into their faces: "Hah, that'll be a bruise but I've seen worse." I grab Yves with my left arm and smash him with my right one. Then I turn around and drive an uppercut to Zions head. They fall down, unconscious. (Attack +4, using my Heavy Metal Right Arm! Aspect vs. +2 Defend)

I raise my eyebrows at Xavier, pick up my cloak and pass him.

I arrive at the law enforcement office. It's noon and people are leaving the building for their lunch break.

I enter the building, the police officers don't know that I am a Resistance member and they don't know that their automatons will soon be used against them. Unfortunately, Grégoire, the shopkeep, knows. He's a collaborator working for the Nazis. Grégoire is a genius mechanic who owns the local mechatron shop.
Fortunately, he is an arrogant bastard and will try to stop me on his own without using the police officers.

The automatons are located in the cellar and there are two officers guarding the door.
Do I have a badge to flash?


"Hey fellas, I think you need to take a break!" I want to knock them out, do I surprise them?

No, but...

Because my right arm is made from metal, I get a +2 when I forcefully attack a single enemy.

I get a +1 bonus to my next roll (that's from the No, But...):

Guards: Veteran Police Officers, Skilled (+2) at: Defending The Parameter, Shooting Their Service Weapons, Bad (-2) At: Shrugging Off Damage, Stress: 2

+5 vs. +4, the guards take 1 stress.

The right one draws his service weapon but I knock him out before he can do any damage. The left one shoots me in my thigh (+6 vs. +5, I take 1 stress).

I grab him by the throat withy my Heavy Metal Right Arm and squeeze until he's unconscious (using my stunt, too: +6 vs. +4).

I grab the keys for the door and enter the cellar. Am I alone besides the automatons?

Cool! Nice character and good job taking out the guards. Good thing you have your Heavy Metal Right Arm!

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