Custom lists
If you have your own lists of words and/or phrases that you would like to use when solo role playing, there are four buttons available for your customization. You can find them in the lower part of the screen, on the far right, in the section named "Custom".

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To customize a button click on the list icon in the "Custom" section. This will open the "Custom List Manager". On this screen you can Create, Edit, Rename, and Delete your custom lists.

Whatever you name your list will display on a button. Multiple lists will display on the buttons in alphabetical order. A list name can be no longer than 10 characters but not all characters are guaranteed to display on the button depending on the width of the characters. For example, if your list name contains the letter W ten times, not all will display on the button because W is a wide letter.

In a list you can have 200 lines of words or phrases. If you have more than 200 then those items over 200 will be ignored when you save your list.

A line can be a maximum of 50 characters. If a line has more than 50 character then those characters over 50 will be ignored when you save your list. The only characters that are allowed in your list's lines are letters, numbers, and dashes. Other characters will be deleted.

After adding, renaming, or deleting a list you must then refresh the play screen in order to update the buttons.

When your list name appears on a button and you click on that button then one random line will be selected from your list and added to the log.

Is that cool or what?

Looks awesome, thanks!
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Sounds great, thank you :-)
Works like a charm! Thank you very much!
I must be missing something, I can't seem to find the custom lists icon anymore, I've tried firefox and chrome on two different computers. Anyone able to help me out?
Hi TimeKiller,

I apologize, I temporarily removed some functionality of the custom lists feature due to a recent hack attack. You can read about the saga here:

I'll be working on getting this functionality back up.
Ah! Now I see, thanks for pointing that out, I knew I was overlooking something right in front of my face!
Is there a specific reason the custom buttons are grayed out even though I've logged in? I've created three lists but neither of them show up.

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