[Deadlands] The Vermillion Man
This is my first time using RPG Solo for a full solo session and I've decided to go with Deadlands Reloaded for this one. For those unfamiliar with how savage worlds works there will be annotations given along with the story to explain the significance of the various rolls. I'll start first with the stats for my character, "Terrible" Sam Price.

Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Skills: Fighting d6, Intimidation d6, Notice d6, Riding d6, Shooting d10, Guts d6
Charisma: 0; Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5; Grit: 1

Hindrances: Habit (Smoking, Minor), Phobia (Clowns, Major), Stubborn

Edges: Ambidextrous, Quick Draw, Two-Fisted

Gear: Boots, Cigar x19(-2), Colt Peacemaker (.45, Double-Action) (Range 12/24/48, 2d6+1, Shots 6, AP 1) x2, Duster, Horse, Bowie knife (Str+d4+1, AP 1), Matches (box of 100)(-3), Pistol Ammo(.40-.50) x99(-7), Saddle, Saddlebags, Shirt, Trousers.

Cash on hand $7.50
Fate Chips: 3 (White, White, Red)
I used the town generator included with the ghost towns book for Deadlands and created a town based on the generator's results. the cards I drew determined the kind of town I was riding into.

Setting: New Mexico
community cards
5 of Diamonds, 5 of Clubs, 3 of Hearts
Hole Cards
10 of Spades, 9 of Diamonds
area info in brief:
Small, commercial, locals are suspicious of outsiders and concerned for their general welfare. a great evil has been unwittingly been released the guilty party may or may not know they are to blame and there is a conspiracy afoot.
this place also has a proud past.

Notable Aspects:
Possible character/aspect with a knowledge background and a dark secret

possible character/aspect with a healthcare background who may be helpful

Plot point: the hero must hunt or track and catch their quarry.

Questions asked to the GM are marked as Q:
CD means complex description
CQ means complex question
OOC commentary and mechanics are in [Brackets]

Scene Exterior: a small mining camp located outside Jicarilla, New Mexico.

reports of ghost rock in the area has sparked the attention of opportunistic carpetbaggers and claim jumpers. because of this, the locals have become hostile to outsiders. still, outsiders have been coming into the town. those who enter into the mines though, are never seen to leave it.

Enter scene: Sam Price

walking down by the dusty trail leading up to the mining camp, Sam looks around. miners and townsfolk who have settled near the mines to provide for the workers are busy about their day. the townspeople appear to be concerned with their own affairs and would appear to ignore sam's presence were it not for the occasional unsettling glances from the locals.


Q: looking around, does Sam see a saloon of some kind in the area?

(Likely) Yes, but...

A saloon is found but a sign out front indicates (perhaps as a joke or perhaps written by someone with terrible spelling) that the bar only serves minors.

Q: are there any other buildings in the area?

(Sure Thing) Yes, and...

It appears this location may have someone in it who might not be hostile to a stranger.

CD:describe the building

Loudly / Large.

It appears to be a large building used to store mining equipment. Inside, the sounds of banjo picking can be heard. all around the banjo player can be heard shouts and whoops and hollers and clapping to the beat.


Q: do they notice me as I approach?

(Very Unlikely) No.

Sam takes up a seat to watch the performer. Having once been a circus trick-shot, himself, he appreciates the talent and bravado of a good showman, and this banjo picker can hold his own.


CQ: what does the music sound like?

Decrease / Victory.

It's a patriotic ballad of a civil war soldier as he makes his last stand against against an overwhelming force. at least on the surface. it also seems to be a song about a man's downfall to addiction. The banjo picker calls the song "Whiskey's war"

The crowd seems utterly engaged by the performer, they demanded an encore.

with a glint in his eye, the banjo picker recounts another ballad on his instrument. it is a tale of miner who went digging for ghost rock and was killed by a jealous rival. The rival stole the miner's claim and was going back up to sell it when he himself became lost in the mines. it was here he died and was punished by God for his greed to spend his days walking the mines forever searching for the ghost rock he stole.

having finished his song, the miners cheer him on one last time. the picker grins and bows.

the foreman walks in and hollers
"break time is over! you all get yer asses back in the hole!"


Q: does the foreman notice me?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes.

The foreman straightens out his greasy mustache, the soot on his face accentuates the white of his eyes. He turns to Sam and hollers

Ambiguous event.



"Hey you! I have no idea who the hell you think you are walking into the company break room but the shows here ain't free. you want to be entertained, you gotta work for it! now you look like one scrawny pissant, but if you got some gravel in yer gut and an eye for making a fortune out here in the mines you best get yer ass to work or get the hell outta here!"

Sam replied,
"what do I look like? one of yer hired goons? i'm just looking for a drink and some supplies so I can head over to the next town."

The foreman with a sarcastic grin looks to Sam.
"Good luck with that, this here's all the supplies one's gonna get 'til you hit town and that's at least a few days journey from here. we can't spare goods for each and every tourist who comes through it's all for the workers here that we can spare, no more no less. The Good book say those who don't work, don't eat. Why don't you give it a shot, hell you may even pinch a pretty penny if you get the rock. It's a hellluva opportunity, if'n I say so, I say shoot, Luke, or give up the gun. if you change your mind the registration office is up front. tell 'em Brett Bradford Sent ya and they'll sort ya out.

With that, the foreman turned and headed back to the mines. before walking out the door he turned and said
"It's your choice kid, if you got enough vittles to make it out to Jicarilla, be my guest, but if'n you aint in no hurry, and you need some spare scratch and a hot meal, spare us a hand for the day."

with that he left.
The banjo picker, seemingly hearing the who conversation simply laughed and said:
"Don't mind brett none, he talks all big and scary, but the ride ain't so bad. He just wants to scare up some new blood so he can get his headhunter bonus from the head office in Albuquerque. we've been losing men ever since that incident in the mines last month. that song I played 'fore he showed up? It's based on a real story that happened right here. Yessir, I'd swear on a stack of bibles and say it. that's why they need all the manpower they can get.

"even that part about God punishin' that man by cursin' him to walk the earth?"

"A little poetic license do no harm. truth is I dunno if it's true of not, but you ask some of the superstitious fellers here and they tell you a different story. Anywho, my shift's up again, back to the hole."

with that the banjo picker locked his instrument into a nearby locker, pulled out a pickaxe and left.


Scene: Mining camp exterior

CD: How are things looking out here?

Combatively / Amusing.

Aside from the hustle and bustle of workers, it appears a drunken fight has started between two miners outside the saloon. one of which is using a shoe in self defense. this ain't a place for greenhorns. it looks like the fight is handling itself without a fuss. the registration office is just down the road. down the opposite path down the road is the mine itself.


Move away from goal.


The spiritual.

[Notice Roll
1d6! , 1d6! Drop Lowest

results: 3 on trait die 5 on wild die]

Just outside of the mine entrance, Sam sees in the distance the figure of a man with a rough cloak being escorted down the street. the cloak seems to cover any discernible features of the individual. by his gait though he looks just as intoxicated as any of the other drunkards around here. And then something odd happened. what looked like pieces of flesh were falling down off of the cloaked figure. one of the miners accompanying the figure noticed this and rushed to take those... pieces and stuff it into a burlap bag. they then quickly rushed into the mines.


Q: does it look like they could be followed?

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

It appears that the man with the bag is not as thorough as he thinks he is. it looks like the cloaked figure has left a trail of...blood? that makes it rather simple to find out where they went, and disgusting.


Q: as I follow the trail, is there anyone that may be getting in the way of me?

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.


It appears the guard post is empty. the fight outside the Saloon must have drawn their attention away from the post.


Quickly sneaking into the mine entrance to follow the trail of blood, Sam does his best to look inconspicuous among the other miners.

Scene: Mine Entrance

CD: describe the surroundings

Boldly / Simple.

The mine entrance is starkly bare and utilitarian. a few spare lanterns hang about to provide lighting, and wooden beams offer support to keep the earth from caving in. other than that, nothing appears out of place

Q: is it possible to take one of the lanterns?

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No.

It appears these lanterns are bolted to the beams, they are not going anywhere.

Q: is it possible to follow the trail any further without a lantern?

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

it appears the trail is still fresh. the crimson drops reflect light off the lanterns that are hung throughout the cavern. the next room over appears to have some light as well to continue the trail.

CD: describe this next chamber

Aggressively / Pale.

Dust in the air gives the light here a ghostly shade. the flames leap about in a manner suggesting hellfire.

Q: is the trail still visible?

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.


The trail of blood seems to end in this room.

Q:though the blood is gone, is it still possible at this time to determine where they went?

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No.

For the time being it looks like the trail has run cold. Sam, upset decides to turn back and consider his next steps. he lights up a cigar and puffs away at it to clear his thoughts.

Q: does that help?

(Somewhat Unlikely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

taking a moment to re-examine his surroundings, Sam notices something is not quite right about this room. The flames of the lanterns in the room would have hid it were there not thin streaks of light shooting through Sam's cigar smoke. clearly some kind light source is coming from behind what appears to be a false wall.

Q: Does the wall move if pushed?

(Very Unlikely | 1[d10]) No, and...

in the process of pushing the wall, Sam trips and starts to fall over

Agility Roll
1d8! , 1d6! Drop Lowest

1 = 1[d8]

4 = 4[d6]

Sam manages to regain his balance before falling headlong into the dirt. He just barely manages to keep his cigar intact as well.

Q: is there something in this room which appears out of the ordinary?

(Somewhat Likely | 5[d10]) Yes, but...

CD: Describe this feature

Ruthlessly / Beautiful.

there appears to be what looks like a garnet stone embedded in the wall. the fire reflects in it's facets like a seductive and violent dance of light. Try as Sam might. the gem is just outside of his reach.

Q: is there something in the area I can use in this room as a step to reach the gem?

(Very Unlikely | 3[d10]) No.

Sam having resolved that this gem may hold the key to opening this false wall, has decided to venture deeper into the mines to find a way to reach it.

Scene: Cavernous chamber

Describe room:

Perfectly / Weak.

another empty chamber it seems. just dirt and rocks. and the same lanterns bolted to the walls. nothing interesting here. having found nothing yet, Sam continues down the path.

Scene: tunnel path

describe room:

Awkwardly / Cold.

Venturing deeper into the mines, the warmth of the sun is starting to fade. the temperature takes a sudden dip as the cavern grows in darkness. the end of the tunnel path is shrouded in darkness.

Q: is there anything here useful to use as a stepladder?

(Unlikely | 3[d10]) No.

Q: is there anything to penetrate the darkness at the end of the corridor?

(Unlikely | 2[d10]) No.

Q; is there another path to go down in this room?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

Stepping forward to see if there is another chamber nearby, a bitter wind comes swooping down the corridor from the darkness. the chill seems like a ghastly arctic blast

Vigor Roll
1d6! , 1d6! Drop Lowest

1 = 1[d6]

2 = 2[d6]

The gust of wind knocks Sam flat on his ass. the cigar he was holding seems to have been blown away too. Sam is mighty pissed
[1 point of fatigue suffered]

Sam backtracks to the previous chamber. it appears this cavern is uncrossable for the time being.

Scene: Cavernous chamber

back in this boring place. hell of a lot better than there in that nightmare of a hallway.

Q: are there any other places that branch off from this cavern?

(Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

this branch, unlike the other one looks well lit and warm (relatively speaking) it trails off to the east.

Scene: East Corridor

Describe room:

Curiously / Enormous.

the corridor branches off into a massively large chamber. stalactites hang from the ceiling high above, the chamber is not only high above but also deep. the twisting path winds down a pit. lanterns are posted every few yards along the trail, unlike the ones before, they are not fastened to the walls but hung on stakes posted into the ground.

Sam grabs one of the lanterns hanging about and takes it with him. the fuel looks good and full. "This could come in handy"
[Lantern Acquired]

looking about the large cavern walls, Sam gathers his thoughts as he considers his next step.

Remote event.



Sam's gaze wanders around the cavern floor upon the walls, the emptiness of this place seems strikingly odd and it was not until now that it finally clicked for Sam.

"Why is it for as long as I have been in these mines I have yet to encounter another soul? You'd think there would be the buzz and rumble of infernal devices all over this place, but nothing!"

He snorted, and his eyes shot around like pointed daggers

"And that damn door! do these miners even work out here? Or is that just a front they give to the travelers passing through? what in the bluest shades of Hell is going on here?"

Q: is there anything else that might be useful in this room?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

nothing else seems useful and it does not appear anything of use will ever be here. the cavern is pretty to look at and deep but other than that it's barren.

Q: Are there any other paths off from this room?

(Somewhat Likely | 3[d10]) No.

the pit comes to a dead end. seeing nothing else of use here, Sam takes the opportunity to rest his bones by the warmth of the lantern light.
[1 fatigue point restored]

Introduce a new NPC.



It appears Sam is not alone. someone, or something is here as well. it does not appear to be friendly.

Notice Roll
1d6! , 1d6! Drop Lowest

5 = 5[d6]

5 = 5[d6]

Sam gets up, his hand hovers over his sixguns, he grits his teeth and squints into to distance.

CQ: what does he see?

Overthrow / Attention.

A torchlight flies up into the air and shatters into hundreds of flaming pieces! the dust settles and nothing can be seen. A diversion!

Notice Roll
1d6! , 1d6! Drop Lowest

4 = 4[d6]

5 = 5[d6]

Agility Roll
1d8! , 1d6! Drop Lowest

5 = 5[d8]

5 = 5[d6]

Sam turns around just in time to dodge a strike from behind! it grazes just past his ear.

CQ: describe the attacker

Malice / Misfortune.

Q: have I met this individual before?

(Unlikely | 2[d10]) No.

Sam may not have met this person before but it certainly looks familiar, like a miner... but not. his eyes glow with a ghastly red glow, his tattered clothing covers blistering and dirty sores over his body and in his right hand he holds a pickaxe. as Sam look the creature over, it gives a shriek of agony and terror.

[The creature is currently at melee range]

Sam readies his guns and prepares for combat [Quick draw: free action]

[Cards are drawn for initiative]

[Sam draws a 3 of clubs, the livin' dead draws a 2 of spades]

Sam attempts to put distance between him and the creature, as he does he enters into an evasive stance
[Defend: +2 Parry until end of turn] [attempt to leave melee range: free attack from opponents in range]

The foul beast swings with it's pickaxe and attempts to strike at Sam.

Fighting roll VS Parry
d6! TN is 7 [5 parry +2]

4 = 4[d6]

The creature swings with all it's might and hits only the air.

Sam succeeds in dodging the blow and runs back to put distance between him and his foe
[moves 12 yards away + 1d6 for running]

3 = 3[d6]

[distance: Sam }-------18 yds-------{ walkin' dead ]

The shambling corpse of a man shambles after Sam with a screech

[distance: Sam }-------10 yds-------{ walkin' dead ]

[New initiative cards are drawn]

[Sam draws a Red Joker! Walkin' Dead draws a Jack of clubs]

[Sam gets +2 to all trait tests this round and +2 to damage!]

Sam Grins with a steely glint in his eyes. he's feeling mighty confident about this. He brings up both of his peacemakers and aims right for the head.
[Called shot: -4 penalty tohit reduced to -2 Penalty due to joker]

Shot 1
Shooting roll
id10! , 1d6! drop lowest. TN is 6

7 = 7[d10]

1 = 1[d6]

Sam's first shot is a success! roll for damage

2d6+1 [Bonus damage: +8 4 for called shot, 2 for walkin' dead weak spot 2 for joker bonus]

[Note: damage rolls are open ended and may ace]

1 = 1[d6]

6 = 6[d6]


6 = 6[d6]


1 = 1[d6]

1+6+6+6+1+1+8 [Damn this is one hell of a shot!]

[29 damage toughness of target is 7. No kill like overkill!]

Sam puts his pistol square between the eyes of the damned cretin and lets loose a thunderous shot from his pistol. the bullet twists through the air and whistles up like a banshee as it rips right into the forehead of the beastly creature. it passes out the other side and behind it, the blackened blood and bits of brain matter spray out like a grotesque pinata. the creature falls over face first into the dirt. a dark and messy mass sits where the back of the head once was.
Sam gives a sigh of a relief as he pulls a single bullet from his ammo belt and feeds it into the now empty chamber. he takes the pickaxe from the body and gives it a look over. it's well worn and rusty but still functional. whatever attacked him may have looked less like a human and more like a shambling corpse. memories faded back to his days at the circus.

it was 3 years ago, in a small village outside of El Paso, on the border between Texas and Mexico. It was a typical day for trail riding carnies like him. Pitch up the tents, invite the locals, put on a show and leave onto the next town, hopefully a little better off than you were when you got there. In the village the kids clamored about to see the elephants, the freakshow, and the clowns... those clowns, even before the incident, those guys never quite settled well with him. That night merely cemented his feelings for grown men dressed up in garish wigs and pancake makeup. that night 3 years ago, something went horribly wrong. the Gazette called it the "massacre under the big top". That night the clowns didn't look themselves. they appeared drunk and lethargic that morning. but when the night came, they took on the appearance of feral beasts, much like the miner now laying at Sam's feet. what was it that caused them to become so vicious? If Sam knew the answer to that maybe so many folks didn't have to die. the coroner said it was some sort of rabies-like disease, but nothing in his experience could explain what it could be. Madame Mambo, the fortune teller insists they were possessed by a loa to do some wicked deed. whatever the cause, we lost thirty souls that day. those vicious clowns ran though the crowd like jackals tearing at the weak and defenseless. Sam still with his pistols by his side from his target shooting demonstration took it upon him to fight the beasts. every shot to the body only seemed to piss them off more. it was not until a lucky shot to the head did he realize what was needed to take them down. to this day the memory of that night gives him tremors in his sleep. After that night the traveling circus was disbanded, everyone went their separate ways. the freakshow crowd went on to perform in Deseret, the animal trainers went back east. as for Sam. He was not so fortunate. He was on his way to Santa Fe to look for more work. That's how he ended up here, standing over the corpse of the miner. Taking another cigar from his pouch and lighting it up, he says to himself "days like this make me wish I just stayed in bed"

Sam takes the pickaxe. with this tool he might just be able to reach the odd stone he encountered back in the cave.
but before he does that there is one other thing he was wanting to explore.

Scene: tunnel path

meandering his way back to the darkened tunnel, now with a lantern, Sam looks out into the inky black corridor.

not wanting to alert the terrible wind that swept through before. Sam takes the lantern, hangs it on the pickaxe and holds it out in front of him.

Q:does Sam manage to see more than he did before?

(Very Likely | 9[d10]) Yes.

CD: describe the room

Lightly / Faded.

the dim light pierces the darkness of this corridor. but it seems only dimly. darkness beyond the darkness waits, and the further Sam walks into the tunnel, the dimmer his lantern becomes. He checks the fuel, it does not seem to be a problem with the lantern. but rather, this dimness seems to have a more mysterious cause.

It seems that even with his lantern, this darkness is unnaturally strong, Sam though stubborn as he is tries to push through the darkness once more.

Q:can he push through and keep the lantern lit?

(Unlikely | 2[d10]) No.

A cold gust of wind blows the lantern out of sam's hand. the light of the lantern goes out. Sam runs back to retrieve it.

the wind was not as bad as before, it seems only his pride is hurt. he takes a spare match from his coat and uses it to re-light the wick. the lantern gives off a warm glow which glows brighter the farther he walks away from the darkened room.

giving up his hopes to penetrate the darkness, Sam backtracks to the room with the gemstone.

Q: are there any encounters along the way?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes.

is it a good encounter?

(Unlikely | 1[d10]) No, and...

Scene: cavernous chamber

for being a boring spot of rock in the caves it looks like something interesting might actually happen here.

CQ: what kind of nastiness is Sam going to encounter?

Adversity / Evil.

CD: well I already figured out that much, can you be a bit more descriptive?

Energetically / Mature.

Q:have I met this character before?

(Unlikely | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

it appears to be an older man, quite strong despite the fact that he's getting on in years, he also looks mighty pissed. as the figure comes closer to the lamplight Sam recognizes him as the foreman he met earlier. and while he seemed eager to have Sam join up for the mining brigade earlier, he seems less than happy to see him in the mines now. no doubt that gunshot from earlier attracted his attention. Sam probably was not supposed to see the walking corpse too one would suppose.

The Foreman with a glint in his eye reveals he has a shotgun in his hands and he has it raised up and he cocks it with a satisfying click.

From the other side of the room he calls out. "I'll spare the pleasantries boy, you were not supposed to be here. that man, or what used to be a man, was not supposed to be public knowledge. in fact our connection with bayou vermillion told us tourists like you should be executed if they learned a little too much. we can't have this sort of thing tarnishing our reputation as enterprising and courageous miners because someone learned we were turning carpetbagging chumps like you into walking corpses to do our work for us. No no, we simply can't have that."

Sam brings his guns up as well and spits to the side. "So why are you botherin' at all to tell me all this?"

The foreman laughs and replies "because when I put this here buckshot in your skull and get our little voodoo man over here, it won't matter anymore."

Q: about how far apart are the two?

17 = 7[d20]+10

[17 units, 34 yards]

[distance: Sam }-------34 yds-------{ Foreman ]

Q: is there any cover?

(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

there is no cover between the two now, but with some maneuvering, a few stalagmites make a decent place to get some coverage

[drawing cards for initiative]
[Sam has drawn a 6 of diamonds, the foreman has drawn a 9 of hearts]

The Foreman draws up his Shotgun and fires!

[d8+0 (firing from medium range) vs TN of 4]

2 = 2[d8]

[he also is a wildcard, giving him a d6 for his trait rolls]

3 = 3[d6]

the shot fires and misses the mark!

Q:is there any cover within running distance of the foreman?

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No.

the foreman stands his ground at the entrance facing side of the cavern

Sam takes his gun in his right hand and fires off a shot!

[d10, d6 drop lowest vs TN of 4]

8 = 8[d10]

4 = 4[d6]

[then subtract -2 for range, the result is 6, a successful shot but without a raise]

[damage from the gun is 2d6!+1 TN is 5]

4 = 4[d6]

2 = 2[d6]

[4+2+1=7 target is shaken]

the gunshot grazes past the foreman's bicep leaving a streak of blood by his shoulder.

[using the two fisted edge, sam makes a second attack with his offhand gun without penalty]

9 = 9[d10]

5 = 5[d6]

[9-2=7 vs TN of 4, success]

2 = 2[d6]

1 = 1[d6]

[2+1+1=4 vs TN of 5]

the second shot hits wider off the mark and only succeeds in pissing off the foreman more

Q:is there any cover within running distance?

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No.

the two seem to be on open ground in this cavern. not much in the way of areas to hide behind.

[A new round of cards are drawn, Sam draws an 8 of hearts the foreman draws a 7 of diamonds]

Sam picks up his guns and tries for a second volley of shots

8 = 8[d10]

5 = 5[d6]

[8-2= 6 vs TN 4. success]

3 = 3[d6]

4 = 4[d6]

[3+4+1= 8 vs TN of 5, since the foreman was shaken already he now suffers a wound and a penalty of -1 for each wound he gets]

this third shot goes right into the foreman's shoulder, a bloody mark is now making itself manifest on his sleeve.


the foreman is feeling a little less bolder than he was before. he tries to persuade Sam to leave him be since he's been injured.

{testing smarts traits between the both of them for this random event]


2 = 2[d6]

6 = 6[d6]

[Wild die has aced!]

3 = 3[d6]



6 = 6[d6]


2 = 2[d6]

[and now the wild die]

5 = 5[d6]


Sam considers the offer but seeing as the foreman shot first, he does not find him trustworthy.

Sam raises his gun to make a second shot

7 = 7[d10]

1 = 1[d6]

[7-2=5] the shot connects

3 = 3[d6]

4 = 4[d6]

[3+4+1=8 vs TN of 5 since the target is already wounded and shaken, he takes a second wound]

Q: is there any coverage in moving distance?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

in the midst of the fight the foreman has dragged himself behind a stalagmite [granting him medium coverage +2 to defense]

the foreman pulls himself together and powers past the pain.

he gives a shout and spits out a sentence so harsh it would make a sailor blush.
[Foreman spends 1 white GM fate chip to remove shaken status, and then spends a second trying to soak up his wounds]

[because the foreman already has 1 wound before trying to soak up this one, he is going to incur a -1 penalty to this roll]

Vigor Roll
1d6!, 1d6! drop lowest -1

1 = 1[d6]

2 = 2[d6]

All that bluster is not going to do any good while he's bleeding out.

though it seems like the foreman is cornered, he's fortified himself and just as likely to take out Sam in an all out attack.

[new initiative cards are drawn, Sam draws a king of diamonds, the foreman draws a 5 of clubs]

sam keeping his distance tries to take a shot at the foreman he raises his gun once more and squeezes the trigger.

Shooting Roll
1d10! 1d6! drop lowest -2 (range) and -2 (cover)

8 = 8[d10]

2 = 2[d6]

the shot appears to have connected

[2d6 +1 damage]

5 = 5[d6]

1 = 1[d6]

[5+1+1= 7 success but no raise, the foreman is shaken]

though the shot looked like it connected it hit the stalagmite instead. the resulting near miss caught the foreman off guard while he was reloading his gun.

Sam lines up his next shot

Shooting Roll
1d10! 1d6! drop lowest -2 (range) and -2 (cover)

3 = 3[d10]

4 = 4[d6]

this one misses completely and is buried somewhere in the stone walls.

Q: is there any available cover nearby?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

it appears there is some cover nearby but it is 12 yards away in the direction of the foreman. this would place him in close range of his opponent's shotgun, but it also means Sam might have a better shot at hitting as well.

not taking much time thinking over the risks, Sam makes a running dive towards the rocky column and readies his pistols.

[distance: Sam }[medium cover]-------22 yds-------[medium cover]{ Foreman ]

the foreman attempts to steel himself up. he grits his teeth and raises his gun.
[attempting to remove shaken status with a spirit roll]
1d8! , 1d6! drop lowest -2 for wounds

8 = 8[d8]


5 = 5[d8]

6 = 6[d6]


2 = 2[d6]

[13-2=11 success with a raise, not only is the shaken status removed, he can act normally on his turn]

"You bastard!" the foreman yells. you think a gunshot is enough to kill me!? you have no idea who you are dealing with!
as he does this he cocks his shotgun and prepares another shot.

Shooting roll
1d8!, 1d6! drop lowest +2 (shotgun range bonus) -2(cover bonus)

2 = 2[d8]

3 = 3[d6]

the foreman sprays the red-hot lead into the air. Sam ducks behind the stalagmite. black scorch marks paint the outside of the column where Sam's head ought to be.

the foreman decides to try and unload one last shot onto Sam

Shooting roll
1d8!, 1d6! drop lowest +2 (shotgun range bonus) -2(cover bonus) -2(multi action penalty]

7 = 7[d8]

1 = 1[d6]

[7-2=5 the shot seems to connect!]

[or it would if I didn't calculate the -2 the also got for his wounds. Sam is a lucky bastard]

at the last second a shooting pain runs up the foreman's spine, he reflexively juts out his arm and the shotgun shoots straight up into the air.

Bang! Bang!

that's 2 shots! and on a double barreled shotgun, that means it's time to reload. Sam takes the opportunity and rushes right up to the foreman, at 10 yards away, making the killing blow will be trivially easy

[distance: Sam}-------10 yds-------{ Foreman ]

He points the gun at him and tells the foreman to drop the gun

Q: does the foreman comply?

(Unlikely | 7[d10]) Yes.

the foreman seeing he has obviously been bested, drops the shotgun from his hands. it lands on the ground with a mechanical "clink".

the foreman's hand reflexively goes to his shoulder wound. his hand trembles while it tries to stop the bleeding.

Come on, kill me! get it over with! I'd rather be dead by your gun than be left for dead and be found by him!

"who are you talking about?" sam says

"The man from bayou vermillion, you have no idea what he is capable of, or what he does to those who fail him."

"that miner, the one that attacked me. that's what he does right?"

"that is just a taste of what he can do. that man knows all manner of black magic, and he's connected too. ever hear of Baron LaCroix?"

"No, should I?"

"If you want to live you best should, he's the rail baron out from New Orleans, runs a line all the way from there almost out to Lost Angels. he's on the verge of finishing it too, but that's not all he wants. he has eyes on his rivals, the dixie rails company. know that line from el paso that goes halfway to dodge city?"

"yeah what about it?"

"he plans on taking it over and claiming the route for himself, finishing it and claiming himself the prime holder of rail lines in New Mexico."

"that's why the man from bayou was sent here. in exchange for providing a safe place to amass his forces, Bayou promised protection, and a generous share of the profits from the mine. seeing as we were getting paid just to keep up appearances and let him do all the work it seemed like a great deal."



"that man does not take failure lightly. One night, one of the creatures came out of their cages, nearly made it to the front gates in broad daylight before he and his men came out and shot it to pieces."

"She was.... she used to be a beautiful young girl, the Doctor's daughter from Santa Fe."
"the doctor was trying to smuggle her out of the city so that he could take her to the city to find a cure for what happened to her... "

"the girl got blasted 6 ways 'til sunday, the doc, he went kicking and screaming, dragged into the caves. we haven't seen him since."

"those guards you saw at the entrance. you wonder why they didn't follow you in here? it's because they are not suicidal like you are. they know what sort of evil happens here. once you go in, you are on your own..."

"only me and a few members of the mining camp leadership know how to get around these caves, we're the only ones allowed back here, to be honest though, none of us want to keep on with this deal, but if we back out now, Baron LaCroix will come here personally himself to make sure none of us makes it out alive."

"and you think he has the manpower to do it?"

"I know so."

The foreman grunted and cursed under his breath as the blood continued to pour from his wounds.

"you aren't going to make it long in here like this. you need to need to get some medical attention" if you stay here in the mines you're gonna die for sure"

"... or worse" Sam shuddered at what the man from bayou vermillion might do to the foreman, or do to him if they stayed here too long.

"it's not far from the entrance, if I can get you out there you think you can make it on your own from there?"

The foreman coughed up a dry heave and spat. " I reckon"

Sam kicked the shotgun away and helped pick up the burly foreman.
"I just need one more thing from you before we're out"

"what's that?" he said

"the room with the false wall near the entrance, I need to get in. tell me how."

"I can get you in there, but I am not going with you. once I leave these caves you are on your own. im patching myself up and getting out of here while I still can. you should too."

"If I run now, Baron LaCroix will put a bounty on my head I bet. If I can do something now, I just might avoid that fate. same thing goes for you. whether you like it or not, the same applies to you now. so you better not go snitchin' if I let you go."

"outside of the here the only people who'd believe me are the texas rangers, and they'd lock me up in fort 51 for the rest of my days doing God knows what. Kid I just want out of here and I want to forget all this business"

"Then it's agreed, no snitchin'"

"Fine, just get me to the damn doctor's office!"

Sam and the foreman went out towards the entrance of the cavern

Scene: Mine Antechamber

the pair came up to the antechamber with the false wall. on the wall the garnet stone glowed and swirled in the flicker of lamplight. it was out of Sam's reach but just barely. for someone taller like the foreman, he could just barely touch it with his fingertips.

"you want into the real mines right?" these caves you see here were all we were able to explore before the baron's man came to town. all the real work is down below. and the only way in is through this door here."

"to get in requires a special key. a sacrificial gesture that symbolizes you are one of the baron's own."

"A symbol of human sacrifice"

with that the foreman took his hand and dipped it into his bullet wound. His finger dripping with blood touched against the crimson stone.

as he did so the stone glowed red and drank up the blood on his finger. having been satiated from this offering, the wall behind them began to open up.

"that should be enough to keep the door open for you, the rest is on you. I'll see myself out from here"

with that the wounded foreman grabbed a stick from the ground and using it as a makeshift cane, walked out into the daylight.

taking a moment to reload the empty chambers in his pistols, Sam cut the tip of a fresh cigar off with his bowie knife, lit a match, and took a puff. from here on out it was just him and the hell that waited just below his feet.

••• Scene: stairwell
Down, down and down further, the winding staircase circled in on itself as it bored deeper into the earth. the lantern's glow and the red tip of the cigar gave the only source of illumination in the descent.
as sam worked his way down the spiral staircase a faint red glow could be seen below, along with the sounds of infernal devices clanking and whirring.
as the light shone brighter, the room below came into view.
CD: describe the room below
Swiftly / Macabre.
the room contained machines, ghost rock boilers, turbines and assorted equipment Sam could not identify all swiftly humming along with mechanical efficiency, and corpses, lots and lots of corpses they were strewn about the work site as though they were leftover tools, carelessly left behind to be picked up some other day.
the scent was overwhelming. it took Sam a good deal of effort to hold back the stench
Guts check
4 = 4[d6]
2 = 2[d6]
[ guts check is successful ]
Sam takes a moment to gain his composure, he manages to hold back his lunch against the rotten smell of the dead.
"how in the hell does this guy get anything done around 'ere? I mean seriously, the machines are in great shape but all these bodies. I can't make head or tails of it."
Q: are there any other rooms here?
(Sure Thing | 7[d10]) Yes.
Q: how many?
1 = 1[d4]
the adjoining room was separated off by a crude doorway hewn into the rock wall. Sam stepped through and kept his gun at the ready, waiting for the next surprise that might come his way.

CD: describe this next room
Majestically / Mighty.
the room appears to be a voodoo chapel of some sort. etchings line the north and south sides and a stone altar has been placed along the western wall. the altar itself seemed to have an imposing presence. whatever went on in this place, it appears this room is the locus of all the dark magic of this place.
Q:is there anything noteworthy in this room?
(Somewhat Likely | 6[d10]) Yes.
CD: describe it
Powerfully / Fat.
upon the altar a tremendously thick book has been left open. in it are descriptions of rites and instructions for the ritual contact of loas. Sam was not very well versed in how this stuff all worked, it all just gave him the creeps and he wanted no part of it. He slammed the book shut and a cloud of dust formed around the dull red light of the altar's candles.
Q: is there anything else in this room that is noteworthy?
(Somewhat Likely | 2[d10]) No. +Event: Oppress / Legal matters
suddenly there was what sounded like footsteps coming from the opposite doorway.
A baritone voice then spoke into the chamber. it had a slight creole accent and it seemed simultaneously amused and indignant.

"you really shouldn't go around touching other people's possessions like that."

Sam remained still trying to determine the location of the voice. he searched the doorway where he heard footsteps. no sign of anybody. the acoustics in here were terrible. the voice could be coming from anywhere.

"I should have you arrested for trespassing. this is private property, and you don't look like you work for my employer"

"Afraid not, so where does that leave us?"

"where does that leave you, you mean, no? I will go about my business the next day. you on the other hand will rot either in a jail cell or down here in the caverns. that's up to you."

"why the sudden generosity? Bayou Vermillion isn't usually the most gracious voice at the negotiation table I hear."
The baritone chuckled and replied

"do you get all your information from those dogs at Dixie rails? those inconsiderate scoundrels think because they once owned my people they can walk all over us and do as they please. then they let us go. gracious? non mon frer, its politics, always politics. ever since that day we've had to fight to survive and there doesn't go a day that the CSA fails to remind us of the "favor" they have done for us"

the voice still seems indistinct from the location. the darkness in the room does not help.
Sam took a puff from his cigar and said

"you don't seem to be far removed from politics either. you talk about "your people" like you're their damned king. you don't own them any more than the CSA did, and quite frankly, given the decor here I'm glad you don't"

"Mister stranger" chimed the barritone "with what sanctimony do you come into my property and berate me and my associates for the important work we do? Such hypocrisy!

"you know that argument would be a lot more convincing without the pile of corpses in the next room"

"corpses? those former CSA dogs you see back there are the spoils of war. they died trying to kill us. it was justified self defense."

I know they are not just sitting there for decoration. you're using them as your puppets, to do all the labor for you. I ran into one of them on the way down here"
the baritone then seemed to pause a moment, then sharply retorted

"we are simply doing to them, what they have done to us. an eye for an eye."

"what about the doctor? and his daughter?" were they CSA soldiers trying to enslave you?"

the baritone's mood changed, his calm demeanor seemed to drop for a split second revealing the anger below.

"you have been a busy boy. I did not think some backwood little cowboy like yourself would bother to do your homework"
"no the doctor was not CSA, he like you was a nosy little mouse who poked his nose in where it did not belong. When his daughter came to find him I regret that I had to do what I had to."


"you're right, the doctor was asshole and his daughter was just as terrible. I actually enjoyed it."

"so they're dead and you killed them"

"you and me have very different definitions of dead I think."

"you know im getting rather tired of your games here, show yourself"

suddenly a deep windy sound welled up, like the sound of the air being sucked out of the room.
[Spirit Roll!]
4 = 4[d6]
[wild die]
3 = 3[d6]
[VS opponent's faith roll, d10]
4 = 4[d10]
[and wild die]
5 = 5[d6]
[Shit, this is not good]
"Silence..... you will not disrespect me!"
the deep voice continued to speak
"I will teach you a lesson in obedience!"
Suddenly, Sam's arms began to move, as if on their own.
"first, those guns of yours. drop them."
CLANK! CLANK! Sam's fingers could not clasp hold of the handles as the two peacemakers fell to the ground.
"Now, be a good boy and lay yourself upon that altar there."
[Spirit Roll]
2 = 2[d6]
[Wild Die]
5 = 5[d6]
[VS opponent]
1 = 1[d10]
[Wild Die]
3 = 3[d6]
Suddenly, Sam came back to his senses. he reached out for his gun to find himself grasping for air. he looked down and saw the glint of his pistols
the man gave a horrible laugh.
"what the fuck are you!?" Growled Sam
Suddenly out of the darkness came a lone figure, he wore a wine-dark suit, with a black shirt and white ascot. his dark complexion accentuated the light that reflected off his skin, and gave a solemn frame to his two piercing eyes.
"I am the man who will be preparing your grave." he laughed. "by the time I am done you will beg to be buried in it!"
Q: is he within melee range?
(Unlikely | 1[d10]) No, and...
The man from Bayou vermillion stood off in the dark a distance from Sam, with the guns on the ground, Sam considered running at him with his Bowie knife, but he seemed too far and in this dim light he couldn't get a clear look at the ground around him.
the man from bayou vermillion pulled out his derringer and motioned to the altar. "if you do not want to do this the easy way, we'll have to do it the hard way"
Sam turned his face and locked eyes with the stranger. "If you wanted to kill me you would've already tried with that pissant little pistol of yours" his eyes seemed to dare the mysterious man to open fire
"I don't think you have what it takes to pull the trigger, and all your big talk is worthless, you think I am the only one who knows about this place? there's half a dozen Texas Rangers upstairs coming down here any minute."
it was a blatant lie but it was all Sam could think of at the moment
[intimidate roll] intimidate vs spirit
6 = 6[d6]
6 = 6[d6]
1 = 1[d6]
Total: 13 now trying wild die
3 = 3[d6]
[Spirit Roll for opponent]
7 = 7[d8]
[wild die roll for opponent]
1 = 1[d6]
[Success with 1 raise!]
The lie seemed to strike a nerve in the stranger's cool exterior. He fired wildly about him, the shots coming nowhere near Sam.
Sam used the opportunity to grab his pistols and take cover near a stone pew.
the two were across the room from each other at a distance of about
14 = 14[d20]
24 yards apart from each other.
[Spirit roll for opponent]
5 = 5[d8]
the man from bayou vermillion seemed to regain his composure but now a fury entered his eyes
[Cards were drawn for initiative, Sam puled an 8 of hearts, the stranger pulled a 7 of diamonds]
Sam, crouched down took his pistols and took aim at the stranger
The Stranger took a flask with red liquid out
[Faith roll]
2 = 2[d10]
2 = 2[d6]
The flask seemed to glow, but as the look of fear ran into the stranger's eyes the glow seemed to fade a shade of doubt passed over him.
"No! you cannot abandon me! mighty Loas why do you abandon me!?"
[Initiative cards are drawn, Sam draws a Queen of Clubs, the stranger draws a 2 of diamonds]
Sam fires his pistols [aiming grants +2 to shooting, dim light grants -2 to shooting, medium range gives -2 to shooting]
2 = 2[d10]
4 = 4[d6]
The first shot misses widely from the mark
Sam takes a shot with his other pistol
6 = 6[d10]
5 = 5[d6]
[the second shot seems to have connected but we'll see]
6 = 6[d6]
3 = 3[d6]
6 = 6[d6]
5 = 5[d6]
[Total damage 21 vs toughness of 6, success with 3 Raises! this is a one hit killshot. I've already fudged the enemy by giving him a low bar of success for casting spells, but I think he would make a compelling reoccuring villain if given time to build up. im going to give him the harder to kill edge for this fight and let the dice decide]
[The stranger makes a vigor roll to escape the clutches of certain death. being harder to kill, he also escapes wound penalties for this roll]
1 = 1[d8]
[under normal circumstances he'd be absolutely dead here, but he gets one more shot at it, 50/50 shot on an even roll he lives on an odd roll he dies]
3 = 3[d6]
[he's dead jim!]
The Bullet tears a hole straight through the stranger's heart. as the houngan looks out to Sam, almost not yet able to comprehend what had just happened. he looks back to his vial of red liquid. He tosses it into the air.
Sensing something bad will happen if this vial should break, Sam runs out and tries to catch it.
1 = 1[d6]
3 = 3[d6]
Sam makes it part of the way before the vial Shatters into glass shards as the red liquid inside explodes into droplets that splatter onto the floor.
"Loas.... do not let your servant die in vain" the stranger then collapsed onto the floor.

Sam was just about done with this place, the stench of death was getting on his nerves.
As sam passed the boilers, a terrible and familiar groaning was coming up from behind him.
a moment of dread passed over him as he considered the inevitable.
the sound of shuffling feet dragging themselves across the stone floor came in from the next room
a deep baritone howl came through and from the shadows a blood stained suit and ascot followed. the hole where the bullet passed was clearly visible. the eyes of the corpse, white and without pupil.
Q: can the boilers be overloaded?
(Very Likely | 9[d10]) Yes.
Q: is there any material to do this with?
(Very Likely | 9[d10]) Yes.
a pile of ghost rock sits by the boilers
[Dramatic Task! Sam has 5 actions to load up the furnace He needs to pass all of them to overload the furnace and escape. since he needs to work fast and ghost rock is pretty light he will roll agility]
The undead stranger is growling and more of the undead bodies start to rise. there is no way he can shoot his way out of this one.
Sam thinks quickly and takes chunks of ghost rock and tosses it into the boiler
[Cards are drawn for the task 10 of diamonds, no penalty other than the standard -2 for dramatic tasks this round]
4 = 4[d8]
6 = 6[d6]
As Sam shovels the ghost rock into the boiler he hears it howl and scream like a banshee, behind him the terrors are rising from their grave
[7 of clubs an added -2 to this roll]
sparks fly from the ghost rock and glowing embers leave a minor burn on Sam's arm
5 = 5[d8]
2 = 2[d6]
[Im going to use a red fate chip for this roll]
6 = 6[d6]
Sam Grits against the pain and gives it his all. if he doesn't hurry the undead will reach him
[Next card drawn, 10 of hearts, no penalty]
the moaning of the creatures grows louder
1 = 1[d8]
2 = 2[d6]
[spending a white fate chip here]
6 = 6[d8]
A chunk of ghost rock slips from his fingers, he catches it just in the nick of time.
[Next card, 5 of diamonds, no penalty]
Sam adjusts the dials and cranks the power up to maximum
7 = 7[d8]
1 = 1[d6]
the screeching of the ghost rock is monstrous but none more so than the creatures that are coming ever closer.
[last card, 5 of spades, time to make this count!]
with one last push he chucks in the last of the ghost rock and closes the hatch tight. he begins to run for the exit
3 = 3[d8]
2 = 2[d6]
[Using a white fate chip here]
8 = 8[d8]
6 = 6[d8]
The boiler is ready to blow. the creature is now inches away. As Sam slams the door shut on the boiler one last screeching can be heard as he runs up the stairwell. was it the ghost rock or the howls of the damned? or both? he takes no time to consider such a distinction as soon the boiler room erupts with flames and boiling ghost rock. the floor beneath Sam shakes as the tunnel below him collapses under the pressure of the explosion. he barely makes it out as the fires erupt behind him.
He runs out the cave to see that hours have passed, and nightfall come over the town. the fires behind same glow bright yellow against the blue of the moonlight.
as he gushes a sigh of relief he hears a familiar "Click" beside him
He turns and sees the foreman
the foreman takes a bag from behind him and tosses it to Sam.

"I did't think you'd actually make it out of that hellhole, but after getting myself patched up curiosity got the better of me. I'm glad it was you that emerged and not him."
The foreman pointed at Sam's bag and said " that's about 3 days worth of provisions, its enough to get you where you're going. you helped save this town's soul but I think if you don't want to lose yours you best get on your horse and leave here before daybreak. word travels fast to the baron and you don't want to be around when he comes back. The officials here will cover things up. call it an accident. as for me, I'm about to vamoose, ain't no turning back no matter what I say. you best get going too.
"oh and one more thing" said the foreman
"No snitchin'! y'hear?"
"Now get the hell out of this place"
Sam took his bags, loaded them onto his horse and made trail for Santa Fe. After all of the events here in Jicarilla, he knew at this point that finding work in Santa Fe wouldn't be a problem. Sam had a new fear in his mind, he was afraid from now on the work would be finding him.

The End
I've not gotten through your whole story yet but what I've read is very cool. Good job and great use of the tool! I like how you used and interpreted the complex description tool. Keep it up!

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