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Hello. I am new around. I have a problem. I log in and I start playing, but I can't save my story. There's nothing displayed in the upper right corner, where i have read it appears the save story option.
Hi EduardoX,

I can't reproduce this issue. What do you mean when you say there is nothing displayed in the upper right corner? Can you post some screen shots and let me know any steps that I can perform to reproduce what you are seeing?
Hello Mark,

I saw in the rpg solo guide that I can save my stories... But when I play, the 'save story' button doesn't appear next to my user name.

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Thank you for the screenshots. While I still cannot cause the problem to happen for me, I did see some code that could be problematic.

I uploaded a change so to get the update you will need to refresh or reload the page. Hopefully it's fixed now.
It works now. Thanks Mark
That's great, I'm glad to hear. Thank you for reporting it and thank you again for the screenshots.

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