Edge of Empire Beginner Solo Play
hi all
i'm brand new to RPG and wondered if I could use this site to solo play Edge of Empire?
I've read the documents but I can't quite get my head around how to use EoE alongside this interface.
any help or advice would be amazing.
many thanks!
I can't see why it would not work, afraid I have never used EoE however I am aware of it, it uses custom dice does it not?

One option would be to use the four custom lists you can create in Play to represent your special game dice assuming you can think of something to call each symbol in the lists?

In the top left of the play screen you can select some genre lists associated with Star wars or use the more generic Sci fi list and add your own interpretations as you go.

I find the existing tools really useful and you may find you move away from following all of a games mechanics and in preference use the get damage buttons here to simplify/speed up combat as well as the other options available.

Best advice would be to have a go at each button so you get a feel for what sort of data it will give you when using the different genre lists, and then read a few of the action reports or stories others have posted as there are a number of ways you can utilise the tools and in my opinion no wrong way so go with what is enjoyable for you.
Hi again, thanks for your reply and your advice.
I wondered if I could bother you some more for some advice (and apologies if I'm coming across dim, but I'm brand new to RPG).

The thing I'm struggling with (and apologies if I'm coming across a bit dim) is how to use tbe site alongside the Edge of Empire adventure.
The Adventure Book in EoE (Beginner Game BTW) has text for that the GM reads aloud then a list of possible actions the players take place.
If you have time - and only if you do - would you mind walking me through the best process to use rpgsolo alongside the adventure in EoE. I'm super new to RPG to the simplier the language the better!
Thanks bud, really appreciate it.
Sure happy to do my best however we may be in different time zones? I'm in the UK.
Is this the adventure you are looking at?

Will have to be when I'm not at work so I'll see if I can do something as an example aid this evening if you like?
Not done a star wars one before so be interesting!
Hi again
That would be amazing, thanks v much.
That one is the second adventure (that you're supposed to play after completing the one in the book), but I'm sure i could adapt anything you do for that one for the adventure in the book.
Again, thanks for your help... I'm UK too so time diff wont be a prob!
Hey apologies but work/family is gonna delay me a bit so will attempt it Friday.
not a problem mate, any help you can offer whenever you can would be great
Given the issues with the Play feature it could be quite difficult for me to provide this in the near future but once its back up and running I will do my best to generate something for you.

If you have any specific questions Id be happy to try and answer them with out the play feature?

I still contend that the best method is to read all the varied and interesting stories/play reports people have shared here and then play about with the play feature once its back up :-)
Hi again,
Yeah frustrating about the hackers.. (I'll never see the point of doing stuff like that)...
I guess what I'm struggling to get my head around is mixing the ready-made story in the EotE Adventure Book with RPGsolo.
Do I act as a "second GM" and read the book alongside adding random elements through RPGsolo?
I guess it's like anything, once you play a few times it all falls into place but I'm just having trouble getting started.
Do you think it's best to avoid the story in the adventure book and just let a random one generate in RPGsolo?
I would suggest using the book for some options or settings and then allowing the tool to enter the random element. I.e. book gives you three options or even one option, write out the one that best fits your character play through and then use the tool to modify or randomise what happens, 'you enter a tavern' 'is there anyone hostile to you? Choose likelihood, 50/50 'yes,but' you could then attribute this as meaning an enemy is there but has his back to you for example, you try and sneak past to your objective do you make it? Likely - no, you trip on a glass and the scene draws you to the enemies attention. And so forth, by asking questions and using the likelihood of success or failure to guide your use of the tool, but it is down to you to interpret or use the result to move your story forwards, you may find you take only some game mechanics forward when using the tools here for solo play. Hope this makes sense - writing on my tablet so...

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