Editing After Add Text and other ideas
Hi Mark,

I enjoy using RPG Solo as a writing tool as much as I do a gaming tool. To that end, I came up with some ideas:
  • It'd be great to be able to edit text even after you've clicked "Add Text" and it shifts from the bottom pane. I find myself often frustrated that I didn't catch that spelling or grammar error as I was typing, and now I'll have to wait and hopefully remember to do it when I post to the forums or in some other medium.
  • Another cool enhancement would be to be able to add Tab controls on the right vertical pane that you could edit and name. I could see adding tabs for characters, setting, plot ideas, NPCs etc. 
  • Along with that idea, adding Tab controls to the main story area would be useful as well to switch back and forth between scenes etc. 

If think if you added some things like this you could market it as much a writing tool as a gaming tool and get more membership though writing groups and forums (like NaNoWriMo etc.). Anyway, thanks again for a great product!

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OK, I've been thinking about some behind the scene optimization and I'll keep these things in mind.


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