Gauging interest in mobile offline version
Currently it is possible to use RPG Solo on a mobile device by going here:

However, internet connectivity is still required.

How important is it to you to have a mobile app (Android or iOS) that works without internet connectivity?

Possible answers are on a scale of 1 to 5:

1 - I hate the idea. Spend your time improving the desktop version.
2 - Meh, whatever. I only use the site on my desktop.
3 - I've used the mobile version connected to the internet and it's fine.
4 - I'll pay a bit for an offline mobile version. That would be nice.
4.5 - I'll pay somewhere between a bit and gobs.
5 - I'll pay gobs of money for such an amazing thing!

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Thank you.
I would (will) gladly pay for an offline version. I'm not sure what exactly quantifies "gobs" I don't feel wealthy enough for that, but considering what I've already invested in various other tools to try to replicate what RPG Solo does far better, I'd gladly pay for this!

I'd say I'm in there somewhere between 4 and 5.
OK, I added a new rank on the scale.
I'd probably be in at 4 if it could give me full function offline on my tablet. At the moment I'm holidaying somewhere with intermittent wifi. Currently I'm still more of a desktop user who would probably prefer an offline version bundled with more desktop functionality.
The first thought I had when I found this website was: this needs to be an app.
If presented with heavier emphasis on inspiration generator - a general one, for both the GM and the Player and not only solo gaming, I think the mobile version would have great potential.
RPG players were always fans of various tables, lists and generators and RPGsolo being such a great compilation of different methods - Im surely a lot of gamers wont be able to resist.
If the version was a bit shinier with a more "modern" touchscreen-friendly interface with evocative art-direction and not just blank windows with button on a white screen, Id be firmly in the 4.5 section of the poll, maybe 5, depending on what "gobs" meant.
I like using this tool on my laptop and would like a version that doesn't need an internet connection. I do that already with the paper Mythic tables and some dice, but the utility of a computer application is wonderful.
Would happily pay for both app and desktop version.
for my two cents worth, I'd chip in for a computer version (4.5). My internet (cell phone) is shaky at best!
Just saw this post from 2014 and I wonder if a mobile app version is still on the cards?
I think it's an awesome idea and would gladly pay for it.
Hi Bingo,

Thank you for your interest but there will not be a mobile app version. Very few people use this site since it is for a very niche hobby so, for writing a new program, from scratch, in a completely different programming language would be too much effort for negligible return.

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