Gauging interest in mobile offline version
I'd pay for iOS with connection to story on this site and possibly multiple saves.
Hi pitac,

The interest in the app is too minimal so I won't be working on that but I'm glad you like the site.
Sorry to necro, but I was about to ask whether there is a mobile or PC offline version when I saw this thread.

I'd be interested in an offline PC version, surely it wouldn't be too different to make from the web one, as opposed to how the mobile one would be? Just interested, in which programming language did you code rpgsolo?

Internet is mostly unavailable where I live, and even when it is available, I'm often not on the only computer that has internet - so I thought, having an offline version for either computer, or for mobile, would be good.

If I had other dice than d6's (no game stores here) I could maybe make a physical system myself similar to and inspired by this, but using more d6's to simulate a d20 results in the horrible bell curve distribution, you get me. Maybe if there was a phone version it would be good, but seems like interest is low.

Also, I have a few questions, if it's not a problem to go off-topic slightly, about what I didn't see mentioned in the manual (and probably is obvious to who had played RPGs, which is not me):

- In what situations can I use the fudge roll?
- In what situations can the playing cards ♣ button be useful? I was thinking maybe something elemental, like Fire-Water-Air-Earth, for each symbol one, ♥♦♣♠ (in no particular order here), and the value of the card is like a d13 or a d14-1 roll, can this go that way?

Sorry for horrible English, I'm not a native speaker.

Thanks for understanding ;)


P.S. I can't find the signature setting... where is it?
I second the wish for a downloadable version. I understand that a mobile app would require a lot of coding in a different language, but it might be easier to make a version for PC.

Admittedly, I only want this because I'm paranoid about websites going down, and would like to use this for a long time to come.

On the other hand, I get that programming is a hassle - it's something I'm familiar with - and that there may not be enough of a demand. Still, I hope this is considered.
I saw this thread and got excited, but now I have a sad.

But that's all right. I'm not sure I would enjoy typing so much on my phone as I do at my desk when using RPG Solo. The random generator stuff would be awesome to have in a portable form, though. Now I wonder if there are some alternatives with that functionality alone.
Check out this post:
Ah, excellent! Thanks!
[Image: iL9cJgf.jpg]

Hey Mark,

Could you do something like this so the site works on small mobile screens?
(02-13-2018, 07:49 PM)Bingo Wrote: Hey Mark,

Could you do something like this so the site works on small mobile screens?

Errrr, maybe.  A lot of the sizes are hard-coded.  I'll put it on my to-do list to look at.
Made some quick and dirty hacks. Try it on a mobile device in landscape with Notes turned off.

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