Infested Ark
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Character sheet, in FU, developed after this first session.

5 Power Points

Holy Servant Warrior of the People
Divine Powers
Honed Combat Reflexes
Bound to his duty

Light Sword
Hover Board

The power points are pretty much just a random hack I added. I'll expend one when I want to make up a divine power on the spot, for a bonus die. Can only be recovered by meditating in a specific location TBD if needed. Now to get on with it.


Infested Ark

On an arkship, headed for homo sapiens new home, an infestation occurs. The humans only hope? Their supernatural ally.

You begin in...

Elegant tower.

You are...

Devoted servant who is very strong and whose motivation is to drive resources, relate the wealthy, and explain valor; who speaks of hostile history and is focused on your skills.

I am a servant to the people. One of the few people onboard the arkship entrusted with a Light Sword. With the Sword, and power of our gods, I swore until the end of my days to protect the lives of the colonists and ensure the survival of our race, as we drift towards our new home. An infestation of sorts is going to occur. I will need to ivestigate and wipe this out at the source before we are doomed.

I am also responsible for making sure citizens of the ark have what they need. I feel the need to relate to the wealthy, as they made this whole ark project possible. I do not shy away from speaking of my own valor, especially when talking about the wars fought back on Earth.

My name is Ethan.

Am I in a corporate tower?

(Somewhat Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

They are my main suppliers for goods to distribute.
What does the man I'm meeting with look like?

Inform / Competition.

He looks like a slimy bastard who would sell me out in a second.

Is this really the same guy I usually deal with?

(Very Unlikely | 2[d10]) No. +Event: Lie / A project

I haven't been on this top floor before. I was only here because I needed something really important.

What was that again?

Triumph / Fears.

I was trying to get one of the colonists sponsored for therapy sessions, to conquer


(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes

to conquer his fear of space. He never successfully adjusted to life on the ark, and is paralyzed with fear. Sessions could improve his quality of life, and contribute to the ark.

Does he have an important role?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No.

He is a penniless commoner.

The greasy executive scratches his head, releasing white flakes upon the world of his desk.

"Tell you what Ethan, you do an errand for me and I'll be happy to sponsor your, uh... friend for therapy."

"I'm listening."

"I need you to go down to Sector Nine and...

Control / Adversities.

take control of a situation down there. It seems a nasty riot has started near one of our laboratories. Probably some pathetic protest or something."

"Fine, I'll check it out. Get that colonist into therapy ASAP."

"Of course, Ethan"

I turn to leave, missing the treacherous grin on the greasy executive's face. I go up the stairs, to the vertipad, where armed guards watch me leave on my hoverboard.
I went through and colored the GM text blue for you.

Very imaginative story. Thank you for sharing.


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