Inspired: Greetings players!
Greetings, fellow Solo players. After seeing Lithrath's intro post, it inspired me to might as well make my own, seeing as at very least, the owner/creator of the site is still out and about around here. I felt that he deserves a shout-out 'specially because these forums tend to move so slow these days, which I find to be a grand disappointment.

I've only been legit tabletop gaming for the past 3 or 4 years now, since I was 17, but I've been doing roleplay since I was 11 years old. I've come quite the ways with my abilities and knowledge, and will say that there would be plenty of things I wouldn't know if not for tabletop proccing the question. Before gaming like this, I never would have considered the idea that a sparkplug makes a perfectly viable shotgun projectile, or how heavy a grenade weighs compared to how much the average pigeon can life without impeding flight. Tabletop has brought a lot of knowledge and entertainment to my life.

As it currently stands, I'm hoping to make a mark in this community. I really like this site and the variety of tools it has. While I'd never choose it over a table of other players, there are weeks we can't meet, and I'll be the first to state I'm a bit of an RP addict. This really helped me curb that feeling. It's also great for just making a character (made an exalted 3ed heroic mortal that actually turned out surprisingly interesting with a good deal of plothooks), making a story (working on an extended storyline of my personal main character in most tabletops going through a zombie apocalypse as his general smart-ass self, and I intend for it to be truly lengthy. It's already over 7,000 words, and I'm on day 2 of week 1, at the end of which I'd have switched to taking things a week at a time until week 24. It's supposed to be pretty long.), to making a system by which the rules you make (Also doing this, as I'm making my own little system to work within the zombie apocalypse setting as well. I like zombies, what of it?). I've recommended this site to at least 3 people, even if it's just to help flesh out a story or a character, and I do hope to see the actual play forums get more active some day soon.
Hey LazzerusThanatos,

Thanks for the entertaining intro. Role playing does stretch the imagination and make you consider things you wouldn't normally think about.

I also hope you make a mark in this community. I've not been marketing it like I used to but still get a steady stream of visitors. It's a fun tool whether it's for yourself or to share. It has a lot to offer but it's really the user's creativity that makes it special.

I look forward to your stories.

Have fun!
Hi Lazzerus it is nice to meet you! I look forward to more of your posts!

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