Ironsworn Starforged Kickstarter
I just wanted to mention that the kickstarter for Ironsworn Starforged is ending shortly if anyone wants to join it.

As an avid Ironsworn player and supporter, I have gained many hours of enjoyment from the setting and the system. And now with starforged your solo adventures can take you to the stars and the deep reaches of space. 

I would love to see more players engaging with this system on RPG Solo.

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I considered backing it, but then I saw how much he's raised and decided I may as well wait for the release since he doesn't need my cash now to bring the project to fruition.  Does look cool, though.

As for using Ironsworn here, I'll have to consider it.  Like most role-players, I have a ton of systems I want to try, and it's hard to decide which one to do next.
I think it's great that he's made the base Ironsworn game PDF free for anyone. I was so amazed by the quality of that free PDF that I ended up purchasing the books anyway. I don't regret it.  Angel

I know what you mean about too many systems to try out... 

What's your favorite system RPG system so far for solo RP?

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I used to play here quite a bit a few years ago.  Back then I used a couple of different systems which worked out great.  One was a freebie derivation of the old Dragon Fist game by Chris Pramas.

Though I have tons of things I've paid money for, I like trying out these cheapie/freebie games because they're generally so obscure.  Hence my weird Furious Roads game.  Still not sure if I'm going to continue with that one for much longer.  It was more of an experiment than anything else.

Ironsworn is probably the most impressive free game I've ever seen, rivaling even the great Kevin Crawford's stuff.  And that's high praise coming from me, because I love things like Stars Without Number.  It was a tough call about backing or not backing Starforged, because you just know it's going to be top quality.  I'm sure I'll end up buying it the same way I eventually bought the first game.

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