Mark's Adventure Questions
If you need some help composing an adventure idea, then Mark's Adventure Questions may help you out.

The thing that makes a story or adventure interesting is the main character having a purpose or a goal but another person, entity, or thing comes into conflict with that goal.

Click the "MAQ" button and answer as many or as few questions as you need to in order to flesh out your adventure idea.

When answering the questions you have several options. You can just make up the answers in your mind, you can use another system's dice rolls and charts, you can use Mark's Adventure Glyphs, you can use the buttons suggested, or any other ways you can think of.

If you do use the suggested buttons, nothing has to be taken as an absolute and anything can be interpreted in any way you want. It's all about fun. However, if you want to take things just as they are "rolled" then that can be a fun challenge too.

The goal with this tool is to just give a framework to what your character may want to be doing with this time.


-- When answering the question, "What is the purpose of my goal?" However and whatever you choose, make it important to your character. This is his driving force. This is why he must succeed. Always keep this in mind.

-- When answering the question, "Who or what is trying to stop me?" Make this tension real. Let this affect how you go about reaching your goal. Allow yourself to consider different ways of overcoming this obstacle. What can this obstacle take from you; your freedom, your wealth, your life?

It's the challenges in our adventures that make us grow.

And, lastly, if at some point in your story you feel stuck, just click one of the Mythic buttons.

What does UNE stand for in the Get UNE button?
(10-24-2019, 12:20 PM)mnbrightblade Wrote: What does UNE stand for in the Get UNE button?

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