Multiple Story Saves Discussion Thread
Multiple Story Saves is now live.

Share your thoughts, questions, and problems (it's kind of in beta right now) here.

Also, if you have made a donation within the past month, I will give you Story Slots retroactively if you want them.

To get your slots:

Step 1) Go to the Story Manager page at least once so a new Story Manager is created for you.

Step 2) Send me a private message letting me know how much you donated.
Thanks Mark!
Looking forward to this!
[Add Text] seems to be broken. It wipes the text box without adding the text to the log. Text that was previously on the log seems to be fine and normal. Everything else works, I think.
I seem to be able to add text but I can’t save my story. Unless I’m doing something wrong?
Sorry, fam. I just uploaded the fix.

Be sure to clear your cache and pull down the latest code by refreshing the page with Ctrl-F5.
Thanks for the quick fix, but now the text gets doubled-up. For example: "123" gets added to the log as "123123".

Love the idea of the manager by the way.
This bug was a little more complex than I first thought. I think I have it sorted out now. Please Ctrl+F5.

Glad you like the new Story Manager. Thanks.
I don't see a Save Active button and the application doesn't seem to save my story automatically.

Refreshing the page did not help. Closing en re-opening my browser did not help. I am using Google Chrome.

At the top of the Play page it says "No active story."

If I go to Story Manager I can see "MyStory Active Rename Delete" in the Story List.

Also, are any stories that were saved before the update still stored or are they all removed?
Hi PJvG,

You probably still have old code in your browser's cache. Please do Ctrl-F5 to pull down the latest version.

Your old story should be migrated and given a default name of MyStory.
Hi Mark. Thanks for improving the site.

It looks like something changed in this latest version that behaves differently. Before, you would type text and then click a button, like one of the Get Answer buttons, and the text and the answer would get pasted together, the answer just below the text. Now you have to type the text, click Add Text first, and then click Get Answer button.

I think I preferred it the way it used to work. A single click was nicer. My opinion...

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